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    Most Recent 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions Videos! more
     Bench of death 2 Full HD
    35 minutes

      Bench of death 2  Full HD - Bloodthirsty maniac has captured another victim.

At first he mocked and tormented her. 
And then hung her....  Just a girl 5 Full HD
    13 minutes

      Just a girl 5 Full HD - Cruel and cynical executioner executed a sweet tiny girl.

Just a girl.....
just the neck.....
just a loop....
just death on the gallows....
     The missing document Full HD
    18 minutes

      The missing document  Full HD - Two days ago, an employee of a thriving construction firm 
took away one document from the firm's office.

It was the permission signed by the corrupt officials for 
demolition of a historical and architectural monument. 
 The girl wanted to pass it to journalists....

She couldn't have known the owners 
of the firm would turn to the mob for help....

Today, the boss of the mafia ordered the Bald To find a document 
in the girl's apartment, and kill her her. 
Bald always does his job well...  Fun adventure Full HD
    19 minutes

      Fun adventure  Full HD - Today, the maniac decided to shoot his attack on the action camera, 
which is held by a special belt on his forehead.
     Torture art 4 Full HD
    16 minutes

      Torture art 4  Full HD - When the executioner no planned work, he has time on art.
At first he beat the girl with a rubber baton, and then her strangled with a loop.  Just I love the work
    20 minutes

      Just I love the work - Today the boss again allowed Bald - "have some fun".  
One thing condition - victim, must die...
     The loop in the shower room 2 Full HD
    36 minutes

      The loop in the shower room  2 Full HD - Another crime. 
This time the maniac commits a crime in the old shower room....
He still shoots everything on video camera....  Just a girl 4 Full HD
    12 minutes

      Just a girl 4 Full HD - Just a girl.....
just the neck.....
just a loop....
just death on the gallows....
     Girlish dreams Full HD
    13 minutes

      Girlish dreams  Full HD - Dreams of the girl. What are they? Ah, if only we could see it ....  A bug in the game Full HD
    10 minutes

      A bug in the game  Full HD - The girl works as a night watchman at the factory.

When she is alone, she plays in selfstrangulation.

But today she made a small mistake.

    Random 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions Clips more
     How it was
    24 minutes
      How it was - How it was.....

It was in 1942, the time of the German occupation of soviet cities.
 Prisoners of war, soldiers of Red army and others was captured for work at the railway station.
 They should be unloaded a wagons. 
The food was poor. 
The work was hard. 
When someone sick and could not working, overseer killed them.
 Guerrillas have decided to help a prisoners for escape.
 For purpose was needs a civil clothing for prisoners. 
Women can make it easy because overseer watched at them in earnest. 
Partisan Tanya decided to do it. 
Her attempt was successful and escape took place.
 But near the exit of station patrol tried to stop her. 
The girl began to shoot. She killed officer and other soldiers was injured. 
Tanya run out but can't to recharge the gun and soldiers disarmed her.
 She was beaten. 
Then four soldiers raped unfortunate girl.
 She felt a hand a German officer which tortured her inside the warehouse. In anger, he wrote the date of execution incorrectly .... February 1942 instead of October. 

He personally hung the girl. But the rope broke down. He hung girl again. And with pleasure I photographed the body unfortunate girl.  Hang1ng Doctor
    6 minutes
      Hang1ng Doctor - The G1rl is a doctor.
She treated the rebels. After she was captured by the military, she was transferred to counterintelligence. Here she meets her de@th by Hang1ng, without any trial.
     Quite a simple job Full HD
    7 minutes
      Quite a simple job  Full HD - A girl from a rival gang.

In the beginning she was raped, 
and then the boss ordered kill her.

OK. No problem.  A small job
    5 minutes
      A small job - Small and pleasant job for Bald.

The mafia boss ordered the killing of two employees of the bookmaker.
The has suspicions that they are agents of the police.

OK. Bald will make everything quite professionally.
     The accelerated investigation Full HD
    20 minutes
      The accelerated investigation  Full HD - "The accelerated investigation."

This firm worked for the mafia.
But that did not know about even employees. 
Only knows the boss.

Today he had lost a stack of dollars from the drawer of the desktop.

The mafia will help to resolve this issue. 

Bald received orders to fix everything and punish the guilty...

Suspicion immediately fell on the Secretary. 
And Bald was right.  Hang1ng Gir1 Rebel
    7 minutes
      Hang1ng Gir1 Rebel - She did not betray fellow rebels.
Now her life is over. She will end it in a loop in the basement of counterintelligence.
The executioner knocks the chair out from under the feet of a miserable gir1 and she twitches dy1ng in the loop.

    Welcome to 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions
    911 Entertainment was light hearted production studio established in 2010 by Gringo. Cruel World productions was later added in 2015 by Liu. This partnership produce short clips in Shooting, Stabbing, Hanging, Electrocusion and similar genres.

    Featuring 206 Clips / 2910 minutes of video!

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      Bench of death 2 Full HD

    Bench of death 2  Full HD

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      Just a girl 5 Full HD

    Just a girl 5 Full HD

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      The missing document Full HD

    The missing document  Full HD

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      Fun adventure Full HD

    Fun adventure  Full HD

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      Torture art 4 Full HD

    Torture art 4  Full HD

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      Just I love the work

    Just I love the work

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      The loop in the shower room 2 Full HD

    The loop in the shower room  2 Full HD

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      Just a girl 4 Full HD

    Just a girl 4 Full HD

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      Girlish dreams Full HD

    Girlish dreams  Full HD

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      A bug in the game Full HD

    A bug in the game  Full HD

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      Today on TV football Full HD

    Today on TV football  Full HD

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      Russian girl 5

    Russian girl 5

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      Twin sisters Full HD

    Twin sisters  Full HD

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      Voluntary death Full HD

    Voluntary death  Full HD

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      Bald can slightly relax Full HD

    Bald can slightly relax  Full HD

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