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    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword

    Clip Description

    A very small pearl. April pretty much kneels down for a beheading test. She prepares to have her head cut off by sword. The blow explicitly comes, made of approximately 45 frames edited by hand, one by one, so the result is not perfect but quite impressive. You see the blade hitting the neck, the head flying up and then falling to one side, the body staying up on its knees and a neckstump pumping blood.

    Starring: April
    Keywords: sword, headless, execution, bloody
    104 MB

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
    Format Size
    avi104.14 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword

    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword

    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword

    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword

    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword

    THE GUILLOTINE - April Sword
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