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     Fatal jealousy
    16 minutes

      Fatal jealousy - lga and Angela met after a long separation.
Their mutual sympathy has long turned into a lesbian love.
Today they hoped to enjoy each other.

So not the way the phone rang.....

Olga noticed in the phone of Angela's portrait of the other girl.
About this jealousy...!!! It will never lead to good....  Video for uncle
    20 minutes

      Video for uncle - Film "Favorite work 5"

"Video for uncle."

Today, Bald again engaged in favorite business.
One well-known businessman showed intransigence.
But to kill him the mafia will not...
It is necessary to make this businessman more accommodating.

This businessman has two nieces.
Bald without attracting the attention of girls, 
entered to the country house where they are.

In the beginning he killed from a pistol with a silencer the only guard.
Bald turned the CCTV system in the record mode.
And then he knocked on the door to the girls....

Bald copied the video with the last moments of the lives of girls.
Tomorrow, the businessman will receive this file by e-mail.
Let him think about how he should live.
After all, he has a daughter and a son.....
     Bench of death
    36 minutes

      Bench of death - His goes hunting.

Again, in the city there was a maniac.....
He is very dangerous. Any girl can become a victim.

Episode 5.  "Bench of death"

A new victim. A new place of action. The result is old...

In the beginning he long and varied torments her.
After that he will slowly kill her...  as always.  The victim of a car accident
    11 minutes

      The victim of a car accident - They wanted to get married...
But yesterday he had an accident on his car.

Yesterday it was not allowed in the intensive care unit. 
Today she called the hospital and told her that he died...
     A small job
    5 minutes

      A small job - Small and pleasant job for Bald.

The mafia boss ordered the killing of two employees of the bookmaker.
The has suspicions that they are agents of the police.

OK. Bald will make everything quite professionally.  The collapse of all hopes
    23 minutes

      The collapse of all hopes - Natasha Berg was the author of many adventure storyes.
The heroines of her books always fell into the dangerous
and tragic situations.
But in order to write books need inspiration.
And inspiration comes always unexpected .....

Need a plot for the next episode in the new book...

Yes!! I have an idea. It's cool!!

She's a businessman.
Her business threatened by bankruptcy.
All banks, where she hopes to refinance, refused her this....

Now she chooses how to commit suicide...
     The most recent error
    24 minutes

      The most recent error - His goes hunting.

Again, in the city there was a maniac.....
He is very dangerous. Any girl can become a victim.

Episode 4.  "The most recent error."

She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time...
She's doomed.  Mystery of the old factory
    33 minutes

      Mystery of the old factory - His goes hunting.

Again, in the city there was a maniac.....
He is very dangerous. Any girl can become a victim.

Episode 3.  "Mystery of the old factory"

Lisa beginner, but already a fashion designer of clothes. 
She must find not expensive premises to rent. 
There she would like to open their production of clothing.
Yesterday she received an e-mail offer. 
She was offered to rent a  workshop in an old factory on the 
outskirts of the city.

Today she got in the car and arrived at the specified address.....
     An article in the tabloid 4
    7 minutes

      An article in the tabloid 4 - Profession of Irina - a journalist.

She wrote lyrics for several tabloids.
For editors are always needed sensation. 
Any.  The truth is not important to them.
But Irina needs money.  OK!! She do it.

Episode 4

For editor urgently requires hot news.....
No minutes for personal life.....
Well. I will invent something.

Idea!! He is a businessman, the owner of the production. 
He broke up with her. 
She decides to commit suicide the evening right there, 
in the workshop premises.

Silly news of course... 
But that's what it takes to the editor.  Practice lessons 10
    14 minutes

      Practice lessons 10 - To become a bus driver needs to learn.
And to become the executioner also need to learn.
First, the theoretical questions.
Second, the real lessons.

All practic lessons are recorded 
on video for the study of errors......

The shooting - is one of the main practice lessons in
the course of training of the executioners.

The topic of today's lesson - "The shooting two girls".

