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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    Clip Description

    Dialogue in a social network.

    Anna. Hi.

    Helen. Hi.

    Anna. I heard that you want to commit suicide?

    Helen. Yes.

    Anna. Wow!!!!

    Helen. Yes, I have already decided everything.

    Anna. But ... it is so unusual. Can I make video?

    Helen. Yes. I'm not against.

    Anna. How it will be?

    Helen. Hanging.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    avi254.27 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Interesting video 1
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She really needed the money...
She had no idea that what is happening is the casting for the role of a corpse...

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Today he will succeed. And he's not going to hurry. 
So the victim is not quickly die. He'll play with her. 
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    The last party Full HD - 2058 year.....The world is in crisis and poverty. 
But those who have money can live forever.
Or rather, almost always.
Thirty years ago a unique device Corporation NID - neuroimplant. 
Electronic module that is surgically placed inside the skull. 
It optimizes all the processes of the body so that the person ceases to age.
Immunity is increased by the collision that all the diseases remain in the past....
But for the use of neuroimplants you have to pay. 
Disabling neuroimplant leads to a quick and painful destruction of the human body.
She had nothing to pay for the next 30 years neuroimplant. And that means life is over.
She threw a dinner party for friends. And she called a specialist of "helpdesk services",
which should help her to commit suicide...

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She loved the extreme.
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Money it always lacked. 
One friend told her how easy it was to start making money. 
It's easy...Great!  
Olga decided to start earning by participating in the shooting of BDSM videos.

Spanking did not like it - it hurt...
She decided to try to shoot a small clip in which she caresses herself with a noose around her neck....
And then put it on sale on one of the specific Internet resources.

Everything went just fine and Olga...a little carried away...

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She is an employee of a company, which renting the room next door to my place of work.
I immediately identified her for himself.
Too much sadness in her eyes.

Everything was very corny.
Her husband left her for another woman.
Children they did not have.
Years passed and the hopes for happiness becomes less .....
With the payment of loans became more difficult.
And she learned that her going to be fired.

Her psyche could not stand all this.
She prepared everything for own death.
And .... invited me to a meeting for the last time.

She also wanted to look more attractive after death....
She, too, was afraid of death .....
And I'm even a little helped her .....

    Mister Death 2 - Another one girl!!

Another fish from social networks.
I became a real fisherman.

I meet in a social network with the girl.
Very carefully, I begin to talk for death.
Week,other week and fish is caught.

Soon the girl is dancing for me for the last time.
Videorecording her dances I will leave in to my collection ....

She wanted to know how she will look ... after her death?

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Second, the real lessons.
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Big rusty nails.  
The blows of the hammer on the nails.....
It's a crucifix.

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