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    14 minutes

      Bodyguard - Bodyguard is a professional, called to provide security and to protect the client's life. And Angelina chose this profession. 

One day she has to protect a young, beautiful, but very annoying and capricious person - Taisiya.

Chronic tiredness and nervous overstrain play a cruel joke with the bodyguard - she attacks the annoying client in an anger rush. First Taisiya thinks that it's just a game and doesn't take it seriously. And Angelina doesn't want to harm her.

Taisiya understands too late that this is not a game and begins to resist for real, but the belt of the dressing gown compresses stronger around her neck. Angelina just doesn't know her own strength.

She realizes what she did only when Taisiya stops to resist.

Angelina doesn't believe that she accidentally killed Taisiya. She thinks it's a joke and shakes Taisiya for shoulders, checks the pulse, but it's over, she's dead.

The prudence comes back to Angelina, now she knows what to do.

Clip features: Strangling, dragging of the body, pink dressing gown, beautiful white lingerie, white stockings, white blouse, black skirt, high heels.

Duration: 14:05 minutes

523 Mb 

Full HD  Punishment comes quickly
    8 minutes

      Punishment comes quickly - We offer to your attention a new film directed by Vitaly Eisen - "Punishment comes quickly".

This unusual story acted by the talented actresses is filmed in the genre of detective drama.

Classic outfits, shooting, convincing acting, non-trivial plot - all this will certainly please fans of the genre!

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and belly, control shot, gun with silencer, slow motion, real police talks, white classic blouses, black skirts, panty hose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Duration: 07:51 minutes

300 Mb 

Full HD
    17 minutes

      Antidote - CUSTOM FILM


We offer to your attention a new custom film (from the scriptwriter of bestseller "Spy duel") – “Antidote”!

Sophie is an insidious poisoner, she invites Milana to discuss with her an important question. She is well-prepared for the meeting, Milana must not survive this day. 

But Milana is not so simple, she anticipates the intentions of the friend, she is ready for the meeting.


As usual you did an excellent job. I love the way you respect the script and the alternative ending you create was very, very good.

Sophie is always stunning but in that black underwear and the black dress she is even more, if that is possible.

Milana's death scene was terrific your close ups and angles are always great.

Thanks it was a fantastic movie.”

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the chest and at the belly, poisoning, gun with silencer, fake blood effects, digital blood effects, beautiful black lingerie, tight black dress, white blouse, black skirt, stockings, high heels.

Duration: 17:08 minutes

641 Mb 

Full HD  Witness protection
    11 minutes

      Witness protection - Glamorous Sophie and mysterious Milana - in a new clip "Witness protection"!

Sophie is an important witness in high-profile corruption case, a lot of things depend on her testimony, but the assassins follow her already.

The staff of the witness protection service provided Sophie with new documents and hid her, constantly changing safe houses and hotels. 

In one of these hotels operations officer of the witness protection service has to go away on urgent business for some time, Sophie is left alone...


Clip features: Shooting, shots at the chest and at the heart, gun and gun with silencer, fake blood effects, digital blood effects, nurse outfit, white blouse, black skirt, stockings, high heels.

Duration: 11:20 minutes

421 Mb 

Full HD
    12 minutes


For you another custom clip that we managed to shoot in December - "Shooter Fun 10"! 

The clip is in the best traditions of the popular series!

Here is everything you like in "Shooter Fun" clips - a good acting of favorite actresses, Anastasya and Milana, several different scenes in different genres - fighting, shooting, firefight and more.

We hope that everyone will find in this clip something interesting! Highly recommended to all fans of the "Shooter Fun" series!

Clip features: different scenes - fighting, shooting, firefight, neck breaking, searching, turning over, shots at the chest and at the belly, a lot of body panoramas, taking off the shoes, throwing the shoes death stare, sound of the gun with silencer, digital blood effects, white blouse and black skirt, short skirt and a top, white knee socks, heels.

