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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted

    Clip Description

    The executioner was distracted. In just a few minutes.
    The result was a surprise for him. The Gir1 managed to commit *******, which would avoid further suffering.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    avi471.42 MB

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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Executioner Was Distracted
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    Her Arested For Putting Up Flyers - Her arested for putting up flyers.

In the beginning she was beaten and then her brutally ********, and then she will be ******.

    The girl and seven deaths Part Four - In a faraway country's civil war...

Anna was arrested.
Death many times in a row ..... how can this be?  Today she will know it.

When will I die?  No more strength to endure all of this .....

    Death Or Betrayal Part Two - It must either betray or die. She chooses death.

    Mister death - I can't remember when and where we met. So happened that one night or early morning two people were online. It's the good times for flirt. 

- Hi! Why you don't sleep?
- Hi! And you?
I put on my favorite mask for taking with young girls, mask of wise men.

 I try to show sympathy about her children problem. I knew the ending all her stories. Soon she began to trust me and it was chance for caution conversation about beauty of death. Over time she seriously select the method of suicide.

 Like all stupid young girls she was interested in esthetic and indolence. I tried to hide my presence in her death. So similar talking took place in deserted park. For her it was just a dating. Soon she in love with me and death. I said that my love available only through death. Now she doomed to act by my plan. 

Hanging was common decision. She made a video of all processes beginning with morning's interview and ending with rope which tightened her neck. Lots of time we spent for selecting place, she didn't like that all. 

But now this whimsical girl perfectly looks in rope! My solicitudes recouped her convulsions. By asking me for help she try to catch me own hands and straning mouth in silent scream. But how I can to intervene in this beautiful dance of death? In the end she make last scream and limped, few seconds her legs in stocking was twitching.

    The last day off  Full HD - She works as a storekeeper in a small firm.
Paltry salary and no prospects...
The crisis in the economy. 
The prospect of living in abject poverty.

But this is not the most terrible.
Two months ago, she felt a strange headache.
She borrowed money from friends and she did a CT scan of the brain.

Yesterday she received an expert's opinion. 
Cancer of the brain.
Cried for the whole night, this morning she decided not to wait for
 a painful and long death...

Today is the weekend, and at work no one does not hurt to commit suicide...

    Crucifixion 24 Series 1 Full HD - .....They wanted to break her completely. They made her crawl to the cross. They crucified her in front of a howling crowd and nailed a shameful sign over her that read Queen of WHORES. But she suffered without asking for mercy....

    She Was Silent Under - She is silent under t0rture. She said nothing. Executi0ner alternately beats by bl00dy feet W0man str@ngles her stick and string. In the end, he str@ngles her to de@th.

    Mister Death 2 - Another one girl!!

Another fish from social networks.
I became a real fisherman.

I meet in a social network with the girl.
Very carefully, I begin to talk for death.
Week,other week and fish is caught.

Soon the girl is dancing for me for the last time.
Videorecording her dances I will leave in to my collection ....

She wanted to know how she will look ... after her death?

    Just a girl 16 Full HD0 - Just a girl.....
just the neck.....
just a loop....
just death on the gallows....

    Death online 1 Full HD - Film 1

Scenes of suicides and murders recorded on a mobile phone.

    Seven Deths Part 2 - She was arrested.
What does it mean, to be ****** many times in a row? Today, she finds it out.

    Elsa Hates Them All Trilogy - Her body along with other plagued ones will be hurried in a truck and taken out of a town, where they will be buried in nameless grave.

    Death Online 7 Full HD - Etude on the theme of hanging

    Crucifixion 28 Full HD - Wooden cross. 
Big rusty nails.  
The blows of the hammer on the nails.....
It's a crucifix.

    Common suicide 3  Full HD - Common suicide of the girl.

    An article in the tabloid 1 - Profession of Irina - a journalist.

She wrote lyrics for several tabloids.
For editors are always needed sensation. 
Any.  The truth is not important to them.
But Irina needs money.  OK!! She do it.

Wow !! The old apartment, in which often occur suicide. 
This is interesting news!!

Episode 1

    Heavy Deth - She has difficult life. And her de@th was also severe.

She was not loyal to the regime and at times did not hide it.
She was not just kil1ed, and ******** to de@th.

    Hang1ng Gir1 Rebel - She did not betray fellow rebels.
Now her life is over. She will end it in a loop in the basement of counterintelligence.
The executioner knocks the chair out from under the feet of a miserable gir1 and she twitches dy1ng in the loop.

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