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    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES

    Clip Description

    CUSTOM CLIP - “Four stories”

    Story 1.
    A girl is applying makeup, she is dressed in underwear and stockings. She hears the outside door opens and takes a towel to hide her embarrassment believing it to be room service.
    She looks towards the door and sees a person pointing a silenced pistol at her; she is stepping back and becoming frightened. Her breaths are loud before she is hit in the stomach by a first shot. Her legs go weak but before she can fall she is shot again in the torso and flies backwards over the bed; she is sliding in agony to the floor where she rolls in pain and loudly fights for breath. She arches her body and moans loudly before being silenced by a shot to the heart. She shudders and dies with eyes half open and mouth open. The assassin drags her by the ankles to hide her body by the side of the bed and leaves.

    Story 2.
    A 'call girl' walks in a hotel room. Her assassin slipped in unnoticed and hid behind the curtains. She takes off her coat to reveal a short skirt and a blouse with stockings and heels, she makes herself a drink and places it on the table. As she sits down the assassin fires two shots into her body. She jolts violently against the bed and rolls around clutching her wounds. She tips to her side in agony and tries to inspect her wounds, she does not understand that she has been shot until she sees the holes. She grabs at furniture to attempt to raise herself but falls backwards to the floor struggling for life. She fades away as she is dying. The assassin pushes her onto her back with his foot, her short skirt has ridden up during her struggle. He points his pistol at her heart and fires to make sure; she grunts and jolts and is dead.

    Story 3.
    A girl is reading something in her phone in a hotel room but then walks to get a drink; she is dressed in lose short skirt and a crop top with white socks and heels. She goes to the cupboard and when she reaches it, she is immediately shot in the back. She spins down to the floor and is shot again to the torso as she turns to face her murderer and she is dropped to the floor where she writhes in pain and struggles to breathe. The assassin approaches and she tries to push herself away along the floor, but the assassin finishes her with another shot and she dies after a final struggle there. The assassin rolls her onto her front with her legs, then rolls her onto her back again leaving her with her skirt almost around her waist.

    Story 4.
    A hooker welcomes an unknown client at her door. She is dressed for business in a lingerie with stockings with her breasts pressing tantalizingly almost out of the top. She flirts, dancing a little erotic foreplay in front of her client. As she stands by the bed her client turns and screws on his silencer and she takes a seat erotically posing on the bed as she waits, assuming he is fumbling for a condom. Suddenly she sees the weapon come into view and she attempts to stand. She is hit in the stomach with the first shot and drops over the bed clutching her wound. She is moaning and groaning as she rolls at the edge of the bed where she received another shot to her torso and she slides off the bed. She is on her back and gripping the bedclothes with the hand. The assassin approaches to view his target, points and fires to her heart and she reacts for a few seconds before succumbing to her wounds. The assassin drags her from the side of the bed into the open space for all to see.

    Clip features: 4 simple clips in one, shooting, shots at the belly, back and breast; finishing off shots; very emotional long agonies; dragging and rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; death stare; different outfit for every story: black bra and panties; short black skirt and transparent lace blouse; lose black skirt and crop top with white socks; sexy lingerie; stockings and heels.

    Starring: Agneta.

    Duration: 17:21 minutes
    660 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4660.47 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES

    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES

    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES

    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES

    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES

    Wild Stories - FOUR STORIES
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    NIGHTMARES - CUSTOM CLIP - “Nightmares”

Milana is sleeping, it's late in the evening but her sleep is restless, she is having nightmares because she is very afraid that her decision to betray the Organization will have serious consequences for her.
In her nightmares she sees several killing scenes where she dies in different ways. And when Milana awakens startled in real life, she gets a bullet in the forehead.

Clip features: 
- Multiple killing scenes, like a “Shooter Fun”/”Girls Wars” video
- Shots at the belly and chest
- Head shot in the final scene (with fake blood effects)
- Shot at the throat
- Gun with silencer and gun without silencer
- Digital blood effects
- STABBING SCENE (with fake blood effects)
- Stab at the belly
- Binding
- Also the scenes where:
	- Milana is poisoned with a drink
	- Milana is poisoned with a kind of gas coming out of the air conditioner.
- Emotional acting and reactions
- A lot of body panoramas
- Two outfits: white long sleeve shirt and jeans; white blouse and black skirt, pantyhose, heels

Starring: Milana.

Duration: 16:06 minutes

612 Mb 
Full HD


The young girl is sitting on the bed with her phone and the assassin watches from his hidden position, he is taunted by the view under her short skirt. 
She slides her long legs off the bed leaving her short skirt behind for an instant sending her assassin hot with lust. But he has a job to do and works hard to remain calm and silent as he screws on his suppressor to the muzzle of his pistol and still she taunts him unaware of his presence.
Walking to the window she surveys the town leaning forward against the sill. She plays with her hair as single handed she types her final text. 
She has been marked for death; a witness to an earlier crime and now hold up by the authorities in a supposed ‘secret’ but it is not secret anymore. The hitman has been assigned to one of his favourite pleasures, a soft target and a beautiful one at that.
The victim returns to the comfort of the bed, but she is aware of a presence, a sinister movement from the doorway she pulls herself to the bottom of the bed and raises up on her knees to peer into the shadows. She sees the figure and sucks in a breath quickly covering her pretty mouth with a hand as she drops her phone on the bed.
In the moment she recognises the danger her killer cocks his pistol, he points his weapon at her stomach and fires as she opens her mouth to scream. Her scream is stopped by the impact of a bullet. She looks momentarily at the assassin and then at her wound as her face turns into a grimace of pain.
The assassin fires again and the girl bounces onto her back against the bed; she rolls frantically gripping the second hole and kicks out her legs jerking violently. She gasps, opening her eyes and mouth in a panic to breath but she subsides and relaxes as she begins to lose her fight for life.
The assassin grips her ankle and drags her to the edge of the bed rolling her onto her front. He steps back and admires his work taking in the dishevelled contours of her figure, her panties exposed by her creased and folded skirt.
He rolls her onto her back and her body begins to slide half over the side of the bed; her half open eyes fixed in a death stare reveal her demise but he is not finished yet. His signature must be left, leaving no doubt he was responsible. He aims his weapon and his practiced shots hit the dead body of the pretty girl into her heart. Her body rocks and she slides at the side of the bed. The assassin drags the corpse and spreads her out on her back in the middle of the room for the world to see.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly, back and breast; finishing off shots; very emotional long agony; dragging and rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; death stare; outfit: black panties, short black skirt, white blouse, white socks.

Starring: Milana.
Duration: 10:00 minutes
380 Mb 
Full HD

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