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    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate

    Clip Description


    Covert syndicate. Operation “Headcount reduction”.

    The article of the newspaper "Prague Daily Monitor", Friday, December 16, 2016

    Сriminal chronicle:

    “Details of the triple murder in the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

    As a result of own investigation, we were able to shed light on the details of loud triple murder in St. Vitus Cathedral!

    According to information received from own sources editorial learned, that two of the bodies, discovered by the police, belong to the famous assassins, who have on their hands much of the blood of slain victims. They are known to the police as Viper and Shadow!

    Much is still not clear, for now we can't answer the question - how does the retribution caught up with these cold-blooded killers? Who is the third killed person found in the Cathedral, another victim of the killers or an accidental witness?

    The police practically do not comment on the details of this sensational murder, but we will answer these questions, the investigation continues!"

    Clip features: 3 actresses - Anastasya, Sophie and Milana, 3 scenes, shooting, stabbing, firefight, action scene, shots at the chest, back and belly; stabs in the back and belly; guns and knife, fake blood effects and digital blood effects; different characters and outfits: jeans and light-gray top, red dress, black leather tight leggings and black polo neck, holsters, pantyhose, high heels.

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    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
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    mp4712.02 MB

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    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate

    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate

    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate

    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate

    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate

    Wild Stories - Covert syndicate
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