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     Photo shoot with a surprise Full HD
    18 minutes

      Photo shoot with a surprise Full HD - Helen has two passions - her business and photography.
Her business is transportation of goods by trucks. 
A week ago, she refused to transport plastic cans of powder. 
Too strange were these cans. She had a lot of questions about this cans.  
She didn't know the company she turned down was a front for the mob.

On Thursday, Helen Agreed with the photographer to make her a photo shoot in the NUDE style.
She didn't know that the mafia boss had ordered a Bald to kill her.
For this Bald, wearing the clothes of the janitor rooms. 
The staff of the photo Studio mistook him for a new employee....

When the photoshoot began, the photographer's phone suddenly rang 
and he was told that the police were evacuating his car...  You do not need me anymore Full HD
    13 minutes

      You do not need me anymore Full HD - Video shot by a fan of our Studio

Bald rested in a small country house of his friend.
Today, it should come to the girl - a drug courier, 
who needs to pay for the transportation of drugs.

But the boss of the mafia, allowed Bald not to pay the girl, 
and solve the problem...somehow.
     A small debt Full HD
    21 minutes

      A small debt  Full HD - She was teaching drugs that the mafia was supplying her.
But who knows for how much?  If you sell a little more expensive, 
no one will notice anything, but there will be a good amount.

Everything was so great, but one day it all became known to the mafia boss.
He sent Bald to politely ask her to transfer the rest of the money to the mafia accounts.  
It's very polite to ask....

This girl will not be difficult to do. Simply by using your smartphone you can 
transfer money anywhere in the world...  A failed abduction Full HD
    1 minutes

      A failed abduction  Full HD - He was instructed to break into a mansion 
on the outskirts of the city and kidnap 
the daughter of an assistant district attorney.

He was able to get in there.  But the abduction fell through. 
And he used the fallback....
     Forest walk 11
    12 minutes

      Forest walk 11 - As well in the woods.
Sunny day. The rustle of leaves.....

Sometimes it's the last thing the victim hears in your life....  Forest walk 10
    19 minutes

      Forest walk 10 - The attack of a maniac at the girl walking in the woods.
First he brutally beats her. He's strangling her with a loop.
And then strangling her to death....
     Russian girl 10 Full HD
    14 minutes

      Russian girl 10 Full HD - She decided to die......
She managed this is not the first attempt....
Although still managed...  Forest walk 9 Full HD
    17 minutes

      Forest walk 9  Full HD - As well in the woods.
Sunny day. The rustle of leaves.....

Sometimes it's the last thing the victim hears in your life....
     Agent without number Full HD
    19 minutes

      Agent without number  Full HD - She opened her own detective Agency.
All of the employees in agency were two. 
She and an elderly woman from a neighboring house, 
who came to clean a small office twice a week for 
a small fee.

Business developed in General successfully. 
But things were terribly monotonous. 
Either wife ordered to prove the infidelity 
of the husband, or the husband ordered 
to prove the infidelity of his wife....

One day she was called by the unknown and 
offered for a very substantial amount of money 
to find out whether the premises of an abandoned 
factory warehouse of smuggled goods.

She get inside the abandoned factory 
was not difficult, but she realized too late that 
she's not alone in there....  Dreams of a maniac Full HD
    12 minutes

      Dreams of a maniac Full HD - Sometimes he dreams.  
Color dreams. 
nd he wakes up and can't figure out if it really happened....or only will someday.

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     How it was
    24 minutes
      How it was - How it was.....

It was in 1942, the time of the German occupation of soviet cities.
 Prisoners of war, soldiers of Red army and others was captured for work at the railway station.
 They should be unloaded a wagons. 
The food was poor. 
The work was hard. 
When someone sick and could not working, overseer killed them.
 Guerrillas have decided to help a prisoners for escape.
 For purpose was needs a civil clothing for prisoners. 
Women can make it easy because overseer watched at them in earnest. 
Partisan Tanya decided to do it. 
Her attempt was successful and escape took place.
 But near the exit of station patrol tried to stop her. 
The girl began to shoot. She killed officer and other soldiers was injured. 
Tanya run out but can't to recharge the gun and soldiers disarmed her.
 She was beaten. 
Then four soldiers raped unfortunate girl.
 She felt a hand a German officer which tortured her inside the warehouse. In anger, he wrote the date of execution incorrectly .... February 1942 instead of October. 