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     Terrible The Gir1
    8 minutes
      Terrible  The Gir1 - The unfortunate ****** was beaten with a rubber truncheon on the soles of her feet and spine. Executioner mites squeezed her fingers and toes. She cut a narrow body with a knife. In the end, neither of which is not achieving the executioner cut off the nipple of one of the Gir1's breasts and then *********.  The First Tortures
    6 minutes
      The First Tortures - In a faraway country's civil war...

Her @rested for putting up flyers.
In the beginning she was beaten and then her brutally t0rtured, and then she will be h@nged.
    10 minutes
      Parting - She decided to change her life.
She decided to leave.
But Bald thinks otherwise.  He she and cocaine
    18 minutes
      He she and cocaine - Natasha haven't problems. Her life composed from night lights, dances, cocktails, cool boys in cool cars and drags. She would fall asleep on morning in embrace of regular stranger, wake up in evening, ready to join in the next cycle of debauch. No problem, only one that is a cigar lighter is broken and she so much want to smoke! But it's not afraid, new boyfriend of course have the matches.
-Pasha! Where is your?
He gone somewhere. He strange, likely he a gangster. Natasha don't have interest all this. The main reason is that he gives to her good sex and money. Natasha don't ask smart question, don't complicate the life. And now she didn't hear the answer from lover, and opened his bag. Natasha's guess about activity her lover was right. In bag were some packets with white powder. At once girl forget about cigar lighter she began to taste content of packet and felt familiar bitter taste. She overdose and lose control. Life beginning to shine with new colors. 
She decided to share happy with her girlfriend.
- Hi! You still work? You work too much. Throw it and come to my room in hotel. Address? I'm forget!! Ha ha ha!
In middle of this action appeared Pasha. On the morning he has a desire to have sex with Natasha. 
Under grags she doesn't noticed how changed Pasha's face. He had seen the open bag and used powder.
- What's the fucking doing? How you open my case?
Gangster understood that he don't receive answer from stoned girl. And he remembered about responsibility for commodity before his chief. 
Now he must be act quickly and calmly. On the bad laid stoned stupid whore , the hitch which he needs to eliminate. Of course he don't use the gun, he will use the tights. 
He smile to credulous girl and sit back her and quickly throw the loop on her neck.
- What are you going? - she still think that it was game.
When loop protract her neck girl began panic.
To shout and to resist she can't, only moving in steely hands of gangster. Bit by bit together with air life leave her. And already last convulsions. For gangster it was so easy like to kill a cat. He forgot her name some time later, there was only disappointment on problems.
Hastily Pasha remove from the room. 
On the bad among black sheets stagnated pale body.
     Death Or Betrayal Part Two
    9 minutes
      Death Or Betrayal Part Two - It must either betray or die. She chooses death.  Practic lessons 8
    8 minutes
      Practic lessons 8 - Hanging, this is an important and responsible practical work.
Especially if it\\\\\\\'s a girl hanging.
This practical work have to be done.

    Welcome to 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions
    911 Entertainment was light hearted production studio established in 2010 by Gringo. Cruel World productions was later added in 2015 by Liu. This partnership produce short clips in Shooting, Stabbing, Hanging, Electrocusion and similar genres.

    Featuring 109 Clips / 1106 minutes of video!

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      Fatal jealousy

    Fatal jealousy

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      Video for uncle

    Video for uncle

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      Bench of death

    Bench of death

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      The victim of a car accident

    The victim of a car accident

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      A small job

    A small job

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      The collapse of all hopes

    The collapse of all hopes

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      The most recent error

    The most recent error

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      Mystery of the old factory

    Mystery of the old factory

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      An article in the tabloid 4

    An article in the tabloid 4

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      Practice lessons 10

    Practice lessons 10

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      Strange games

    Strange games

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      An article in the tabloid 3

    An article in the tabloid 3

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      An article in the tabloid 3 The debtor

    An article in the tabloid 3 The debtor

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      An article in the tabloid 2

    An article in the tabloid 2

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