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    33 minutes


A beautiful woman: the special agent Kira Volkova (played by Sophie) has just reached the building with the office of a famous alienist, doctor Tamara Smirnova (played by Selena). Kira knocks on the door of the doctor’s office. A beautiful, young lady opens the door. After few minutes, we can see Kira sitting on the couch, while Tamara is sitting on a chair. Tamara asks agent Volkova to explain her problem and Kira tells that it all started six months ago, while she was on the trail of Lynx, a foreign spy who wanted to steal the plans of the new Sukhoi SU-57 stealth fighter... She discovered place and time when Lynx would withdraw the secret plans, saved on a USB pendrive. Kira went to the place, found the data disk and then she waited for Lynx. But first she hid the memory stick in another place, ready to recover it after capturing - or killing - the spy... 

FLASHBACK (what happened during the first close encounter between Lynx and Kira): In her hideout, Kira is waiting for Lynx arrival. After a while, Lynx arrives and reaches the recovery point of the USB pendrive, but she finds nothing. Kira aiming a gun orders Lynx to raise her hands up. But with a sudden move, Lynx extracts a gun and fires, missing her target. Wild shootout begins. At the beginning the final outcome is really uncertain, but in the end Kira’s the one who takes the first bullet in the belly. Shocked and in pain, Kira clutches the blouse and fires back, but Lynx shoots her again in her breasts twice. After over the top and erotic reactions to bullet impacts, Kira loses her gun and falls on her knees, but Lynx shows no mercy. Lynx fires again. Once. Twice. Three times. Kira's body is literally pumped full of lead and shakes erotically to multiple bullet impacts. Kira finally falls on the floor. Lying on the ground, she suffers terribly (with back arching, sensual body writhing, wild throes, clutching blouse, etc). Lynx approaches the poor agent, kneels near the bullet-riddled body and asks where Kira hid the flash drive. With a sudden move, Kira grabs the Lynx mask and manages to rip it off. Lynx fires in Kira’s head. Kira loses consciousness and seems dead for sure. Lynx leaves...

RETURN TO PRESENT - DOCTOR’S OFFICE: Kira tells the doctor she suffers from amnesia. The last bullet in her head has erased her memories of that day. She doesn’t remember Lynx's face and, above all, she doesn’t remember where she hid the flash drive! 

Doctor Smirnova asks Kira if she knows something about her therapy for amnesia, based on hypnosis, reaches another room and returns holding a syringe in her hands. Tamara explains that this experimental serum will help Kira to remember what happened that day… The doctor injects the serum. Slowly, Kira slips into oblivion. A little later, Kira returns conscious and asks what happened. Tamara says the therapy was a success! Kira revealed the hideout of the data disk and doctor had written it on the paper!

And what about the Lynx face? Tamara admits that the description was a bit generic, but this was only the first session… Kira will see next time! Kirat thanks the doctor and says she has to leave. She reaches the main door, but suddenly turns around, like after a sudden revelation: the doctor’s therapy works really fine. Now she remember very well…  or she should call the doctor Lynx?

But where’s the REAL doctor Smironova? Tamara says that she's stone cold dead, in the other room. She knew Kira would ask her for help, and decided to play her game in advance. Kira extracts a knife from her boot. It’s time for her revenge! Also Tamara extracts a knife. Kira and Tamara begin the epic knife battle! The two women slash and feign and circle looking for an opening. Finally, after a long dance of death, Tamara manages to stab Kira in the belly. Kira has the strength to react, but Tamara stabs her again, holds and twists the knife in the wound. Kira reacts with pain and shock (in over the top style). Tamara stabs her once... twice... three times... and more! Kira tries to escape, but Tamara stabs her in the belly, again and again. Kira falls onto her knees, receives more stabbings, then falls back on the floor. Tamara stabs her viciously again and again, twisting the knife in Kira's body to further torture her. Kira is massacred with lots of blood and enters her death throes. After a long and erotic agony, she dies spitting blood from mouth. Tamara, clearly excited for the fight, enjoys the body of her rival, caressing sensually her curves and the bloodied silk. 

