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    Wild Stories - Smirnova

    Clip Description

    We invite you to see this "wild story" through Kirill's eyes. He's criminal-recidivist and was involved in robberies more than once. And this time Kirill can't refuse, when his friend - the employee of one of the hotels offers "easy money".

    And how he can refuse this offer? Everything is simple - his friend accidentally finds out that one of the hotel guests - Marina Smirnova, has a large sum of money in cash and Kirill can easy take away her money. "Easy money"!

    The accomplice tells to Kirill the room number where Marina lives and gives him the key-card to enter the room.

    At first, everything goes according to plan. Kirill easily intimidates the poor girl and requires giving him the money.

    But Marina's answer surprises the experienced criminal, everything goes wrong...

    Clip features:

    - blond girl;

    - white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, heels;

    - shooting, 8 shots, shots at the chest, at the belly and at the heart;

    - slow motion;

    - gun with silencer;

    - knock out

    - very artistic, emotional and natural reactions of the actress;

    - death stare;

    - a lot of body panoramas;

    - blood effects and digital blood effects.

    Duration: 14:50 minutes

    550 Mb

    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4550.73 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Smirnova

    Wild Stories - Smirnova

    Wild Stories - Smirnova

    Wild Stories - Smirnova

    Wild Stories - Smirnova

    Wild Stories - Smirnova
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    Dont come in - Anastasya carelessly opens the door and unwittingly lets in her room a man. Almost immediately he pulls her to him and shoots several times point-blank at her belly from a gun with a silencer.

Anastasya is shocked, struggling with the pain and weakness she takes a few steps back to the room. The man shoots her at the belly again and Anastasya is dropped to the sofa, she holds with the hands the bleeding wounds in her belly.

At this moment Milana untimely comes to visit a friend and finds Anastasya in this situation. Anastasya with the last bit of strength tries to warn the friend of danger, she tries to tell her not to go into the room, because there lurks the sinister stranger.

But the wounds and the pain in her belly weakens Anastasya, she doesn't find the strength to warn her friend and her hands helplessly fall on the sofa.

Milana sees the terrible Anastasya's wounds and rushes to her friend...

The man was waiting exactly for this and now the bullets are flying to Milana...

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD

    FOUR STORIES - CUSTOM CLIP - “Four stories”

Story 1. 
A girl is applying makeup, she is dressed in underwear and stockings. She hears the outside door opens and takes a towel to hide her embarrassment believing it to be room service.
She looks towards the door and sees a person pointing a silenced pistol at her; she is stepping back and becoming frightened. Her breaths are loud before she is hit in the stomach by a first shot. Her legs go weak but before she can fall she is shot again in the torso and flies backwards over the bed; she is sliding in agony to the floor where she rolls in pain and loudly fights for breath. She arches her body and moans loudly before being silenced by a shot to the heart. She shudders and dies with eyes half open and mouth open. The assassin drags her by the ankles to hide her body by the side of the bed and leaves.

Story 2. 
A 'call girl' walks in a hotel room. Her assassin slipped in unnoticed and hid behind the curtains. She takes off her coat to reveal a short skirt and a blouse with stockings and heels, she makes herself a drink and places it on the table. As she sits down the assassin fires two shots into her body. She jolts violently against the bed and rolls around clutching her wounds. She tips to her side in agony and tries to inspect her wounds, she does not understand that she has been shot until she sees the holes. She grabs at furniture to attempt to raise herself but falls backwards to the floor struggling for life. She fades away as she is dying. The assassin pushes her onto her back with his foot, her short skirt has ridden up during her struggle. He points his pistol at her heart and fires to make sure; she grunts and jolts and is dead.

Story 3. 
A girl is reading something in her phone in a hotel room but then walks to get a drink; she is dressed in lose short skirt and a crop top with white socks and heels. She goes to the cupboard and when she reaches it, she is immediately shot in the back. She spins down to the floor and is shot again to the torso as she turns to face her murderer and she is dropped to the floor where she writhes in pain and struggles to breathe. The assassin approaches and she tries to push herself away along the floor, but the assassin finishes her with another shot and she dies after a final struggle there. The assassin rolls her onto her front with her legs, then rolls her onto her back again leaving her with her skirt almost around her waist.