Duration: 12:05 minutes

453 Mb 

Full HD  Petrovskiy
    8 minutes

      Petrovskiy - Historical drama

The summer of 1942, the German intelligence service had carried out a successful misinformation operation of the Soviet leadership - \"the Kremlin\". As a result there were accepted incorrect strategic decisions regarding summer offensive of the Red army. 

Army of the Crimean front was defeated, Stalingrad was under the threat, the order came out - \"not one step back!\" In these conditions the Soviet counter-intelligence carries out one of operations. The purpose is the identification and destruction of saboteur groups and conspiratorial Nazi agents. It turns out that one of agents is the famous singer, the woman with whom the officer of counter-intelligence - Petrovsky is in love for a long time. 

When his enemy and his love is the same person, what will be the choice?

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly and at the chest; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; vintage lingerie, jewelry and hairstyle of the main heroine, white stockings, heels; historical military uniform of the main character; historically accurate props - the weapons of the era.

Starring: Ekaterina and Dmitry.

Duration: 07:53 minutes

287 Mb 

Full HD
     Covert syndicate
    19 minutes

      Covert syndicate - CUSTOM CLIP

Covert syndicate. Operation “Headcount reduction”.

The article of the newspaper "Prague Daily Monitor", Friday, December 16, 2016

Сriminal chronicle:

“Details of the triple murder in the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

As a result of own investigation, we were able to shed light on the details of loud triple murder in St. Vitus Cathedral!

According to information received from own sources editorial learned, that two of the bodies, discovered by the police, belong to the famous assassins, who have on their hands much of the blood of slain victims. They are known to the police as Viper and Shadow!

Much is still not clear, for now we can't answer the question - how does the retribution caught up with these cold-blooded killers? Who is the third killed person found in the Cathedral, another victim of the killers or an accidental witness?

The police practically do not comment on the details of this sensational murder, but we will answer these questions, the investigation continues!"

Clip features: 3 actresses - Anastasya, Sophie and Milana, 3 scenes, shooting, stabbing, firefight, action scene, shots at the chest, back and belly; stabs in the back and belly; guns and knife, fake blood effects and digital blood effects; different characters and outfits: jeans and light-gray top, red dress, black leather tight leggings and black polo neck, holsters, pantyhose, high heels.

Full HD  Weird dream
    11 minutes

      Weird dream - CUSTOM CLIP

A girl sees a strange dream - a stranger shoots her several times from his gun.

Seems she feels every bullet for real when it strikes her body.  

When the gun is empty she falls on the floor and the stranger drags her out of the room.

Now she's lying on the bed, she can't move, watching as the stranger slowly puts the knife to her navel.

The girl wakes up in horror. But the nightmare continues...

Clip features: Shooting and stabbing in two scenes with different clothes, shots at the breast (nipples) and at the belly (navel), stabbing into navel, gun with silencer, a lot of fake blood effects and digital blood effects; white blouse, jeans mini skirt, tight orange dress, pantyhose, high heels.

Full HD
File Size: 416 MB     Format: .MP4
    17 minutes

      Burglar - CUSTOM FILM

Sophie walks into her apartment. There is a burglar wearing a face mask already inside. She is very frightened. She puts her hands up. He pushes a pistol with a silencer into her breast. 

The burglar tells her to turn around, takes her scarf from around her neck and put her hands behind her back to be tied. She turns around and puts her hands behind her back. But then instead of tying her hands, the burglar puts the scarf around her neck and strangles her. Sophie struggles but he is too strong - he forces her down to the floor. After Sophie is strangled he turns Sophie over onto her back, unbuttons her blouse and pulls it open. Then he leaves the room.

Sophie slowly moves. She wakes up. She takes the scarf from around her neck and closes her blouse. Then she hears the burglar. He is still in her apartment! She opens her blouse again and quickly puts the scarf back around her neck. She lies back down on the floor and pretends that she is dead. 

