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    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals

    Clip Description

    “Guns and Girls 21. Cops and criminals”

    We offer for your attention a new episode of our shooting series - "Guns and Girls 21. Police and criminals".
    A feature of this clip is that you will see in it the confrontation of cops and criminals.
    2 wonderful beautiful girls in different shooting scenes, a variety of police outfits, very emotional reactions, different acting, a lot of beautiful panoramas – all this for you in this video!
    Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes, beautiful Girls and Guns!
    Will be a good purchase for all fans of the "Shooter fun" collection!
    Clip features: different shooting scenes; a scene with clones; emotional reactions of the actresses; sound of the gun with silencer; gun and gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots; a lot of beautiful body panoramas; digital blood effects; a lot of different police outfits; pantyhose, high heels, over the knee boots.

    Starring: Selena and Agneta.

    Duration: 18:27 minutes
    704 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4704.92 MB

    Select Format

    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals

    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals

    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals

    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals

    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals

    Wild Stories - Guns and Girls 20 Cops vs Criminals
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“Angry Boss”

A young woman (acted by Selena) has a new job as a secretary in a large company. She works hard, often until midnight. This evening she is also in the office, sitting at her desk, classically dressed as a secretary. Her legs are crossed, she still works. Suddenly she discovers that some invoices are faked. She decides to check it. Quietly she sneaks to the boss's office and finds a document. She returns and checks the document. Horrified, she recognizes that her boss faked the bills. 

Unfortunately, she hasn't noticed that her boss (acted by Agneta) is still at work and she's been watching her all this time. The boss enters her office and samples her from top to bottom. The secretary's body and her clothes turn her on. The secretary stands up, yells at the boss and confronts her with her knowledge. She threatens to inform the police. Unexcited, the boss goes up to her and touches her: "You're a hussy, don't pretend. Do you want money? " The secretary pushes her hand away: "I'll inform the police immediately!" 

Now the boss has to act, she strikes, the secretary falls to the ground. She's dazed, can't get up again. The boss bends over her and begins to choke her hard and brutally with bare hands. The secretary moans, fights, tramples with her legs. The boss is pushing harder. She barely gets air. Finally, she pushes the boss away and can free herself. She grabs her black leather jacket, runs to the door and wants to escape. The boss jumps up, follows her, takes her scarf and lays it from behind around her neck. 

The secretary groans again, is helpless. The boss slowly pulls her to the ground and becomes more brutal. It starts a long wrestling on the floor. She fights for her life, but she has no chance. The secretary is getting weaker, her movements are slowing, her powers leave her, her body begins to twitch. Eventually she dies in agony, her eyes are wide open. The boss stands up, leaves her lifeless body on the floor and leaves the office.

Clip features: Strangulation with hands and strangulation with a silk scarf; knock out; death stare; white blouse, black miniskirt, grey business suit, silk scarf, black lace lingerie, black leather jacket, pantyhose, leather boots with heel.

“really hot and both was a pleasure for me.....your clips always make me wet and cum.... “
- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena and Agneta.

Duration: 10:43 minutes

408 Mb 
Full HD


Dragnet” - is an American term for a police search for a criminal suspect.

A police Detective visits an innocent Witness, trying to find a Thief. During the interview, the Witness panics and slips a sleep drug into the Detective's drink. The Friend then warns the Thief.

The Detective wakes up tied up, but manages to get herself loose and easily overpowers the Witness. Then the Thief arrives, and there is a struggle which leaves all 3 dead. The last character is shot by the arrived cops.

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and back, control shots, intense police shooting; stabbing, stabs in the back and belly; suffocation; drugging with sleeping pills; turning of the unconscious body; chaining in handcuffs; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; different characters (the Detective, the Witness and the Thief) and outfits: skinny jeans, light shirt and leather jaket; white blouse tied under the breasts and jeans skirt; grey skirt and grey blouse, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya, Sophie and Milana.

Duration: 20:57 minutes

796 Mb

Full HD

“Thanks very much for making Dragnet.

Another excellent wild story!

A police/murder drama. Milana does a great job as the lovely, no-nonesense detective, and Anastaya is cute as the psycho witness... As always, your photography is stellar. You filmed a great set of murders!

Looking forward to more in the future!”

Special price in May!!!

