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  • Practice lessons 481 Full HD
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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD

    Clip Description

    Neck, noose, strappado.

    Everything you see is absolutely real.
    And pain and fear and choking and hanging ...

    Clip Duration:      39 minutes
    Format Size
    avi1465.5 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Practice lessons 481 Full HD
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just the neck.....
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just death on the gallows....

    The girl and seven deaths Part Four - In a faraway country's civil war...

Anna was arrested.
Death many times in a row ..... how can this be?  Today she will know it.

When will I die?  No more strength to endure all of this .....

    Features of teenage Jogging 3 - Scary and cynical video for true connoisseurs of death scenes.

There, behind the wall of the warehouse was a normal life....
Her sounds penetrated here through the thin walls. 
And in the warehouse, the poor girl suffered and died.....
And no one outside could hear her last gasp or moan....

Video camera 1

    The rope around her neck 141 Full HD - Film 14
Episode 1

The first experiments of real hanging.

The video contains a hanging scene shot by two video cameras from different angles.

The loop is real and brutally strangling the poor girl.

Believe me, it's worth seeing.

The actress really loses consciousness from asphyxia....

    Practice lessons 62 - Rubber stick, whip, electric shock and strangulation.

    Vicissitudes of fate Part2 Full HD - Death as entertainment.
Before killing the unfortunate victim maniac plenty "fun"...

    Forest walk 6  Full HD - Strangulation noose, the strangulation with a rope by hands. Cruel and cynical.

The attack of a maniac at the girl walking in the woods.

    The Inquisition 23 Full HD - Desperate to force the witch to repent, the inquisitor beats her with a whip and then hangs her....

    Casting for the role of a corpse 2 Part1 FullHD - A week ago, a maniac posted an ad in social networks about casting Actresses for a 
BDSM film.  
The money was offered very decent for a small provincial town...

Quite quickly responded one girl. 
She really needed the money...
She had no idea that what is happening is the casting for the role of a corpse...

He had long dreamed to repeat what has been repeatedly seen in BDSM movies.  
Today he will succeed. And he's not going to hurry. 
So the victim is not quickly die. He'll play with her. 
Just the game will become tougher and tougher....

    Friendly executioner  Full HD - When hanged girl couldn't die, 
he pulled her legs....
and so hard that she started bleeding from the nose...

Cute and kind person.
He didn't want it too long suffered.

    WildBeach Full HD - Wild beach.
Sun. The lake. Sand.... romance.
But sometimes it is deadly...

    Torture art  Full HD - When the executioner no planned work, he has time on art.

    Quiet basement 2  Full HD - In the industrial area of the city there are many semi derelict buildings.
One of them has the basement, which was prepared under the lease.
But the lease was never signed. Until now, the basement is empty.
Maniac has managed to make the key to the lock of the basement.
Now the maniac may kill their victims slowly.

Today, the maniac has brought to the basement, his favorite Action camera.

    Hanging by the legs 1 Full HD - Her face slowly filled with blood.  
She's dizzy. 
Consciousness slowly left her....

You should see this.

Video from the first and second video camera.

    Webmodel - Unexpected hanging.

She decided to make some money.
Being a web model is not difficult. 
But sometimes in this work there are small surprises.

    The Rope Around Her Neck 46 Full HD - A bleak future....

The girl is caught in the fact that she
faked a test work at the University.

She is sentenced to be hanged...

    The Rope Around Her Neck 43 Full HD - When she saw the noose on the gallows, something inside her clenched sweetly. She had always secretly wanted to try-what was it like to be hanged? But she was afraid...And now the dream has come true...

    Russian girl 8  Full HD - She decided to broadcast her suicide on the Internet.

It has installed two web cameras. 
You will see a video of alternating frames from these web cameras.

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