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    Most Recent THE GUILLOTINE Videos! more
    14 minutes

      HEADLESS FOOT WORSHIP LAURA - This is a reduced and modified version of the clip "Deadly Massage Laura": it is the same video, but starting from the point in which Laura is dead and the creep starts to enjoy her feet, and in this version her body has been made headless beheading fans. The head is not shown.  GUILLOTINE PISSING ADREENA
    23 minutes

      GUILLOTINE PISSING ADREENA - Adreena is a single mother who has been caught in a scheme for smuggling ivory and rhino horn and sentenced to death by guillotine. She is led into the execution chamber and the executioner asks her some questions. As a last request, she asks her kids to be looked after she is gone; the executioner replies that they can arrange them to have a lot of money, but needs to make a deal with her. A client from China (Tracy Lu) will pay for the juices and urine from her pussy collected just after death, as she thinks they have special healing properties.

Adreena has to agree with that, and follow his instructions.

She is ordered to strip, leaving only pantyhose on, rip them at the crotch and start masturbating in order to produce pussy juices; she does that, until she cums, and he collects a tiny bit of juices. But the big thing has yet to come: he places a bowl between her legs, and orders her to tell him when she feels like she is ready to urinate; at that point, he will drop the blade and collect her urine spurting out of her headless body because of bladder release.

At the right time, Adreena says she''s ready: the blade drops and her body jums, going instantly limp, headless: in a few seconds, REAL urine starts to flow in a spectacular fountain which lasts for a while, splashing into the bowl, the floor and soaking her pantyhose. Stellar closeups of it included, plus a great angle of the headless body pissing.

After that, the executioner checks out how much liquid she produced... Loads! It means a lot of money for him. However, not satisfied, he takes the pantyhose off the body, soaks them even more absorbing the piss on the floor, and squeezes the liquid into the bowl. Nothing has to be wasted...
     Playing with the guillotine
    7 minutes

      Playing with the guillotine - Carissa has been fantasizing about being fucked doggiestyle while locked in a guillotine, and, in the moment of orgasm, having the blade dropped on her. She is actually kneeling with her neck on the guillotine, fingering herself, talking dirty about her wish to be fucked and beheaded like that. She goes on fingering herself until she climaxes, but, then, the blade does not fall. After pausing, she gets out of the lunette and maliciously tells us: "I wish it was for real... "  THE MAID AND THE GUILLOTINE
    14 minutes

      THE MAID AND THE GUILLOTINE - Lily Marie is a naughty misbehaving maid: she has been instructed not to go in the guillotine room and not to touch the machine at all, and that''s probably why she''s so attracted by that. As usual, she sneaks into the room and starts walking around the machine, touching it, laying down on it, to the point that she actually puts her neck through the lunette as she fantasizes about being a victim.

That''s when her Lord comes in and surprises her: really disappointed, he secures her in that position by tightening the belt around her. She is not blocked there and cannot escape, but she still acts naughty, giggling at the situation as she finds it funny that she has been caught.Her Lord decides to give her a lesson, so he raises her skirt up and starts spanking her bum soundly... But she seems to enjoy the punishment, even after a while when her bum is visibly red. 

So he moves forward and takes her head in his hands, anticipating how good that young head will look as a trophy on his wall. Lily Marie doesn''t believe him and actually takes it as a sensual neck massage, anticipating something more which may happen as soon as he takes her out of there. She keeps acting malicious as she''s pretty sure he would not drop the blade.

But, suddenly, he does it, unexpectedly! The blade falls, Lily Marie''s body shooks and gurgles once, before relaxing down limp and headless. The Lord puts her head down and moves back to the headless body''s ass, still red of the previous spanking. He starts slapping that bum once again, but this time her juicy flesh bounces silently, there are no reaction and no malicious words from her anymore.