Tamara is ready to leave the office, but suddenly a male agent - Kira’s partner appears behind her: Kira ordered him to stay in the car, but he stayed in touch with the microphone she was wearing. So he heard everything. Unfortunately, Kira didn’t wait for his arrival: she wanted too much her revenge! Tamara realizes that the man is ready to fire and tries to aim her gun, but it’s too late. The man fires Tamara in the chest. Tamara’s body shakes erotically, but she doesn’t give up and shoots back, but  misses her target. The man has no mercy, ripping Tamara’s stomach with another burst. After another wild and sexy body shaking, Tamara falls on her knees and loses her gun. Another shot rips her chest, shaking again her body in erotic style: it’s a real overkill, with over the top reactions. After being massacred by a hail of bullets, Tamara falls on her back, on the floor. Her silk blouse is riddled of bullets and drenched in blood. The man fires for the last time, pumping Tamara’s body full of lead. Tamara shakes erotically and spits blood from her mouth, then enters in her final death throes. After a long and erotic agony, she dies with mouth and eyes wide open in shock. 

Clip features: 
- Shooting, multiple shots in the chest and stomach, shooting bursts, guns and automatic gun;
- Stabbing, knife battle, multiple stabs in the chest and stomach;
- Real bullet and knife holes in the blouses;
- Overkills (with guns and knife), massacre and shootout;
- Over the top reactions to the hits and stabs;
- Very long and erotic agonies (with over acting);
- Injection and hypnosis;
- The bloodiest and longest clip we've ever done - really very bloody clip with lots of fake blood effects, blood from the mouth;
- SILK blouses;
- Death stares;
- A lot of action in the clip: shootout, knife battle, hypnosis, long agonies, overkills, etc;
- A lot of body panoramas;
- Selena’s outfit: 1 - mint blouse, a tight mini skirt, push-up bra underneath, pantyhose and high heels, 2 - SWAT costume with black mask;
- Sophie’s outfit: 1 - olive silk blouse, 2 – white slik blouse, also tight leather leggings, over the knee boots.

Buying this clip you actually get three clips united by one story line!
If you like this video we also recommend for watching our clip "Silk and blood"!

“This isn't my first custom with Antony and, judging by the final result, it will not be the last one! Here we have a fantastic director who pays great attention to customer requests, down to the smallest details, but at the same time he has a unique and personal style! Camera angles, colors, lights, action, music, etc: everything is first quality! And what about the girls? Sophie and Selena are two beautiful girls, among the best models around in the fetish genre, and they also perform their death scenes in a very sexy way! So, I can only recommend to buy this amazing video, you'll not be disappointed!”

- real opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Sophie and Selena.

Duration: 32:53 minutes
1,22 Gb 
Full HD  Guns and Girls 11
    18 minutes

      Guns and Girls 11 - We offer for your attention the new episode of our shooting series - "Guns and Girls 11".
4 wonderful beautiful girls in 20 shooting scenes, different outfits, very emotional reactions, different acting  – all this for you in this video!
Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes, beautiful Girls and Guns!

Will be a good purchase for fans of the "Shooter fun" collection!

Big clip for a reasonable price!

Clip features: 20 different shooting scenes; 4 actresses; scenes with 2 girls; different situations; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun and gun with silencer, shots at the belly, breast and back; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; a lot of different outfits: white blouses and tops with black skirts, top with jeans mini skirt, blue and black tight sexy dresses, police outfit, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Milana, Sophie, Iwona and Eseniya.

Duration: 18:29 minutes

707 Mb 
Full HD
     Room service
    13 minutes

      Room service - “Room service”

I present to your attention, Milana as a cop and Agneta as a cunning criminal in the new clip - "Room Service".

