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    Wild Stories - The second order

    Clip Description

    We present a new clip - "The second order", with the participation of new actress, beautiful and glamorous Sophie!

    In the new clip of our studio, Sophie plays a role of a young, strong and successful woman. Woman, who doesn't know the word "no", there is no rules and prohibitions for her, only her desires and her will. The main thing - is to achieve her goal.

    A provincial town, an old cheap hotel, a grey morning, the morning after a wild night of passion. He was a good lover and even a little bit sorry, but hardly he survived this night. Everyone knows that sullen guy who took the order always performs his job.

    Now, only a taxi and the airport, it's possible not to think about it anymore, this night will be forgotten soon as well as this sad provincial town... soon... Stop! But what is doing here that guy, who took the order?

    Clip features:

    - new actress - fatal, glamorous brown-haired girl,

    - shooting,

    - shoots at the chest,

    - gun with silencer,

    - blood and digital blood effects,

    - slow motion effects,

    - white blouse,

    - black leather skirt,

    - heels,

    - death stare,

    - very profitable price!

    Lovely clip in your collection!

    Highly recommended to all fans of the genre!

    Duration: 10:56 minutes

    408 Mb

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4408.16 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - The second order

    Wild Stories - The second order

    Wild Stories - The second order

    Wild Stories - The second order

    Wild Stories - The second order

    Wild Stories - The second order
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