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    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2

    Clip Description

    “Nightmares 2”

    A woman is haunted by her sister enemies, a number of nightmares and dangerous encounters prevent her to distinguish imagination from a very cruel reality.
    Is she really innocent or hides a secret that may cost her the life?

    Milana enters to her apartment and sees an envelope on the table. She opens it, inside the envelope is a note that says: "YOUR TWIN SISTER HAS PAID FOR HER TREASON, YOU’’LL BE NEXT". Clutching the note, she leans back on the sofa and closes her eyes - she sees in her imagination the scene, where her sister gets shot on her forehead and is dead (a scene from the original “Nightmares” film).

    The doorbell rings, Milana is startled and takes a gun from her purse. She slowly walks to the door of her apartment. When she is about to open the door a man’s voice is heard behind her: “I’m here” he says. She turns around, fear in her face, and before she can do anything the man shoots her in the chest. Milana drops her gun and with both her hands holds the wounded breast. She falls to the floor resting on her left side. The man walks towards her body and with the foot pushes her to be now face up, then he aims again and gives a final control shot to Milana’s body, that jerks with the force of the bullet. Then Milana, still sat on the couch, opens her eyes, it was a nightmare.

    She leaves the sofa and goes to the closet taking her travel bag. There she opens the closet and take some clothes, but when she does that, a man, that was hidden inside the bathroom, creeps and hits her from behind, she falls on the sofa unconscious. The man watches the beautiful Milana and then circles her neck with his strong hands and squeezes, Milana is recovering from the hit, she opens her eyes and sees the man that is strangling her, she tries to scream but only a gutural sound comes out, panic feels her eyes as the man keeps squeezing her neck, she has no strength to fight back, her eyes wide open and suddenly she stops moving. She is dead.

    Milana wakes up from this second nightmare and sees herself tied to a chair, she has her glasses on. The man is standing before her holding a gun with a silencer. She speaks to the man: “Look, I don’t know anything about my sister’s business, I ignore why she was killed. Please I’m not a menace to your organization. Let me live”. The man goes close to her and puts the muzzle of the gun on her neck sliding it slowly from her neck to her cleavage and following the shape of her full breasts. She inhales deeply, she is aroused in a certain way with the caress of the deadly gun on her body. She breathes heavily closing her eyes for a while. When she opens her eyes she notices that the man has emptied her purse on the sofa, she can see her gun among other things.
    He raises his gun and suddenly shoots 3 times to Milana, she screams and with the impact of the bullets her head goes backwards. Apparently she is dead, but then she opens her eyes, it was her imagination and the fear that is consuming her, nothing has happened yet.

    The man says: “I think you are right, besides women with glasses has always appeal to me”. Then he goes behind the chair and unties Milana, caressing her face in the process. Milana can’t believe it, the man is releasing her, it seems she saved her life. The man walks to the door without seeing back, she jumps from the chair to grab her gun. She wants to kill the man, but there is no charger and no bullets. The man turns slowly and showing her the gun charger says: “Are you looking for this?” Milana tosses the useless gun to the sofa and stands upright waiting for, what she knows, is inevitable. The man aims at her and fires. The bullet catches her in the middle of her breasts, she cries in agony and falls to her left side. The man gets closer aiming his gun again, her eyes are full with fear and pain; without saying a word, she is pleading for her life, but the man shoots again, this time in her forehead, her body shudders violently and then stands still.

    Milana is now dead for real, in the same way her sister was killed, the hole in her forehead is oozing blood, the man walks towards her, watches her and very carefully positions her body on her back, then he puts the charger in her hand and leaves the apartment.

    Clip features: Shooting, shots in the chest, head shots, control shots; strangulation; knock out; hands tied behind the back; a lot of body panoramas; fake and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; black tight dress, elegant purse, pantyhose, heels.

    Starring: Milana.

    Duration: 15:55 minutes
    607 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4607.56 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2

    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2

    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2

    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2

    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2

    Wild Stories - NIGHTMARES 2
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    Guns and Girls 17 - CUSTOM CLIP

“Guns and Girls 17”

20 different shooting scenes, a variety of costumes, from the classic look to the bikini and erotic dresses, gorgeous erotic emotional reactions of one of our best actresses Selena - for you in our new shooting custom clip "Guns and Girls 17"! The clip contains only shooting scenes and panoramas, I never include 10 minutes of advertising in the clip duration. You pay only for what you like! This clip will not leave indifferent any fan of shooting and beautiful girls! I highly recommend to add this clip to your collection, you will not be disappointed!

Clip features: 20 different shooting scenes both with one shot and with numerous shots; emotional reactions of the actress; sound of the gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots; a lot of back arching, crawling, agonies; arms binding behind the back; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouse with black mini skirt, red bikini, blue and silver tight sexy mini dresses, black pantyhose, high heels.

“Awesome, thank you so much! 

From the very beginning of the video, Selena is hot and sexy and alluring.  Her acting is better than ever!
You do such a great job bringing out the best in these Guns and Girls series.
I hope you make many more!
And I will certainly be ordering again soon.
Thank you - I love it!”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena.

Duration: 28:03 minutes
1,04 Gb 
Full HD

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