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  • Interesting video 1
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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    Clip Description

    Dialogue in a social network.

    Anna. Hi.

    Helen. Hi.

    Anna. I heard that you want to commit suicide?

    Helen. Yes.

    Anna. Wow!!!!

    Helen. Yes, I have already decided everything.

    Anna. But ... it is so unusual. Can I make video?

    Helen. Yes. I'm not against.

    Anna. How it will be?

    Helen. Hanging.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    avi254.27 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1
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But in order to write books need inspiration.
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That's interesting ...Wow!!

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Quite quickly responded one girl. 
She really needed the money...
She had no idea that what is happening is the casting for the role of a corpse...

He had long dreamed to repeat what has been repeatedly seen in BDSM movies.  
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So the victim is not quickly die. He'll play with her. 
Just the game will become tougher and tougher....

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It optimizes all the processes of the body so that the person ceases to age.
Immunity is increased by the collision that all the diseases remain in the past....
But for the use of neuroimplants you have to pay. 
Disabling neuroimplant leads to a quick and painful destruction of the human body.
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This practical work have to be done.

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