The burglar returns. He looks at Sophie and is suspicious because she looks a little different. He feels her pulse and knows that she is still alive. He takes the scarf from around her neck and turns her body over face-down. He puts her arms behind her back and ties her wrists together very tightly with the scarf. Then he turns her body face-up again. He picks her up in his arms. The burglar carries her around trying to decide where to put her. Finally he puts her down on the bed and leaves the room again. 

Sophie opens her eyes again and looks to make sure he is gone. She stands up. She is trying to be quiet but her heels are making noise on the floor. Sophie runs. The burglar shoots her in the back. Sophie arches and falls. She starts crying and trying to crawl. The burglar drags her back into the room and leaves her there while he finishes searching her apartment. 

Sophie lies on the floor with her hands still tied, crying. The burglar returns. He shoots her back until she is still. Then he turns her over and shoots the front of her skirt. When she doesn’t move, he knows that he has killed her. Then he leaves. 

If you liked the video "Smirnova", you will like this custom clip also. Very recommend to buy!

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the back and at the lower belly, strangulation with the scarf, gun with silencer, topless, tied hands behind the back; a lot of body manipulations – carrying, turning over, unbuttoning of the blouse, dragging; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; blouse, silk scarf, tight leather skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

Full HD
File Size: 654 MB     Format: .MP4  SPY DUEL
    10 minutes


Sophie is sat typing in a computer. She hears a phone call and goes to take it and answer. Coming from the bathroom behind her, Milana appears. Before Sophie can notice, Milana hits her on the head with her gun. Sophie falls to the floor unconscious.

Milana watches Sophie on the floor and kneels to check her pulse. She puts a hand on her neck to do this and then she opens the blouse. Milana checks her sides looking for something, then she checks the skirt and in the hem she feels something hidden, she finds a flash drive.

She goes to the computer, inserts flash drive and begins typing. Some later Sophie recovers of the hit on her head, she sees her gun on the floor and picks it up standing up. Milana watches Sophie thru a reflection, she takes her gun raising and aiming at Sophie. Before Sophie can do anything Milana shoots, the bullet catches Sophie between her exposed breasts. Sophie shoots twice at Milana too. Milana gets two bullets in her heart, she falls to the floor dead. Sophie falls to the floor too but she is still alive.

We can see the shoes of a man that enters the room, he sees the badly wounded Sophie and shoots her two times in the heart. Sophie dies. He walks and sees the dead Milana, he makes a control shot at her heart. The man walks to the computer and takes the flash drive, he leaves the room and the two beautiful spies are left dead on the floor.

Clip features: Shooting between two spies, shots at the chest, control shots, guns and gun with silencer, knock out, searching, unbuttoning and opening of the blouse, fake blood effects, digital blood effects, white blouses, black skirts, stockings, high heels.

Full HD

Review of the clip customer:

"I really liked "Spy Duel", I liked it a lot.  Why do I liked it? Well, let me tell you.

1) You respected the script almost to the letter, even Sophie's reflection in the screen, and the changes you made were only to improve the final product, for example the scene where Sophie stopped typing in order to answer the phone that was in the other side of the room, giving Milana the chance to knock her off.

2) The multiple angles and close ups of the two girls lying on the floor are amazing, the camera always steady, well located and staying the right time for us to see the scene properly.

3) The beautiful actresses acting according to their roles and when they pretend to be unconscious or dead, they do not wink or move (I've seen clips of some other companies where the models open their eyes, change position or even smile when they supposed to be dead. Awful)

4) Great scenario, beautiful outfits for both girls (Milana's two loose buttons of her blouse are breathtaking and Sophie is incredible, dressed of topless like in this case) and the way the girls react  to the shots when they received them (erotic)

5) Special mention to the photography, not over or underexposed and the camera never shaky or out of focus.

I think that you are one of the best companies in the market right now. Your films are elegant, not porn or gory with beautiful models, good prices and an easy way to buy. You have won in me a client for a long time." 

File Size: 398 MB

    Random Wild Stories Clips more
     Death on the picture
    13 minutes
      Death on the picture - A young beautiful girl is bored in bed waiting for her lover. 