Clip features: Shooting and stabbing, shots in the belly and chest, shots at point blank, stabs in the belly; putting to sleep with sleeping pills; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; outfits: business suit with white transparent blouse, nurse uniform, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Agneta and Milana.

Duration: 12:43 minutes

486 Mb 
Full HD  The fathers revenge
    15 minutes

      The fathers revenge - CUSTOM CLIP
“The father's revenge”

A man is waiting in a hotel room for a hooker. He wants to avenge her. The police told him that exactly this woman sold drugs to his daughter on the way to school. "You'll pay for it, you bastard," he thinks. 
After a while there is a knock on the door. He unemotionally invites the hooker to the room. She sits on the couch and opens her leather jacket. He notices that she only wears a black lace bra underneath. "Let's negotiate the price first," she says. He offers her a glass of wine - "It makes it easier to negotiate." So they drink one glass after another and negotiate further. Finally the filthy hooker is totally drunk, his plan seems to be up. 
"You want to shit me here, I'm going now!", she says. She tries to get up, can barely hold on her legs, staggers and falls to the ground. She moans, can barely move. She didn't notice that the man also mixed drugs into her drink. She curves in pain on the floor. The man bends over her and chokes her with bare hands. She can barely fight, but has no chance. He doesn't stop until she's unconscious. Then he leaves the hotel room, leaves her on the floor. 
 After some time she wakes up again. She tries to get up, is weak, has pain. She goes to the door, this is locked. Panicky she is going to the window. At that moment a shot falls. It comes across from the roof and hits the hooker in the belly. She moans, falls to the ground. She crawls slowly to the door, wants to escape. As she tries to get up, a second shot falls, this one hits her back. A brutal death struggle begins. Then she dies under excruciating pain. The revenge of the father is accomplished.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly and back; poisoning; strangulation; hooker;  fake blood effects and digital blood effects; agony; revealing outfit:  black leather jacket, leather miniskirt, black lace lingerie underneath, stockings and over the knee leather boots with heel.

Starring: Milana and Vlad.

Duration: 14:43 minutes
560 Mb 
Full HD
     Visit to stepfather
    15 minutes

      Visit to stepfather - CUSTOM FILM 
Visit to stepfather 

The heiress Anastasia has made an extensive inheritance of her deceased mother. She lives in luxury, expensive clothes, often celebrates wild parties. Her stepfather wants her money. So he decides to kill her. He invites her to his apartment. On the pretext of talking to her about her future.  
She always knew that her stepfather found her very sexy. So she wore particularly provocative clothes for this evening: a tight black dress with long sleeves and a wide black leather belt. Black pantyhose, high heeled black Overknee leather boots.  
He asks her for a glass of wine. The wine is poisoned. He's watching her after she's drunk. She's getting hot, she's struggling for air. Then she falls to the ground, fights for her life, moans. The fight is long and hard. She tries to crawl on the floor to the door. She stands up, can barely stand on her feet, wants to open the door and flee. At this moment, her stepfather pulls a pistol with silencer and shoots her from behind. She moans loudly, sinks to the ground and dies quite slowly....  

Clip features: Shooting and poisoning; gun with silencer; very long agony; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; sexy outfit: black tight dress, leather corset belt, pantyhose, leather over the knee boots. 

... the clip is really wonderful, love it!!! 
- real opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film 

Starring: Iwona. 

