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     The Tear Of Lucifer 1
    17 minutes

      The Tear Of Lucifer 1 - ACTION CUSTOM FILM
“The Tear Of Lucifer”

Part One.

Two beautiful girls, Sophie and Selena, are both dangerous thieves of international level and sell objects of great value to their clients. 

The girls enter a small old almost empty church, belonging to a secret order, that holds one of the most important relics of satanists.

They start the inspection, but it really seems that there’s nothing interesting. Selena knows Sophie very well: she can become very dangerous if she doesn’t get the promised profit from a deal, which is why Selena is getting ready for the worst. 

Finally, Selena finds an object, but it’s only a simple mirror. Anyway, Selena has a sort of intuition about the item and, after a careful examination, she exclaims: “Eureka!” Sophie approches, but she doesn’t seem impressed at all: “A fucking mirror? Is this the treasure you promised me?”

Selena explains: “Don’t be fooled by appearances: it looks like a common mirror, but it's not like that! Look at this mark on the glass… We’ve found The Tear Of Lucifer! There’s a legend about this mirror: when Lucifer was defeated by the angels of God, before ending up in Hell he poured a single tear. Centuries later, some devil worshipers found this crystallized tear and used it to make a mirror: the mirror in front of you! Its value is incalculable! The Satanists are still convinced that it can give immortality, but in the end it’s just a legend. What matters is that there are people ready to spend millions on this item. We're rich, Sophie!”
Sophie says, pointing a gun against Selena: “No, my dear: I AM RICH!” As Selena feared, Sophie has decided to take all the money only for herself. There is only one way to resolve the dispute! Also Selena extracts a gun and a wild shootout begins! The girls reach the nearest hideout and start to fire, in a very frantic sequence. 

At the beginning the final outcome is really uncertain, because both the girls know how to use a gun. But in the end Sophie’s the one who takes the first bullet in the belly, staggering back. Shocked and in pain, Sophie clutches her silk blouse and fires back, but Selena shoots her again in her breasts twice. After over the top and erotic reactions to bullet impacts, Sophie falls on her knees, but Selena shows no mercy, of course and fires again. Once. Twice. Three times. In the chest and stomach area of the humiliated Sophie. At one point Sophie's blood accidentally drips on the mirror.

Sophie's body is literally pumped full of lead and shakes erotically to multiple bullet impacts.
Sophie finally falls on the floor, face up, and grabs desperately her silk blouse. Lying on the ground, she suffers terribly (with back arching, sensual body writhing, wild throes, clutching blouse, etc). Before dying, she crawls on the floor and casually touches the mirror, saying at the same time: “No… I don’t wan to die…”

Finally she dies with eyes and mouth open in shock, defeated and humiliated by Selena. Selena approaches Sophie and touches sensually her body, playing with her silk blouse. Then she raises up, ready to leave the place with the precious mirror.

Clip features: 
- Shooting, multiple shots in the breast and stomach;
- Real bullet holes in the blouse;
- Overkill with the gun;
- Shootout;
- Over the top and erotic reactions to bullet impacts;
- Very-very long and erotic agony with over acting (back arching, sensual body writhing, wild throes, clutching blouse, etc);
-  Very bloody clip with lots of fake blood effects and digital blood effects;
- SILK blouses;
- Death stare;
- A lot of body panoramas;
- Selena’s outfit: white silk blouse, jeans and high-heeled leather boots;
- Sophie’s outfit: green silk blouse, tight leather leggings, over the knee boots.

If you like this video we also recommend for watching our clips "Silk and blood" (Mandragora studio) and “The Hypnotyst” (Wild Stories studio)!

Next weekend, watch the second final part of this film!

Starring: Sophie and Selena.

