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    10 minutes

      ARTIFICIAL 3 - 2026.
The clones continue to perform the "dirty" work.
Laboratories produce new improved generations of clones.
Radical citizens will continue to destroy the clones.
This time the killer of the clones makes an unexpected discovery - the clones of one generation can have absolutely different characters.
Do they really develop?

Clip features: multiple shooting; shots at the chest and back, control shot, gun with silencer; clones, emotional reactions to the shots, convincing acting; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; white blouse and black skirt, tight blue dress, stockings, high heels.

Starring:  Selena.

Duration: 10:29 minutes

399 Mb 
Full HD  Guns and Girls 6
    15 minutes

      Guns and Girls 6 - We offer you the next video of the shooting series - "Guns and Girls 6".
3 gorgeous girls, different outfits and emotional acting - for you in this video!
Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes, beautiful girls and guns!

Clip features: different shooting scenes; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun with silencer, shots at the belly, breast and back; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouse and black skirt, pink and silver tight dresses, black leather catsuit, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Milana, Sophie and Polya.

Duration: 14:40 minutes

558 Mb 
Full HD
    10 minutes


The young girl is sitting on the bed with her phone and the assassin watches from his hidden position, he is taunted by the view under her short skirt. 
She slides her long legs off the bed leaving her short skirt behind for an instant sending her assassin hot with lust. But he has a job to do and works hard to remain calm and silent as he screws on his suppressor to the muzzle of his pistol and still she taunts him unaware of his presence.
Walking to the window she surveys the town leaning forward against the sill. She plays with her hair as single handed she types her final text. 
She has been marked for death; a witness to an earlier crime and now hold up by the authorities in a supposed ‘secret’ but it is not secret anymore. The hitman has been assigned to one of his favourite pleasures, a soft target and a beautiful one at that.
The victim returns to the comfort of the bed, but she is aware of a presence, a sinister movement from the doorway she pulls herself to the bottom of the bed and raises up on her knees to peer into the shadows. She sees the figure and sucks in a breath quickly covering her pretty mouth with a hand as she drops her phone on the bed.
In the moment she recognises the danger her killer cocks his pistol, he points his weapon at her stomach and fires as she opens her mouth to scream. Her scream is stopped by the impact of a bullet. She looks momentarily at the assassin and then at her wound as her face turns into a grimace of pain.
The assassin fires again and the girl bounces onto her back against the bed; she rolls frantically gripping the second hole and kicks out her legs jerking violently. She gasps, opening her eyes and mouth in a panic to breath but she subsides and relaxes as she begins to lose her fight for life.
The assassin grips her ankle and drags her to the edge of the bed rolling her onto her front. He steps back and admires his work taking in the dishevelled contours of her figure, her panties exposed by her creased and folded skirt.
He rolls her onto her back and her body begins to slide half over the side of the bed; her half open eyes fixed in a death stare reveal her demise but he is not finished yet. His signature must be left, leaving no doubt he was responsible. He aims his weapon and his practiced shots hit the dead body of the pretty girl into her heart. Her body rocks and she slides at the side of the bed. The assassin drags the corpse and spreads her out on her back in the middle of the room for the world to see.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly, back and breast; finishing off shots; very emotional long agony; dragging and rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; death stare; outfit: black panties, short black skirt, white blouse, white socks.

Starring: Milana.
Duration: 10:00 minutes
380 Mb 
    10 minutes

      NAZI CLONES - A spy gets an order to enter a secret object of Ahnenerbe to find out the nature of the researches that are being conducted at the facility.
To perform the order, she will have to engage in a fight with the guards of the object - cloned SS officers. 

Clip features:  Shooting, guns and machine gun MP-40; shots in the chest and in the back at point blank; shooting with two hands; firefights; clones; neck breaking; digital blood effects;  slow motion; the agent takes off the clothes from the last clone to change her outfit and continue to perform the task under the guise of an object guard; outfit of the nazi clones: jacket and cap of waffen SS, black leather catsuit, over the knee boots; outfit of the spy: black leather dress, heels.

Starring: Milana and Iwona.