Time to find another maid...
    4 minutes

      HEADLESS BODY MASTURBATION - This clip is basically a collage of short bits about a nude,blurred girl's body, alive but headless, while touching herself and teasing the camera. It is just a surreal, artistic clip I shot, not much for jerking. There is no continuity, no sound, no plot.  HEAD WITH A SEXLESS BODY
    17 minutes

      HEAD WITH A SEXLESS BODY - I saw this chick walking to her car and I just happened to have some chloroform in my pocket. I followed her, chloro''d her and stuffed her in her own back seat. Got her back to the hide out, stripped her clothes off and rigged into the beheading/banging headless hot chic hole block.Then I tormented her pussy with my blade. Then I cut her fucking head off a banged the hell out of what was left. Kinda hot huh?
    10 minutes

      GUILLOTINE TEASING CHLOE - In this POV video you''re alone with Chloe, who is teasing you playing with the guillotine: she is going to let it cut off her head, in an erotic mood, but before doing that she looks at you, speaks to you, and keeps teasing you by posing on the guillotine in many sexy ways... Then, calm and peaceful, she lays down face up on the bascule, grabs the handle, and she''s the one who releases the blade, which drops down instantly and slices her head off. From that point we wee the body spasming on the bascule as her head dies in the basket. She''s now all yours to play with.  HEAD EXPERIMENT CHLOE TOY
    7 minutes

      HEAD EXPERIMENT CHLOE TOY - The scene opens with the guillotine and a chair next to it. The guillotine is set up for a kneeling beheading. A woman scientist is sitting on the chair, legs crossed. She is wearing heels, a short skirt, blouse, glasses, her hair is up. She is recording her experiment.

She has long been interested in the conscious state of the brain after a beheading. How long does the head remain conscious? She has been unsuccessful in finding candidates that will allow experimentation, so decides she will be the human subject. Her plan is to set the guillotine on a timer, place herself under the blade, and behead herself. She has instrumented the basket to look for eye movement and other signs of life. Besides, she has always had a beheading fetish, so this is a  (two benefits for the price of one) for her.

She moves the chair, removes her lab coat, pulls out a pair of handcuffs, and kneels before the guillotine. After placing her head in the lunette, she cuffs her hands behind her back, to ensure she doesnt change her mind, and waits for the blade to fall. Throughout, she is still recording her thoughts into her phone. She talks openly about her beheading fetish, wonders how long her head will remain alive and what its thoughts will be, says its a pity her head wont be able to see her headless body, apologizes to the people that will find her, and hopes that they will find a good use for her body and head.

The blade falls and takes her head.

The video ends with a NBM scene: After the blade dropped, the headless body starts back moving and talking on the guillotine. In the final scene, her male colleague comes across her in the laboratory. He finds her severed head on the guillotine, and her headless body sat on the chair, legs crossed. He is shocked when her body moves as she crosses and uncrosses her legs.
     bondage suffocation
    13 minutes

      bondage suffocation - Carley wants to play a game: he ties her real sister to a chair, takes a stopwatch and stops her breath with her hand. She wants to see how long Jodie can hold her breath, and push her limit. Of course Jodie is not happy about it, but she\'s tied up so there\'s nothing she can do.Carley does it several times, each time for longer, until the last time she kills Jodie  DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted
    28 minutes

      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted - Starring: Coco and Steevie w/ Rex

Almost a month has passed since Detective Lizbon was beaten, shocked with a taser, then raped by a diplomat, who's father runs the largest corporation in the first world, so he gets full immunity wherever he goes. The investigator for the Agency Detective Lizbon, who is still on the detail to protect the Diplomat wants a documented apology for the harm he caused her, and wants it to be mediated. Before arriving at the safe house to meet the Diplomat, Coco gets dressed up in a skirt and high heels, always wanting to look fashionable in public. With her badge tethered to her skirt, and her service weapon, .40 caliber pistol, tucked into the small of her back, she arrives. Before she got to the address, the Diplomat, and another crime friend of his, sex trafficker, and serial rapist Steevie, make plans to take her out, and have some fun in the mean time.