Duration: 17:08 minutes
654 Mb 
Full HD  Last bullet for the cop
    10 minutes

      Last bullet for the cop - A new actress in a new clip is for you, fans of good stories, beautiful actresses and shooting!
A few months later after the events, shown in the clip "Miss police", the police didn't manage to trace the killer of a young agent Selena. The investigation comes to a standstill.
Selena's partner - Nicole, doesn't like the inaction of the leadership, she conducts her own investigation.
Nicole is sure that someone from the police works for the mafia, but who is this traitor?
She shares her thoughts with her new partner and secretly goes to the crime scene to have a look at everything once again and check out some of her guesses.
She's convinced that the killer was returning to the scene of the murder, she even finds some confirmations of her version...
When Nicole gets evidences proving her right, she also realizes how much frivolous she was returning here alone. The killer also returns to the crime scene for a new victim.
Brave Nicole enters into a shootout with the traitor and murderer, but there is only one last bullet in her gun.
The traitor offers her to shoot herself.
It would seem that Nicole is cornered by the sneaky murderer, but she must avenge the death of her partner and friend, she takes the only possible decision…

Clip features: Shooting, shots in the chest; new actress and new outfit; gun and gun with silencer; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; death stare; slow motion; outfit: white silk blouse, black tight pencil skirt, police badge, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Nicole.

Duration: 10:13 minutes
390 Mb 
Full HD
    23 minutes


I present for your attention a new custom action shooting clip in "Guns and Girls" style - "Hitwomen".
Let me tell you a little about the features of this wonderful clip:

- Actions of the clip take place with two actresses in the frame, sometimes in the final of the scenes an invisible gun is added.

- All the scenes are acted out twice, in each scene the actresses swap parts, each of them acts the scene as a victim and as a killer.

- Every time the actresses die, they keep their eyes open and the camera lingers on their wonderful staring eyes.

- When one actress shoots the other – either just kills them or fires a control shot to make the body jerk or to finally kill the other - both actresses are in the same frame.

- Also, in the finale, the clip includes a chic bonus head shot scene, performed by beautiful Selena.

Scenes description:

Scene 1. 
Actress 1 is working at something official looking at papers.  Actress 2 enters with a briefcase. 1 looks up at 2 questioningly, as 1 smiles as she sets down her briefcase and opens it – takes out a silenced pistol, and without warning shoots 1 in the breast as she looks up astonished. 1 is thrown back in her chair, gasping with pain and clutching her wound. 2 watches for a moment or two, and then shoots her twice more, control shots. In the end 1 is lying spread-eagled on the chair limp and dead with wide-eyed death stare. 2 then exits, the gun back in the briefcase, only to be shot in the back by the ‘unseen gunman’. She falls forward onto her face, trying to crawl away, and there is another control shot into her back before she is still.

Scene 2.
Starts in exactly the same way, but this time Actress 1 looks up more suspiciously, quietly pulls out a silenced pistol and shoots 2 before she can open her briefcase. 2 reels from the shot, staggering away and eventually falls onto her side groaning and holding herself where she was hit. 1 gets up slowly, walks over to 2 and stands over her, looking down. Then 1 pushes 2 onto her back using her foot on 2’s shoulder, so she is helplessly spread-eagled on the floor, then stands over her and slowly, deliberately, shoots her in her breast twice. Again we see both of them in the picture so the whole kill is seen. Then 1 is hit in the stomach, she falls and a control shot finishes her. Both finish with death stares.

Scene 3.
1 is standing guard at a doorway, gun at the ready. 2 creeps up behind her, slips her hand over 1’s mouth, and shoots her in the back, twice – we hear both shots although they are silenced. As 1 crumples onto her back, 2 stands back and lets her fall. Once she is down, she moves to one side to get a clear shot, raises the gun in two hands and deliberately puts a shot into 1’s breast. 1 has wide open eyes. 2 moves stealthily on, but invisible gunman shoots her in the back. 2 falls on the floor with eyes wide open.

