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  • Crucifixion 20 Full HD
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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD

    Clip Description

    An ancient cruel execution more like torture.

    But It can bring even more suffering if the executioner begins to flagellate his victim right on the cross.....

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
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    mp41219.22 MB

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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - Crucifixion 20 Full HD
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    The brave girl Petra 3 Full HD - Film 3 

When Petra's clone stopped communicating,
the Central Intelligence Agency decided to send
a girl named Gloria to find her.

Her mission was to find information about the fate
of the Petra clone.
The second task was to install
a miniature satellite repeater in any warehouse
or industrial near the metro depot, in which
Petra disappeared...

    Crucifixion 32 Full HD - Beautiful...Young...The sound of a hammer and nails digging into your hands and feet...The flames of pain consume the mind. It's a crucifix.

    Obstinate Girl Student 4 Full HD - The unfortunate girl supported the student protest movement on social networks.... two days Later, she was arrested...

    The Rope Around Her Neck 46 Full HD - A bleak future....

The girl is caught in the fact that she
faked a test work at the University.

She is sentenced to be hanged...

    Crucifixion 21 Full HD - Crucifixion....
An ancient cruel execution more like torture.

    Crucifixion 73 Full HD - The hot sun...

There is no strength to endure...

    Crucifixion 28 Full HD - Wooden cross. 
Big rusty nails.  
The blows of the hammer on the nails.....
It's a crucifix.

    Crucifixion 24 Series 1 Full HD - .....They wanted to break her completely. They made her crawl to the cross. They crucified her in front of a howling crowd and nailed a shameful sign over her that read Queen of WHORES. But she suffered without asking for mercy....

    Rack Stretching 3 Full HD - Film 3

The girl has suffered severely. 
She is stretched out by her arms and legs. 
You should see this.

    The rope around her nec 21 Full HD - Partial failure of the mains supply. 
Ominous gloom. 
A loop of thick rope.
 Naked girl. 

And all this was captured simultaneously by two video cameras. 

You should see this.

    Rack Stretching 8 Full HD - Agonizing torture, when the whole body is stretched like a string...

    The Suffering Innocent Girl 4 Full HD - The unfortunate girl suffers at the hands of bandits...

    The rope around her neck 8 Full HD - The loop is real and brutally strangling the poor girl.

Neck one, but loop each time different and differently dressed on a neck.  

Believe me, it's worth seeing.

    The rope around her nec 222 Full HD - Camera 2

Noose around the neck. Sound of the winch motor. The toes of her bare feet lifted from the floor. She doesn't have enough air.....All this she would have to go through again and again. You will see this on your screens. It's worth seeing! The film was shot with three video cameras simultaneously. And has respectively three series, each of which is a video from a separate video camera.

    Obstinate girl student 23 Full HD - Part 3

This girl was a graduate student in the Department of sociology at the local University. She was arrested during student protests.
The secret police are convinced that the
she is one of the leaders of the protest movement
at the local University. And the police were right. That's just to force the girl to testify despite torture did not work...

    Body Donor 3 Full HD - The political police officers decided to earn some money by selling the organs of the arrested girl.

But before you send her to the operating room, they need to examine the girl's body and torment her for the last time.

    Secret Drink Full HD - Dr. Squalus conducts another medical experiment on the arrested girl.

This time, an experimental drink for the Ministry of Defense should be tested.

 For reasons of humanity, it was not tested on laboratory animals.

    The Brave Girl Petra 2 Full HD - Film 2
Agent Petra, after brutal torture, died in the hands of the subway guards of a distant country. 
However, her mission was completed. 
A beacon for aiming precision weapons has been successfully installed. 

The Central Intelligence Agency decided to continue such operations and ordered a clone of Petra to its biotechnological department. 
This time, Petra-2 was supposed to install a special device in one of the metro premises, which, upon command from a satellite, would interfere with the operation of air defense systems. 
Petra -2 went on a mission. 
This time she was dressed in the clothes of an ordinary girl. And even armed ...

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