Duration: 15:09 minutes 

578 Mb  
Full HD  From Mr And Mrs Havoc with Love
    10 minutes

      From Mr And Mrs Havoc with Love - CUSTOM CLIP
“From Mr. And Mrs. Havoc with Love”

A woman (Milana) gets into a room, where she finds the body of a woman dressed only in underwear. She is lying on the floor and we can see that she has bullet wounds in her body. Milana smiles and kneels beside the body touching her neck to see if there are any signs of life. Milana closes her eyes and remembers.
Milana is in another place, she walks down the street and comes to a car.  She hands a package full of money to a man in the car.  -Don’t forget to call me when the job is done. -She says to the man.
We are back in the apartment where all began, the woman found dead is still alive, she has just adjusted her bra and is watching herself in the mirror. She is about to get a dressing gown when she notices a man inside the room. Startled, she covers her breasts with both her hands.
The man aims at her with a gun equiped with a silencer and says: -Compliments of Mrs. Havoc. Then he fires to the girl’s belly. She screams with pain and then the man fires again, this time to the girls left breast. The bullet hits her heart and she is dead before she falls to the floor. He slowly walks to the motionless body of the woman and puts two more bullets in her chest.
Milana (Mrs Havoc) stops her memories, stands up and walks to the door but suddenly she sees that the man she hired is inside the room with her. She is surprised and angry. The man just says: -I have a new contract and this is with the compliments of Mr. Havoc. – Mrs. Havoc steps back when she sees that the man is aiming at her, then the man shoots. The bullet catches her in the stomach, she clutches the wound with both her hands, then the man fires again and it hits her right breast. A third shot goes between Mrs. Havoc’s breasts. She falls to the floor. Mrs. Havoc is still alive and breathes heavily. The man aims again and fires a final shot that enters just below Mrs Havoc’s left breast. After that, her body lies motionless.
The man watches Mrs. Havoc body while he disconnects the silencer from his gun and then, he takes her by the ankles and pulls her to the bedroom leaving the body on the bed. Then he takes the corpse of the other woman in the same way, positioning her close to Mrs. Havoc. He then turns the women’s faces in a way that they see each other. But in the moment he does that with Mrs. Havoc’s face, she opens her eyes.
The man recoils startled. Mrs. Havoc looks at the assassin with pain in her features. The man takes his gun and aims at her. A silent pleading in Mrs. Havoc‘s eyes but the man shoots her anyway, this time in her left breast. Her body arches with pain, her eyes go blank and her eyelids close slowly. She is really dead now.
The man takes her pulse just to be sure and then grabs his phone and takes photos of the bodies, then he dials a number and we can hear his voice saying –“The job is done”. He then leaves the room and the two beautiful bodies of the wife and the lover lie there facing each other.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly and chest, control shots, gun with silencer; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; bodies dragging; white lingerie (bra and panties), white top and jeans, heels.

“Splendid! As usual you did a marvelous job in this clip of lust and betray Milana and Sophie are so beautiful and their acting is sensual and convincing. Thanks I liked it a lot.

The idea of having the bodies on the bed was a good one, instead of moving them on the floor all the time. No problem with the blue jeans, everything Milana wears looks terrific.”
- real opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Milana and Sophie.

Duration: 09:39 minutes
370 Mb
Full HD
     Artificial The hunting
    7 minutes

      Artificial The hunting - I present to your attention a new clip - " Artificial. The hunting", this is the sixth part in the "Artificial" series and the debut for our new actress, gorgeous and talented - Eseniya. 

In this part the clone hunter becomes the prey and many groups of clones, who passed him a death sentence, follow his trail.
One of these groups manages to track down the hunter, but his nerves are strained and the sense of danger saves him this time. He manages to hide and strike the unlucky clones to the back.
This time the clones are defeated again, but the hunt will continue...

If you are interested in the "Artificial" series, I remind you the order the clips were released:

Artificial 2.
Artificial 3.
Artificial. Execution.
Artificial. Resistance.
Artificial. The hunting. 

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the chest and back, a lot of shots; new actress; clones; gun with silencer; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; outfit: white silk blouse, white top, leather leggings, leather corset belt, leather over the knee boots.

Starring: Eseniya.