Duration: 9:31 minutes

362 Mb 
Full HD
    10 minutes

      CLONES ATTACK - “Clones attack”

As a result of brutal war, the Hegemony took power and govern the galaxy.
The dictatorship of the Hegemony is supported by hordes of cloned soldiers.
With the help of countless clones the Hegemony destroys everybody, who doesn't accept their dominion.
Among the centers of resistance to the Hegemony - the order of the Vagrants. 
One of the Vagrants, the members of the resistance is attacked in the temple by the clones, messengers of the Hegemony. 

Clip features: Sword fighting between two girls, stabs in the belly; clones; digital blood effects;  slow motion; assassin outfit, black leather leggings, black leather catsuit, over the knee boots, heels.

Starring: Milana and Iwona.

Duration: 10:11 minutes

387 Mb 
Full HD  Hunting the huntress
    12 minutes

      Hunting the huntress - “Hunting the huntress”

Christina is a professional and successful huntress for oligarchs, not so long ago she managed to get acquainted and spend a good time with a very rich and influential person.
After spending all the money, Christina wrote a book, where she remembered and described her meetings with the oligarch in detail.
Some details of the meetings and conversations, described by Christina in her book, caused a bombshell, the press enthusiastically began to spin a new scandal, involving corruption in the higher echelons of power.
Frightened by the consequences and allaying her fear with alcohol, Christina decides to hide for a while and leave the country.

All characters are fictitious, any resemblance to real people or events is accidental.

Clip features: Shooting, shots in the breast, control shot; slow motion; emotional reactions; fake blood effects and digital blood effects;  black lace transparent lingerie with black stockings and suspenders.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 12:12 minutes

464 Mb
Full HD
    14 minutes


“The final Orders”

Two women spies who once were lovers, now they receive orders that must be accomplished.

Scene 1.

Hawk is opening an envelope, a card is inside, she reads it: "EAGLE IS A DOUBLE AGENT. ELIMINATE HER." Hawk tears in pieces the card and closes her eyes imagining how can she eliminate Eagle.
We see her thoughts - Hawk is still in her flat, but now Eagle is with her, Hawk is behind Eagle and getting close to her, holds her by the shoulders, Eagle smiles but then, Hawk puts both her hands on Eagle’s head and with a sudden movement turns it and breaks her neck. Eagle dies instantly, Hawk holds her body and carefully puts her on the floor. She caresses her face and closes her eyes whispering “I’m sorry”.
Hawk opens her eyes and checks that her gun is loaded.

Scene 2. 

Eagle is opening an envelope with a knife, a card is inside, she reads it biting her lip: "HAWK IS A DOUBLE AGENT. ELIMINATE HER." Eagle puts the knife on a table near her and tears in pieces the card. With a worried expression she imagines how could she accomplish her mission.
We see her thoughts - there is a knock at the door, Eagle opens the door and Hawk appears. They kiss on the cheeks and Eagle invites Hawk to enter. Eagle walks in the other side of the room to get something there and suddenly she draws a pistol armed with a silencer and she aims at Hawk. 
Hawk sees the gun and walks backwards until she hits a chair loosing her balance and sitting on it.  Eagle shoots her just once, straight to the heart. Hawk’s body shudders and lies on the chair. Eagle watches her and says “I’m sorry.”
Eagle stops her thoughts, she is not happy at all. 

Scene 3.

There is a knock at the door, Eagle opens the door and Hawk is outside. This time she is not imagining that. They kiss on their cheeks and both sit down, Hawk puts her purse on her right side and tells Eagle: “I’m leaving. They send me to Japan on a dangerous mission and it’s probably that we won’t see each other in a long time.” Eagle doesn’t say anything. Hawk starts unbuttoning her blouse. Eagle starts doing the same with her blouse. They stare to each other and Hawk gets closer to Eagle, as if she's going to kiss Eagle. Eagle leans towards her expecting to kiss, but suddenly we hear a shot. The expression in Eagle’s face is of shock and disbelief. We see Hawk’s face and then we hear the sound of a knife trusting into a body. We see that Hawk has taken the gun and has shot Eagle in the torso, and Eagle is holding the knife is full of blood. 
With pain and surprise on her face, Hawk stands up and walks backwards holding with her hand an ugly wound beneath her left breast. She aims again at Eagle and shoots. She kneels slowly dropping her gun on the floor and then she falls breathing heavily.
Eagle is on her knees leaning on the glass table, she lies on it and after a while she slides leaving a trail of blood on it. She is now on the floor, she is moaning in agony and after a moment she lies still. She has died. 
Hawk tries to rise but the effort is painful, so she falls again, she puts her left bloodied hand in front of her, she closes her eyes and the limpless arm falls to the floor when she dies. 
Both spies lie now dead on the apartment, the final orders were accomplished.