Scene 4.
Starts in the same way. 1 is standing guard in the doorway, 2 creeps up behind but doesn’t shoot her. Instead, she places the muzzle of her silenced gun against 1’s neck. 1 stiffens with shock and surprise, her hands creep up so she is standing in a surrender pose. 2 steps back and orders her to turn around. 1 obeys slowly, reluctantly. 2 jerks her gun to the right, wordlessly, and 1 obeys, shuffling sideways until she is standing against a plain wall. 2 then deliberately and slowly executes her. First, a shot to the stomach. 1 doubles over, falls onto her face, and tries to crawl beseechingly towards 2. 2 shoves 1 with her foot so she rolls helplessly onto her back, crying out with the pain of her wound, begging for mercy. 2 smiles, moves to look down into 1’s face and then raises her gun and shoots 1 in the breast once. She pauses as 1 rears up from the impact, and then falls back. Then she shoots her again in the other breast. 1 falls back limp, and dead, giving the lovely death stare.

Scene 5.
A female guard standing confidently in front of a gate, and then she unexpectedly gets shot in the head. Instead of falling instantly to death, she leans back by the bullet force but stands straight again moaning quietly and gurgling while her eyes are looking into the blank (as if some of her neural functions are on) while blood oozes from her wound over her face. She falls on her legs, slowly, her eyes become crossed and her tongue sticks out and then falls on her back. She dies with her eyes crossed and her tongue sticking out.

This clip is a great purchase for all lovers of beautiful actresses and shooting!
Add it to your collection!

Clip features: shooting scenes; gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots, shots at point blank, head shot; a lot of death stares; emotional reactions of the actresses; a lot of body panoramas; digital and fake blood effects; outfits: white blouses with mini skirts; silver, blue and purple tight mini dresses, pantyhose, high gloves, boots, high heels.

“I have really enjoyed viewing the clip. Fascinating to see how the two actresses react differently. I really love the death stares, thank you....and the way the models fall - much more naturally, and they don't seem too immodest as they have dark hose on. I hope they didn't feel too uncomfortable doing this - they both make beautiful corpses.
I especially loved the smiles they gave as they were about to shoot - I loved it when they stood over each other to fire the control shots in the second scene. They look lovely in the clothes you put them in.
I presume the final scene was a bonus! A really lovely, drawn-out headshot! Sweet!

I have really enjoyed the process of having a custom made, and the way that the actresses and the camera operator interpreted my script, and paid careful attention to my particular requests. It's my first custom, and I'm sure that in time it will be followed by others. The two actresses approached their tasks seriously and made great killers as well as great corpses, reacting very well to the situations they were in.

Thanks for the work on this.”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena and Sophie.

Duration: 23:12 minutes
884 Mb 
Full HD  New position of Natalia Andreevna
    9 minutes

      New position of Natalia Andreevna - Yuri Solomonovich and Natalia Andreevna work in one large company, but they are not just colleagues, they are competitors, they both claim the same vacant position in the company.
Yuri Solomonovich is hearing rumors that the company's management has already decided everything not in his favor and this decision will be announced at the next corporate party.
The whole corporate party Yuri Solomonovich spends in his hotel room all alone, he is very surprised, when in the midst of the party, his sworn competitor, Natalia Andreevna, shows up on doorstep of his room.
Seems she is quite friendly and even tells Yuri Solomonovich that the position, they both desire, is still vacant...
Convincing acting and the plot of the classic Russian drama, for you, in my new film - "New position of Natalia Andreevna"!

Clip features: knock out, strangulation; psycho; bringing to consciousness; outfit: blue business suit, white blouse, stockings, heels.

Starring: Milana and Vlad.

Duration: 09:10 minutes
348 Mb 
Full HD
     Crazy fan
    9 minutes

      Crazy fan - A pop star is preparing to perform when an aggressive fan sneaks into her room. The arrogant young woman couldn't immediately assess the danger of the uninvited guest...

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest, gun with silencer, control shot; fake and digital blood effects; outfit: silver tight dress, stockings, heels.

