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    Wild Stories - Die hard

    Clip Description

    Jessica is unusual girl. When she was a child she didn't like fancy dresses and Barbie dolls. Often she played with the boys, running around the playground with a toy gun. Years have passed, now Jessica drinks beer and smokes, but at her heart she's still the same girl, a girl with a gun...

    Jessica is a professional bodyguard, she protects Dave. Dave is a nice guy, but the gangsters are hunting for his head. Dave has to live up to the court and to give important testimony, therefore she needs to save his life at any price.

    ...but seems, Dave has absolutely other plans.

    The movie where the main character is you!

    Clip features: point of view, shooting, shots in the belly, shot in the navel, shot in the breast, stab in the belly (navel), topless, low jeans (exposed belly), blood effects and digital blood effects, sweat, bare feet.

    Duration: 16:06 minutes

    600 Mb Full HD

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4600.77 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Die hard

    Wild Stories - Die hard

    Wild Stories - Die hard

    Wild Stories - Die hard

    Wild Stories - Die hard

    Wild Stories - Die hard
    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    SHOOTER FUN 4 - “SHOOTER FUN 4. Milana”

We offer you another episode of the "SHOOTER FUN" series!

This time you can enjoy acting of our new actress - Milana.

A beautiful dangerous brunette and the gun, seven different beautiful scenes - this clip will be a great purchase for all fans of shooting!

Clip features: 7 different shooting scenes, shots at the belly and at the chest, elegant girl, death stare, a lot of body panoramas, slow motion, sound of the gun with a silencer, digital blood effects, white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, heels.

Fill up your collection with new good video!

Duration: 11:26 minutes

421 Mb 

Full HD

    Enemy behind the door - Milana is waiting for an intimate meeting. Her boss and lover - Robert should come to the rented apartment soon.

She is spectacular, maybe she should just to add a little make-up... the phone call pulls her away from the pleasant preparations.

Strange, she sees the incoming call from the caller, who has to call her only in an emergency. She's right, Milana learns that the operation is disrupted, she is revealed as the agent, and Robert is not that person he claimed to be. She is ordered to leave urgently but the exit is blocked.

Well, let the real hunting begin! But who is the hunter and who is the victim? It will be clear in a fair fight, “face to face”, especially as Robert stands behind the door already...

Clip features: shooting, 3 shots at the back through the door, 4 shots at the chest and at the belly, blood effects and digital blood effects, realistic fall to the floor, black skirt, white blouse (no lingerie under the blouse), pantyhose, heels.

Duration: 12:54 minutes

480 Mb Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN - We offer to your attention a new video. This is not the typical story, this is a kind of experiment of our studio. We think the fans of shooting will like it, because the video consists of shooting scenes only with the inimitable Anastasia and Tamara.

Only shooting, nothing redundant! Fill up your collection!

Clip features: 10 different shooting scenes, death stare, a lot of body panoramas, slow motion, the sound of the gun with a silencer, digital blood effects, classic business dress, beautiful black lingerie, stockings, heels.

Duration: 11:37 minutes

424 Mb 

Full HD

    Deadly quest - CUSTOM VIDEO

A pretty spy breaks into an apartment. She is looking for an important computer files she must steal. But the apartment is full of traps to prevent a robbery! Each time she sets off a trap it knocks her unconscious.

This clip consists of separate scenes connected by a common storyline, where the spy gets into the traps: the sound trap, the electrified door handle trap, the tranquilizer dart trap, the knockout gas trap, the electrified keyboard trap, the poison needle trap on the door and the final trap – the bullet of a sniper at the back and the chest.

Clip features: 

7 different scenes with: shooting, electric shock (keyboard and door handle), put to sleep with a tranquilizer dart, sound attack, the injection by the needle hidden in the door handle, attack out by the sleeping gas; a lot of body panoramas, visual digital effects, blood effects, very expressive Anastasya's reactions.

Duration: 18:30 minutes

693 Mb 

Full HD


For you another custom clip that we managed to shoot in December - "Shooter Fun 10"! 

The clip is in the best traditions of the popular series!

Here is everything you like in "Shooter Fun" clips - a good acting of favorite actresses, Anastasya and Milana, several different scenes in different genres - fighting, shooting, firefight and more.

We hope that everyone will find in this clip something interesting! Highly recommended to all fans of the "Shooter Fun" series!

Clip features: different scenes - fighting, shooting, firefight, neck breaking, searching, turning over, shots at the chest and at the belly, a lot of body panoramas, taking off the shoes, throwing the shoes death stare, sound of the gun with silencer, digital blood effects, white blouse and black skirt, short skirt and a top, white knee socks, heels.

Duration: 12:05 minutes

453 Mb 

Full HD

    Spy stabbing - CUSTOM FILM

“Spy stabbing”

Eseniya is an undercover agent. 
She sneaks into an office looking for a document, but the bad guys know her scheme, so they send a killer to take her down.
He sneaks up behind her and waits for her to turn around. 
She senses him behind her and pulls out her knife. 
She tries to stab him in the face, but he grabs her arm and punches her in the stomach. She lets out a gasp of air, staggering backward. 

She tries again to stab him, but he counters with another punch to her stomach. 
And another big punch to her stomach, this time she's in pain and drops her knife. 
Killer grabs the knife and slowly walks toward her. She slowlys stumble back into a wall. Killer stops and proceeds to hand her the knife. Eseniya reaches out for the knife, but before she gets to it, the killer stabs her in the stomach, pushing it into her. She bends forward in agonizing pain, blood is coming out of her mouth. 

The killer stabs her 3 more times until she starts to lose consciousness. 
She slowly slides down into a seated position. 
Killer grabs both her hands and places the knife in it with the blade facing her.
Killer positions it for her to stab herself like senpuku, he wants to make it look like suicide. 
With her hands holding the knife, killer stabs her in the stomach one last time, Eseniya still in seated position with a death stare holds the knife in her gut and loses consciousness.

Clip features: 

- stabbing, stabs in the stomach,
- fake blood effects, blood from mouth,
- punches to the stomach,
- death stare,
- white blouse, black pencil skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Eseniya.

Duration: 06:49 minutes
259 Mb
Full HD

    Death on the picture - A young beautiful girl is bored in bed waiting for her lover. 

In search of something that will help pass the time, she finds a Colt 1911 that was left inappropriately by her lover in the bedside table.

The girl looks at the gun with interest, her imagination paints colorful images, gives rise to fearful temptations, and in addition this enchanting picture on the wall...

We very recommend this clip in the collection to all lovers of beautiful girls and shooting.

Clip features: blond girl, topless, shooting, shot at the chest, Colt 1911, death agony, silk nightie and stockings.

Duration: 12:47 minutes

476 Mb 

Full HD

    SHOOTER FUN 13 - For you a new custom clip from the "Shooter Fun" series with gorgeous Anastasya!

10 different, emotionally acted shooting scenes! Highly recommended to all fans of the "Shooter Fun" series.

"The clip is fantastic. I love it. Thank you very much for your hard work. I'm grateful to you, Anastasia, and the entire team for doing this for me.

Thank you again. I'm sure I'll be back for more."

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

"Our lovely Anastayia as always is great and looks beautiful. So many congratulations between you and her for making such a marvellous clip. Again, showing why everyone now is seeing the true potential and quality of your work."

- The buyer of the film

Starring: Anastasya.

Full HD

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