"I watched the film this morning and I loved it. The presentation establishing that Milana was Hawk and Agneta Eagle was very unusual and fantastic. Both girls act very well, but you know that Milana is my favorite and I think that for example her reaction when she reads the orders is great, very natural and moving. The moment when she opens the purse and the take of the smoking gun were fabulous. I just missed the extreme close-up of Milana at the end, but I'll never cease
to appreciate the faithful you are to the scripts.
...I would like to comment something about "The Final Orders"
I think that the scene where Agneta rips off the paper with the orders could have been better if she takes the remaining papers and the envelope and hides them somewhere, because when Milana enters and sits besides her, considering that "Hawk" is an experimented spy, she would have noticed that "Eagle" had received and envelope just like hers and that in the torn paper maybe were something similar to the orders she received.
Another thing I consider too out of line was the size of the knife that Agneta used to open the envelope, and finally, I think that is not well established the moments where they think how they will get rid of each one of them. That is maybe a failure in the script. Anyway I liked a lot the movie, and if I tell you this is because I know you will take this as a comment of good will and not as a simple criticism."

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film 

Clip features: 3 scenes, shooting, shots in the belly and breast; stabbing, stab in the heart; neck breaking; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; white blouses (no bra) and skirts, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Milana and Agneta.

Duration: 13:52 minutes

527 Mb 
    16 minutes

      MANIAC - “Maniac”

Mary is having a great time during another trip to Sobakopavlovsk, she spent several profitable business and pleasant intimate meetings and now, before leaving, she wants very much to see her twin sister. Despite being very busy her sister hurries to the hotel to meet up with Mary.
But not only the sister wants to see Mary, someone's eyes, hidden behind a white mask, closely watch for the beautiful young woman, and the thirst for blood is waking up in the black heart.
The trap is closed, when Mary hears steps in her room, she thinks, this is her sister and goes to meet her death, goes there, where the person with the black heart and the white mask lurks.
He inevitably pursues poor Mary, stabbing her with a knife and as if playing releases her, to catch again, and again and again to plunge his monstrous knife in her delicate body.
Finally he makes the last stab right in the Mary's heart, but the scary game of the man with the black heart and the white mask doesn't ends on it.  
Now Mary, fancifully frozen like a statue under the white baldachin, will be a lovely and terrible bait for her sister, who's in a hurry for the meeting... the meeting with death, the meeting with the man in the white mask.
P.S. This is my first experience of shooting stories about a maniac, will be grateful to get feedback on what you think about it.

Thank you for your purchase!

Clip features: Stabbing, stabs in the back, belly and heart; shooting, shot in the heart; twin sisters; fake blood effects, digital blood effects; topless; falling out of the body from under the baldachin; white beautiful lingerie with white stockings and pink night robe; blouse with short skirt and pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 15:31 minutes

590 Mb
Full HD
    16 minutes

      NIGHTMARES - CUSTOM CLIP - “Nightmares”

Milana is sleeping, it's late in the evening but her sleep is restless, she is having nightmares because she is very afraid that her decision to betray the Organization will have serious consequences for her.
In her nightmares she sees several killing scenes where she dies in different ways. And when Milana awakens startled in real life, she gets a bullet in the forehead.