Story 4. 
A hooker welcomes an unknown client at her door. She is dressed for business in a lingerie with stockings with her breasts pressing tantalizingly almost out of the top.  She flirts, dancing a little erotic foreplay in front of her client. As she stands by the bed her client turns and screws on his silencer and she takes a seat erotically posing on the bed as she waits, assuming he is fumbling for a condom. Suddenly she sees the weapon come into view and she attempts to stand. She is hit in the stomach with the first shot and drops over the bed clutching her wound. She is moaning and groaning as she rolls at the edge of the bed where she received another shot to her torso and she slides off the bed. She is on her back and gripping the bedclothes with the hand. The assassin approaches to view his target, points and fires to her heart and she reacts for a few seconds before succumbing to her wounds. The assassin drags her from the side of the bed into the open space for all to see.

Clip features: 4 simple clips in one, shooting, shots at the belly, back and breast; finishing off shots; very emotional long agonies; dragging and rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; death stare; different outfit for every story: black bra and panties; short black skirt and transparent lace blouse; lose black skirt and crop top with white socks; sexy lingerie; stockings and heels.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 17:21 minutes
660 Mb 
Full HD

    Happy to die - CUSTOM FILM - “Happy to die”

Agneta looks straight into the eyes of the killer. The first bullet penetrates her chest, she closes her eyes and lays back her head. The second bullet penetrates Agneta’s chest, she presses her hands to the bullet holes. Agneta begins to sink slowly and gracefully down to the floor.

Agneta lies on her back on the floor . She moans while she is dying and her chest rises and falls again and again. Agneta says her last words and dies. The expression on her face is sweet and peaceful.

Clip features: Shooting; shots at the chest, gun with silencer; point of view of the killer, the character wants to die and is happy to die; blue blouse, black skirt, corset belt, panty hose, high heels.

Duration: 07:36 minutes

289 Mb 
Full HD

    Antidote - CUSTOM FILM


We offer to your attention a new custom film (from the scriptwriter of bestseller "Spy duel") – “Antidote”!

Sophie is an insidious poisoner, she invites Milana to discuss with her an important question. She is well-prepared for the meeting, Milana must not survive this day. 

But Milana is not so simple, she anticipates the intentions of the friend, she is ready for the meeting.


As usual you did an excellent job. I love the way you respect the script and the alternative ending you create was very, very good.

Sophie is always stunning but in that black underwear and the black dress she is even more, if that is possible.

Milana's death scene was terrific your close ups and angles are always great.

Thanks it was a fantastic movie.”

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the chest and at the belly, poisoning, gun with silencer, fake blood effects, digital blood effects, beautiful black lingerie, tight black dress, white blouse, black skirt, stockings, high heels.

Duration: 17:08 minutes

641 Mb 

Full HD

    ARTIFICIAL 2 - “Artificial 2”


Radical citizens continue to destroy the clones of the service sector. A hotel guest is unhappy with his room, he calls the administrator to vent his dissatisfaction.

Clip features: multiple shooting; shots at the chest and belly, control shots, gun with silencer; clones, prolonged emotional agony, excellent reaction to the shots, convincing acting; slow motion, fake blood effects and digital blood effects; business suit, tight red dress, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring:  Agneta.

Duration: 11:15 minutes

428 Mb 
Full HD

    Blonde - "Blonde" is classical shooting clip. The young blond elegantly dressed **** awaits her business partner in the apartment. She has to resolve a delicate issue with him...

This clip is worthy to be in your collection!

Clip features: shooting, slow motion of bullet hit and falling, a lot of body panoramas, 3D effects, black skirt, white blouse, pantyhose, heels.