Starring: Iwona and Vlad.

Duration: 09:28 minutes

362 Mb 
    18 minutes

      THE MODEL - A model has been booked for a photo shoot. The photographer wants to photograph her in saucy lingerie: black long leather gloves, a white lace bra, a white lace slip, white hold up´s stockings and black leather overknee boots. Both have fun, he takes a lot of shots in different poses of her: standing, lying on her back, lying on her stomach, sitting on a chair (Agneta is a professional model and poses as she does it in life). 
She smiles and blinks seductively at him. He gets the signal wrong, gets closer to her, touches her thighs. She\\\'s horrified, bumps him back and yells at him: \\\"What comes to your mind? The shoot is finished! Delete all photos! \\\" She puts on her black leather jacket, just wants to take her black mini skirt, that\\\'s when he grabs her from behind and puts a rope around her neck. 
\\\"Damned hooker, the photos belong to me!\\\" - he yells back. He stands behind her, pulls the rope more and more tightly. She fights, kicks, punches, barely gets air. Slowly, he pulls her to the ground. She groans, rolks. The fight, she\\\'s lying on her back, he\\\'s kneeling behind her, is brutal and excruciating. She has no chance, is getting weaker, her movements become slower. After all, her body just shrugs. Then she dies with eyes wide open and mouth opened. 
He takes her lifeless body and then takes the same shots with her when she was alive. Only now is she a death model. At the end of his work, he laughs, walks away and leaves her dead body behind.

Clip features: Strangulation with red ribbon; death stare; moving of the body; photo session scene; white lace lingerie: white lace bra, white lace slip, white stockings, black long leather gloves, black leather jacket, leather boots with heel.

Starring: Agneta and Yaroslav.

Duration: 17:30 minutes
666 Mb 
Full HD
     Guns and Girls 18
    16 minutes

      Guns and Girls 18 - We offer for your attention the new episode of our shooting series - "Guns and Girls 18".
3 wonderful beautiful girls in different shooting scenes, a variety of outfits, very emotional reactions, different acting  – all this for you in this video!
Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes, beautiful Girls and Guns!

Will be a good purchase for all fans of the "Shooter fun" collection!

Clip features: different shooting scenes; solo scenes and scenes with 2 girls; emotional reactions of the actresses; sound of the gun with silencer; gun and gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; slow motion; a lot of different outfits: black tight dresses, red dress, white blouse with black mini skirt, black and leopard catsuits, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Milana, Agneta and Katerina.

Duration: 15:51 minutes
605 Mb 
    13 minutes

      3 STORIES - I offer to your attention a new video clip - "3 Stories".

The clip consists of three small stories, where the main heroine (bad girl, killer) acted by three our actresses gets in an ambush...
The similarity of the stories ends here. Despite the fact that the three stories are based on the same plot, all the stories were shot with different actresses at different times and do not copy each other. The girls learning about the task, offered themselves and acted completely different versions of the stories, from the insidious trap to the bold shootout.
Whose version of the story will you like?

Clip features: Shooting, firefight, shots in the chest, belly and back; a lot of shots, multiple bullet hits in each story, control shots, shot through the door; bad girl, girl-killer; ambush; emotional acting and reactions; gun and gun with silencer; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; outfits: white blouses, dark skirts, nurse's outfit, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Diana, Iwona, Polya.

Duration: 12:49 minutes
490 Mb 
Full HD
     Aura the alien spy 2
    11 minutes

      Aura the alien spy 2 - CUSTOM CLIP
“Aura, the alien spy 2”

Aura (Milana) is in her apartment, when there is a knock at the door, her eyebrow arches interrogative. Who can it be at that time? She walks to the door, outside is a woman (Agneta). Aura lets the woman enter and asks who is she. The woman tells, that she's agent L17, but Aura knows her as Ruth, they have worked together, but this is the first time they meet. A mole has been discovered in their organization, he or she has information, that puts them both in great jeopardy, they must collect all the pen drives with secrets and get away. Aura watches Ruth doubtfully, but then says ok and goes into another room to collect the pen drives.