Clip features: 
- Multiple killing scenes, like a “Shooter Fun”/”Girls Wars” video
- Shots at the belly and chest
- Head shot in the final scene (with fake blood effects)
- Shot at the throat
- Gun with silencer and gun without silencer
- Digital blood effects
- STABBING SCENE (with fake blood effects)
- Stab at the belly
- Binding
- Also the scenes where:
	- Milana is poisoned with a drink
	- Milana is poisoned with a kind of gas coming out of the air conditioner.
- Emotional acting and reactions
- A lot of body panoramas
- Two outfits: white long sleeve shirt and jeans; white blouse and black skirt, pantyhose, heels

Starring: Milana.

Duration: 16:06 minutes

612 Mb 
    17 minutes

      FOUR STORIES - CUSTOM CLIP - “Four stories”

Story 1. 
A girl is applying makeup, she is dressed in underwear and stockings. She hears the outside door opens and takes a towel to hide her embarrassment believing it to be room service.
She looks towards the door and sees a person pointing a silenced pistol at her; she is stepping back and becoming frightened. Her breaths are loud before she is hit in the stomach by a first shot. Her legs go weak but before she can fall she is shot again in the torso and flies backwards over the bed; she is sliding in agony to the floor where she rolls in pain and loudly fights for breath. She arches her body and moans loudly before being silenced by a shot to the heart. She shudders and dies with eyes half open and mouth open. The assassin drags her by the ankles to hide her body by the side of the bed and leaves.

Story 2. 
A 'call girl' walks in a hotel room. Her assassin slipped in unnoticed and hid behind the curtains. She takes off her coat to reveal a short skirt and a blouse with stockings and heels, she makes herself a drink and places it on the table. As she sits down the assassin fires two shots into her body. She jolts violently against the bed and rolls around clutching her wounds. She tips to her side in agony and tries to inspect her wounds, she does not understand that she has been shot until she sees the holes. She grabs at furniture to attempt to raise herself but falls backwards to the floor struggling for life. She fades away as she is dying. The assassin pushes her onto her back with his foot, her short skirt has ridden up during her struggle. He points his pistol at her heart and fires to make sure; she grunts and jolts and is dead.

Story 3. 
A girl is reading something in her phone in a hotel room but then walks to get a drink; she is dressed in lose short skirt and a crop top with white socks and heels. She goes to the cupboard and when she reaches it, she is immediately shot in the back. She spins down to the floor and is shot again to the torso as she turns to face her murderer and she is dropped to the floor where she writhes in pain and struggles to breathe. The assassin approaches and she tries to push herself away along the floor, but the assassin finishes her with another shot and she dies after a final struggle there. The assassin rolls her onto her front with her legs, then rolls her onto her back again leaving her with her skirt almost around her waist.

Story 4. 
A hooker welcomes an unknown client at her door. She is dressed for business in a lingerie with stockings with her breasts pressing tantalizingly almost out of the top.  She flirts, dancing a little erotic foreplay in front of her client. As she stands by the bed her client turns and screws on his silencer and she takes a seat erotically posing on the bed as she waits, assuming he is fumbling for a condom. Suddenly she sees the weapon come into view and she attempts to stand. She is hit in the stomach with the first shot and drops over the bed clutching her wound. She is moaning and groaning as she rolls at the edge of the bed where she received another shot to her torso and she slides off the bed. She is on her back and gripping the bedclothes with the hand. The assassin approaches to view his target, points and fires to her heart and she reacts for a few seconds before succumbing to her wounds. The assassin drags her from the side of the bed into the open space for all to see.

Clip features: 4 simple clips in one, shooting, shots at the belly, back and breast; finishing off shots; very emotional long agonies; dragging and rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; death stare; different outfit for every story: black bra and panties; short black skirt and transparent lace blouse; lose black skirt and crop top with white socks; sexy lingerie; stockings and heels.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 17:21 minutes
660 Mb 
Full HD

    Random Wild Stories Clips more
     Your eyes
    15 minutes
      Your eyes - CUSTOM CLIP

“Your eyes” (“Flatemates”)

They are both students, friends and flatmates.

One is spectacular beautiful blonde, she is coveted by men, she has a lot of fans.

The second is a "mousy girl" with the problems in her family, completely passionate about science and her studies.