“Girls Night Out”

Nicole, Selena, Sophie and Milana are four young girls who used to be all friends. Now one of them is out to shoot the other three.
Three girls are getting dressed to go out to a club party. They want to dress sexily. But they have excluded one of their friends and she is not happy. She shows up with a silencer to make them feel her pain. 
One of the girls is a super model and she has her two friends along with her always because they always compliment her on her looks and body. Her two friends are good-looking, of course, but they do not have her confidence.
Each scene follows the same script, but the girls rotate roles. This way there will be four Plays with four Acts where each of our actresses gets to play each role. And each girl gets shot.


1. Killer Girl
Killer Girl is cold and is enjoying her mission to shoot the other three. She delights in seeing each girl take bullets and fall. She likes to shoot them in the belly and then shoot them one more time on the ground to make sure. Watching their bodies shake is a turn on for her. 
Her outfit is the sexy blue tight, short dress, no stockings, high heels.

2. Super Model
Super Model is confident and very sexy. She likes to look at her body in the mirror. She is always primping. Putting on make-up and checking out her legs, breasts, belly and butt while getting ready for the club party. She is wrapped up in her own world and pays little attention to her friends. 
She is wearing a bra and panties and stockings and is getting dressed into the short, tight black leather dress with straps on back and low cut top, no shoes.

3. Friend #1
Friend #1 is trying to become a super model herself. She thinks that if she pays attention to the Super Model, she will get a break in the business. And so she flatters her friend and helps her primp. She tells her how sexy she is and helps put her clothes on. 
She is dressed only in bra and panties and no stockings or shoes. She is waiting for her model friend to get dressed first.

4. Friend #2
Friend #2 is the girl they rely on for security. She is not very good at being a bodyguard but likes hanging around the other two. She thinks she's not as sexy as the other two - even though she is. She tries hard to look hot and keep up with the others. Plus she is upset because the friend they excluded was just like her. Now she feels alone and misses her girlfriend who is now the Killer Girl. And she is worried what might happen.
 She is fully dressed in the short tight silver dress with no pantyhose, but wearing high heels.

Play 1
Act One
Friend #2 is pacing about the room. Her other friends are getting ready in the other room. She is ready to go and waits nervously. She is checking her gun and making sure it is loaded. She puts it into her purse and puts the purse on the couch. While she is pacing, she doesn't notice Killer Girl sneaking up behind her. Then she feels the barrel of a gun pressed into her back and a hand go over her mouth. She is scared and trembling. Killer Girl then turns her around - face to face - and tells her to not say a word. She is not there to hurt her. Killer Girl caresses her friend's shoulders, face and hair with one hand. The other is holding the gun pointing down. They are close - body to body. They know each other and were once friends. Friend #2 is at first scared, but calms down and tries to flirt with her old friend. She hugs her and holds her. Wanting her to be close again. Then the silencer comes up and presses into the lower belly of Friend #2. Her eyes go wide. Killer Girl then fires lovingly and slowly 3 times into her friend's belly. We see the gun fire into her belly and also a view of the surprised pain in her eyes from the bullets. The camera also shows Friend #2 from behind as the 3 shots go into her. Her body, butt and legs shudders and then slumps into the arms of Killer Girl. The Killer Girl lowers her body down to a sitting position on the couch. Friend #2 is still - eyes closed. Killer Girl positions her friend's body - sitting up and takes one of her legs and crosses it over the other - making it look like she is just sleeping. Then Killer Girl is waiting for the other two to come out of the other room.

Act Two
Friend #1 is helping Super Model get dressed. She primps her and helps her get her tight leather dress on. Super Model asks for her other make-up bag - so Friend #1 goes out to the room to get it. She enters the room and jumps! She sees the Killer Girl with a silencer pointed right at her. Immediately Killer Girl fires 2 slugs into her belly and she grabs her belly and falls back against the wall. She cries out in pain and says: "Why?" - and then 2 more shots to her chest and she grabs her breasts falling forward to her knees. Crying softly in pain. She falls to her side and lays still. Killer Girl fires another 3 rounds into her body - just for the fun of it. Her body twists and convulses with each bullet. She is smiling and is turned on by this. She approaches and moves the body away - pulling Friend #1 by the legs out of the way. 