Duration: 06:40 minutes
256 Mb 
    11 minutes

      SPY KISS - CUSTOM CLIP - “Spy kiss”

Iwona arrives at the apartment where she gets information from her evil bosses telling her to seduce and kill the agent. She says that she will enjoy killing him. 
After a while the agent comes, they sit on a bed, talk and drink, and she's very sexy. But she is hiding a knife, and when they stand up to kiss, she pulls out the knife, hides it behind her back at first, and when they embrace, she tries to stab the agent. But before she can kill him, he pulls out his own gun and shoots her twice in the chest. She drops the knife and falls on her back slowly sliding down the wall.
She moves slightly, so the agent shoots her one more time in the chest. Then he checks her pulse and opens the buttons on her blouse, showing a black bra underneath. She dies, staring up, but looking pretty peaceful. The agent calls a clean-up crew on the phone and leaves.

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest, gun with silencer, control shot, fake blood effects and digital blood effects, death stare, tight mini skirt, white blouse tied under the breast, pantyhose, high heels.

"Hi, Antony F.  All I can say is WOW, and WOW again.  Fantastic video!  Iwona was amazing.  Her outfit was perfect.  She looked gorgeous, and what legs!  I liked how she approached the job, with a smile and a sneer, like she was a real killer. Please tell her I am a real fan.   Vlad was good, too, for his part. (He could have worn a more conservative shirt to look more like a professional spy).  The bullet wounds were done really well, very realistic, and I loved her wall slide down to the ground.  Body position and photography were perfect.  I only wish that there was a close-up of the knife in her hand when she dropped it, you don't see her drop the knife only hear it, (but I should have written that into the script). I really enjoyed this video, and it was worth every penny.  You are definitely my favorite producer, at this point… Thank you and also to Iwona and Vlad.

...Oh, yes, one more small comment.  When Iwona reaches for the knife under the pillow, that she intends to kill Vlad with, the music might have changed to something a little more dramatic, as it was a dramatic moment..."

- the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Iwona and Vlad.
Duration:  10:56 minutes
418 Mb 
Full HD
    10 minutes

      Bulletproof - A beautiful spy is ready to perform the next task.
She's calm and confident, wearing an experimental model of a bulletproof spy suit.
Lurking nearby enemy allows the spy to test her new suit in the action - he begins to shoot the spy from an ambush. The costume is really bulletproof, but the beautiful spy has terrible pain from the bullet hits in the suit.
After many hits, unable to continue to endure the cruel pain, the spy asks the enemy to shoot her in the chest and opens the suit for the shot. 

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly, chest and back; a lot of shots; very emotional reactions to the shots, fake blood effects and digital blood effects; spy outfit: black catsuit, gloves, heels.

Starring: Agneta.
Duration: 09:53 minutes
379 Mb  Guns and Girls 10 Clones
    31 minutes

      Guns and Girls 10 Clones - CUSTOM clip
“Guns and Girls 10. Clones”

You will see 3 sets of 3 scenes for a total of 9 settings - with each of the 3 girls taking a lead role in each scene.

Set 1: Training classroom for target practice.
    1. Scene 1 - Agneta is teacher.
    2. Scene 2 - Selena is teacher.
    3. Scene 3 - Iwona is teacher.
In each scene, the teacher demonstrates how to fire the ray gun and how to shoot to kill. She uses her students to demonstrate. Because they are clones, they willingly agree to be shot.
One girl stands against the wall and the teacher shoots her twice to the belly and twice to the chest. The girl falls down to the floor. The other girl is scared, but she goes up to the wall to learn her lesson. She is also shot the same way and falls down. The teacher then fires twice more into each girl.
THEN, the cameraman pulls out his silencer gun and shoots the teacher in the belly twice. She falls to the floor and lies there. Each girl then is shot one more time in the breast. 