Detective Lizbon arrives, she comes in the door and is introduced to Steevie, not recognizing that she is the hoodlum that she tried to collar a few years back when she was a rookie, but never could finger. Steevie is very professional, explaining the apology, and how there are no weapons allowed at the safe house. She sees the Diplomat Rex, and his eyes bite right through her, she stammers back and gets frightened, covering herself, knowing that he has special vision powers where he can see under layers of clothing. She is very uncomfortable, but carries on, giving up her weapon, since they have none, and she is a strong fighter. She just wants the apology. As Steevie finishes the pat down, she takes the weapon to the safe, and offers Detective Lizbon a beverage. The sexy, and nervous agent says she will take some herb tea to calm her down, and so the disguised serial rapist makes her some tea, but adds a debilitating drug that will make her incapacitated for hours, which is more than they need to finish her off before she can go public with the apology. As she drinks the tea, and the Diplomat gives his spiel, patronizing her, and finally letting her know he is, well, sorry for what is to happen, and before long, she is staggering and falls in the arms of Steevie, who hoists her up so the Diplomat can take some shots to her face and body. The two take turns beating her down, punching her and kicking her all over her body, including the torso, face, tits, and pussy, they beat her senseless, making every shot count as planned. They beat her and toss her around, one holding her arms, while the other has their way groping and punching her.

After a long and tragic beating, Detective Lizbon, still trying to fight back, but drugged and helpless, gets knocked to the ground, then stripped and groped, including the vaginal claw, that makes her scream in pain. The diplomat asks her if she remembers their first meeting, and lets her know this is going to end way worse. After removing her panties, he sticks his dick in her and she screams out in pain. Steevie holds her down while he has his way, and she uses her fingers to gag Lizbon as she is being raped and defiled. He pounds her hard, forcing her legs high, her bare feet flexing and then limp with waves of drugged euphoria. He starts to choke her as he is about to climax, choking her hard as her face turns red, and her eyes roll into the back of her head. As he finishes cumming, she passes out, eyes half open and white from her eyes rolling up in her head.

The two perps get up, leaving her on the hard wood floor slightly moaning and out. The diplomat drags her up and puts her in a big chair in the corner, her pussy still oozing his cum, and her cunt glistening from all the juices. Steevei suggests a nice rope to finish her off, so she grabs one from the other room, and comes back to kill the Detective so she will not talk about what really happened. She starts to stir and try to fight back, but she is weak. They both grab one end of the rope and the middle is around her sexy neck, getting tighter as she tries to struggle. They pull super tight and it wakes her up a bit, she tries to fight and the adrenaline rushes into her body, she kicks her legs, but her arms are being held with the other hands not pulling on her death rope. She fights and tries to stick around but the strangle her hard, eventually letting her arms free so they can see her struggle a bit. Her arms are weak, and she is losing the battle. Her legs stiffen up and rattle with her whole body, her glistening vagina bounces up and down like a bobber in a lake, then finally going still after a lot of twitching. After a few seconds she is totally still, eyes open, tongue slightly protruding and swollen. She fought hard but lost the battle, and now she is dead. The two perps remove the rope from her neck leaving a scar and red burns on her neck. They leave to celebrate with a drink, and she is left in the chair, dead, and alone. Her body is panned and viewed in her sexy death pose.

This production is by far one of our best, and all that acted and helped with the scene did a wonderful job. Lot's of punching and kicking, a beat down and assault on Detective Lizbon, then her death, what a great vid. Enjoy. CB

    Random THE GUILLOTINE Clips more
    15 minutes
      HEADLESS HANDJOB DAMNATION - A young Spanish missionary nun has been caught and jailed in a very hostile country. It seems her religion is not allowed there, and she spends her last night in prison, praying.
The morning after, she is escorted by a military to the guillotine room. He is visibly hostile to her, and brutally straps her to the guillotine and executes her quickly, after some unnerving wait during which the camera pans around her as she keeps whispering "Madre de Dios", waiting for the blade to take her head off.
The man releases the blade and in one second her head tumbles into the basket. Her legs kick up once and then it's silence: one less nun in the world, one more gone.

But he thinks he hasn't been hostile enough: the headless body hasn't stopped dripping yet, and he unstraps her legs and pulls her gown up, revealing the missionary's young and luscious legs. He exposes her bum, and begins soundly slapping it, spanking the beheaded nun, because of her beliefs. The senseless bum bounces at every slap, the flesh is still so lively and warm to get red because of the slaps.
On her way to heaven, the nun can no longer do anything to prevent her bum and thighs being exposed and groped: her body is now out of control, in the hands of a hostile weirdo! He has not taken her shoes off, and he started slapping his dick between her virgin arches as a sign of desecration. He violates the headless body by its feet for some time, then he wants her hands: he moves closer to them, begins poking them with his dick demanding pleasure. He opens her palms to slide his dick in, when he notices she had been firmly holding a rosary during her execution... She doesn't need that anymore so he tosses it away and slides his hard dick onto her palms instead, starting to stroke himself using her comforting hands.

