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  • The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD
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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD

    Clip Description

    Film 2
    Agent Petra, after brutal torture, died in the hands of the subway guards of a distant country.
    However, her mission was completed.
    A beacon for aiming precision weapons has been successfully installed.

    The Central Intelligence Agency decided to continue such operations and ordered a clone of Petra to its biotechnological department.
    This time, Petra-2 was supposed to install a special device in one of the metro premises, which, upon command from a satellite, would interfere with the operation of air defense systems.
    Petra -2 went on a mission.
    This time she was dressed in the clothes of an ordinary girl. And even armed ...

    Clip Duration:      42 minutes
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    mp41838.45 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD
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is one of the leaders of the protest movement 
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    The brave girl Petra Full HD - Petra is a member of the Central Intelligence Agency of one very powerful country.

She was instructed to penetrate the underground structures of the subway in one of the countries of the world. And install a special beacon there. 
On command from the satellite, this radio beacon is activated and serves to aim high-precision weapons. The brave girl dressed in the military uniform used in this country and penetrated the underground metro structures. 

But she was arrested by guards and after brutal torture she was killed without trial ....

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When Petra's clone stopped communicating,
the Central Intelligence Agency decided to send
a girl named Gloria to find her.

Her mission was to find information about the fate
of the Petra clone.
The second task was to install
a miniature satellite repeater in any warehouse
or industrial near the metro depot, in which
Petra disappeared...

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The crunch of stretched joints. 
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Sometimes the victim actively resists the executioner.
But the forces are not equal and the result is always the same....

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