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    26 minutes

      Missing documents  Full HD - Martha was the boss's Secretary for a construction company.
Life was beautiful until Martha took out a loan for an expensive car.
Very soon she realized that she was not able to pay it. 
And then she had a plan.

Martha secretly carried away from the desktop boss several important documents.
She hoped that then she" will find " the missing documents and the boss will pay her a bonus.

Poor girl.  
She didn't know that all this was recorded with hidden cameras installed in the boss's office.
The boss decided that Martha was sent by competitors and asked for help to the mafia.....

The bandit binds and after bullying strangles the poor girl.
Fight scenes, bondage scenes and strangulation scenes.  Russian girl 9 Full HD
    10 minutes

      Russian girl 9 Full HD - She decided to die......
She managed this is not the first attempt....
Although still managed....
     Practice lessons 42 Full HD
    32 minutes

      Practice lessons 42  Full HD - Cruel strangling

It\'s worth seeing..........  Maniacs always a maniac Full HD
    32 minutes

      Maniacs always a maniac  Full HD - He worked as a construction worker.  
But maniac be not stopped even at work.

He could not and did not want to hold himself....
     Forest walk 5 Full HD
    16 minutes

      Forest walk 5  Full HD - The attack of a maniac at the girl walking in the woods.

Sometimes the paths in the city parks lead straight to death....  Russian girl 8 Full HD
    9 minutes

      Russian girl 8  Full HD - She decided to broadcast her suicide on the Internet.

It has installed two web cameras. 
You will see a video of alternating frames from these web cameras.
     Daily work Full HD
    13 minutes

      Daily work  Full HD - The boss ordered, the Bald one carried out the order.....
Just business, nothing personal.  Girl home alone 5
    17 minutes

      Girl home alone 5 - She always loved extreme sex...

She loved the extreme.
But what could be more extreme than the noose around his neck?
     Death will ring the doorbell Full HD
    22 minutes

      Death will ring the doorbell Full HD - He grabbed her. Section her. Tied her up. He strangled her...

Brutal, highly cynical and realistic clip.

She was accountant. Just an honest accountant.
She found strange in the financial documents 
and did not remain silent about it.

She didn't know she'd stumbled upon a mafia scam. 
And the mafia will not forgive her.

The boss ordered a Bald to kill her. 
He said to the Bald - " you can have a little fun."  Unobtrusive help Full HD
    9 minutes

      Unobtrusive help  Full HD - Tanya is a young journalist.  
Once she wrote a devastating article in the newspaper 
about a huge illegal garbage dump near the city.
She didn't know that dump was controlled by the mob.

Two days later, under mysterious circumstances 
disappeared mother and younger sister Tanya.

The next day Tanya was dragged on the street in a 
car with tinted windows and brought to a chic suburban 
house surrounded by a high fence.

The mafia boss asked her to either commit suicide 
voluntarily or her mother and sister would be buried alive.  
Anna started crying ...and she agreed.

The mafia boss ordered the Bald to prepare everything 
in advance and help the girl a little in her difficult tas.

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     Fun adventure Full HD
    19 minutes
      Fun adventure  Full HD - Today, the maniac decided to shoot his attack on the action camera, 
which is held by a special belt on his forehead.  Short happiness 2 Full HD
    23 minutes
      Short happiness 2  Full HD - She was selling the drugs. 
She always paid for the opportunity to do so.
But yesterday she decided to keep all the money 
from successful trades.
She decided to wait out the danger at the cottage of an old friend.

But today her was waited by an unpleasant surprise.
The police has the ability to localize outbound
calls with mobile phones.
Bribed a cop did it and told the mafia where she is today.

Boss commissioned Bald to kill her. 
Bald is always doing his job.
     The house that Maniac built Full HD
    30 minutes
      The house that Maniac built  Full HD - This is the house that maniac built.This is the rope
That lay in the house that maniac built.This is the girl,
That is rope for her....
That lay in the house that maniac built.......  Electricity And Suff0ction
    10 minutes
      Electricity And Suff0ction - Nadia worked on the railway station. Once upon a time, at the station, in an atmosphere of secrecy, military echelon was loaded. The brigade of special ****** had to advance quickly to the suppression of rebel of  residents of one of the regions of the country, dissatisfied with the policy of social and national authorities. The train left the station, and on the first stretch crashed into a ditch. Insurgents blew it up underneath the railway track. One of the versions being explored counterintelligence was that the railway workers informed the rebels.
Dozens of people were caught up in the Counterintelligence they were severely ********, hoping to find an informant of rebels. They caught also Nadia.
     The First Tortures
    6 minutes
      The First Tortures - In a faraway country's civil war...

Her @rested for putting up flyers.
In the beginning she was beaten and then her brutally t0rtured, and then she will be h@nged.  Bench of death 2 Full HD
    35 minutes
      Bench of death 2  Full HD - Bloodthirsty maniac has captured another victim.

At first he mocked and tormented her. 
And then hung her....

    Welcome to 911 Entertainment Cruel World productions
    911 Entertainment was light hearted production studio established in 2010 by Gringo. Cruel World productions was later added in 2015 by Liu. This partnership produce short clips in Shooting, Stabbing, Hanging, Electrocusion and similar genres.

    Featuring 249 Clips / 3662 minutes of video!

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      Missing documents Full HD

    Missing documents  Full HD

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      Russian girl 9 Full HD

    Russian girl 9 Full HD

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      Practice lessons 42 Full HD

    Practice lessons 42  Full HD

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      Maniacs always a maniac Full HD

    Maniacs always a maniac  Full HD

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      Forest walk 5 Full HD

    Forest walk 5  Full HD

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      Russian girl 8 Full HD

    Russian girl 8  Full HD

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      Daily work Full HD

    Daily work  Full HD

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      Girl home alone 5

    Girl home alone 5

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      Death will ring the doorbell Full HD

    Death will ring the doorbell Full HD

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      Unobtrusive help Full HD

    Unobtrusive help  Full HD

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      Deadly meditation Full HD

    Deadly meditation Full HD

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      Twin Sisters 2 Part 2 Full HD

    Twin Sisters 2 Part 2 Full HD

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      Twin sisters 2 Part 1 Full HD

    Twin sisters 2 Part 1 Full HD

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      Forest walk 4 Full HD

    Forest walk 4  Full HD

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      Movie flip for memories 4 FullHD

    Movie flip for memories 4 FullHD

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