Full HD


A girl is asleep in the bed and slowly wakes. She kicks the covers and lies for a while, turning and moving as if she is restless, something is not right. Is there someone else in the room?
The assassin hides behind the wall screwing on his suppressor to his weapon; he can see the voluptuous woman on the bed as he slips a quick glance or two from his hiding place as he prepares for his assignment.
The girl is troubled and raises from her bed, she at first looks out of the window and thoughtfully moves to the door to check if it is locked, she finds it open slightly and this troubles her. She moves back into the room and sees the assassin as he pulls back the slide of his weapon.
She pushes out her arms in fear and shouts “NO... DON’T” but it is too late as the assassin pumps the first bullet into her belly. She grunts and drops back onto the bed writhing with pain, kicking her legs; the assassin shoots again hitting her in the back and she arches away from the pain. The assassin enjoys the sight of her bare thighs and panties as she rolls on the bed moaning and groaning and choking trying to suck in a breath with a wide open mouth and panic in her eyes. She begins to slow and her eyes roll up as she arches up off the bed in her final death dance.
She rolls to her side for the last time and becomes still. The assassin checks her for a pulse and slides her body to the end of the bed. Her long legs fold as they slide off the bed and her round butt hangs precariously over the edge of the bed. The assassin steps back to admire her and makes sure she will not survive, he shoots her twice more just below her breasts and she slides off the bed to lie on her front; the assassin views her incredible butt and nudges it with his foot to check for life, it moves beautifully with his light push.
He rolls her body over to spread her onto her back arms and legs stretched out on the floor and her bare thighs and tight underwear. He unscrews his suppressor and takes his pictures for his client before leaving.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly, back and chest; very emotional long agony; rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; slow motion; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; bare legs and feet, black panties, beige nightgown.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 09:07 minutes
349 Mb
Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 4 - “SHOOTER FUN 4. Milana”

We offer you another episode of the "SHOOTER FUN" series!

This time you can enjoy acting of our new actress - Milana.

A beautiful dangerous brunette and the gun, seven different beautiful scenes - this clip will be a great purchase for all fans of shooting!

Clip features: 7 different shooting scenes, shots at the belly and at the chest, elegant girl, death stare, a lot of body panoramas, slow motion, sound of the gun with a silencer, digital blood effects, white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, heels.

Fill up your collection with new good video!

Duration: 11:26 minutes

421 Mb 

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 5 - “SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasya”

We offer to your attention a new episode of “SHOOTER FUN” series –“SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasia”.  

In this clip you will see 8 exciting, various shooting scenes performed by our "star" - Anastasya.

Beautiful blonde, frivolous outfit, expressive mimicry, outstanding acting, sensual emotional reactions, realistic fall, a variety of interesting scenes, slow motion replays - this is the set which we offer to all fans of shooting in the new video - "SHOOTER 5 FUN. Anastasya".

Clip features: shooting, 8 various scenes, a lot of shots, shots at the belly, at the back and at the chest, very realistic Anastasia's falling, very emotional reactions, a lot of body panoramas, a lot of poses, gun with silencer, scenes replays in slow motion, digital blood effects, white socks, light top, short dark skirt in "cheerleaders' style", high heels.

Duration: 15:10 minutes

565 Mb 

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 16 - For you a new episode of the popular series - “Shooter fun 16”!

Two wonderful actresses, 10 different emotional shooting scenes and favorable price!

Recommended to all fans of the genre!

Clip features: Shooting; different shooting scenes; very busty girl and blond girl, very emotional reactions of the actresses; gun and gun with silencer; shots at the belly and at the breast; a lot of body panoramas; slow motion; digital blood effects; white and gray blouses, black skirts, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Diana and Anastasya.

444 Mb

Full HD

    Like a princess - CUSTOM MOVIE  

“Like a princess”  

In Löwenherz, a tiny country governed as an absolute monarchy, royals are above the law. They can do anything they want with impunity.

At the moment, everyone in Löwenherz is excited by a new video on Youtube. It shows their Princess Pam playing the game and getting shot once in the breast and dying beautifully.