Act Three
Super Model is wrapped up in her own self and doesn't hear anything going on. She checks out her look in the mirror - posing and taking sexy selfies of herself - posing to show herself in the most sexy poses. She remembers that she still needs her make-up bag. Upset that she doesn't have it yet, she calls out for her Friend #1 - but no answer. Then she goes herself - opening the door - and seeing Killer Girl with a silencer pointed right at her. Super Model says: "What are you doing here!?" The reply is: "I've come to kill  you". And immediately Killer Girl fires 2 slugs into her belly. Super Model doubles over and grabs her belly and falls back against the wall. She cries out in pain and says: "Why?" Then 2 more shots to her chest and she grabs her breasts falling forward and lying face down and butt up moaning. Killer Girl walks over to the body of the Super Model and kicks her over onto her back and straddles her - standing above her with legs open. Killer Girl then fires 3 more shots into Super Model's shaking body. Super Model arches and moans and shakes with each shot and lies still. 

Act Four
Suddenly there is a sound behind Killer Girl, she turns to see Friend #2 shakily pointing her gun at Killer Girl. She was not dead after all. But she is in pain and can barely point the gun straight. So she pulls the trigger rapidly - emptying her clip into Killer Girl who jerks convulsively with each hit - pushing her back and back to a chair - where she stands finally - holding all her wounds and crying in pain slowly falls down and sits lifelessly on the chair, legs out and spread slightly. Friend #2 keeps pulling the trigger on the empty gun and slowly expires - falling sideways - dead. 

Play 2, 3 and 4
Same script, as above, Acts and roles, but Nicole, Selena, Sophie and Milana rotate roles - trying each one. It will be very interesting to see how each actress performs each role!

"All I can say is WOW!   The girls are beautiful, the acting is superb and your camera work is truly creative!
Another big success for you!  I am sure to be ordering more customs with Wild Stories soon.
Please keep up the great work.   THANK YOU!"
- opinion of the customer and film scriptwriter 

Clip features: A lot of shooting, shots in the breast and belly, final shots, shots at point blank; 4 actresses in 4 full scenes in one custom clip; silenced gun; shots and hits in one frame; emotional reactions of the actresses, different acting; death stare; a lot of beautiful body panoramas; digital blood effects; outfits: black lingerie sets, tight blue and silver shiny mini dresses, tight black leather dress, black stockings, bare legs, bare feet, high heels.

Starring: Selena, Milana, Sophie and Nicole.

Duration: 39:18 minutes

1,46 Gb
Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 20 - We offer for your attention a new episode of our series – "Shooter fun 20".

Our beautiful actress Iwona plays for you in new shooting scenes. 

All fans of beautiful girls and shooting must see this!

"Shooter fun" is a series of clips without story, music. This is a set of several episodes, including beautiful frames, lots of panoramas for fans of shooting.

Clip features: Shooting, different shooting scenes, shots in the chest, belly and back, control shots; various womanly emotional reactions and acting of the actress; sound of the gun with silencer; gun with silencer; a lot of various beautiful body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouse and black leather tight pencil skirt, silver mini dress, maid outfit, stockings, heels.

Starring: Iwona.
Duration: 11:49 minutes
451 Mb 
Full HD

    Guns and Girls 22 - I offer for your attention a new clip from the "Guns and girls" series with lovely Eseniya.

Eseniya is a professional dancer and this brings a certain charm to her acting. You will be able to see this easily by buying and watching our new clip. 

The video clip does not contain any unnecessary advertising, empty stretching of duration and other tricks to inflate the price.

Only action, only shooting, only a variety of outfits and emotional reactions of the beautiful woman and a lot of camera angles!

This is a great clip for your collection!

Clip features: different shooting scenes, shootouts, shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots, head shot; emotional reactions of the actress; sound of the gun with silencer; gun and gun with silencer; a lot of beautiful body panoramas; death stare; slow motion of some interesting moments; digital blood effects; military uniform, black tight dress, business suit, blouse with skirt, white dress, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Eseniya.

Duration: 11:04 minutes
424 Mb 
Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 18 - The "Shooter fun" series is back!

We offer for your attention a new episode of our series – "Shooter fun 18".

New actress Zlata in different shooting scenes, a variety of outfits, very emotional reactions and acting  – all this for you in this video!

