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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question

    Clip Description

    The large amount of money was stolen. Female leader sets the task of the chief of security service to investigate and identify who was involved in the theft. A young employee falls under suspision. The director and chief security officer decide to take the girl in a deserted place, and frighten her... to find out where the money. The girl was taken out into the woods. But she says she does not know anything. Annoyed female executive orders security chief shot the girl. He objects. It was initially agreed only that would frighten but not kill. Then the woman leader pulls out a gun and suddently kills employee. She turns the body to make sure. The girl is dead . She heads to the car and ordered the chief of the security services to hide a corpse. But the chief of the security service now understands that the head will not stop and will have on her orders to kill again. He was not satisfied. So he shots also the leader. Then he drags the bodies into the woods and leaves. Now he finds the missing money ...

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    avi442.85 MB

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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Last Question
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    Today everything is different  - Previously, they were lovers.
Previously, they were in a gang.
Previously, they had committed crimes together.
Today, the boss ordered him to kill her.

    Silence is more precious than life - .....Tortures and suffocation girl.....

Two days ago girl was kidnapped unknown people  on the street. They were not bandits and the agents of the state secret service. Her two days tortured and wanted to know what is now her boyfriend. Girl knew who associated with the rebels, she knew that boyfriend often lost somewhere recently. She knew where to find him .... But she did not say ... She died, but she did not say anything.

    The rope around her nec 17 Full HD - Believe me, it's worth seeing.

    The ruthless fate - She heard the plaintive voice of a kitten.
She went to the side of an abandoned warehouse by the railroad tracks.
She woke up on the table, in a strange house ....

    New Torture 3 Full HD - The investigator of the political police uses a new torture -

non-lethal strangulation....

The video was shot simultaneously on 4 video cameras. You will see them all.

    Old house  Full HD - Tortures and suffocation girl.

Here Bald leads those whom mafia bosses ordered to be destroyed.

Today another murder. 
Marina accountant. 
She accidentally learned too much about the financial machinations of the mafia.

Bald always offers its prospective victims, purchase a very cheap apartment, 
allegedly his inherited from elderly aunt....

No one will refuse such a bargain...

    Two girl friends Hanging Full HD - Late at night they walked along the deserted street.
They don't know that they were going to meet their death....
They will die next and at a time.

    Selfie - Upon attempt to make shot the citizen of Moscow go bang to heart accidentally. Girl dead in a wink. About it reporting Interfax accordance with massage of Russian Ministry of Internal. Based on Interfax's data incident there was a Thursday morning in village territory. 25 years old girl took a gun with intention to make photo with it. Weapon left in house her lover. Girl accidentally shoot in her right lung. The bullet for departure and stopped in heart. Death was instantaneous. Corps of naked girl found a guard of house. Against version of murder show a photo with gun discovered in mobile phone. And victim called the girlfriend and said that she has found a gun in secret place. Police being investigated, possibly take place a criminal case, informing the Agency.

    Practic lessons 2 - To become a bus driver needs to learn.
And to become the executioner also need to learn.
First, the theoretical questions.
Second, the real lessons.
All practic lessons are recorded on video for the study of errors......

    Crucifixion and hanging - Crucifixion and hanging. 

Another practical lesson in the school of executioners.

    Quite a simple job  Full HD - A girl from a rival gang.

In the beginning she was raped, 
and then the boss ordered kill her.

OK. No problem.

    How to change the profession - Yesterday, she was an elite prostitute.
Her clients were businessmen and politicians.
She worked for the mafia.
She decided to become a photo model.
But to part with the Mafia is not so easy .....

    2 - Lost in forest, the girl becomes accidental witness witnessed of killers are trying to hide a body in the woods. They immediately kill the girls as unwanted witness. Now the gangsters have to hide the two corpses.

    FavoriteWork3 - She is the daughter of a businessman.
Her life is easy and pleasant.
She doesn't know that the mafia wants to take 
business from her father.
For this you need to eliminate of a businessman. 
To kill or break mentally.
A businessman has two daughters and a son.
The mafia boss instructs cruel to kill one of 
daughters of businessman.
It is killing should be remembered by all for a long time.

Bald always works is beautiful and variously.
He olweis do everything well.

    Short happiness 2  Full HD - She was selling the drugs. 
She always paid for the opportunity to do so.
But yesterday she decided to keep all the money 
from successful trades.
She decided to wait out the danger at the cottage of an old friend.

But today her was waited by an unpleasant surprise.
The police has the ability to localize outbound
calls with mobile phones.
Bribed a cop did it and told the mafia where she is today.

Boss commissioned Bald to kill her. 
Bald is always doing his job.

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