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    Most Recent 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions Videos! more
     A walk in the Park Full HD
    14 minutes

      A walk in the Park Full HD - The most simple and safe idea can sometimes turn into a tragedy.
She decided to take a walk in the Park.....
Probably would be better if she went to the movies...  Favorite work 11 FULL HD
    26 minutes

      Favorite work 11  FULL HD - Today, Bald must kill the one girl.

These girl is are broker for the sale of real estate. 
She refused to pay the mafia.
Bald introduced himself as the person who wants to sell the apartment.
Bald received an order from a mafia boss. This is enough....

She will die. But first Bald be play with her
 in your game of the death.
Bald always works is beautiful and variously.
     The loop in the shower room Full HD
    1 minutes

      The loop in the shower room Full HD - Another crime. 
This time the maniac commits a crime in the old shower room....
He still shoots everything on video camera....  Instructive photos Full HD
    16 minutes

      Instructive photos Full HD - Today the Bald received the assignment to strangle the 
 witness who agreed to testify in court against the mafia.
 The Boss ordered to kill her and take pictures of the corpse.
 The killing will be slow.
 These photos are a warning to witnesses who survived.
     Movie clip for memories 2 Full HD
    15 minutes

      Movie clip for memories 2  Full HD - Loop in an abandoned building.

Another video of their crimes.
In a deserted place, he suddenly attacked the girl.

At the beginning of a maniac, mocking his victim, 
and then hung her in an abandoned building....  Car death Full HD
    15 minutes

      Car death  Full HD - A maniac attacked a woman who stopped car on the side of the forest road.

Her car will serve as the instrument of her death....
     Nettles Full HD
    24 minutes

      Nettles Full HD - Nettles...Quite a common plant....
And a plastic bag is quite a normal thing....  Severe death in the woods Full HD
    22 minutes

      Severe death in the woods Full HD - Today he killed his next victim.....

Crucified the unfortunate girl on earth. 
And after much agonizing, strangled....
     Old house Full HD
    1 minutes

      Old house  Full HD - Tortures and suffocation girl.

Here Bald leads those whom mafia bosses ordered to be destroyed.

Today another murder. 
Marina accountant. 
She accidentally learned too much about the financial machinations of the mafia.

Bald always offers its prospective victims, purchase a very cheap apartment, 
allegedly his inherited from elderly aunt....

No one will refuse such a bargain...  Last tears Full HD
    19 minutes

      Last tears  Full HD - Tonight she raped. 
A rich relative and the company of his drunken friends.

She doesn't want to live anymore...

    Random 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions Clips more
     Rebel Scout Hang1ng
    5 minutes
      Rebel Scout Hang1ng - Rebel Scout arrested.
Her fate, of course, is unenviable. After the interrogation, she is waiting for de@th by Hang1ng.  Elsa Hates Them All Part Three
    4 minutes
      Elsa Hates Them All Part Three - Elsa is sentenced to death by *******. 
They push her by kicking on a rusty barrel, throw the loop. These rough rope and red dress are the only things that putted on her – they’re her last clothes. Dark walls of the prison basement and the executioner laugh – there are only things that left to her before dying. 
She is so whacked that wants any death brings her out of this nightmare. Endless hours they rankled her with stiletto and metal tongs, battered with police baton. ***** runs down her feet on concrete floor. Her only remaining resource is constrained moan. 
The executioner pulls the barrel away from under feet of the condemned. She tries to hold on to the barrel by bare feet. burning shortage of oxygen squeezes her lungs. Elsa cannot scream, only constrained rales are hearded from pale lips. 
Last attempts to break forth and pangs of death are mixed. Tears are freesed on her distorted face, her mouth convulsively opens to find last jolt of air. But no quarter will be given, the sentence must be enforced. When the executioner is convinced in her death, Elsa’s bloody body is slowly moved down the floor. 
Her body along with other plagued ones will be hurried in a truck and taken out of a town, where they will be buried in nameless grave.
     Practic lessons 9
    17 minutes
      Practic lessons 9 - To become a bus driver needs to learn.
And to become the executioner also need to learn.
First, the theoretical questions.
Second, the real lessons.

All practic lessons are recorded 
on video for the study of errors......


Hanging - is one of the main practik lessons
in the course of training of the executioners.

The topic of today's lesson - "Short drop".

Practic lessons 9

Starting this month, students are required to clean up after a waste of practical lessons.  Own business
    9 minutes
      Own business - She left the gang. 
She opened her own business.

Now she's a drug dealer. 
But the band has not forgotten about it .....
     Smile of Faun
    14 minutes
      Smile of Faun - What is means this lines for girls that take part in harsh quest?
 Who of them passing through blood and tears for win?
 How much lives take with insidious smile of Faun? 

According to the rules, only one which experienced on own body the steel and hanging  receives one million dollars.... 
Destiny of loser is unknown.  Deadly stress
    8 minutes
      Deadly stress - Working in an office is the eternal stress.
She overstayed a bank loan.
Her boyfriend left her for another.
The consequences are unpredictable when the gun at hand.

    Welcome to 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions
    911 Entertainment was light hearted production studio established in 2010 by Gringo. Cruel World productions was later added in 2015 by Liu. This partnership produce short clips in Shooting, Stabbing, Hanging, Electrocusion and similar genres.

    Featuring 125 Clips / 1376 minutes of video!

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      A walk in the Park Full HD

    A walk in the Park Full HD

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      Favorite work 11 FULL HD

    Favorite work 11  FULL HD

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      The loop in the shower room Full HD

    The loop in the shower room Full HD

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      Instructive photos Full HD

    Instructive photos Full HD

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      Movie clip for memories 2 Full HD

    Movie clip for memories 2  Full HD

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      Car death Full HD

    Car death  Full HD

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      Nettles Full HD

    Nettles Full HD

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      Severe death in the woods Full HD

    Severe death in the woods Full HD

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      Old house Full HD

    Old house  Full HD

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      Last tears Full HD

    Last tears  Full HD

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      The last day off Full HD

    The last day off  Full HD

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      The accelerated investigation Full HD

    The accelerated investigation  Full HD

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      Quite a simple job Full HD

    Quite a simple job  Full HD

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      Last selfie Full HD

    Last selfie  Full HD

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      Selfie of a sexual maniac Part 1 FullHD

    Selfie of a sexual maniac   Part 1  FullHD

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