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    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties

    Clip Description

    Two dead beauties


    “Two dead beauties”

    We offer to your attention a custom film in "retro" style - "Two dead beauties".

    This is a story about beautiful women with faces of angels and the treachery of witches, about betrayal and despair, the story of the vices and passions, the story with the bloody denouement.

    You'll see this story through the eyes of Max, a man who became a cruel killer.

    Clip features: Retro style, two actresses, blond girls, very talented acting of the actresses, vintage clothes - white blouses and dark classic skirts, white and black pantyhose, high heels, shooting, long and detailed shooting scenes, a lot of shots, shots at the breast, control shots, a lot of blood effects (flowing blood), blood and digital blood effects, gun with silencer.

    Highly recommend to all who likes shooting and beautiful girls in classic and elegant outfits. This clip is definitely worthy to fill up your collection!

    Duration: 19:49 minutes

    744 Mb

    Full HD

    “Both girls did a magnificent job. The plot was pretty much perfect, with the two girls collaborating behind Max's back, trying to take him down. Tatyana did an excellent job as the defying wife, and Anastasia also did a magnificent job as the secretary/mistress of Max. First, Anastasia is acting along the same attitude as Tatyana, like: Ah, we've got him right where we want him now...!. And then, when the wife is suddenly shot, Anastasia goes from having a "smart" attitude, to a nervous, young girl, when she realizes that her friend is dying, and she herself is next to be shot.

    And both girls looked absolutely great! Tatyana had a kind of "strict school teacher" look, with that combo of skirt and blouse. And Anastasia also looked terrific.”

    The customer and scriptwriter of the film

    "Not one but two very beautiful girls, with a great story line telling a story of deceit with a superb twist at the end!"

    One of the first buyers of the film

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4744.49 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties

    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties

    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties

    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties

    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties

    Wild Stories - Two dead beauties
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    Marias wedding tragedy - It was the night before Maria’s wedding. She was to marry a very rich man. Sergey Valentine was a successful businessman, with multiple companies all over the world. 

Maria had been asked many questions about why she wanted to marry this guy, because he had a reputation of being very ruthless and brutal, especially in his business. He was the kind of guy that if he wanted something, he got it, no matter how, or who he had to hurt to get it.

Maria was a very beautiful, young woman. Her family was not rich, but they were not poor either. They never had much, but Maria was never really missing anything in her life. But she had grown up to be a very polite and proper girl. So there were still a lot of guys always swarming around her, trying to win her heart.

But she had now given her heart to Sergey Valentine. Many had told her that she was making a mistake, that she could easily find a much nicer man. But Maria was lost in love for Sergey. There was something special about him, something she could not really put her finger on… Maybe he had a certain charm, after all...?

Maria went over to the bedroom… tomorrow was a very big day...

Maria was in the dressing room, before the wedding, getting ready for her big day, when she heard a knock on the door. The person who entered the room was a strange man. He said that he came to prevent her from making the biggest mistake of her life. If she go through with marrying Sergey Valentin, it will surely kill her. But, on the other hand, he will treat her as the princess and she will always be happy, because he loves her with all his heart. Maria answered that she really appreciated the effort he had made, but her heart belongs to Sergey, and there was nothing he, or anyone else could do about that.

After a few seconds, she heard a click, he was standing there, pointing a gun at her, a gun with a silencer...! Maria's body jerked as the hot bullet ripped through her chest. She grabbed the chest, right where the bullet pierced her body. Blood was starting to flow between her fingers... She looked down at the bleeding wound, she saw her hands were soaked in the red blood.

The guy was standing there, looking at her. Then he aimed at her upper belly, and gave her another two shots. More blood staining her dress. She started stumbling towards the sofa. Suddenly, she got 2 more shots in the back, also ripping straight through her chest. She arched her body backwards from the impact, she was now mortally wounded. The guy came up behind her and pushed the dying girl up against the wall. Two shots put an end to her pain as they ripped through her heart. Maria slowly sank to the floor down the wall, finally ending up on her back, staring into eternity.

The guy kneeled by the dead beauty… He aimed the gun at her chest again and gave her one more bullet...

Maria woke up from the dream, crying...No, no, no...!

She sat up in the bed, and looked around, and she gave a sigh of relief when she realized it had just been a bad dream...!

She looked at the time, and she decided it was time to get up and get ready.

When she put on her wedding dress, she came to the mirror and starting to brush her lovely, long, blonde hair.

All of a sudden there is a knock on the door, and she goes to open it. Outside, there is a guy with a silenced gun, she feels the sharp, burning pain of two bullets piercing the center of her chest. She looks down on her hand, and sees that it's already soaked in red blood. She looks in terror up at the guy who is still aiming the gun at her.

Then he fires three more shots into Maria's chest. She falls down on her knees and finally she comes to the rest on her back, on the floor. It almost looks like she is sleeping, but the big red stains of blood on her white dress reveals the shocking and tragic reality.

The killer gently caresses her face, hair and body...

-Such a shame, wasting such a beauty, - he says to himself, and then he leaves the room...

Also you will see in this film:

- 2 scenes

- 13 shots

- good special effects

- real retro wedding dress (the dress was specially found and delivered from the USA for the shooting of the video)

If you liked this video, you can also watch our film - «Two dead beauties».

Starring: Anastasya.

Full HD

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