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    Clip Description

    A story by Mick
    A young princess has been condemned to death by beheading on the block, as the king is having an affair and needs to get rid of her.
    The executioner (dressed in a fancy costume) comes in: it's time to carry out the execution. He is feeling quite embarrassed as he has been loyal to her for several years, he has been at her service since she came up to power as a young girl. He has executed her orders for years, and now he feels mortified that he must carry out this execution by beheading his own mistress!
    He kneels down at her feet, kisses her hand and begs for her forgiveness.

    The princess remains calm. She is really brave and proud, and of course forgives him. He is just performing his duties. She is very kind to him and does the best she can to assist him carrying out her execution smoothly.
    She just asks him to have care of her head and make sure it is still beautiful when it gets displayed on the pillow and the king and his bitch lover see it.

    Everything is ready: the princess kneels down, rests her neck on the block, and orders him to proceed. He asks for forgiveness once more, and then blows the axe down.

    As the axe chops her head off, the princess emits a short and sexy sound. Her body instantly releases and slides down on the floor, headless. The executioner grabs it and lays it on the floor. Vigorously. He pulls her dress up, revealing the white nyloned legs.

    What's happening? Where is the kind loyal servant we've been seeing up to now?
    Well, the princess is gone, and now her authority has gone as well. Her young luscious body belong to him, and in fact he grabs her hand and steals her precious ring. Then he proceed groping these legs, the legs of his mistress he served for years, and who could never had imagined she is now her prey!

    He takes his time with that body, exposing and groping her breasts, genitals, and finally spanking her bare ass soundly, until it gets red as her tissues are still warm and alive despite being headless. It is such a forbidden situation, having the body of his mistress all to himself, that he ends up fucking it (implied, bouncing feet on shoulders are shown).

    Once he's done he stands up and looks at that young body, headless and helpless, which just lost all its dignity and sovereignty.
    Camera pans of her beautiful head on display on the pillow follow.

    Starring: Honour
    Keywords: axe, headless, execution, inspection, limp_play, handling, stripping, implied sex, pantyhose, necro, reality_pov

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4114.95 MB

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    HER LIFE BETWEEN HER TEETH - Written and produced by Mick, a small pearl full of tension and desperation!

Spy Cindy has been captured and is going to be executed by guillotine. For some reasons, she finds the idea of losing her head very humiliating, as she has always been a killer smart badass. She tries to persuade the headsman in order to get a bullet in the head instead, but apparently there is no way that can happen... Until she tries to corrupt him but offering him money, straight from her cuffed hands. the headsman ends up taking the money and says he can do something for her, but unexpectedly he chloroforms agent Cindy from behind, who rolls her heyes in a spectacular way and the scene fades out.

When Cindy wakes up, she finds herself on her knees, strapped to the guillotine, her neck in the lunette ready to be sliced. She is furious, she had a deal with the headsman and she can't believe that! He laughs as she keeps ordering him to let her out... Instead, he unlocks the blade and puts the rope which holds it up between her teeth: now, it's just a battle with time. He sits apart and enjoys the show: sooner or later Cindy will be unable to keep holding the weight, she will have to open her mouth and at that point she will behead herself!
While biting the rope, Cindy seems really confident, she says that she can hold the blade up all the time... But, as minutes pass, she starts to feel fatigue and her mood changes, from bossy badass to panic and desperation. Now she is begging for him to take the rope out of her mouth, but he just wants to enjoy the show. She is almost crying, she feels her mouth is getting weaker and she will have to let go at some point... She can't believe she's going to end up beheaded in the most humiliating way, but in the end her mouth opens exhausted and the blade falls merciless on her neck, slicing her head off.

It's suddenly silence, her headless body remains cuffed on the guillotine, her ass up and exposed. The bossy confident agent is now headless and annihilated. As if the money and the show were not enough, the headsman uncuffs the headless body, inspects the hands and takes her rings off just because she can't protest anymore...

Pans of Cindy's severed head on the pillow follow.

Starring: Cindy
Keywords: execution, guillotine, torture, surreal

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