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    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun

    Clip Description


    We offer you another variation on the theme of battles in the world of postapocalypse.

    This time the battles are fought with guns, feel yourself like a hero of hot shooting on the ruins of civilization!


    Clip features: 15 various action POV (point of view) shooting scenes, shots at the belly, gun and gun with silencer, fire fights, bare belly, emotional reactions of the actress, digital blood and shot effects, good sound effects of fire fight, low jeans, white top.

    Starring: Anastasya.

    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4574.41 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun

    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun

    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun

    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun

    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun

    Wild Stories - Postapocalyptic shooter fun
    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    Bad dead sister - "… they're ordinary people, in fact they remind me very much of their predecessors, except that the housing shortage has soured them…"

Voland from the novel by M, Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"

Our new film from wild stories series begins exactly with this quote.

Elizaveta and Ekaterina are twins, they inherited a very expensive Moscow apartment.

Elizaveta needs money and offers to sell the apartment immediately, but Ekaterina is more reasonable and offers not to rush with the decision.

Elizaveta suspects that the sister just doesn't want to share with her sudden inheritance and decides on a radical step. She finds a hired assassin to kill her sister. Elizaveta has a condition, she must be there during the killing to verify personally that her order is executed. The killer agrees, but puts forward his own condition, she must not see him.

Doubts in the correctness appear at Elizaveta when she is locked in the bathroom, leaving her sister alone with the killer. When the first bullet hits the sister's chest, Elizaveta's nerves can not stand...

Clip features: Shooting; shots at the chest; gun with silencer, fake blood effect and digital blood effects; white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, top, black leather tight leggings, heels.

Starring: Anastasya.

419 Mb

Full HD

    Knife and bullet for the spy - CUSTOM VIDEO

Agneta is an undercover agent. She comes to an apartment to find a document, but while she is looking for it, her cover is blown and she is discovered. A hitman is sent to kill her. She fires a shot at the hitman and misses. He fires too and she gets a shot in the chest. She stumbles back at a wall, drops her gun. The hitman pulls a knife and walks toward her. He stabs her in the stomach. She clutches the knife and stares right at him. He pulls out the knife and stabs her again 3 more times. Her body slowly slides down and pretends to lose consciousness. He checks her to see if she is dead, but she is still alive. He touches her body with the knife, opens her shirt, exposing her stomach and bra. He gives her one final stab in the stomach. She jerks forward from the pain and slowly passes out.

Clip features: shooting, shot at the chest, stabbing, a lot of stabs, unbuttoning of the blouse, digital and fake blood effects, white blouse, black skirt, panty hose, high heels.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 10:11 minutes

387 Mb

Full HD

“Great job on the clip. Agneta was great!!“
                                                             - The customer and scriptwriter of the film

    Postapocalyptic sword fights - CUSTOM CLIP

“Postapocalyptic sword fights”

Year 2097. After the apocalypse, the borders of the countries are erased, cities are destroyed, there is only one law on the ruins of civilization - survival of the fittest. Lonely stalkers and whole gangs wage brutal war for survival...


Clip features: 15 various action scenes of sword fights, fencing with swords, a lot of scenes with POV, impacts by sword in the belly, bare belly, emotional reactions of the actress, good sound effects of sword fights, low jeans, white blouse.

Starring: Anastasya.

Duration: 17:45 minutes

675 Mb

Full HD

    Assassins duel - We invite you to watch the classic fatal duel of two assassins in our new custom film.

There is nothing and anybody who could prevent them from putting an end to the dispute who of them is better - Beretta vs Colt, angelic look against the dark beauty, uncompromising confrontation of Viper and Shadow in a new custom film - "Assassins duel".

Shoot while you're standing on your feet! Your opponent must fall first! Don't die until you see how your enemy dies! This is the duel according to the rules of "Covert syndicate"!

If you like the assassins theme in our films, see also the film - Covert syndicate. Operation “Headcount reduction”!

"very, very, very, very good.

Thanks a lot for your fantastic work. It's just like, what I wanted. The two sexy girls, their sexy death and the sexy clothes. And special thanks for the slowly flying bullets. I like that.

You are one of the best producer."

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD

    Careless cop - CUSTOM CLIP
“Careless cop”

Risk is her middle name.
She's the coolest cop in St. Petersburg. 
She promises her boyfriend to be careful, but instead she rushes to the outskirts of St. Petersburg on her motorcycle, there, in one of the apartments, according to operational information, a dangerous criminal is hiding. As always, she will arrest him herself.
As always, she will succeed if she is at least a little more careful.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly and chest;  fake blood effects and digital blood effects; agony; race on a motorcycle; cop outfit: white blouse and jeans, gloves, shoulder holster, sunglasses, handcuffs, heels.

Starring: Agneta.
Duration: 09:44 minutes
373 Mb 
Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 5 - “SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasya”

We offer to your attention a new episode of “SHOOTER FUN” series –“SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasia”.  

In this clip you will see 8 exciting, various shooting scenes performed by our "star" - Anastasya.

Beautiful blonde, frivolous outfit, expressive mimicry, outstanding acting, sensual emotional reactions, realistic fall, a variety of interesting scenes, slow motion replays - this is the set which we offer to all fans of shooting in the new video - "SHOOTER 5 FUN. Anastasya".

Clip features: shooting, 8 various scenes, a lot of shots, shots at the belly, at the back and at the chest, very realistic Anastasia's falling, very emotional reactions, a lot of body panoramas, a lot of poses, gun with silencer, scenes replays in slow motion, digital blood effects, white socks, light top, short dark skirt in "cheerleaders' style", high heels.

Duration: 15:10 minutes

565 Mb 

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 11 - The clip is in the best traditions of the popular series!

You will see in this clip a very good acting of favorite actresses - Anastasya and Milana in several different scenes.

We are sure that everyone will find in this clip interesting scenes!

Highly recommended to all fans of the "Shooter Fun" series!

"I am loving this video! Anastasia and Milana are beautiful. And their acting is great!

Also, I love the slow motion effects you added. That makes it even better.

Thank you so much. I look forward to my next custom order"

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 12 - For all fans of shooting we present our new custom clip - “Shooter fun 12. Machine Gun”!

Two our leading Actresses, Anastasya and Milana, in 10 scenes of machine gun execution with digital blood effects(!) and different shooting sounds!

A lot of body panoramas, in total almost 30 minutes of shooting video!

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 13 - For you a new custom clip from the "Shooter Fun" series with gorgeous Anastasya!

10 different, emotionally acted shooting scenes! Highly recommended to all fans of the "Shooter Fun" series.

"The clip is fantastic. I love it. Thank you very much for your hard work. I'm grateful to you, Anastasia, and the entire team for doing this for me.

Thank you again. I'm sure I'll be back for more."

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

"Our lovely Anastayia as always is great and looks beautiful. So many congratulations between you and her for making such a marvellous clip. Again, showing why everyone now is seeing the true potential and quality of your work."

- The buyer of the film

Starring: Anastasya.

Full HD

    Punishment comes quickly - We offer to your attention a new film directed by Vitaly Eisen - "Punishment comes quickly".

This unusual story acted by the talented actresses is filmed in the genre of detective drama.

Classic outfits, shooting, convincing acting, non-trivial plot - all this will certainly please fans of the genre!

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and belly, control shot, gun with silencer, slow motion, real police talks, white classic blouses, black skirts, panty hose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Duration: 07:51 minutes

300 Mb 

Full HD

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