In search of something that will help pass the time, she finds a Colt 1911 that was left inappropriately by her lover in the bedside table.

The girl looks at the gun with interest, her imagination paints colorful images, gives rise to fearful temptations, and in addition this enchanting picture on the wall...

We very recommend this clip in the collection to all lovers of beautiful girls and shooting.

Clip features: blond girl, topless, shooting, shot at the chest, Colt 1911, death agony, silk nightie and stockings.

Duration: 12:47 minutes

476 Mb 

Full HD  Enemy behind the door
    13 minutes
      Enemy behind the door - Milana is waiting for an intimate meeting. Her boss and lover - Robert should come to the rented apartment soon.

She is spectacular, maybe she should just to add a little make-up... the phone call pulls her away from the pleasant preparations.

Strange, she sees the incoming call from the caller, who has to call her only in an emergency. She's right, Milana learns that the operation is disrupted, she is revealed as the agent, and Robert is not that person he claimed to be. She is ordered to leave urgently but the exit is blocked.

Well, let the real hunting begin! But who is the hunter and who is the victim? It will be clear in a fair fight, “face to face”, especially as Robert stands behind the door already...

Clip features: shooting, 3 shots at the back through the door, 4 shots at the chest and at the belly, blood effects and digital blood effects, realistic fall to the floor, black skirt, white blouse (no lingerie under the blouse), pantyhose, heels.

Duration: 12:54 minutes

480 Mb Full HD
     RED and WHITE
    7 minutes
      RED and WHITE - The meeting of the lovers promises to be pleasant, but turns into a drama.
He intends to end the relationship, she's not ready to let him go.
She says she told everything to his wife... He is furious. She is joking, he is serious.
Two shots. A red stain spreads on her snow white blouse. Love and betrayal, red and white...

Very erotic, very dramatic!

Clip features: shooting, shots in the chest, turning of the body, death stare, a lot of body panoramas, realistic blood effects (with holes in blouse), black skirt, white transparent blouse, pantyhose, heels.

402 Mb 

Full HD  Blonde
    6 minutes
      Blonde - "Blonde" is classical shooting clip. The young blond elegantly dressed **** awaits her business partner in the apartment. She has to resolve a delicate issue with him...

This clip is worthy to be in your collection!

Clip features: shooting, slow motion of bullet hit and falling, a lot of body panoramas, 3D effects, black skirt, white blouse, pantyhose, heels.

Full HD
    17 minutes
      Photographer - “Photographer”

We offer you to watch an interesting photo shoot, that seems usual only at first sight.  

Beautiful poses, beautiful photos - the customer should be pleased, but the photographer has his own diabolical plan...

Don't miss this fatal photo shoot in the most beautiful movie of the studio!

Clip features: 

- topless

- white sexual lingerie

- stockings, high heels

- shooting

- gun with silencer

- shots at the breast

- fake blood effects and digital blood effects

- slow motion

- a lot of body panoramas in different poses

Duration: 17:00 minutes

638 Mb 

Full HD  Girl in a red jacket
    7 minutes
      Girl in a red jacket - CUSTOM CLIP

“Girl in a red jacket”

Undoubtedly this is one of the most unusual custom clips.

After a hard day a girl returns to her hotel room. She's tired and doesn't notice – a lurking maniac is watching her.

The villain chooses a good moment and attacks the poor girl. For a few moments she manages to escape from the attacker, but he grabs her arm again. Fear and panic cover the girl, but she keeps trying to escape, and she almost manages to free her hand again, but the villain feels it and specially releases her hand, the girl falls on the floor. In despair she looks how rapidly the maniac is approaching her.

It's very dynamic, unusual clip for fans of strangulation. Anastasia acts her first strangulation scene very good, she plays very believable and expressive. 

The good purchase for your collection!

Clip features: long strangulation scene, very expressive Anastasia's acting, very realistic, searching and turning of the body, red jacket, undressing (the jacket).

Duration: 06:57 minutes

252 Mb Full HD

“It was great!

I will order more in the future!”

The customer of the clip.

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