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     The last day off Full HD
    13 minutes

      The last day off  Full HD - She works as a storekeeper in a small firm.
Paltry salary and no prospects...
The crisis in the economy. 
The prospect of living in abject poverty.

But this is not the most terrible.
Two months ago, she felt a strange headache.
She borrowed money from friends and she did a CT scan of the brain.

Yesterday she received an expert's opinion. 
Cancer of the brain.
Cried for the whole night, this morning she decided not to wait for
 a painful and long death...

Today is the weekend, and at work no one does not hurt to commit suicide...  The accelerated investigation Full HD
    20 minutes

      The accelerated investigation  Full HD - "The accelerated investigation."

This firm worked for the mafia.
But that did not know about even employees. 
Only knows the boss.

Today he had lost a stack of dollars from the drawer of the desktop.

The mafia will help to resolve this issue. 

Bald received orders to fix everything and punish the guilty...

Suspicion immediately fell on the Secretary. 
And Bald was right.
     Quite a simple job Full HD
    7 minutes

      Quite a simple job  Full HD - A girl from a rival gang.

In the beginning she was raped, 
and then the boss ordered kill her.

OK. No problem.  Last selfie Full HD
    24 minutes

      Last selfie  Full HD - The police found in the woods the corpse of a girl.

But what is it? Suicide? 
Murder cleverly disguised as suicide?

Find out the truth helped the videos found in your phone girls....
     Selfie of a sexual maniac Part 1 FullHD
    37 minutes

      Selfie of a sexual maniac   Part 1  FullHD - It's disgusting, 
but the maniac started to record in video 
their attacks on defenseless girls...

He purchased an action camera.
His videos are truly awful...  Short happiness Full HD
    16 minutes

      Short happiness  Full HD  - She was selling the drugs. 
She always paid for the opportunity to do so.
But yesterday she decided to keep all the money 
from successful trades.

But today her was waited by an unpleasant surprise.
In vain she tried to seduce Bald...
Boss commissioned Bald to kill her. 
Bald is always doing his job.
     Fatal jealousy
    16 minutes

      Fatal jealousy - lga and Angela met after a long separation.
Their mutual sympathy has long turned into a lesbian love.
Today they hoped to enjoy each other.

So not the way the phone rang.....

Olga noticed in the phone of Angela's portrait of the other girl.
About this jealousy...!!! It will never lead to good....  Video for uncle
    20 minutes

      Video for uncle - Film "Favorite work 5"

"Video for uncle."

Today, Bald again engaged in favorite business.
One well-known businessman showed intransigence.
But to kill him the mafia will not...
It is necessary to make this businessman more accommodating.

This businessman has two nieces.
Bald without attracting the attention of girls, 
entered to the country house where they are.

In the beginning he killed from a pistol with a silencer the only guard.
Bald turned the CCTV system in the record mode.
And then he knocked on the door to the girls....

Bald copied the video with the last moments of the lives of girls.
Tomorrow, the businessman will receive this file by e-mail.
Let him think about how he should live.
After all, he has a daughter and a son.....
     Bench of death
    36 minutes

      Bench of death - His goes hunting.

Again, in the city there was a maniac.....
He is very dangerous. Any girl can become a victim.

Episode 5.  "Bench of death"

A new victim. A new place of action. The result is old...

In the beginning he long and varied torments her.
After that he will slowly kill her...  as always.  The victim of a car accident
    11 minutes

      The victim of a car accident - They wanted to get married...
But yesterday he had an accident on his car.

Yesterday it was not allowed in the intensive care unit. 
Today she called the hospital and told her that he died...

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     Mister Death 4
    12 minutes
      Mister Death 4 - In comments on this video I publishing private letter from my old known Mashenka. We never taking ones, sometimes seeing her in common company. From my mutual friends I known about her problems and decided to push her to though of suicide. 

I think that in this time it was the best way to her. I called and appointed a meeting after work on the thoroughfare. There I gave her a package with ladies pistol. She was surprised but I was in sure that sow the seeds of doubt.

 At that date when she was fought with troubles, pistol will be stored in her room like hint of suicide. And so actually after one year I received email from Masha.

"Hi! Writes you very tired woman. I decided make use of your gift. Hope that in this Saturday you will have time to come to me. I want do it with you and that you make a film about my last minute. 
Waiting for you in this Saturday at 3 a.m. Masha." 

Of course I took a chance. Masha was dressed in bathrobe. Her flat was trashed the bottles from different alcohol. On the table lying the pistol. 

After valediction she put the gun in the mouth and shot. Fear and haste played a cruel joke. 

Instead the death she got the convulsions and rale. 

Later I read in newspapers about autopsy: bullet holes a respiratory. She writhing in agony , blood bleeding from mouth. In her eyes I saw a plea for help. 

Carefully I took a pistol and shoot point blank in heart. 
This second bullet interrupted life the 30 years old Masha N. 

That's all what I want say in comments on this video, which I reviewing many times and you do. Have a pleasant viewing.  Last Question
    6 minutes
      Last Question - The large amount of money was stolen. Female leader sets the task of the chief of security service to investigate and identify who was involved in the theft. A young employee falls under suspision. The director and chief security officer decide to take the girl in a deserted place, and frighten her... to find out where the money. The girl was taken out into the woods. But she says she does not know anything. Annoyed female executive orders security chief shot the girl. He objects. It was initially agreed only that would frighten but not kill. Then the woman leader pulls out a gun and suddently kills employee. She turns the body to make sure. The girl is dead . She heads to the car and ordered the chief of the security services to hide a corpse. But the chief of the security service now understands that the head will not stop and will have on her orders to kill again. He was not satisfied. So he shots also the leader. Then he drags the bodies into the woods and leaves. Now he finds the missing money ...
    10 minutes
      Parting - She decided to change her life.
She decided to leave.
But Bald thinks otherwise.  She Helped The Rebels
    5 minutes
      She Helped The Rebels - Once, during a police raid, she helped the rebels.
But someone reported it to the authorities.
She died in the dungeons of the secret services.
     She Did Not Come Home Part Two
    6 minutes
      She Did Not Come Home Part Two - Secret police detained her on suspicion of assistance to the rebels. Her mutilated body will find far from the city ....  Rebel Scout T0rture
    9 minutes
      Rebel Scout T0rture - Rebel Scout exposed and arrested.
It should be h@nged. But before her de@th, she would be t0rtured.

    Welcome to 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions
    911 Entertainment was light hearted production studio established in 2010 by Gringo. Cruel World productions was later added in 2015 by Liu. This partnership produce short clips in Shooting, Stabbing, Hanging, Electrocusion and similar genres.

    Featuring 115 Clips / 1223 minutes of video!

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      The last day off Full HD

    The last day off  Full HD

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      The accelerated investigation Full HD

    The accelerated investigation  Full HD

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      Quite a simple job Full HD

    Quite a simple job  Full HD

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      Last selfie Full HD

    Last selfie  Full HD

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      Selfie of a sexual maniac Part 1 FullHD

    Selfie of a sexual maniac   Part 1  FullHD

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      Short happiness Full HD

    Short happiness  Full HD

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      Fatal jealousy

    Fatal jealousy

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      Video for uncle

    Video for uncle

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      Bench of death

    Bench of death

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      The victim of a car accident

    The victim of a car accident

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      A small job

    A small job

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      The collapse of all hopes

    The collapse of all hopes

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      The most recent error

    The most recent error

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      Mystery of the old factory

    Mystery of the old factory

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      An article in the tabloid 4

    An article in the tabloid 4

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