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    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS

    Clip Description

    “Angry Boss”

    A young woman (acted by Selena) has a new job as a secretary in a large company. She works hard, often until midnight. This evening she is also in the office, sitting at her desk, classically dressed as a secretary. Her legs are crossed, she still works. Suddenly she discovers that some invoices are faked. She decides to check it. Quietly she sneaks to the boss's office and finds a document. She returns and checks the document. Horrified, she recognizes that her boss faked the bills.

    Unfortunately, she hasn't noticed that her boss (acted by Agneta) is still at work and she's been watching her all this time. The boss enters her office and samples her from top to bottom. The secretary's body and her clothes turn her on. The secretary stands up, yells at the boss and confronts her with her knowledge. She threatens to inform the police. Unexcited, the boss goes up to her and touches her: "You're a hussy, don't pretend. Do you want money? " The secretary pushes her hand away: "I'll inform the police immediately!"

    Now the boss has to act, she strikes, the secretary falls to the ground. She's dazed, can't get up again. The boss bends over her and begins to choke her hard and brutally with bare hands. The secretary moans, fights, tramples with her legs. The boss is pushing harder. She barely gets air. Finally, she pushes the boss away and can free herself. She grabs her black leather jacket, runs to the door and wants to escape. The boss jumps up, follows her, takes her scarf and lays it from behind around her neck.

    The secretary groans again, is helpless. The boss slowly pulls her to the ground and becomes more brutal. It starts a long wrestling on the floor. She fights for her life, but she has no chance. The secretary is getting weaker, her movements are slowing, her powers leave her, her body begins to twitch. Eventually she dies in agony, her eyes are wide open. The boss stands up, leaves her lifeless body on the floor and leaves the office.

    Clip features: Strangulation with hands and strangulation with a silk scarf; knock out; death stare; white blouse, black miniskirt, grey business suit, silk scarf, black lace lingerie, black leather jacket, pantyhose, leather boots with heel.

    “really hot and both was a pleasure for me.....your clips always make me wet and cum.... “
    - opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

    Starring: Selena and Agneta.

    Duration: 10:43 minutes

    408 Mb
    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4408.05 MB

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    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS

    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS

    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS

    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS

    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS

    Wild Stories - ANGRY BOSS
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