OMG! Her headless body is now giving him a handjob! He wonders that might be enough to grant her eternal damnation, if she doesn't hurry up to reach Heaven. Totally out of her control, her body is now pleasing a man... Such a young temptation, her hands are going to get cum out of that dick, which is going to wet that juicy bum of hers, and for sure that's not a ticket to Heaven. Hurry up nun, before he comes, or you will be finding yourself in Hell instead!

"Where is your God now?", he says in the end, while staring at her palms and exposed bum all wet with his cum. Will she make it to Paradise?

Starring: Liz Rainbow
Keywords: Execution, Feet, Footjob, Guillotine, Handling, Headless, Limp play, Masturbation, Necro, Orgasm  TIPSY GUILLOTINE PLAY
    15 minutes
      TIPSY GUILLOTINE PLAY - The scene opens with the couple who have been drinking and having a good time.  She is wearing a short, cling outfit…high heels, bare legs, hair up.  Finally, the  woman impatiently sits down, crosses her legs, says she’s getting bored and would like a little more adventure.

Her boyfriend says he has an idea…how about a little bondage and noose play? He loves her legs and would like to see them dangle as she does a little dance for him at the end of a rope.  She thinks that sounds good to her….she likes the idea of a little peril play. He has her stand up, and he binds her hands behind her, and leads her off.

He brings her to a chair or stool, with a noose dangling from the ceiling above it. She looks up at it and smiles…a hanging scene, she likes it.

She coyly asks him if he is going to hang her?  He doesn’t answer, just asks her to stand on the stool, and he helps her up. He climbs on a chair next to her, and opens the noose in front of her…she stretches her neck and head forward, helping him put her head in it.  She is not afraid at all…she is really into this.  She orders him to pull the noose tight…he does so, and descends from the chair. The camera is capturing the full length of the scene.

He admires her legs from this vantage point and fondles them She really likes this…She tells him she has a hanging fetish…that she is quite excited by this.  Dancing from the end of a rope is such a sexy way to show of her legs….wouldn’t he like to see that? Wouldn’t he like to see her swing…her knees at eye level? She plays with him a little, acting like she is going to step off of the chair. She is a smart ass, and taunts him so more about her hanging and him getting off on it.  He kind of hopes she does it and encourages her, kicking the stool or chair a little.  She laughs and says she wouldn’t really step off the chair…and jokes that she is saving herself for beheading. He tells her that if that is what she is into, he has a model guillotine.

This brightens her up, and she says she want to see it. He helps her down and they head to the guillotine….she is still bound. It is set up for a kneeling beheading. She is very excited to see it…she thought he was kidding her.  She walks around, looking at it, admiring it.  She’s been interested in beheading since she was young…axe, sword and guillotine. She was always disappointed that the heroine in the movies was always rescued right before losing her head.  She sits down on the guillotine plank and crosses her legs.

Does it work? He tells her it does…Will he let her try it out? She really wants to experience having her head locked in the lunette with the blade over it. He teases her…he’s not so sure. Beheading is kind of messy. Wouldn’t she rather he just hang her?

She begs him…isn’t he interested in seeing her without her head? Doesn’t he want to fondle her legs? What better way to do it then with her hands tied behind her back while locked in the guillotine?  She continues to plead, saying this is one her deepest, darkest fantasies…. he finally acquiesces, and she kneels down, lowers her head into the lunette. We are able to watch her head slide into the lunette from the angle of the basket, and she is quite content as the stock closes down on her.

She is pretty excited to be in this position, in fact she is aroused. She muses over the many victims of the guillotine, and wonders if they too were aroused right before the blade struck off their heads.

After continued musing, she concludes that she would like him to take her head. He is really into it too, but wants to make sure she is serious…there is no putting her back together again.

