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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD

    Clip Description

    Petra is a member of the Central Intelligence Agency of one very powerful country.

    She was instructed to penetrate the underground structures of the subway in one of the countries of the world. And install a special beacon there.
    On command from the satellite, this radio beacon is activated and serves to aim high-precision weapons. The brave girl dressed in the military uniform used in this country and penetrated the underground metro structures.

    But she was arrested by guards and after brutal torture she was killed without trial ....

    Clip Duration:      30 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41309.56 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The brave girl Petra Full HD
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The secret police are convinced that she 
is one of the leaders of the protest movement 
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    Torture by electricity 1 - Video camera №1

For torture with electricity, it makes no sense to use a powerful stun gun. 
The strike will cause the victim to lose consciousness.
It is much better to use a cheap and low-power stun gun.
The victim is guaranteed to be conscious and will always feel pain.

But the best results are obtained by using a medical 
laboratory device for electrical muscle stimulation.

Just such a device you will see in action.
The device is about forty years old.  
But it works properly, although it has been repaired more than once.

The device creates voltage pulses and allows you to change 
their frequency and duration over a wide range.

They are able, depending on the desire of the executioner 
to cause pain of different strength in the muscles of the victim, 
as well as to stimulate convulsive contractions of different muscle groups.

In our film electropulse impact caused in girl beginning menstruation for a few days 
before the natural term.
When the electrodes from the device are attached to the delicate areas of the skin, 
the electrical impulse action 
can cause the destruction of small blood vessels of the skin in these places.
At the same time, when high-frequency electrical impulses pass through 
the human body no extraneous sound occurs.

You'll see all....

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They were friends.
They went to the same University.
Three female students.
They all participated in civil protests.
One day, a graduate student shared her beliefs with them.
And now there were four girls in the group.
But one day one of them was arrested by the political police at a rally.
After that, they were all arrested one by one....

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Sometimes so many that the leadership of the Central intelligence Agency is ready to sacrifice agents for them.... especially if this agent is a clone grown in a laboratory by order of intelligence....

    The Brave Girl Petra 6 Full HD - The brave girl Petra is cloned in the secret laboratories of the Central Intelligence Agency. 

Clone number 6 was sent on an important mission to a distant country.

However, she was captured by the country's counterintelligence service and thrown into a torture chamber....

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Drilling the victim's body and mouth with an electric drill. 
Torture of fingers and mouth with pliers.

Extreme cruelty and streams of blood.

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The boss ordered a bandit named Bald to kidnap and brutally torture the businessman's daughter. A video of the unfortunate girl's suffering will be sent to her father...

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interest from drug trafficking.

His daughter knows nothing, 
but...she needs to die so the father realized his mistake...

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A violent gangster learns that the daughter of a famous
businessman is going to relax with her boyfriend in a country house.
Gangster's henchmen kidnap a guy.
But the girl doesn't know about it.
A gangster breaks into a country house.
He attacks the girl, ties her up,
and begins to torture her by sending her father a video
of her suffering in order for him to pay a ransom...

    Obstinate Girl Student 1241 Full HD - Part 1

Will she be able to withstand the brutal torture and not betray her friends?  To begin with, the investigator burned her tender breasts several times with a red-hot iron plate. And then he applied ice to the burns....It was very painful for her, but she is still silent....

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Shot in the best traditions of our Studio.
It's cooler than "Military counterintelligence"

Part 4

Industrial espionage is very common in our time.
But few people know how things happen in reality.....

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