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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death

    Clip Description

    I can't remember when and where we met. So happened that one night or early morning two people were online. It's the good times for flirt.

    - Hi! Why you don't sleep?
    - Hi! And you?
    I put on my favorite mask for taking with young girls, mask of wise men.

    I try to show sympathy about her children problem. I knew the ending all her stories. Soon she began to trust me and it was chance for caution conversation about beauty of death. Over time she seriously select the method of suicide.

    Like all stupid young girls she was interested in esthetic and indolence. I tried to hide my presence in her death. So similar talking took place in deserted park. For her it was just a dating. Soon she in love with me and death. I said that my love available only through death. Now she doomed to act by my plan.

    Hanging was common decision. She made a video of all processes beginning with morning's interview and ending with rope which tightened her neck. Lots of time we spent for selecting place, she didn't like that all.

    But now this whimsical girl perfectly looks in rope! My solicitudes recouped her convulsions. By asking me for help she try to catch me own hands and straning mouth in silent scream. But how I can to intervene in this beautiful dance of death? In the end she make last scream and limped, few seconds her legs in stocking was twitching.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    avi431.71 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Mister death
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But the business of the company were getting worse.
Wages have become issuing with delays.

She was not discouraged. She had no money to hire construction workers,
but she painted the walls herself.
Painted the walls in a funny and naive green color. 
Simply because this paint has been neglected in the 
store and gave it to her at a discount.

She continued to hope that things will change for the better. 
But to pay the loan in time she could not.  
Yesterday the told her that bank submits the documents to 
the court about the seizure of the apartment.....

She decided to take a loan from another Bank. 
But she was denied....

The refusal to grant a new loan sounded to her like a death sentence....

    The last party Full HD - 2058 year.....The world is in crisis and poverty. 
But those who have money can live forever.
Or rather, almost always.
Thirty years ago a unique device Corporation NID - neuroimplant. 
Electronic module that is surgically placed inside the skull. 
It optimizes all the processes of the body so that the person ceases to age.
Immunity is increased by the collision that all the diseases remain in the past....
But for the use of neuroimplants you have to pay. 
Disabling neuroimplant leads to a quick and painful destruction of the human body.
She had nothing to pay for the next 30 years neuroimplant. And that means life is over.
She threw a dinner party for friends. And she called a specialist of "helpdesk services",
which should help her to commit suicide...

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his neck, and then everything will work itself out.

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It was a long time ago. It\'s been over ten years.

Much has changed since then. 
She\'s out.  
She transferred money to the US.  
Bought an old house in one of the States. 
She received citizenship and became quite a respectable citizen.

But old friends didn\'t forget about it...And the past returned...
One day a bandit named Bald knocked on her door.

Bald came to the US to demand money from her on behalf of the boss.
She had to transfer the money to a known account of her boss...

The Bald one should make her do it. And then kill. So ordered boss.

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She wrote lyrics for several tabloids.
For editors are always needed sensation. 
Any.  The truth is not important to them.
But Irina needs money.  OK!! She do it.

Episode 4

For editor urgently requires hot news.....
No minutes for personal life.....
Well. I will invent something.

Idea!! He is a businessman, the owner of the production. 
He broke up with her. 
She decides to commit suicide the evening right there, 
in the workshop premises.

Silly news of course... 
But that's what it takes to the editor.

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What? You've got another woman .....?

I do not want to live .....

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