 She assures him she is serious…she wants him to behead her.  Really. Bring it on. Drop the blade. Chop her head off. Decapitate her. 

He teases her…no, he’d rather hang her after all. She’d make a nice decoration, swinging back and forth in the room. She pleads for him to behead her. Take her head off now. She is really begging now.  Think of the fun he’ll have with her headless body. 

He tells her…you know I’ll be f*cking your mouth and headless body regularly if I behead you…she says that’s what she hopes for.

Well, if she insists….he drops the blade.  We see the head drop.

The scene ends with him admiring her headless body still on the guillotine.  It switches to her bound body, legs crossed back and forth, sitting headless on a chair in NBM fashion.   We see her head on a pillow on the floor next to the body.

Starring: AltSiren
Keywords: Guillotine, Headless, Magic, Surreal, Willing
    20 minutes
This is maybe the most epic beheading story ever produced. I had this idea in an attempt to cover several moods and attitudes over beheading; that quickly evolved into a super intricate storyline with scripted dialogues and verbal interaction between Fiona and the clones, and a final twist which is not going to be revealed here.
The awesome special effects provided by Headhunterz just add value to the product, which is maybe the best video ever released at this store, despite not being too graphic.

Officer Fiona calls in the ugliest headsman of all times, who works for her. She explains him the situation: there are some clones of her in the building, who have been made over time for research and backing her up in case of need.
Despite having the same look, the clones' mind changes over time: at the first stages they are pretty much like vegetables, but their mind evolves fast and they get smart and develop a personality. therefore, they might get too smart and become dangerous for Fiona herself, so the officer has decided to terminate them all, that day. The clones will be guillotined one by one, so she orders the headsman to bring the first one in. They decide to start with the easier ones, having a more basic brain, and to get rid of the most problematic ones in the end.

The headsman starts his job and brings in clone #1, who is pretty much a vegetable: officer Fiona tries to start a discussion with her, but the clone keeps a blank stare and doesn't answer, as her brain is at the very early stages and has barely developed the skills for standing and walking. Officer Fiona gets quickly pissed off and orders the headsman to behead the clone.
The headsman leads the clone to the execution room, and she lets him behead her without saying a word: her eyes remain lost in a blank stare until the end.
The headsman walks back to officer Fiona carrying the headless body on his shoulders, and the officer orders him to dump the body in the corner and to bring the next clone in.

Clone #2 gets walked in: she's pretty much in a state like the first one, but her mind is a little bit more evolved. Despite keeping an expressionless state all the time, she is able to interact wo questions by simply answering "Yes"... She answers "Yes" to any question, which quickly pisses off officer Fiona, who orders the headsman to behead the clone.
The headsman leads the clone to the execution room, and things go pretty much like the previous execution, except for the fact that she keeps saying "Yes", until he asks "Are you ready?"
The headsman walks back to officer Fiona carrying the headless body on his shoulders, ready to move on to clone #3

Clone #3 is a funny one: her brain is developed enough to be able to talk to people, but she has no individuality at all and she's very submissive. She just wants to help, and when she learns she's going to be beheaded it sounds like it's the most normal thing, and she replies asking if there's anything she can do to make her beheading easier. Amused, officer Fiona just orders her to follow the headsman and let him behead her.
The execution follows a similar pattern, as the clone keeps trying making the procedure easier and asks questions on how she can help; the whole scene is surreal and hilarious.
Once again, the headsman walks back in to officer Fiona carrying the headless body on his shoulders, and goes to pick up the next clone.

Clone #4 is a bit more intelligent: when she gets walked in she keeps staring at the headless bodies on the corner (not shown) and asks officer Fiona who they were. When the officer makes her realize these are headless clones and she's going to join the bunch, she freaks out. She keeps saying "I don't want to lose my head" as she's being walked out to the execution room.
However, the clone is quite submissive, and, despite complaining and begging for her life, she obeys and lets the headsman do his job.
Once he's back, carrying the headless body on his shoulders, they both agree the situation is getting touch, as the remaining clones are far smarter than that.