Aura comes out of the room with some pen drives, Ruth takes them and puts inside her purse. Now seems they’re ready to leave, but suddenly Ruth takes her gun out aiming at Aura. Aura reacts and attacks Ruth before she can fire, but Ruth manages to hit Aura in the head. Aura falls to the floor stunned, Ruth aims at her. Aura opens her eyes with fear and rising her hand pleads for her life, but Ruth shoots her two times. Aura jerks violently and then her body lies completely still.

Ruth checks her neck to find vital signs, there are none. With a smile, she takes a cell phone and talks: “Hi, this was too easy, she believed me and now I have all her secrets in my hand and she is dead.  No, she never suspected, that I was the mole. OK I’ll take the info to the usual place." She hangs up her cell phone and turns around just to find herself with Aura stood there and watching her with a cold smile. 

Ruth watches Aura not believing that she is alive. Suddenly Aura’s eyes turn red, she raises her hand and a beam comes out of her palm hitting Ruth’s chest. Ruth screams and falls to the floor stunned breathing heavily. Aura looks in Ruth’s purse and collects her pen drives. Ruth stands up and runs, but Aura takes Ruth’s gun and shoots her in the back. Ruth stops, jerking her head violently backwards. She falls to the floor and moans with pain. Aura gets closer and turns her body around. Then she puts her hand in her forehead, her eyes turn red again, she turns her head up in a trance and Ruth screams in agony.

Aura smiles and taking her cell phone says: "I have the mole in my apartment, she is dead. Send someone to pick her up."

Clip features: Shooting, shots in the chest and back; spies; digital blood effects; gun with silencer; the destruction with the power of thought; a beam of energy from the hand; two agonies: paralyzed agony and the agony at the destruction of the mind; white blouse and black skirt, pantyhose, black leather leggings, black turtleneck, belt, gloves, heels.

Starring: Milana and Agneta.

Duration: 11:10 minutes
426 Mb 
    11 minutes

      SPY SISTERS - Katie and Mary are twin sisters, and also they're spies. 
They always work in pairs and complement each other perfectly. 
Katie is talented as a technical specialist, computers are her strong point. Mary is a great fighter, she knows all kinds of weapons. 
Mutual understanding and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sister helps the twins to perform the most difficult and dangerous operations successfully. 
But this time security was waiting for them. As soon as Katie turned on the laptop to get the classified information, all security was raised on alert.  
Mary, riddled with bullets, repealed the security attacks until her last breath to allow her sister to have time to perform the task, but there were too many attackers.  
Now it's Katie's time to join the battle...    

Clip features: Shooting, firefights, spy action clip, a lot of shots, shots in the chest, belly and back; emotional acting; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; business suit, military uniform, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Diana.

Duration: 11:23 minutes
436 Mb 
Full HD

    Random Wild Stories Clips more
     In The Kitchen
    6 minutes
      In The Kitchen - A new story of our studio and a new role of Anastasia!

One fine Sunday morning a young beautiful **** is preparing breakfast in the kitchen, but the idyll is broken by the appearance of a stranger.

If you like charming blondes and classic shooting clips, buy this video for your collection!

Clip features: shooting, beautiful blonde, several shots to the belly, bl. effects, emotional reaction, dth. stare, silk nightdress.  Guns and Girls 8 Bikini
    14 minutes
      Guns and Girls 8 Bikini - Milana and Selena are novice first time spies on a mission to find documents. There are multiple clones of the girls and they all fail in their missions.
One girl walks into room and she is shot by silencer twice in the belly. She reacts, grabs her belly and falls to the floor. Then the second girl comes into the room and sees her companion shot down - she goes to check on her - but then she is also shot twice in the belly. She reacts, grabs her belly and falls to the floor next to her partner. Each girl gets one more control shot in the breast.

