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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD

    Clip Description

    Intelligence has many tasks.
    Sometimes so many that the leadership of the Central intelligence Agency is ready to sacrifice agents for them.... especially if this agent is a clone grown in a laboratory by order of intelligence....

    Clip Duration:      40 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41712.73 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 5 Full HD
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A field phone on a stool and a naked girl student strapped tightly to a rough wooden chair.

Another day in prison, where the political police throw participants in student riots...

    Obstinate Girl Student 33 Full HD - She was tortured, but she laughed in the face of the executioner...

    Practice lessons 65 Full HD - Garrote.
Ancient device for execution by strangulation.  
If the executioner wants to, 
it will make it so that the victim died slowly...

    Preparing For Surgery Full HD - The political police officers decided to earn some money by selling the organs of the arrested girl.

But before you send her to the operating room, they need to examine the girl's body and torment her for the last time.

    A Deadly Show 1 Full HD - To suppress the wave of protests, the state decides to show the executions of participants of this protest movement on television.

According to the scenario, before the execution, each victim will be asked to publicly ask for clemency and renounce their views....

You will see what happened from this...

It's worth seeing!!

    Obstinate Girl Student 11 Full HD - Political police arrested two female students at the rally. 
You will see how they are being tortured...

    Long A Waited Revenge Full HD - He returned from the war with a concussion and stuttering. 

Both his wife and his mistress rejected him.

But he joined the political police. ....It's been a long time, but he wanted to take revenge on both of them. And now the opportunity presented itself.

    Small town girl3 - She was in real pain. She cried...

Torture.  Video camera №2

She lived in a small provincial town.
She had a brother. 
Her brother became a rebel after drunk soldiers raped his girlfriend in the street....

She helped the rebels as much as she could.
But one of the housemates wrote a denunciation on her. 
And one day she was arrested.  
They took it right out of the house late at night. 
She barely had time to put on an old robe.

She was brutally tortured by the executioner, but she said nothing.

    Where am I and what about me6Full HD - Part 6

She woke up in pain...Where am I? What happened to me?
She didn't remember anything.
Was only pain...

    The Rope Around Her Neck 42 Full HD - The girl and the rope. 
Believe me, it's worth seeing.
The video was captured by several video cameras simultaneously. 
You will see everything.

    Rack Stretching 8 Full HD - Agonizing torture, when the whole body is stretched like a string...

    Obstinate Girl Student 83 Full Hd - Part 3

They were friends.
They went to the same University.
Three female students.
They all participated in civil protests.
One day, a graduate student shared her beliefs with them.
And now there were four girls in the group.
But one day one of them was arrested by the political police at a rally.
After that, they were all arrested one by one....

    The brave girl Petra Full HD - Petra is a member of the Central Intelligence Agency of one very powerful country.

She was instructed to penetrate the underground structures of the subway in one of the countries of the world. And install a special beacon there. 
On command from the satellite, this radio beacon is activated and serves to aim high-precision weapons. The brave girl dressed in the military uniform used in this country and penetrated the underground metro structures. 

But she was arrested by guards and after brutal torture she was killed without trial ....

    The brave girl Petra 7 Full HD - All of Petra's clones consider each other"sisters".

One day, one of them disappeared without a trace while performing a task in a very distant country.
Another "sister" was sent to search for her. She will try to find her on the radio beacon installed on the body of the missing clone girl....

    DaughterOfaPoliticalPoliceInvestigator2 - Part2

Her father is a political police investigator. Yesterday, she accidentally stumbled across the social media page of the girl who bullied her when they were schoolgirls. The hatred flared up again...she asked her father to help her get revenge. And the beloved father did not refuse his daughter...

    Crucifixion 20 Full HD - Crucifixion....
An ancient cruel execution more like torture.

But It can bring even more suffering if the executioner begins to flagellate his victim right on the cross.....

    Crucifixion 48 Full HD - The crucifixion "in the air"...

This is no less painful than the classic crucifixion...

    Rope Or Money 4 - Continuation of the film Rope Or Money 3

Girl is kidnapped by the mafia.
A video of her suffering will be sent to
her rich dad to force him to pay money to the mafia.

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