Clone #5 gets walked in. She's an actress: from the beginning, she tries to trick the headsman pretending to be the real officer Fiona, and accusing the officer to be a clone. Officer Fiona can't believe her ears, but remains pretty cold and orders the headsman to carry out his duties on her. The headsman gets a bit confused, hesitates, but wisely decides to obey the Fiona who is wearing the uniform.
During the whole execution process, the clone obeys but keeps trying to make the headsman feel like he's been doing a big mistake and will get the consequences. Unfortunately for her, the headsman is able to bring the execution to the end, and her head falls into the basket. An epic extra side shot of the falling blade (with head falling into the basket) is provided for this one.
Once he's back carrying the headless body, officer Fiona is a bit disappointed with him because of her hesitation. Anyway, she looks forward to have the last clone beheaded, so she order shim to go picking up clone #6.

Clone #6 walks in smiling: she seems not to care about what officer Fiona is saying. Fiona believes she's another one who pretends to be her, but... There's the twist, and it won't be revealed here. But, for sure one more head has to fall!

Run Time: 19:00 minutes
File Size: 1200 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Surreal  Awaiting Execution Ashleigh
    14 minutes
      Awaiting Execution  Ashleigh - Ashleigh is naked, in a prison cell; she looks very nervous, as she is going to be executed by guillotine very soon. 
The video focuses on the preparation: first we see her combing out her hair and then gathering it up into a pony tail well up on her head. Then she gets up and walks around nervously a few seconds; she sits back in chair, starts stretching out her legs doing leg lifts and stretches. She has decided the stretching is helping her anxiety; she gets up, turns around and starts to do press-offs on the chair seat. Some knee bends as well which look right up her anus/vagina. Some other stretches, then, feeling better, she stands in middle of room.
The camera pans over to focus on a glass of wine on a table; she walks over, picks it up and starts to sip, turns, walks back to chair, sits down, continues to sip.  Her hand glides to her clit; she starts to gently feel it. She begins to seriously masturbate, couple more sips on wine, then downs the rest and sets the glass aside. Now uses both hands to masturbate. She comes - the silent muscle tightening type followed by heavy breathing.  Recovering she bends forward and places head in hands, elbows on knees. At this moment, executioner enters.  no words - everyone knows the purpose.  she is lead to the guillotine. 

At deliberate pace, she is guided face down and strapped on. Bucket shot as face comes through. Once strapped one more deliberate body pan.  Blade falls. Couple of good body spasms.
The body gets unstrapped and a leg is Pushed down, so that her anus and vagina get into view.
    10 minutes
      THE GUILLOTINED MISTRESS - Please be advised that this video is in ITALIAN language!
When government is held by moralists, bad girls such as mistresses can have really bad days. Here we see a cute young redhead girl, caught in the middle of a femdom session and immediately sent to the guillotine! She angrily protests as she believes she has done nothing wrong, but the headsman ignores her and cuts her head off: suddenly her body goes limp, she can no longer react nor protest!
At that point, unexpectedly, he takes off her high heels boots and tears off her stockings, exposing her bare feet: he is one of those guys, but could not expose himself because of his position in the government... But now she can no longer know anything about it, so he can do whatever he wants!
He begins worshipping her feet, while her severed head rests nearby, stained with blood. If only she could see what's going on she would get furious! Before leaving, he also takes some pics of her feet using his cellphone, then leaves the dead body there for someone else to have fun with.

Run Time: 10 minutes
File Size: 318 MB 	Format: .AVI
    10 minutes
      SAMANTHA WANTS TO LOSE HER HEAD - A woman lures her building superintendent (in the U.S., usually a maintenance guy that lives in and maintains an apartment building) to her apartment, claiming that repairs were needed. When he arrives, she tells him that she wants to lose her head for him…but he needs to fix her home made guillotine first.  Somewhat shocked, but also intrigued, the super agrees.  She sits on the guillotine plank while he repairs it, chatting about her fetish while he fixes the machine. Subsequently, she talks him into actually beheading her. He muses over how he will use his new headless girlfriend.   The scene ends in an NBM pose with her crossing her legs and musing over her mistake.

Starring: Samantha Alexandra
Keywords: Guillotine, Magic, Surreal, Willing

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      Playing with the guillotine

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      bondage suffocation

    bondage suffocation

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      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

    DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

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