Highly recommend to all fans of the “Shooter fun” series!

Clip features: different shooting scenes; various emotional reactions and acting of the actresses; sound of the gun with silencer; gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouses with black skirts, black leather leggings with black top, grey tight dress, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Zlata.

Duration: 12:32 minutes
478 Mb 
Full HD

    Guns and Girls 7 - We present the new part of the shooting series - "Guns and Girls 7".
2 gorgeous girls, different outfits and very emotional reactions - for you in this video!
Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes, beautiful girls and guns!

Clip features: different shooting scenes; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun and gun with silencer, shots at the belly, breast and back; slow motion; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white silk blouse with black skirt, white office blouse with gray skirt, black leather sexy dress, maroon tight dress, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Selena and Alina.

Duration: 15:17 minutes
584 Mb 
Full HD

    The second order - We present a new clip - "The second order", with the participation of new actress, beautiful and glamorous Sophie!

In the new clip of our studio, Sophie plays a role of a young, strong and successful woman. Woman, who doesn't know the word "no", there is no rules and prohibitions for her, only her desires and her will. The main thing - is to achieve her goal.

A provincial town, an old cheap hotel, a grey morning, the morning after a wild night of passion. He was a good lover and even a little bit sorry, but hardly he survived this night. Everyone knows that sullen guy who took the order always performs his job.

Now, only a taxi and the airport, it's possible not to think about it anymore, this night will be forgotten soon as well as this sad provincial town... soon... Stop! But what is doing here that guy, who took the order?

Clip features: 

- new actress - fatal, glamorous brown-haired girl,

- shooting,

- shoots at the chest,

- gun with silencer,

- blood and digital blood effects,

 - slow motion effects,

 - white blouse,

 - black leather skirt,

 -  heels,

- death stare, 

- very profitable price!

Lovely clip in your collection! 

Highly recommended to all fans of the genre!

Duration:  10:56 minutes

408 Mb

    SPY FIGHT - Two sexy spies fight to get the flash drive with classified information.

In this battle the girls use different techniques: knockout, choke hold, kick in the face. Nothing will stop them to get what they want. 
Their duel comes to an end with dynamic firefight where nobody will come out the winner. 

Clip features: Very dynamically developing fight; shooting, firefight, guns; girl fights, knockout, choke hold, kick in the face; digital blood effects; a lot of body panoramas; silver and blue tight short sexy dresses, stockings, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Milana and Selena.

Duration: 07:59 minutes
307 Mb
Full HD

    Imagining she was shot - I present to your attention a new film "Imagining she was shot", where our new actress - Zlata perfectly transformed into four different images.

Zlata reads an action-packed novel where a brave girl-detective is on the trail of a mysterious killer.
During the reading, she consistently imagines herself in the roles of an innocent victim, the mysterious killer and the brave detective.

She vividly feels the fear of the innocent young girl, who sees the barrel of a gun pointed at her, she is about to become another victim of a cold-blooded killer.
The feeling of her helplessness is mesmerizing her, one second more and the bullets fired by the killer will dig into her body. She feels sorry for the helpless girl…

But the next moment she is devoid of any pity, because the mysterious killer is she herself.
She is determined and relentless, no one can stop her in this terrible mission.

No one except the brave girl-detective who goes on the trail of the elusive killer, she boldly enters into a deadly shootout with the killer.

Zlata likes to feel in the place of the characters of the interesting story and she likes that all the characters of the novel are killed, she acutely experiences the death of them all.

And so the novel read up to the end, and a stranger appears on the threshold.
Zlata immediately understands who he is and what role this time is prepared for her.

Clip features: Shooting, firefight, shots in the chest, belly and back; 4 different images in 4 scenes; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; a lot of different beautiful body panoramas; 4 outfits: white blouse with black skirt, white top with black skirt, white silk blouse with leather skirt and cop's badge, black top with leather leggings, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Zlata.

Duration: 12:54 minutes
494 Mb 
Full HD

    Guns and Girls 17 - CUSTOM CLIP

“Guns and Girls 17”

20 different shooting scenes, a variety of costumes, from the classic look to the bikini and erotic dresses, gorgeous erotic emotional reactions of one of our best actresses Selena - for you in our new shooting custom clip "Guns and Girls 17"! The clip contains only shooting scenes and panoramas, I never include 10 minutes of advertising in the clip duration. You pay only for what you like! This clip will not leave indifferent any fan of shooting and beautiful girls! I highly recommend to add this clip to your collection, you will not be disappointed!

