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    Wild Stories - Happy to die

    Clip Description

    CUSTOM FILM - “Happy to die”

    Agneta looks straight into the eyes of the killer. The first bullet penetrates her chest, she closes her eyes and lays back her head. The second bullet penetrates Agneta’s chest, she presses her hands to the bullet holes. Agneta begins to sink slowly and gracefully down to the floor.

    Agneta lies on her back on the floor . She moans while she is dying and her chest rises and falls again and again. Agneta says her last words and dies. The expression on her face is sweet and peaceful.

    Clip features: Shooting; shots at the chest, gun with silencer; point of view of the killer, the character wants to die and is happy to die; blue blouse, black skirt, corset belt, panty hose, high heels.

    Duration: 07:36 minutes

    289 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4289.13 MB

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    Wild Stories - Happy to die

    Wild Stories - Happy to die

    Wild Stories - Happy to die

    Wild Stories - Happy to die

    Wild Stories - Happy to die

    Wild Stories - Happy to die
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