He personally hung the girl. But the rope broke down. He hung girl again. And with pleasure I photographed the body unfortunate girl.  Unusual reality quest Full HD
    23 minutes
      Unusual reality quest  Full HD - She met him on social networks.

He was interesting to talk to and soon she began to consider him a friend.

One day he wrote her that working for a firm selling a participation in reality-quests.

She said that she would like to participate, 
but she doesn't have the extra money.
A week later he wrote that it is possible 
to go through the  reality quest  free.
He wrote that the firm as advertising satisfied free quest.

She immediately agreed....

On the appointed day she arrived at the designated place.
It was an old industrial building.
The building looked abandoned, 
but inside it was warm and she heard strange sounds....

Under the terms of the quest she must follow the instructions of the operator, 
which will receive on his mobile phone.
Inside the building operator ordered her to take off shoes...she did it.
 Although she experienced a slight dissatisfaction....
     Russian girl 10 Full HD
    14 minutes
      Russian girl 10 Full HD - She decided to die......
She managed this is not the first attempt....
Although still managed...  Seven Deths Part 3
    12 minutes
      Seven Deths Part 3 - She was arrested.
What does it mean, to be ****** many times in a row? Today, she finds out about this.
     Quiet basement Full HD
    29 minutes
      Quiet basement  Full HD - In the industrial area of the city there are many semi derelict buildings.
One of them has the basement, which was prepared under the lease.
But the lease was never signed. Until now, the basement is empty.
Maniac has managed to make the key to the lock of the basement.
Now the maniac may kill their victims slowly.  Elsa Hates Them All Part Two
    8 minutes
      Elsa Hates Them All  Part Two - A jet of cold water yfgbcfnm. A cold water jet brings her round. The first thing she feels is metallic flavor in the mouth. Only when she can cope with a sharp pain in her ribs and take a breath, it comes the awareness that it is the taste of death. She, the public enemy, is being killed in police ******* chamber methodically and for a long time. But now there is no corrupt officials and venal rats in the government for Elsa – there are only the executioner and her body, which he cut with a stylet. 
The **** is bleeding, her hands and feet are tied to iron chair. Rubber truncheon, well acquired police weapon, defiantly turns up in the executioner hands. He deliver first blows. Cutting dull pain speeds like wildfire through her body. The **** cries at the top of voice - this cry is last and vain hope of salvation. In this country there is no one who could save her in this country, she is already a corpse for everyone. The truncheon touches upon her back, smart blow right off comes on. The executioner methodically walks around her as a chef cooks a slab of meat. 
Through tears and the fog of fear she sees forceps in the executioner hands. Elsa looks no longer, she knows the iron clutch is going to inexorably tighten her fingers. Right now her body turns to the phials of pain. The executioner is satisfied with his work only when all fingers are disfigured. 
Elsa gets another truncheon blows and falls into black abyss of unconsciousness.

    Welcome to 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions
    911 Entertainment was light hearted production studio established in 2010 by Gringo. Cruel World productions was later added in 2015 by Liu. This partnership produce short clips in Shooting, Stabbing, Hanging, Electrocusion and similar genres.

    Featuring 288 Clips / 4234 minutes of video!

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      Photo shoot with a surprise Full HD

    Photo shoot with a surprise Full HD

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      You do not need me anymore Full HD

    You do not need me anymore Full HD

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      A small debt Full HD

    A small debt  Full HD

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      A failed abduction Full HD

    A failed abduction  Full HD

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      Forest walk 11

    Forest walk 11

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      Forest walk 10

    Forest walk 10

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      Russian girl 10 Full HD

    Russian girl 10 Full HD

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      Forest walk 9 Full HD

    Forest walk 9  Full HD

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      Agent without number Full HD

    Agent without number  Full HD

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      Dreams of a maniac Full HD

    Dreams of a maniac Full HD

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      How to make some money Full HD

    How to make some money Full HD

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      The sins of the father Full HD

    The sins of the father Full HD

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      Just a girl 12

    Just a girl 12

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      Faces of death 6

    Faces of death 6

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      ExecutionerMemories and episodes FHD

    ExecutionerMemories and episodes FHD

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