Clip features: 20 different shooting scenes both with one shot and with numerous shots; emotional reactions of the actress; sound of the gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots; a lot of back arching, crawling, agonies; arms binding behind the back; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouse with black mini skirt, red bikini, blue and silver tight sexy mini dresses, black pantyhose, high heels.

“Awesome, thank you so much! 

From the very beginning of the video, Selena is hot and sexy and alluring.  Her acting is better than ever!
You do such a great job bringing out the best in these Guns and Girls series.
I hope you make many more!
And I will certainly be ordering again soon.
Thank you - I love it!”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena.

Duration: 28:03 minutes
1,04 Gb 
Full HD

    Hypocrite - A strange man secretly enters into the hotel room of a beautiful young woman and hides in the dark.

He has been following her for a long time, he have to punish her, she is to blame.

Her fault is that she excites lusts in him, he can't think about anything except her beautiful young body.

How many men heard her "Yes," but he was never been noticed by her? She doesn't even know him! No! It isn't fair!

She doesn't pay any attention to him, he will never forgive her this. She is a source of sin, she's a whore! He has to punish her for it!

Here she returns from next party, she has a good mood, most likely she drank wine and had fun with men, slut!

She turned on the music and continues to dance alone! She moves so seductively, as if she realizes that someone is watching her from the darkness, as if she deliberately seduces him - a dirty whore! She laughs as if she's laughing at him - whore!

He loses control over himself, the door, behind which he hides, creaks treacherous. She sees him. She is not surprised seeing the awkward stranger in the night, in her room! She's a whore!

She wants to become acquainted with him! She begins to unbutton her dress in front of him! Too late, whore! He will not allow destroying his immortal soul!

He will kill the whore!

But what makes him to go back again and look at her dead body? Why the temptation doesn't leave him, and becomes stronger? His hands reach to unbutton her dress, he hasn't managed to see her beautiful body and now nobody will prevent him. Nobody sees his little weakness. He will look attentively and will remember everything to the smallest detail. And when the memory starts to erase quietly the details of this night, he'll hunt down a new whore.

He is sure - the world is filled with whores.


Clip features: 

- topless

- black sexual dress

- stockings, high heels

- seduction

- shooting

-  shooting point-blank

- gun with silencer

- shots at the chest

- the dress unbuttoning 

- fake blood effects and digital blood effects

Duration: 11:09 minutes

412 Mb 

Full HD

    3 Scenes - CUSTOM VIDEO

“3 scenes”

In the first scene a woman in uniform is looking for stolen plans and strangled from behind by a guard using a black belt.

The second scene - woman is just finishing putting on her stockings, admiring her long legs, discarded nylons are near buy. The strangler picks up a nylon and strangles the seated woman.

The third scene - business woman, returning from a trip, enters her apartment and is strangled with a wide red ribbon.

Clip features: 3 different strangulation scenes; strangulation by a nylon pantyhose, by a belt and by a red ribbon; each scene is different with the method and instrument of strangulation; different outfit for every scene: erotic military costume, beautiful black lace lingerie, stockings with suspenders, white blouse, black leather skirt, high heels.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 18:12 minutes

692 Mb

Full HD

“Your work on my custom was everything I asked for and even more. Nice touches like the money fluttering down in scene 1 and the red ribbon on Sophie's wrist in scene three are so very creative and much appreciated.. Sophie is outstanding and so beautiful as well. Again, your work is superior to any other film maker I have used, I thank you again. “

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

    The Tear Of Lucifer 2 - ACTION CUSTOM FILM
“The Tear Of Lucifer. Part 2”

Selena sits on the couch with a laptop in her hotel room, searching more information about the mirror. She guesses, it must have some magical properties if it's worth so much! Selena is taping fast on the laptop. Finally she finds something interesting: seems that the mirror can actually give immortality, but it’s not clear in what way, nor if there’s a magic formula to make it work... 

Suddenly she hears a creepy voice from behind: “No formula. All you need is the desperate desire to survive and... some of your own blood in addition!” Selena turns and remains paralyzed by surprise... and terror! Sophie is in front of her, holding a gun in hand! Looking closer, Selena notices a difference: two blood tears come down from the eyes of Sophie!

