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    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change

    Clip Description

    Belle is sick of her tattoos and decides to go for a body transplant; she tells her friend that she will show up again in about one week with a new body, but if he wants to have a look at her old tattoos, he can go to the hospital the next day where her beheaded body will be. And so it happens: the doctor lets him in and takes the white sheet off her old headless body; he starts looking at her tattoos and takes pics of them, but soon the doctor guesses that he's taking pics of the naked body to jerk off later at home. Caught, he admits it, and the doctor invites him to touch the body, play with the pussy and so on, since Belle's head has been shipped away and the body is pretty much an object. Finally, he asks him what's the most exciting thing he would like to do with her, and he offers him the deal to let him do it for $50; simply, he will walk away in another room, letting him alone with his friend's headless body. Of course he agrees, and the doctor goes out. Finally alone, he starts sniffing, kissing and worshipping Belle's senseless feet, and jerks off while keeping his face against them. Belle will never know, even if she will soon return to him, alive, but with a brand new body ready for new tattoos.

    Note: the beheading is all implied and not shown!

    Run Time: 21 minutes
    File Size: 673 MB Format: .AVI
    Category: Foot Abuse

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
    Format Size
    avi642.51 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change

    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change

    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change

    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change

    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change

    THE GUILLOTINE - Belle medical beheading body change
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