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    Wild Stories - Like a princess

    Clip Description


    “Like a princess”

    In Löwenherz, a tiny country governed as an absolute monarchy, royals are above the law. They can do anything they want with impunity.

    At the moment, everyone in Löwenherz is excited by a new video on Youtube. It shows their Princess Pam playing the game and getting shot once in the breast and dying beautifully.

    The rules of the game "die beautifully" are simple. If she says “stop!” the shooter won’t shoot her. If she thrusts out her chest and looks him in the eye, he will shoot her. If she says nothing and does nothing, he waits for her to decide. If she’s still undecided after 10 seconds, he shoots her.

    The camera is held by the shooter, who they believe is their Prince Karl Friedrich. (Karl Friedrich is not Pam’s brother. The royal family is large and complicated.)

    Princess Pam has become an obsession among Löwenherzian young girls. They dream of becoming famous by emulating her, and they talk with one another for hours about how to take a bullet and die beautifully.

    One day someone appears in the apartment of an ordinary girl Anastasya. She recognizes him as Prince Karl Friedrich. Will it be possible for Anastasya to play this game, as Princess Pam played?

    Clip features: shooting, shot in the breast, blood effects (flowing blood), blond girl, white t-short dress, very high heels.

    Duration: 07:23 minutes

    267 Mb

    Full HD

    “This is a haunting clip! It was a good idea to adapt the background note I wrote for use as a foreword. The changes you made to it are also good.

    The church bells and organ at the beginning of the music suggest Europe. This supports the foreword. Then the music gets weird, dreamy but sad. Just right for the story.

    The blood effects are perfect. Not too much blood, not too little.

    Most of all I thank Anastasya. She really seems obsessed with the game, and she really dies beautifully. ”

    The customer and scriptwriter of the film

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4267.91 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Like a princess

    Wild Stories - Like a princess

    Wild Stories - Like a princess

    Wild Stories - Like a princess

    Wild Stories - Like a princess

    Wild Stories - Like a princess
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    SHOOTER FUN 4 - “SHOOTER FUN 4. Milana”

We offer you another episode of the "SHOOTER FUN" series!

This time you can enjoy acting of our new actress - Milana.

A beautiful dangerous brunette and the gun, seven different beautiful scenes - this clip will be a great purchase for all fans of shooting!

Clip features: 7 different shooting scenes, shots at the belly and at the chest, elegant girl, death stare, a lot of body panoramas, slow motion, sound of the gun with a silencer, digital blood effects, white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, heels.

Fill up your collection with new good video!

Duration: 11:26 minutes

421 Mb 

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    Smirnova - We invite you to see this "wild story" through Kirill's eyes. He's criminal-recidivist and was involved in robberies more than once. And this time Kirill can't refuse, when his friend - the employee of one of the hotels offers "easy money".

And how he can refuse this offer? Everything is simple - his friend accidentally finds out that one of the hotel guests - Marina Smirnova, has a large sum of money in cash and Kirill can easy take away her money. "Easy money"!

The accomplice tells to Kirill the room number where Marina lives and gives him the key-card to enter the room.

At first, everything goes according to plan. Kirill easily intimidates the poor girl and requires giving him the money. 

But Marina's answer surprises the experienced criminal, everything goes wrong...

Clip features: 

- blond girl; 

- white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, heels;

- shooting, 8 shots, shots at the chest, at the belly and at the heart;

- slow motion; 

- gun with silencer; 

- knock out

- very artistic, emotional and natural reactions of the actress;

- death stare;

- a lot of body panoramas; 

- blood effects and digital blood effects.

Duration: 14:50 minutes

550 Mb 

Full HD

    HOTHEAD - We offer to your attention a new custom film from "Wild Stories" studio – "Hothead"!

This unusual film consists of two similar episodes, each of them is one of development option of this emotional, good acted, tragic story. The drama, that was played out on the ocean side.

"Here are my observations on “Hothead”:

Tom doesn't want to shoot Anastasya, and she doesn't want to shoot him. When he shoots her accidentally, he’s grief-stricken (even though in Hothead 1 she unjustly blames him). Her death is a tragedy. Antony, you set just the right mood for it with the sad music and the intercut seaside views. 

Jaroslaw makes Tom’s grief real by not overacting it. Before Anastasya starts shooting at him, he’s a calm, likable boyfriend, probably innocent of cheating on her. Again, just right. Thanks, Jaroslaw! 

Anastasya plays two characters with the same name and the same uncontrollable temper, but one of these characters blames Tom for shooting her and the other blames herself for starting the shooting. Anastasya gives them two different personalities, one expressive and the other inward. Both are equally sympathetic, so their death makes us equally sad. 

Thank you, Anastasya, and thank you all for creating such a thrilling, moving work.

Best, .............."

- customer's feedback about the film

"......Great story line in both and with the story line and superb filming with the music and background waves, has to once again be a fab hit for you. .....Congratulate Anastasya on once again superb acting and making the story line so convincing. She is a star!...."

- regular buyer's feedback about the film

Starring: Anastasya and Yaroslaw.

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 5 - “SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasya”

We offer to your attention a new episode of “SHOOTER FUN” series –“SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasia”.  

In this clip you will see 8 exciting, various shooting scenes performed by our "star" - Anastasya.

Beautiful blonde, frivolous outfit, expressive mimicry, outstanding acting, sensual emotional reactions, realistic fall, a variety of interesting scenes, slow motion replays - this is the set which we offer to all fans of shooting in the new video - "SHOOTER 5 FUN. Anastasya".

Clip features: shooting, 8 various scenes, a lot of shots, shots at the belly, at the back and at the chest, very realistic Anastasia's falling, very emotional reactions, a lot of body panoramas, a lot of poses, gun with silencer, scenes replays in slow motion, digital blood effects, white socks, light top, short dark skirt in "cheerleaders' style", high heels.

Duration: 15:10 minutes

565 Mb 

Full HD

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