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    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena

    Clip Description

    When Elena meets an armed stranger in her room, she haven't known yet that her twin sister Alena is connected with espionage and secretly hid a flash drive with important information among her things.
    The stranger, threatening with the gun, demands to give him back a flash drive, but having understood that she's not Alena, he forces the girl to call her sister and ask her to arrive immediately.
    Alena hurries to her sister, she realizes, that when she hid the flash drive among her sister's things, she put her in danger.
    Our new actress - Katerina perfectly performed for you the roles of the sisters.
    Our new video for everyone who loves stories with shooting!
    Add the new clip to your collection!

    Clip features: Shooting, shots in the chest, control shots; very emotional reactions to bullet hits; gun and gun with silencer; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; death stare; slow motion; outfit: white blouses, black skirt, business suit, pantyhose, high heels.

    Starring: Katerina.

    Duration: 10:00 minutes
    383 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4383.2 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena

    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena

    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena

    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena

    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena

    Wild Stories - Elena and Alena
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Inside the Hegemony, between the ruling elites, the struggle for power begins.
The main weapon in this fight should be the new model of clones - terminator, exactly this model is sent into the battle by one of the warring parties when it seems that the attack on the clones of the Hegemony is failed.
Clip features: Shooting, firefights, clones; gun and gun with silencer, shots at the chest, belly and back, shooting with two hands; bulletproof; digital blood effects; slow motion; a lot of body panoramas; red sexy latex outfit; black leather dress, lacquer high over the knee boots, pantyhose.

"Of course, it's very good job as for my first custom movie. 
if in the future, I have other desire I’ll not hesitate to make new requests.
Your actresses are fantastic.
Thank you to all the team working on your film."

- Opinion of the customer

Starring: Iwona.

Duration: 12:21 minutes

476 Mb
Full HD

Episode: "Spy vs Clones"

The creation of the Hegemony, not supported by the Government of the Earth, has caused a split in society and is accompanied by bloody conflicts between the warring parties.

After a number of defeats in local clashes, the Government uses its last reserve - a Secret Bureau, one of its operational agents (spies) has to strike back at the rioters base.

The spy will have to stand alone against a detachment of combat clones, he hasn't known yet that the military improved their soldiers. 

Clip features: Shooting, firefights, clones; several scenes of the battle with the clones; gun and gun with silencer, shots at the chest, belly, control head shots; bulletproof; fake and digital blood effects; slow motion; a lot of body panoramas; different outfits: white blouses with miniskirts; silver and blue tight sexy dresses; red sexy latex outfit; black leather dress, pantyhose, boots.

“Antony, you created a gem, better than my expectation and probably my favorite custom ever.  Iwona and Milana are beautiful, sexy and dangerous, just as they should be!  My favorite outfits were the first ones, but they were all good.  I really enjoyed the little extras you put in, that I would never think of.  I like Star Wars, so the intro was a great start. The slow-motion you added was terrific.  I really enjoyed Iwona coming in and getting off her motorcycle in the 2nd scene, and how the clones were knocked down but got up again with their bulletproof outfits.  That was my idea of course, but I didn't know they'd get knocked down, almost an extra death scene there.  I also enjoyed the extended gun battle in the 3rd scene, showing the girls were tough and not helpless. The overall pace and editing of each scene was good, too.  The different angles and variety of wide angles and close-ups were excellent as well.  The music was really appropriate to the scenes, ominous, and not too loud.

Only have a few small areas I'd have changed (and none are a big deal).  In the first scene, only Milana walked around, Iwona was too stationary, would like to have seen her move around and search, too, before she got shot.  In the 2nd scene, I didn't like so much that Milana died with her legs straight out, just a little thing of mine.  And in the 3rd scene, I thought the girls would finally get shot in their bare chests above the clothes (so as not to ruin the dresses), because they already had headshots in the 2nd scene.

But hey, these are super small issues, and overall, this was a fantastic custom that I am thrilled with. This reinforces the notion that you are the best producer out there, great value, tremendous creativity and talent, give the customer what he wants, and uses beautiful, classy models!  Thank you, my friend."

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Milana and Iwona.

Duration: 12:56 minutes
496 Mb 
Full HD

    Undercover agent unmasked - CUSTOM CLIP
“Undercover agent unmasked”

The Boss - Mr Vadim Murogov and his Henchwoman - Katerina sit side by side on a couch. He is counting banknotes while the woman caresses the man. The Henchwoman is more and more enterprising in making him understand, that she is willing to have sex with him, but the Boss pushes her gently and says, he’s waiting for someone... Katerina is upset and shows her sulky mood. Then the doorbell rings. The Henchwoman leaves the room and returns a few moments later accompanied by another woman - Mrs Stepanovitch.

