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    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place

    Clip Description


    Agneta is searching for something in the room when Selena enters from the door, sees Agneta and stops very worried. Agneta shoots her in the belly, Selena drops her handbag, falls on knees and after a while on the side and start agonizing.
    Agneta tucks the gun in her belt and continues to search in the room without finding her objective, she's angrier with every minute of unsuccesful search. Agneta is livid because she doesn't find anything and she stops to watch the other girl suffering. Agneta sees the handbag of Selena on the floor, crouches near Selena and starts rummaging in the handbag. Selena lifts her head and sees the gun, with pained effort she takes it.
    Agneta sees Selena with the gun, stands and realizes that she is unarmed. Selena has a fit of pain that distracts her for a second and Agneta tries to take the other gun in the boot. Selena sees the move and shoots. Agneta takes a belly wound, Selena shoots again and hits her in the middle of the chest. Agneta drops on the sofa and rolls on the floor ending on her back near the other girl.
    The two girls agonize. They die one first and the other after some seconds.

    Clip features: very long and emotional agony from a belly wound, the simultaneous agony of two girls, long sensual moans, shooting, shots at the chest and belly, gun, fake blood effects and digital blood effects, white blouses, jeans, high-heeled boots, jackboots.

    “Sir, you have captured every detail I like and wanted.
    If I have to do a critic, Selena acting need a little more emotional charge but maybe is the problem to have agneta to contend with... Agneta is perfect and she look like she is "in character" all the time.
    And the camera work is awesome! Do you use one camera only or more than one? I'm curious....
    You did an outstanding work, as ever!
    Hope to do something more with you but not in the immediate future.“

    - opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

    Starring: Agneta and Selena.

    Duration: 13:34 minutes

    516 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4516.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place

    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place

    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place

    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place

    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place

    Wild Stories - Wrong time wrong place
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There is nothing and anybody who could prevent them from putting an end to the dispute who of them is better - Beretta vs Colt, angelic look against the dark beauty, uncompromising confrontation of Viper and Shadow in a new custom film - "Assassins duel".

Shoot while you're standing on your feet! Your opponent must fall first! Don't die until you see how your enemy dies! This is the duel according to the rules of "Covert syndicate"!

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"very, very, very, very good.

Thanks a lot for your fantastic work. It's just like, what I wanted. The two sexy girls, their sexy death and the sexy clothes. And special thanks for the slowly flying bullets. I like that.

You are one of the best producer."

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD

    GUNS and GIRLS MG - “Guns and Girls. Machine gun”

I offer to your attention a new episode of "Guns & Girls" series – Machine gun!

You will see 9 different action scenes of clones gunfights, performed by wonderful emotional actress - Anastasya!

The opposite images of the clones, the militant image in the tight catsuit, gloves and boots, against the feminine in the blouse and skirt, machine gun MP-40 vs TT gun!

Clip features: Shooting from the gun TT and machine gun MP-40; different shooting scenes, shots at the belly, at the chest and at the back; a lot of body panoramas; slow motion; digital blood effects; authentic sound of MP-40; black leather catsuit, black boots, gloves, white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya.

Duration: 13:48 minutes

525 Mb

Full HD

    The assassins - Every professional killer knows that one day death will come for him. How it will look like - an old woman in a black shroud with a scythe or a young girl in a black mask?

It will be better if all the legions of hell will come for me, than this girl with so familiar eyes.

Adrenaline is in blood, nerves are on edge, why she doesn't shoot?

The damn phone! Who needed to call at this time?

Well, it's even better! Why it can't be a signal to start the duel?!

Clip features: Shooting, shot at the chest, shot at the belly, blood effects, death stare, gun and gun with silencer, white top, black leather leggings, black polo neck, black mask, high heels.

Duration: 08:43 minutes

322 Mb 

Full HD

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