Clip features: several shooting scenes; emotional reactions of the actresses; guns and sound of the gun with silencer, shots at the belly and breast; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; bikini, high heels.

Starring: Milana and Selena.

Duration: 14:23 minutes

549 Mb 
Full HD
    17 minutes
      ESPIONAGE - Sophie is a spy, a professional hunter for confidential information. This time her task is to steal information from the computer of a manager of a large Corporation. She easily gets to the computer, but as soon as she turns it on, it immediately attracts the attention of security service...

Sophie, dressed in an elegant low cut gown and wearing gloves is checking a computer, she introduces a flash drive and waits for a file to be downloaded. A voice warns her through a hidden device in her ear: “Quickly, leave the room they know about you!” Sophie cuts the comunication touching her ear. The download finishes and she extracts the flash drive and hides it in her cleavage. She hears noises bechind the room’s door, she can’t leave.

She hides covering herself in a wall opposite the computer and sees a woman (Milana) that goes straight to the desk. Sophie raises her hand to strike the woman, but we see the hand of a man who strikes Sophie first. She falls unconscious to the floor, Milana kneels and checks Sophie’s body. She unbuttons her dress, looks into her cleavage and discovers the flash drive hidden between her breasts. She takes it out and goes to the computer.

Sophie recovers from the blow and the man indicates her to stand up. Milana checks the flash drive in the computer and smiles, then she turns to the man and says: „Give me your gun and bring someone else of the guards.“ Milana takes the gun and the man leaves. Milana looks Sophie with hate and says: „I have always hated spies and traitors like you“ - and aims at her with the clear intention of killing her. Sophie reacts and attacks Milana before she shoots her. They struggle and then a shot is heard...

Sophie watches at a stain of blood in Milana’s blouse. Milana puts her hand on her chest and feels the blood coming out from her wound. Sophie turns around and tries to escape before the guards come, but Milana shoots Sophie in the back. Sophie stops, blood coming out from the wound on her back and turns around to face Milana only to receive three more shots. Milana looks at the dying Sophie, she falls to her knees and then on her side, she dies, her eyes are open. Sophie is in pain, she slides down the wall and expires.

"I don't have to say it, but I must say it again. As usual you did a splendid job. The story well paced, suspenseful and erotic, and Milana and Sophie beautiful, sexy and each time better actresses. The photography excellent as usual. Thank you it was a great clip, looking forward for the next one."

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Milana and Sophie.

Full HD  Deadly quest
    19 minutes
      Deadly quest - CUSTOM VIDEO

A pretty spy breaks into an apartment. She is looking for an important computer files she must steal. But the apartment is full of traps to prevent a robbery! Each time she sets off a trap it knocks her unconscious.

This clip consists of separate scenes connected by a common storyline, where the spy gets into the traps: the sound trap, the electrified door handle trap, the tranquilizer dart trap, the knockout gas trap, the electrified keyboard trap, the poison needle trap on the door and the final trap – the bullet of a sniper at the back and the chest.

Clip features: 

7 different scenes with: shooting, electric shock (keyboard and door handle), put to sleep with a tranquilizer dart, sound attack, the injection by the needle hidden in the door handle, attack out by the sleeping gas; a lot of body panoramas, visual digital effects, blood effects, very expressive Anastasya's reactions.

Duration: 18:30 minutes

693 Mb 

Full HD
     Premonition of danger
    20 minutes
      Premonition of danger - CUSTOM MOVIE

We offer you a new CUSTOM video in the "Shooter fun" style, complemented by a storyline.

Our Heroine discovers she has an unusual mental ability: she has psychic visions of the near future. She also learns she can change that future.

Meanwhile, there is a mysterious, secret organization killing people with psychic abilities.

When the mysterious murderers come for our Psychic heroine, she has a vision of them taking her captive. She'll then use her foresight to try to escape them.  