Mrs Stepanovitch presents a bag to the man. The Boss opens it to check its contents and says: “Good job, Mrs. Stepanovitch”.  Mrs Stepanovitch wonders what he intends to do with all this. And explains her interest with the fact, she has been working for him for several months, she has always been loyal to him, she just hopes to be able to invest more and increase her rank. The Boss's mood is changing, he turns to the Henchwoman and whispers something in her ear.
Katerina sketches a smile and stands behind Mrs Stepanovitch. Then the Boss says Stepanovitch, that he knows everything about her! He knows, who she really works for, and her real name is agent Jelena Sherkova. He has the indicators within the police and he knew from the beginning, that she was an undercover agent.

The Agent is surprised, because she didn’t think, that her true identity had been discovered. She understands, she must act first to get out of this difficult situation. In her head she calculates her next steps - the plan of battle. But when she begins to act, Katerina easily reflects her punch and the battle goes not according to her plan.
The Henchwoman puts her on the ground and give her a violent kick. Katerina stands over her prey and looks at her. She bites her lips with excitement, when she sees the woman in pain. The Henchwoman raises her opponent on the knees, pulls a strangler lace from her boot and begins to strangle her victim. The Agent suffocates. In the expression of the Henchwoman we see, that she takes pleasure in making her victim suffer. Hardly, the Agent tries to say a few words and gives a violent elbow in the stomach of the Henchowman, who goes back. The Boss watches the scene amused.
The Agent gets up and the two women face each other. The Henchwoman attacks first, but very quickly the Agent takes over her opponent and uses the strangler lace on her. The Badgirl is struggling, but the Agent is much stronger. The Henchwoman is helpless, she falls on her knees. The Agent squeezes harder and harder. Finally, Katerina collapses, she’s dead.

Looking at the inert body of the Henchwoman on the ground, the Boss applauds, takes out a gun and says: “I should kill you, but you are courageous and persevering, these are qualities that I appreciate… You can go away!” The Agent can’t believe it, but doesn’t waste more time and starts leaving the room. Suddenly, the Boss changes his mind! The man shoot the Agent in the back. She falls to the ground, writhes in pain, but still alive. He repeatedly shoots the woman again. The Agent is dead. The Boss contemplates the bodies of the two women on the ground, then leaves the room.

Clip features: Shooting - shots in the chest and back; gun with silencer; 2 scenes of strangulation where the actresses change places; several very cool and spectacular catfights between "good" and "bad" girls with different results of the fights; digital and fake blood effects; outfits: business suit, white blouse, pantyhose, heels, wet look tight mini dress, fishnet pantyhose, lacquer high over the knee boots.

“Whaou !! I’m a fan!
This is the second "full custom movie" that I order at the "Wildstories studios" and I'm always delighted with the work of Anthony and his team.
Her actresses are superb and play their role perfectly (personal preference for Milana).
The studio is very serious, responsive and attentive to its customers.
I was afraid I was a little too demanding for this custom clip, but Anthony is very open and is ready to discuss what is possible and what not to do.
I recommend! in any case I will come back!
Thank you to you and all your team.”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Milana, Agneta and Yaroslav.

Duration: 16:27 minutes
628 Mb 
Full HD

    Guns and Girls 17 - CUSTOM CLIP

“Guns and Girls 17”

20 different shooting scenes, a variety of costumes, from the classic look to the bikini and erotic dresses, gorgeous erotic emotional reactions of one of our best actresses Selena - for you in our new shooting custom clip "Guns and Girls 17"! The clip contains only shooting scenes and panoramas, I never include 10 minutes of advertising in the clip duration. You pay only for what you like! This clip will not leave indifferent any fan of shooting and beautiful girls! I highly recommend to add this clip to your collection, you will not be disappointed!

Clip features: 20 different shooting scenes both with one shot and with numerous shots; emotional reactions of the actress; sound of the gun with silencer; shots at the breast, belly and back, control shots; a lot of back arching, crawling, agonies; arms binding behind the back; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouse with black mini skirt, red bikini, blue and silver tight sexy mini dresses, black pantyhose, high heels.

“Awesome, thank you so much! 

From the very beginning of the video, Selena is hot and sexy and alluring.  Her acting is better than ever!
You do such a great job bringing out the best in these Guns and Girls series.
I hope you make many more!
And I will certainly be ordering again soon.
Thank you - I love it!”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena.