Selena can't believe, it's impossible! Sophie: “The problem with certain truths is that they are impossible to accept. I am the answer to the research you did just a few minutes ago. I come from there, from the OTHER SIDE.” And Sophie, with her hand, points to the cursed mirror. Sophie wants revenge and starts to fire against Selena with her gun, but Selena manages to take cover and extracts her gun too, so another wild gun battle begins!

Sophie doesn’t seem worried about finding a cover, so Selena manages to hit her repeatedly in her tits! Sophie, moaning sensually and grabbing her chest, falls on the floor, while Selena leaves her hideout. But Selena has a nasty surprise when she sees Sophie rising from the floor without a scratch, without even a little blood on her silk blouse. Sophie smiles and grabs her gun from the floor. A shiver runs down Selena's back. A shiver of pure terror! Selena fires again against the evil Sophie, but after two shots without result she discovers that she has finished the bullets in her gun. It’s over for her. 

Sophie rips Selena’s chest with a prolonged burst of her automatic gun! After a wild & sexy body shaking (really long), Selena falls on her knees, but she finds the strength to get up again. Another shot rips her stomach, shaking again her body in erotic style: it’s a real OVERKILL, with prolonged and OVER THE TOP reactions for Selena, who also grabs sensually her bloodied chest. After being massacred by a third hail of bullets in her chest, Selena falls on her back, on the floor. Her silk blouse is riddled of bullets and drenched in blood. Selena spits blood from mouth.

Sophie fires for the last time, pumping Selena’s body full of lead. Selena shakes erotically after every shot, then enters her final death throes. After a LONG and erotic agony (with back arching, sensual body writhing, wild death throes, clutching blouse, grabbing boobs, heavy breathing, etc), she dies with mouth and eyes open in shock. Sophie approaches Selena’s body to check her wounds, playing with her silk blouse. But Sophie didn’t notice that Selena's blood splashed on the cursed mirror... 

Sophie decides to inspect the apartment to find every possible resource to start her new life on this planet. So she leaves the main room. When she returns, ready to leave the apartment, she finds another surprise sitting on the couch of the living room: the diabolic double of the poor Selena with blood tears from the eyes!

Sighing, Sophie draws a magic knife. Selena gets up from the couch, also armed with a magic knife. The final duel begins. The two women slash and feign and circle looking for an opening. Finally, after a LOOONG dance of death, Selena manages to stab Sophie in the breast. Sophie has the strength to react, but Selena stabs her again in the breast, then holds and twists the knife in the wound with an evil grin on her face, clearly enjoying Sophie suffering. Sophie reacts with pain and shock (in over the top style) and staggers back. Selena stabs her in the stomach, once... twice... three times... and more! Sophie tries to escape, but Selena stabs her in the chest, again and again. Sophie falls onto her knees, receives more stabbings, then falls back on the floor. Selena stabs her viciously in the chest and in the stomach again and again, twisting the knife in Sophie's body to further torture her. Sophie is massacred with LOTS of blood on her silk blouse, and enters her death throes. After a loooooooong and erotic agony (with back arching, sensual body writhing, death throes, clutching blouse, etc), she dies spitting blood from mouth, with eyes and mouth open in shock. Selena enjoys the body of her rival, caressing sensually her curves and the bloodied silk. Then she fires with a gun against the mirror; we hear the noise of the broken glass. 

Clip features: 
- Shooting, multiple shots in the chest and stomach (Selena gets about 100 bullet hits!), shooting bursts, guns and automatic gun;
- Stabbing, knife battle, multiple stabs in the chest and stomach;
- Real bullet and knife holes in the blouses;
- Overkills (with guns and knife), massacre and shootout;
- Over the top reactions to the hits and stabs;
- Very-very long and erotic agonies with over acting (back arching, sensual body writhing, wild throes, clutching blouse, etc);
- Really very bloody clip with lots of fake blood effects, blood from the mouth and digital blood effects;
- SILK blouses;
- Death stares;
- A lot of action in the clip: shootout, knife battle, long agonies, overkills, etc;
- A lot of body panoramas;
- Selena’s outfit: leopard silk blouse, jeans and high-heeled leather boots;
- Sophie’s outfit: red silk blouse, tight leather leggings, over the knee boots.