Set 2: Mission #1.
4. Scene 1 - Agneta is the assassin and Selena and Iwona are targets.
5. Scene 2 - Selena is the assassin and Agneta and Iwona are targets.
6. Scene 3 - Iwona is the assassin and Agneta and Selena are targets.
In each scene, the assassin sneaks into a hotel room and hides behind the curtains. She waits for her targets to show up. She is carrying a silencer gun.
One of the other girls walks into the hotel room with her ray gun in hand. She is there as an assassin. But she's not fast enough and the Assassin gets the first shot off. She is shot by silencer in the belly twice. She falls to the floor and lies there. The second girl comes into the room and sees her companion shot down - she goes to check on her - but then she is also shot in the belly twice and falls to the floor next to her partner. The assassin searches their bodies looking for any identification. She finds nothing and shoots each girl one more time in the breast. 
THEN, the cameraman surprises the assassin. Tells her to drop the gun. She stands up against the wall with hands over her head. He has a ray gun from one of the dead girls. He shoots her four times - twice in the belly and twice in the chest. She goes down moaning. He shoots her four more times to make sure.

Set 3: Final Mission.
7. Scene 1 - Agneta is the assassin and Selena and Iwona are targets.
8. Scene 2 - Selena is the assassin and Agneta and Iwona are targets.
9. Scene 3 - Iwona is the assassin and Agneta and Selena are targets.
In each scene, the target girls are sitting in their hotel rooms - waiting for their next assignment.  The phone rings and they are told what their next mission will be. One girl gets up and goes to the bathroom to get ready for the mission. Meanwhile, the door to the hotel room opens slowly and the assassin comes in - carrying a silencer. She catches the girl by surprise - her gun is too far away. She backs up to the wall, scared and with her hands up. The assassin smiles and then shoots her in the belly twice. She falls to the floor and lies there. 
The girl in the bathroom hears a noise and opens the door - she sees the assassin standing over her friend's body. The assassin smiles and shoots her through the towel into the belly. She drops the towel and stumbles forward into the room. Another silencer shot goes off and hits her in the belly again. She falls to the floor and lies there.
The assassin searches their bodies looking for any identification. She finds nothing and shoots each girl one more time in the breast.
THEN, the cameraman surprises the assassin. Tells her to drop the gun. She stands up against the wall with hands over her head. He has a ray gun from one of the dead girls. He shoots her four times - twice in the belly and twice in the chest. She goes down moaning. He shoots her four more times to make sure.

Clip features: gun shootings and laser shootings; 3 sets of 3 scenes with 3 actresses (27 episodes of shooting in total!); the clip in "Shooter fun" genre; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun with silencer, laser guns, shots at the belly and breast; a lot of control shots; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; a lot of different outfits: white blouses, mini skirts (gray, jeans and black), silver and blue mini sexy dresses, black leather sexy dress, bikini, stockings, knee socks, bare legs, high heels.

Starring: Selena, Iwona and Agneta.
Duration: 31:14 minutes
1,16 Gb 
Full HD

    Random Wild Stories Clips more
     3 Scenes
    18 minutes
      3 Scenes - CUSTOM VIDEO

“3 scenes”

In the first scene a woman in uniform is looking for stolen plans and strangled from behind by a guard using a black belt.

The second scene - woman is just finishing putting on her stockings, admiring her long legs, discarded nylons are near buy. The strangler picks up a nylon and strangles the seated woman.

The third scene - business woman, returning from a trip, enters her apartment and is strangled with a wide red ribbon.

Clip features: 3 different strangulation scenes; strangulation by a nylon pantyhose, by a belt and by a red ribbon; each scene is different with the method and instrument of strangulation; different outfit for every scene: erotic military costume, beautiful black lace lingerie, stockings with suspenders, white blouse, black leather skirt, high heels.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 18:12 minutes

692 Mb

Full HD

“Your work on my custom was everything I asked for and even more. Nice touches like the money fluttering down in scene 1 and the red ribbon on Sophie's wrist in scene three are so very creative and much appreciated.. Sophie is outstanding and so beautiful as well. Again, your work is superior to any other film maker I have used, I thank you again. “

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film  ARTIFICIAL 3
    10 minutes
      ARTIFICIAL 3 - 2026.
The clones continue to perform the "dirty" work.
Laboratories produce new improved generations of clones.
Radical citizens will continue to destroy the clones.
This time the killer of the clones makes an unexpected discovery - the clones of one generation can have absolutely different characters.
Do they really develop?

