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  • Two girl friends Hanging Full HD
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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD

    Clip Description

    Late at night they walked along the deserted street.
    They don't know that they were going to meet their death....
    They will die next and at a time.

    Clip Duration:      29 minutes
    Format Size
    avi1274.91 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Two girl friends Hanging Full HD
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    Common suicide 3  Full HD - Common suicide of the girl.

    Practic lessons 8 - Hanging, this is an important and responsible practical work.
Especially if it\\\\\\\'s a girl hanging.
This practical work have to be done.

    A little entertainment 9 Full HD - Today maniac decided to experiment a little

    Strange games - His goes hunting.

Again, in the city there was a maniac.....
He is very dangerous. Any girl can become a victim.

Episode 1.   "Strange games"

    Unobtrusive help  Full HD - Tanya is a young journalist.  
Once she wrote a devastating article in the newspaper 
about a huge illegal garbage dump near the city.
She didn't know that dump was controlled by the mob.

Two days later, under mysterious circumstances 
disappeared mother and younger sister Tanya.

The next day Tanya was dragged on the street in a 
car with tinted windows and brought to a chic suburban 
house surrounded by a high fence.

The mafia boss asked her to either commit suicide 
voluntarily or her mother and sister would be buried alive.  
Anna started crying ...and she agreed.

The mafia boss ordered the Bald to prepare everything 
in advance and help the girl a little in her difficult tas.

    Last Question - The large amount of money was stolen. Female leader sets the task of the chief of security service to investigate and identify who was involved in the theft. A young employee falls under suspision. The director and chief security officer decide to take the girl in a deserted place, and frighten her... to find out where the money. The girl was taken out into the woods. But she says she does not know anything. Annoyed female executive orders security chief shot the girl. He objects. It was initially agreed only that would frighten but not kill. Then the woman leader pulls out a gun and suddently kills employee. She turns the body to make sure. The girl is dead . She heads to the car and ordered the chief of the security services to hide a corpse. But the chief of the security service now understands that the head will not stop and will have on her orders to kill again. He was not satisfied. So he shots also the leader. Then he drags the bodies into the woods and leaves. Now he finds the missing money ...

    Fatal jealousy - lga and Angela met after a long separation.
Their mutual sympathy has long turned into a lesbian love.
Today they hoped to enjoy each other.

So not the way the phone rang.....

Olga noticed in the phone of Angela's portrait of the other girl.
About this jealousy...!!! It will never lead to good....

    Death online 3 Full HD - Film 3

Suicide shot on a smartphone camera and subsequent photos taken by the police.

    An article in the tabloid 4 - Profession of Irina - a journalist.

She wrote lyrics for several tabloids.
For editors are always needed sensation. 
Any.  The truth is not important to them.
But Irina needs money.  OK!! She do it.

Episode 4

For editor urgently requires hot news.....
No minutes for personal life.....
Well. I will invent something.

Idea!! He is a businessman, the owner of the production. 
He broke up with her. 
She decides to commit suicide the evening right there, 
in the workshop premises.

Silly news of course... 
But that's what it takes to the editor.

    Faces of death 6 - Slide show

    A bug in the game  Full HD - The girl works as a night watchman at the factory.

When she is alone, she plays in selfstrangulation.

But today she made a small mistake.

    Just a girl 8 Full HD - Just a girl.....
just the neck.....
just a loop....
just death on the gallows....

    Forest walk 12 Full HD - The attack of a maniac at the girl walking in the woods.
First he brutally tortures her. He's strangling her with a loop.
And then strangling her to death....


As well in the woods.
Sunny day. The rustle of leaves.....

Sometimes it's the last thing the victim hears in your life....

    Rescue attempt Full HD - The girl fell into the hands of a bloodthirsty maniac. 
She's trying to escape....
But no escape....

    Movie flip for memories 4 FullHD - A bloodthirsty maniac strangles his hands and hangs the unfortunate victim.

Friends!  The failure of technology in the shooting led to the fact that in some episodes the sharpness is not quite optimal. For this reason, we are reducing the price of this film.
But, the film will not disappoint true connoisseurs .....

    Russian girl 11  Full HD - She found a cure for unrequited love. Noose....

    Russian girl 8  Full HD - She decided to broadcast her suicide on the Internet.

It has installed two web cameras. 
You will see a video of alternating frames from these web cameras.

    Practice lessons 50 Full HD - Neck, noose, strappado.

Everything you see is absolutely real. 
And pain and fear and choking and hanging ....

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