They are so different, but something keeps them together, something causes one of them to claw her eyes out…

“I've been watching it off and really loved it! Thank you so much, Antony, you've done an amazing job bringing my script/plot to life! Absolutely corker!

Both the actresses were excellent in the movie - you can see they have bags of talent. Kudos especially to the actress playing the part of the nerdy little bio-lab technician, she has such a very cruel, charming smile when she's watching her flatmate screaming and writhing about in agony!

Very professional production, Antony,.. When you come to release it, please be careful in what you show in the advance trailer and publicity photos. Please do not give away too much of the plot in spoilers as I think it may ruin it for some viewers if they know exactly what's going to happen before it does…»

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Clip features: the girl clawing at her eyes, blood effects on the eyes, unusual unexpected story line, death agony, blue tight dress, lab coat, beautiful lingerie, stockings, heels.

Starring: Anastasya and Agneta.

556 Mb

    21 minutes

Dragnet” - is an American term for a police search for a criminal suspect.

A police Detective visits an innocent Witness, trying to find a Thief. During the interview, the Witness panics and slips a sleep drug into the Detective's drink. The Friend then warns the Thief.

The Detective wakes up tied up, but manages to get herself loose and easily overpowers the Witness. Then the Thief arrives, and there is a struggle which leaves all 3 dead. The last character is shot by the arrived cops.

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and back, control shots, intense police shooting; stabbing, stabs in the back and belly; suffocation; drugging with sleeping pills; turning of the unconscious body; chaining in handcuffs; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; different characters (the Detective, the Witness and the Thief) and outfits: skinny jeans, light shirt and leather jaket; white blouse tied under the breasts and jeans skirt; grey skirt and grey blouse, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya, Sophie and Milana.

Duration: 20:57 minutes

796 Mb

Full HD

“Thanks very much for making Dragnet.

Another excellent wild story!

A police/murder drama. Milana does a great job as the lovely, no-nonesense detective, and Anastaya is cute as the psycho witness... As always, your photography is stellar. You filmed a great set of murders!

Looking forward to more in the future!”

Special price in May!!!
     I love your hair
    7 minutes
      I love your hair - CUSTOM MOVIE


“I love your hair”


We offer to your attention an unusual and beautiful CUSTOM CLIP - "I love your hair".

This is a short dramatic story about denouement in the strange love. In the love of the guy to the wonderful young girl with beautiful blond hair.


Clip features: shooting, shot in the breast, blood effects (flowing blood), slow motion, hair brushing, blond girl, light beige nightgown, very high heels.

Duration: 07:10 minutes

269 Mb 

Full HD

“I love your hair” is beautiful!

Viewing it, I love Anastasya’s hair myself, and I love Anastasya as she hums and looks so happy. The brushing sounds add concreteness to the scene, and Anastasya’s seeming to find a problem with her hair motivates her decision to have it cut. Good ideas!

The slow motion when she takes the bullet is beautiful and dramatic.

The blood is perfect.”

The customer of the film


“Superb!! To make such a great clip with such a simple theme is "fab"!Anastasia once again looks gorgeous and does you terrific credit with her performance, and the way you handle the directing and filming is terrific.”

One of the first buyers of the film  SPY DUEL
    10 minutes

Sophie is sat typing in a computer. She hears a phone call and goes to take it and answer. Coming from the bathroom behind her, Milana appears. Before Sophie can notice, Milana hits her on the head with her gun. Sophie falls to the floor unconscious.

Milana watches Sophie on the floor and kneels to check her pulse. She puts a hand on her neck to do this and then she opens the blouse. Milana checks her sides looking for something, then she checks the skirt and in the hem she feels something hidden, she finds a flash drive.

She goes to the computer, inserts flash drive and begins typing. Some later Sophie recovers of the hit on her head, she sees her gun on the floor and picks it up standing up. Milana watches Sophie thru a reflection, she takes her gun raising and aiming at Sophie. Before Sophie can do anything Milana shoots, the bullet catches Sophie between her exposed breasts. Sophie shoots twice at Milana too. Milana gets two bullets in her heart, she falls to the floor dead. Sophie falls to the floor too but she is still alive.