Clip features: a lot of shooting scenes, shots in the breast, shots in the belly, control shots; scenes with the sleeping gas and control shots in the motionless body; scene containing the hit of sniper bullets through the window; and the classic shooting scenes; the scenes where the heroine dodges of bullets in slow motion; 3D effects of flying bullets, digital blood effects. 

Duration: 20:16 minutes

760 Mb 

Full HD

“OMG, I just watched Premonition of Danger and you have surpassed my every expectation. You provided so many wonderful details, you created an entertaining story with a genuine touch of art, while still managing to kill the lovely Milana five times! I can see you put a lot of hard work into it, and it shines in every way. From reprising the apple, managing the unusual transitions, and your use of music, I love it.  Awesome job.”

The customer and  scriptwriter of the film


“Yet another fab clip. Such a different story line, superbly done as usual with great little twist at the end. The standard of your clips is so great and producing, editing and camera work superb.”

One of the first buyers of the film  ANGRY BOSS
    11 minutes
“Angry Boss”

A young woman (acted by Selena) has a new job as a secretary in a large company. She works hard, often until midnight. This evening she is also in the office, sitting at her desk, classically dressed as a secretary. Her legs are crossed, she still works. Suddenly she discovers that some invoices are faked. She decides to check it. Quietly she sneaks to the boss's office and finds a document. She returns and checks the document. Horrified, she recognizes that her boss faked the bills. 

Unfortunately, she hasn't noticed that her boss (acted by Agneta) is still at work and she's been watching her all this time. The boss enters her office and samples her from top to bottom. The secretary's body and her clothes turn her on. The secretary stands up, yells at the boss and confronts her with her knowledge. She threatens to inform the police. Unexcited, the boss goes up to her and touches her: "You're a hussy, don't pretend. Do you want money? " The secretary pushes her hand away: "I'll inform the police immediately!" 

Now the boss has to act, she strikes, the secretary falls to the ground. She's dazed, can't get up again. The boss bends over her and begins to choke her hard and brutally with bare hands. The secretary moans, fights, tramples with her legs. The boss is pushing harder. She barely gets air. Finally, she pushes the boss away and can free herself. She grabs her black leather jacket, runs to the door and wants to escape. The boss jumps up, follows her, takes her scarf and lays it from behind around her neck. 

The secretary groans again, is helpless. The boss slowly pulls her to the ground and becomes more brutal. It starts a long wrestling on the floor. She fights for her life, but she has no chance. The secretary is getting weaker, her movements are slowing, her powers leave her, her body begins to twitch. Eventually she dies in agony, her eyes are wide open. The boss stands up, leaves her lifeless body on the floor and leaves the office.

Clip features: Strangulation with hands and strangulation with a silk scarf; knock out; death stare; white blouse, black miniskirt, grey business suit, silk scarf, black lace lingerie, black leather jacket, pantyhose, leather boots with heel.

“really hot and both was a pleasure for me.....your clips always make me wet and cum.... “
- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena and Agneta.

Duration: 10:43 minutes

408 Mb 
Full HD

    Welcome to Wild Stories
    The most terrible beast lives inside a human. When it overcomes a person, wild stories are happening in the world. Everyone of us is capable of stopping this beast.

    Featuring 167 Clips / 2284 minutes of video!

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      The Tear Of Lucifer 1

    The Tear Of Lucifer 1

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      Last bullet for the cop

    Last bullet for the cop

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      New position of Natalia Andreevna

    New position of Natalia Andreevna

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      Crazy fan

    Crazy fan

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      Guns and Girls 18

    Guns and Girls 18

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      3 STORIES


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      Aura the alien spy 2

    Aura the alien spy 2

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      SPY vs CLONES


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      Undercover agent unmasked

    Undercover agent unmasked

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      Guns and Girls 17

    Guns and Girls 17

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      Elena and Alena

    Elena and Alena

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