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    HorrorGasm - Possession

    Clip Description

    Contains: Demon Possession, *****, Restraint, Nudity, Chloro, Sacrifice Theme, Knife Wounds

    Deedra has made a trip to the local used book store. She picked up a strange looking book called the Necronomicon. Within its pages are incantation after incantation calling forth the demons of darkness. Just reading the spells can bring about the possession of an innocent (and unsuspecting) mind.

    Deedra makes this fatal mistake, and is driven to do one thing: sacrifice her roommate to her new gods. The possession takes hold of her. Her day job is that of physician's assistant and she has brought home a few items to experiment with -- one of them being a vial of **********. She gets it out of the closet and dumps some of it on a towel. As Sindy is watching TV, Deedra attacks her and ****** her into *********** with the **********.

    Sindy is placed on a makeshift altar and stripped, then tied at her wrists and ankles.

    Sindy ***** up to find Deedra standing over her with the sharpest, most disgusting knife she has ever seen. Still in shock, she asks Deedra what she is doing, but all she gets back is gibberish. The knife flies through the air and lands in Sindy's soft belly. Sindy screams in agony and surprise.

    No sooner does Deedra have the knife pulled out, she plunges it into Sindy's breast. Sindy spits up ***** and slowly fades away, her *****-curdling screams turned to whimpers and then a final sigh. Deedra closes Sindy's eyes and goes back to reading her book. Now the GOD's will come and reward her!

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv109.99 MB

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    HorrorGasm - Possession

    HorrorGasm - Possession

    HorrorGasm - Possession

    HorrorGasm - Possession

    HorrorGasm - Possession

    HorrorGasm - Possession
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She's hesitant, naturally, going to this guy's house. But she then seems interested in the location, seems interested in the room. He tells her about the amazing view from his room, which again, makes her hesitate, but she eventually relents to see. She's also complaining about time -- gotta get back. She probably realizes she shouldn't have come alone but she isn't the brightest person. Eventually, after brief discussion about price and timing, she wants to go. That's when he attacks. 

He's so confident he wrestles her to the bed and takes her. She so shocked that she doesn't resist when he removes her clothes afterwards and cuffs her, the way she'll stay the rest of her life. He's got her trapped and now is able to realize his fantasies. He's able to lube her bottom and makes her pay, reminding her of the time she drunkenly told him and some friends that she'd never let a guy in her ass. Eventually it's time for the kill. He leads her toward the bathroom, easier to clean up if she pees. 

On the way though she's begging and trying to go limp, not wanting to participate in this death march. He's so turned on by everything culminating the way he's always hoped, down to having her pleading for her life that he does her one more time. Lastly, he asks her gently to sit down in the bathtub. When she asks why he assures her everything will be okay. When she finally does, he ********* her with a rope. 

He takes his time with the kill, realizing how much he enjoyed the two previous murders. After she's gone, he unleashes her, telling her body that he's got a spot all prepared for her.

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