We can see the shoes of a man that enters the room, he sees the badly wounded Sophie and shoots her two times in the heart. Sophie dies. He walks and sees the dead Milana, he makes a control shot at her heart. The man walks to the computer and takes the flash drive, he leaves the room and the two beautiful spies are left dead on the floor.

Clip features: Shooting between two spies, shots at the chest, control shots, guns and gun with silencer, knock out, searching, unbuttoning and opening of the blouse, fake blood effects, digital blood effects, white blouses, black skirts, stockings, high heels.

Full HD

Review of the clip customer:

"I really liked "Spy Duel", I liked it a lot.  Why do I liked it? Well, let me tell you.

1) You respected the script almost to the letter, even Sophie's reflection in the screen, and the changes you made were only to improve the final product, for example the scene where Sophie stopped typing in order to answer the phone that was in the other side of the room, giving Milana the chance to knock her off.

2) The multiple angles and close ups of the two girls lying on the floor are amazing, the camera always steady, well located and staying the right time for us to see the scene properly.

3) The beautiful actresses acting according to their roles and when they pretend to be unconscious or dead, they do not wink or move (I've seen clips of some other companies where the models open their eyes, change position or even smile when they supposed to be dead. Awful)

4) Great scenario, beautiful outfits for both girls (Milana's two loose buttons of her blouse are breathtaking and Sophie is incredible, dressed of topless like in this case) and the way the girls react  to the shots when they received them (erotic)

5) Special mention to the photography, not over or underexposed and the camera never shaky or out of focus.

I think that you are one of the best companies in the market right now. Your films are elegant, not porn or gory with beautiful models, good prices and an easy way to buy. You have won in me a client for a long time." 

File Size: 398 MB
    8 minutes
      Petrovskiy - Historical drama

The summer of 1942, the German intelligence service had carried out a successful misinformation operation of the Soviet leadership - \"the Kremlin\". As a result there were accepted incorrect strategic decisions regarding summer offensive of the Red army. 

Army of the Crimean front was defeated, Stalingrad was under the threat, the order came out - \"not one step back!\" In these conditions the Soviet counter-intelligence carries out one of operations. The purpose is the identification and destruction of saboteur groups and conspiratorial Nazi agents. It turns out that one of agents is the famous singer, the woman with whom the officer of counter-intelligence - Petrovsky is in love for a long time. 

When his enemy and his love is the same person, what will be the choice?

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly and at the chest; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; vintage lingerie, jewelry and hairstyle of the main heroine, white stockings, heels; historical military uniform of the main character; historically accurate props - the weapons of the era.

Starring: Ekaterina and Dmitry.

Duration: 07:53 minutes

287 Mb 

Full HD  Guns and Girls 4
    18 minutes
      Guns and Girls 4 - CUSTOM CLIP
“Guns and Girls 4”

Agneta and Selena are novice first time spies on a mission to find documents in a hotel room. There are multiple clones of Agneta and Selena and they all fail in their mission.

In each scene, one girl walks into room in search of documents. She is shot by silencer in the belly, falls to the floor and lies there. The second girl comes into the room and sees her companion shot down - she goes to check on her - but she is also shot in the belly and falls next to her partner. Then each girl is shot one more time in the breast. 

Clip features: different shooting scenes; scenes with final (control) shots; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun with silencer, shots at the belly, at the breast; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; outfits: white blouses and mini skirts, blue and silver tight dresses, pantyhose, stockings, high heels.

Starring: Agneta and Selena.

Duration: 18:04 minutes
687 Mb 
Full HD

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    The most terrible beast lives inside a human. When it overcomes a person, wild stories are happening in the world. Everyone of us is capable of stopping this beast.

    Featuring 110 Clips / 1444 minutes of video!

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      Guns and Girls 6

    Guns and Girls 6

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      Hunting the huntress

    Hunting the huntress

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      Happy to die

    Happy to die

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      Business lady

    Business lady

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      The first exam

    The first exam

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      Furious machine gun

    Furious machine gun

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