If you like this video we also recommend for watching our clips "Silk and blood" (Mandragora studio) and “The Hypnotyst” (Wild Stories studio)!
Also watch the beginning of the story - "The tear of Lucifer. Part 1".

“...I can say only... WOW! 
It's not only an enjoyable video, it's a masterpiece! I can say that it's the best video you've produced for me! The first quality that is evident is that you take REALLY care of what you do, and it's a great quality from my point of view! Then, of course, there's also professionalism and true talent for video making, but honesty and attention to the demands of the customers are rare qualities! I have been dealing with producers who ignore these qualities and this was shown in videos that they made for me...
So, first of all, thanks for that! I'm really, really grateful!!!
Then, of course, there are also Sophie and Selena... Wow, they are really beautiful! ... I love both of them and I can say also thanks also for their incredible performances!
The video is perfect, Antony! The death scenes are really intense, especially the stabbing scene with Sophie: it's really, really erotic, very HOT! ... But there isn't only the action, but also the sound, the color, the lights: everything is first quality! 
Thanks again, Antony! Really!
Best regards!”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Sophie and Selena.

Duration: 26:13 minutes

970 Mb 
Full HD

    Last meeting - Sophie — successful young business woman, but she absolutely has no time to establish personal life. Sometimes she meets with lovers in hotels and rented apartments.

And today she rented a room and had a nap in anticipation of a spicy meeting. She sees a dream that she is murdered by a strange man.

She wakes up from a knock at the door – so, the date will take place. Sophie remembers her dream, when the gun appears in the hand of her lover...

Starring: Sophie.

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    Guns and Girls 4 - CUSTOM CLIP
“Guns and Girls 4”

Agneta and Selena are novice first time spies on a mission to find documents in a hotel room. There are multiple clones of Agneta and Selena and they all fail in their mission.

In each scene, one girl walks into room in search of documents. She is shot by silencer in the belly, falls to the floor and lies there. The second girl comes into the room and sees her companion shot down - she goes to check on her - but she is also shot in the belly and falls next to her partner. Then each girl is shot one more time in the breast. 

Clip features: different shooting scenes; scenes with final (control) shots; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun with silencer, shots at the belly, at the breast; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; outfits: white blouses and mini skirts, blue and silver tight dresses, pantyhose, stockings, high heels.

Starring: Agneta and Selena.

Duration: 18:04 minutes
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"That’s REALLY good - the best you have ever done." - The customer of the clip.

We offer to your attention a new episode of the "SHOOTER FUN" series with glamorous and elegant Sophie.

You will see 9 beautiful scenes – where Sophie gets shots from a gun with silencer and laser sight.

Among the features of the clip we can note that it was filmed with two cameras and each of the scenes is repeated with two different angles.

Clip features: 9 shooting scenes from 2 angles, shots at the belly, at the chest and at the back, elegant girl, a lot of body panoramas, sound of the gun with silencer, red laser dot, digital effects of tracer bullet hits, white blouse, black leather skirt, pantyhose, very high heels.

Fill up your collection!

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    Shooter fun 2 - We offer to your attention the second part of “Shooter fun” series”.  This film consists of 7 short shooting scenes acted by Anastasia.

In the first scene Anastasia looks out the window, gets shot and slides down the wardrobe. In the second scene, she shoots at the enemy, gets shot and falls on the floor. The third scene, Anastasia is in chair, she shoots and gets shot, then she falls out of chair. The fourth scene, where she tries to give up putting her hands up, but is shot. Then another scene, she fights with the enemy, gets hit, but keeps shooting, gets shot again, then collapses across the chair. The sixth scene, Anastasia sits on the sofa, hears something, turns and she is shot several times. The final scene, Anastasia walks across the room, the door slams, she turns around and gets shot.

This clip is good choice for all funs of shooting! Fill up your collection!

Clip features: 7 different shooting scenes + slow motion effects, very expressive Anastasia's falling, death stare, a lot of body panoramas, slow motion, digital blood effects, white socks, blouse, short skirt, heels.

Duration: 11:48 minutes

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"I have ordered many customs. Yours is the best ever!"
                                                          The customer of this clip

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