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    Wild Stories - Burglar

    Clip Description


    Sophie walks into her apartment. There is a burglar wearing a face mask already inside. She is very frightened. She puts her hands up. He pushes a pistol with a silencer into her breast.

    The burglar tells her to turn around, takes her scarf from around her neck and put her hands behind her back to be tied. She turns around and puts her hands behind her back. But then instead of tying her hands, the burglar puts the scarf around her neck and strangles her. Sophie struggles but he is too strong - he forces her down to the floor. After Sophie is strangled he turns Sophie over onto her back, unbuttons her blouse and pulls it open. Then he leaves the room.

    Sophie slowly moves. She wakes up. She takes the scarf from around her neck and closes her blouse. Then she hears the burglar. He is still in her apartment! She opens her blouse again and quickly puts the scarf back around her neck. She lies back down on the floor and pretends that she is dead.

    The burglar returns. He looks at Sophie and is suspicious because she looks a little different. He feels her pulse and knows that she is still alive. He takes the scarf from around her neck and turns her body over face-down. He puts her arms behind her back and ties her wrists together very tightly with the scarf. Then he turns her body face-up again. He picks her up in his arms. The burglar carries her around trying to decide where to put her. Finally he puts her down on the bed and leaves the room again.

    Sophie opens her eyes again and looks to make sure he is gone. She stands up. She is trying to be quiet but her heels are making noise on the floor. Sophie runs. The burglar shoots her in the back. Sophie arches and falls. She starts crying and trying to crawl. The burglar drags her back into the room and leaves her there while he finishes searching her apartment.

    Sophie lies on the floor with her hands still tied, crying. The burglar returns. He shoots her back until she is still. Then he turns her over and shoots the front of her skirt. When she doesn’t move, he knows that he has killed her. Then he leaves.

    If you liked the video "Smirnova", you will like this custom clip also. Very recommend to buy!

    Clip features: Shooting, shots at the back and at the lower belly, strangulation with the scarf, gun with silencer, topless, tied hands behind the back; a lot of body manipulations – carrying, turning over, unbuttoning of the blouse, dragging; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; blouse, silk scarf, tight leather skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

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    File Size: 654 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
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    mp4654.09 MB

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    Wild Stories - Burglar

    Wild Stories - Burglar

    Wild Stories - Burglar

    Wild Stories - Burglar

    Wild Stories - Burglar

    Wild Stories - Burglar
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