Clip features: multiple shooting; shots at the chest and back, control shot, gun with silencer; clones, emotional reactions to the shots, convincing acting; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; white blouse and black skirt, tight blue dress, stockings, high heels.

Starring:  Selena.

Duration: 10:29 minutes

399 Mb 
Full HD
    19 minutes
      SHOOTER FUN 11 - The clip is in the best traditions of the popular series!

You will see in this clip a very good acting of favorite actresses - Anastasya and Milana in several different scenes.

We are sure that everyone will find in this clip interesting scenes!

Highly recommended to all fans of the "Shooter Fun" series!

"I am loving this video! Anastasia and Milana are beautiful. And their acting is great!

Also, I love the slow motion effects you added. That makes it even better.

Thank you so much. I look forward to my next custom order"

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Full HD  Shooter fun3
    11 minutes
      Shooter fun3 - We present to your attention the third part of "Shooting fun" series, where Anastasia appears in the image of a business lady. Now even more fire and expression!

What is the difference of the films with Anastasia's participation - it is very realistic acting, Anastasia doesn’t spare herself to play as realistic as possible in each of the scenes!

Full HD
     Your eyes
    15 minutes
      Your eyes - CUSTOM CLIP

“Your eyes” (“Flatemates”)

They are both students, friends and flatmates.

One is spectacular beautiful blonde, she is coveted by men, she has a lot of fans.

The second is a "mousy girl" with the problems in her family, completely passionate about science and her studies.

They are so different, but something keeps them together, something causes one of them to claw her eyes out…

“I've been watching it off and really loved it! Thank you so much, Antony, you've done an amazing job bringing my script/plot to life! Absolutely corker!

Both the actresses were excellent in the movie - you can see they have bags of talent. Kudos especially to the actress playing the part of the nerdy little bio-lab technician, she has such a very cruel, charming smile when she's watching her flatmate screaming and writhing about in agony!

Very professional production, Antony,.. When you come to release it, please be careful in what you show in the advance trailer and publicity photos. Please do not give away too much of the plot in spoilers as I think it may ruin it for some viewers if they know exactly what's going to happen before it does…»

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

Clip features: the girl clawing at her eyes, blood effects on the eyes, unusual unexpected story line, death agony, blue tight dress, lab coat, beautiful lingerie, stockings, heels.

Starring: Anastasya and Agneta.

556 Mb

    21 minutes

Dragnet” - is an American term for a police search for a criminal suspect.

A police Detective visits an innocent Witness, trying to find a Thief. During the interview, the Witness panics and slips a sleep drug into the Detective's drink. The Friend then warns the Thief.

The Detective wakes up tied up, but manages to get herself loose and easily overpowers the Witness. Then the Thief arrives, and there is a struggle which leaves all 3 dead. The last character is shot by the arrived cops.

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and back, control shots, intense police shooting; stabbing, stabs in the back and belly; suffocation; drugging with sleeping pills; turning of the unconscious body; chaining in handcuffs; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; different characters (the Detective, the Witness and the Thief) and outfits: skinny jeans, light shirt and leather jaket; white blouse tied under the breasts and jeans skirt; grey skirt and grey blouse, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya, Sophie and Milana.

Duration: 20:57 minutes

796 Mb

Full HD

“Thanks very much for making Dragnet.

Another excellent wild story!

A police/murder drama. Milana does a great job as the lovely, no-nonesense detective, and Anastaya is cute as the psycho witness... As always, your photography is stellar. You filmed a great set of murders!

Looking forward to more in the future!”

Special price in May!!!

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