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    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2

    Clip Description

    “Aura, the alien spy 2”

    Aura (Milana) is in her apartment, when there is a knock at the door, her eyebrow arches interrogative. Who can it be at that time? She walks to the door, outside is a woman (Agneta). Aura lets the woman enter and asks who is she. The woman tells, that she's agent L17, but Aura knows her as Ruth, they have worked together, but this is the first time they meet. A mole has been discovered in their organization, he or she has information, that puts them both in great jeopardy, they must collect all the pen drives with secrets and get away. Aura watches Ruth doubtfully, but then says ok and goes into another room to collect the pen drives.

    Aura comes out of the room with some pen drives, Ruth takes them and puts inside her purse. Now seems they’re ready to leave, but suddenly Ruth takes her gun out aiming at Aura. Aura reacts and attacks Ruth before she can fire, but Ruth manages to hit Aura in the head. Aura falls to the floor stunned, Ruth aims at her. Aura opens her eyes with fear and rising her hand pleads for her life, but Ruth shoots her two times. Aura jerks violently and then her body lies completely still.

    Ruth checks her neck to find vital signs, there are none. With a smile, she takes a cell phone and talks: “Hi, this was too easy, she believed me and now I have all her secrets in my hand and she is dead. No, she never suspected, that I was the mole. OK I’ll take the info to the usual place." She hangs up her cell phone and turns around just to find herself with Aura stood there and watching her with a cold smile.

    Ruth watches Aura not believing that she is alive. Suddenly Aura’s eyes turn red, she raises her hand and a beam comes out of her palm hitting Ruth’s chest. Ruth screams and falls to the floor stunned breathing heavily. Aura looks in Ruth’s purse and collects her pen drives. Ruth stands up and runs, but Aura takes Ruth’s gun and shoots her in the back. Ruth stops, jerking her head violently backwards. She falls to the floor and moans with pain. Aura gets closer and turns her body around. Then she puts her hand in her forehead, her eyes turn red again, she turns her head up in a trance and Ruth screams in agony.

    Aura smiles and taking her cell phone says: "I have the mole in my apartment, she is dead. Send someone to pick her up."

    Clip features: Shooting, shots in the chest and back; spies; digital blood effects; gun with silencer; the destruction with the power of thought; a beam of energy from the hand; two agonies: paralyzed agony and the agony at the destruction of the mind; white blouse and black skirt, pantyhose, black leather leggings, black turtleneck, belt, gloves, heels.

    Starring: Milana and Agneta.

    Duration: 11:10 minutes
    426 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4426.13 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2

    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2

    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2

    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2

    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2

    Wild Stories - Aura the alien spy 2
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