The rules of the game "die beautifully" are simple. If she says “stop!” the shooter won’t shoot her. If she thrusts out her chest and looks him in the eye, he will shoot her. If she says nothing and does nothing, he waits for her to decide. If she’s still undecided after 10 seconds, he shoots her.

The camera is held by the shooter, who they believe is their Prince Karl Friedrich. (Karl Friedrich is not Pam’s brother. The royal family is large and complicated.)

Princess Pam has become an obsession among Löwenherzian young girls. They dream of becoming famous by emulating her, and they talk with one another for hours about how to take a bullet and die beautifully.

One day someone appears in the apartment of an ordinary girl Anastasya. She recognizes him as Prince Karl Friedrich. Will it be possible for Anastasya to play this game, as Princess Pam played?

Clip features: shooting, shot in the breast, blood effects (flowing blood), blond girl, white t-short dress, very high heels.

Duration: 07:23 minutes

267 Mb 

Full HD

“This is a haunting clip! It was a good idea to adapt the background note I wrote for use as a foreword. The changes you made to it are also good.

The church bells and organ at the beginning of the music suggest Europe. This supports the foreword. Then the music gets weird, dreamy but sad. Just right for the story.

The blood effects are perfect. Not too much blood, not too little.

Most of all I thank Anastasya. She really seems obsessed with the game, and she really dies beautifully. ”

The customer and scriptwriter of the film

    Enemy behind the door - Milana is waiting for an intimate meeting. Her boss and lover - Robert should come to the rented apartment soon.

She is spectacular, maybe she should just to add a little make-up... the phone call pulls her away from the pleasant preparations.

Strange, she sees the incoming call from the caller, who has to call her only in an emergency. She's right, Milana learns that the operation is disrupted, she is revealed as the agent, and Robert is not that person he claimed to be. She is ordered to leave urgently but the exit is blocked.

Well, let the real hunting begin! But who is the hunter and who is the victim? It will be clear in a fair fight, “face to face”, especially as Robert stands behind the door already...

Clip features: shooting, 3 shots at the back through the door, 4 shots at the chest and at the belly, blood effects and digital blood effects, realistic fall to the floor, black skirt, white blouse (no lingerie under the blouse), pantyhose, heels.

Duration: 12:54 minutes

480 Mb Full HD


Agneta is an accountant, but she has been dipping her greedy hand in the till; she knows they are after her and has holed up for the night in a hotel. She is concerned, because she still believes they are following her.
Agneta arrives in her room. She has a concerned look on her face as she checks the windows to see if there is any suspicious movement down in the carpark. She checks the room out then she relaxes. She picks up the hotel phone: “Room service?” 
But the room service is surprisingly quick as there is a knock on the door and the door is unlocked from outside before she can get to it.
There is an assassin, who holds his pistol, screwing on a suppressor and she realizes she has been found. She backs into the room and raises her hands as if trying to calm the situation and appeal to the assassin. “No… OK… wait” she tries to befriend the assassin with a forced smile, but he raises his pistol and she groans in fear.
She feels the first shot deep in her stomach grunting and moaning loudly, grabbing the wound with both hands doubling up in pain and staggering a little to the side; she tries to raise her hand to stop the assassin, but is hit again to the stomach. She drops hard to the bed looking around as if she thinks she can escape.
The assassin watches her struggle as she tries to breathe, but cannot, her throat is tight and she cannot find enough breath. He fires at her body and she takes the third shot just below her breast; she jolts hard and arches backwards and begins to slide off the bed. When she slides her face is contorted with pain, her mouth is open gasping desperately, she slides to her side and falls heavily onto her front. Her skirt is ridden up and the assassin enjoys the view of her butt as she moves her legs open to attempt to crawl.
She stops moving and the assassin believes she is dead. He rolls her over onto her back and with her skirt around her waist he steps back to enjoy the view of her panties, her shirt is open.
The assassin aims, shooting his target through her heart. She kicks out violently, her eyes role up and her mouth drops open and still.
He begins to move her body, rolling her onto her front and admiring her butt. He searches the waist band of her skirt for the papers she had been carrying. He rolls her back to check the rest of her band and moves her legs to visually check her stocking tops. He finds nothing, but sees her bag and searches it.
He finds what he is looking for and as he begins to exit the room he makes sure she is now dead with a couple of shots in her side and stomach. The body jolts limply, but there is no sign of life. Now she really is dead.