Duration: 28:03 minutes
1,04 Gb 
Full HD

“Angry Boss”

A young woman (acted by Selena) has a new job as a secretary in a large company. She works hard, often until midnight. This evening she is also in the office, sitting at her desk, classically dressed as a secretary. Her legs are crossed, she still works. Suddenly she discovers that some invoices are faked. She decides to check it. Quietly she sneaks to the boss's office and finds a document. She returns and checks the document. Horrified, she recognizes that her boss faked the bills. 

Unfortunately, she hasn't noticed that her boss (acted by Agneta) is still at work and she's been watching her all this time. The boss enters her office and samples her from top to bottom. The secretary's body and her clothes turn her on. The secretary stands up, yells at the boss and confronts her with her knowledge. She threatens to inform the police. Unexcited, the boss goes up to her and touches her: "You're a hussy, don't pretend. Do you want money? " The secretary pushes her hand away: "I'll inform the police immediately!" 

Now the boss has to act, she strikes, the secretary falls to the ground. She's dazed, can't get up again. The boss bends over her and begins to choke her hard and brutally with bare hands. The secretary moans, fights, tramples with her legs. The boss is pushing harder. She barely gets air. Finally, she pushes the boss away and can free herself. She grabs her black leather jacket, runs to the door and wants to escape. The boss jumps up, follows her, takes her scarf and lays it from behind around her neck. 

The secretary groans again, is helpless. The boss slowly pulls her to the ground and becomes more brutal. It starts a long wrestling on the floor. She fights for her life, but she has no chance. The secretary is getting weaker, her movements are slowing, her powers leave her, her body begins to twitch. Eventually she dies in agony, her eyes are wide open. The boss stands up, leaves her lifeless body on the floor and leaves the office.

Clip features: Strangulation with hands and strangulation with a silk scarf; knock out; death stare; white blouse, black miniskirt, grey business suit, silk scarf, black lace lingerie, black leather jacket, pantyhose, leather boots with heel.

“really hot and both was a pleasure for me.....your clips always make me wet and cum.... “
- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Selena and Agneta.

Duration: 10:43 minutes

408 Mb 
Full HD

    MISS POLICE - In the city police department a young and very beautiful female cop has been working. It's been a short time, she was received to the service, but she is very ambitious and wants to make some good career. Unfortunately, for her chief she is just a newcomer, who probably will only wear uniform and do some routine patrol work in the streets. 

Furthermore the police department has another and more significant problem. For months it has been suffering from the lack of recruits. Therefore its chief officer decides to solve this in a usual way - police makes some promo action. Of course these promo will be convincing, if a young and pretty girl is involved in it and primarily she should be a real policewoman. That is why he requests our young and attractive new member of team to make some photos in order to put them on net, leaflets and social media.

So the first part of this story takes place in a photo studio, where our charming female cop poses as a model for a proffesional photographer. Her clothes for this promo shooting is very elegant because the police chief wished, that the girl had some nice civil clothes and not boring uniform. But naturally on the photos it must be apparent that she is not a business woman, but is a member of the police team. So on her white blouse she wears a shoulder gun holster and there is also handcuffs on her waist. Photo shoot begins and the photographer gives her instructions how to pose. A lot of photos should be made in order to choose the best ones... 

When the photo session is finished, the photographer is satisfied and thanks her for cooperation. Suddenly her phone rings - her private informant is on the line. She knows him only by some lucky way. He announces her, that he knows where one unimportant drug dealer is hidden - this place is located on the outskirts of the city. She thanks him and finishes the phone call. She has already decided - she will go there and will arrest the criminal on her own. She thinks, after that the chief will treat her more seriously. 

The second part of the story takes place in the house of the criminal. When she gets to the place and enters the apartment, appears there’s no one inside. She comes in, undress her jacket and put it on the chair, because she feels hot and it obstructs her. Suddenly she hears footsteps behind the door and hides. From her hiding place, she notices that she forgot her jacket on the chair, but it's too late, he's already entered the room...

Surprisingly it shows, that the criminal is armed. The shootout starts. She returns the fire, but unfortunately she is not experienced enough. She each time misses and finally is hit by her opponent bullets. There are blood stains on her bright white blouse. She is shocked and dies in agony. 

Clip features: Shooting, shootout, shots at the belly and chest, control shot; girl-cop; photo shoot scene; shootout scene; death stare; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; outfit: white blouse, leather short skirt and leather jacket, shoulder holster, handcuffs, stockings, heels.

Starring: Selena.
Duration: 11:21 minutes

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