Clip features: Shooting, a lot of shots, shots at the belly and chest, control shots; very emotional long agony; rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; white blouse, black skirt, stockings, heels.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 10:29 minutes
401 Mb 
Full HD

    The second order - We present a new clip - "The second order", with the participation of new actress, beautiful and glamorous Sophie!

In the new clip of our studio, Sophie plays a role of a young, strong and successful woman. Woman, who doesn't know the word "no", there is no rules and prohibitions for her, only her desires and her will. The main thing - is to achieve her goal.

A provincial town, an old cheap hotel, a grey morning, the morning after a wild night of passion. He was a good lover and even a little bit sorry, but hardly he survived this night. Everyone knows that sullen guy who took the order always performs his job.

Now, only a taxi and the airport, it's possible not to think about it anymore, this night will be forgotten soon as well as this sad provincial town... soon... Stop! But what is doing here that guy, who took the order?

Clip features: 

- new actress - fatal, glamorous brown-haired girl,

- shooting,

- shoots at the chest,

- gun with silencer,

- blood and digital blood effects,

 - slow motion effects,

 - white blouse,

 - black leather skirt,

 -  heels,

- death stare, 

- very profitable price!

Lovely clip in your collection! 

Highly recommended to all fans of the genre!

Duration:  10:56 minutes

408 Mb

    Punishment comes quickly - We offer to your attention a new film directed by Vitaly Eisen - "Punishment comes quickly".

This unusual story acted by the talented actresses is filmed in the genre of detective drama.

Classic outfits, shooting, convincing acting, non-trivial plot - all this will certainly please fans of the genre!

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and belly, control shot, gun with silencer, slow motion, real police talks, white classic blouses, black skirts, panty hose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Duration: 07:51 minutes

300 Mb 

Full HD

    Witness protection - Glamorous Sophie and mysterious Milana - in a new clip "Witness protection"!

Sophie is an important witness in high-profile corruption case, a lot of things depend on her testimony, but the assassins follow her already.

The staff of the witness protection service provided Sophie with new documents and hid her, constantly changing safe houses and hotels. 

In one of these hotels operations officer of the witness protection service has to go away on urgent business for some time, Sophie is left alone...


Clip features: Shooting, shots at the chest and at the heart, gun and gun with silencer, fake blood effects, digital blood effects, nurse outfit, white blouse, black skirt, stockings, high heels.

Duration: 11:20 minutes

421 Mb 

Full HD

    Press Freedom - Journalist Alena meets with one of the former high-ranking officials in the conditions of strict conspiracy and takes an interview with him, as a result she learns the real extent of corruption in the country. In her hands are documents proving the involvement of top officials of the state to corruption schemes and stealing of money, allocated by the IMF. Alena contacts the chief editor of her newspaper with a request to give a column for her sensational material, the grand corruption scandal is preparing...

But instead of sensational materials about corruption the unknown person sends the photos of the ki**ed journalist to the email of the newspaper editor.

Alena was ki**ed by several shots from a pistol of 9 mm caliber in her secret apartment, the ki**er was not hiding and did everything with demonstrative cruelty.

The documents and the text of the interview have disappeared.

Clip features: shooting, shots in the belly and in the chest, shots in the back, bl**d effects and digital bl**d effects, emotional reactions to hits, long shooting scene, different body panoramas, skirt, white blouse (no lingerie under the blouse), pantyhose, heels.

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 12 - For all fans of shooting we present our new custom clip - “Shooter fun 12. Machine Gun”!

Two our leading Actresses, Anastasya and Milana, in 10 scenes of machine gun execution with digital blood effects(!) and different shooting sounds!

A lot of body panoramas, in total almost 30 minutes of shooting video!

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD

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