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    15 minutes


Riley Reyes  Jack Vegas

Rated XXX

An undercover agent wears a wire to get incriminating information on a crime boss. They have sex, but afterward he shoots her to de*th before she can leave with the evidence.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Beautiful woman in car places recording mike under her blouse
She buttons up, exits car and goes into house
She has on sexy professional clothing, white blouse, grey skirt, strap heels
Inside house she meets well-dressed (suit and tie) crime boss
They sit on couch, drink wine, and talk
They get amorous, start sexual foreplay
He fondles her, she stands and raises her skirt
Pulling down her white panties, he exposes her ass
More fondling, light foot worship, pussy stroking
He starts to undress, taking off his jacket and tie
She positions herself on couch and he gives her cunnilingus
When she is wet, she turns and offers her pussy from behind
He takes off his shirt, opens his pants and starts to fuck her
Hair pulling, moaning
Hot sex from behind
She keeps her blouse on to hide the wire
He cums inside her and withdraws
She lowers her skirt, gets ready to leave
As she walks toward the door he pulls out a hidden gun
He shoots her through the lower back
She responds, clutching her front where blood has appeared
Bullet has gone nearly through her
She turns back to him and he shoots her over and over
Bloodstains on clothing, more blood dripping down legs
She convulses with each shot
She stays upright for a moment, then collapses to the floor, de*d
He flips her over, opens her blouse and rips out the wire
Spreading her bloody body on the floor, he has sex with her cor*pse
Climaxing, he leaves her spread-eagled face up on the floor
De*th stare, closeups of sexy cor*pse, blood everywhere.  ARMPIT FETISH STRNGLER
    29 minutes


Starring: Jennifer White, Brad Knight
Rated XXX

A man and woman have a vigorous workout together, then have sweaty consensual sex, during which he str*ngles her with her workout towel.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Man and woman are outside, working out
Both are in sweats
She is wearing a pink tank, black spandex pants and pink sneakers
After working out side by side, he sits behind her to watch
While she does bends and stretches he lowers his shorts and masturbates
When she finishes her routine and looks back, he has covered his cock
She picks up her workout towel and they talk and flirt
They go inside the house, into the bedroom
They kiss and caress each other
He frequently sniffs her towel, liking the smell of her sweat
She sits on the bed and he takes off her tank top
He smells that too, enjoying her scent
He kisses her, fondles her naked breasts, also kisses her armpit
Continuing to undress her, he removes her pants and sneakers
Each time, he smells her clothing
When she is nude, he gives her cunnilingus
Very aroused, she watches him strip
Both naked, they have sex with her in a butterfly position
She then pivots and sucks his cock
After long fellatio, he picks up her workout towel
He wraps the towel loosely around her neck
They fuck some more in varying positions
Periodically he twists the towel tighter, but never for long
Finally he fucks her doggie-style, using the towel for more breath play
She enjoys this, and wants him to do it harder
He wraps the towel tight around her neck
At first she thinks it is more play, but then he starts to really str*ngle her
She struggles on her knees in front of him on the bed
He strangles her hard, slumped forward and then pulled upright
Choking, gasping
She starts to weaken, twitching and going limp
She di*s, and he lets her crumple down onto the bed
Arranging her on her back, he caresses her breasts, kisses her feet
Finally he smells, kisses and licks her armpit
He takes her workout towel and leaves
Final views of her sprawled body and de*th stare.
    37 minutes

      OFFICIAL BUSINESS - OFFICIAL BUSINESS- Starring:  Liv Revamped aka Aguilar, Reno   Time: 36:36 Minutes    Size: 1.74 GB

Rated XXX

An official sends a hitman to “take care of business” with a woman he wants out of the way. The kil*ler subdues her, has sex with her while she is unconscious, that dro*wns her, making it look like a drug-overdose accident.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Well-dressed man knocks on door of elegant house
Woman answers, he introduces himself as being from the office
She lets him in, and asks if his boss is trying to pay her off
While she watches, he puts on black gloves
She begins to catch on to her danger
He grabs her and smo*thers her with a hand over her mouth and nose
Once she is unconscious he starts a bath in the next room
putting her on a sectional couch, he strips and fondles her
He takes his own clothes off
He takes her sexually in different positions
Foot job, ragdoll fucking, unconscious BJ, face-down sex from behind
She starts to wake up
He grabs a pill bottle and forces medication into her mouth
Her eyes roll up and she is unconscious again
Her limp body is carried into the bathroom
Tub is now full
He puts her in and arranges her in the water
He fondles her feet, breasts and hair
Once again she starts to wake up
He pushes her down under water and holds her there
She squirms and struggles, but he keeps her under
She holds her breath as long as she can
Air bubbles escape from her lips
(Underwater close up shots)
Finally he succeeds in dro*wning her
Her body is face up, still submerged
Her hands float limp in the water
Dea*th stare, close ups, fade to black.  THE RING
    28 minutes


Starring: Britney Amber, Reno
Rated XXX Explicit

A beautiful woman's boyfriend has taken money from the mob, and they send a hitman to her house to tor*ture and mu*rder her
1 Girl, 1 Guy
Woman comes home
Calls her rich boyfriend, thanks him for beautiful, expensive ring
After call, a hitman breaks in, surprises her
He explains her boyfriend has taken money from powerful people
She is terrified
He fondles her, then puts barrel of his gun in her mouth
He knocks her down and then out 
Blood around her mouth
With her unconscious on the floor, he puts ball gag in her mouth
Cuffs her hands behind her back
Carries her to his car, puts her in, and drives away
They reach destination, a secluded house
She is awake, he hauls her out of car
She is placed in a living room chair
He takes pictures of her to send to rich boyfriend
She is stripped and fondled, gag lowered
He subjects her to forc*ed BJ and explicit sex
He rebinds and gags her, leaves her in chair
He leaves to make phone call
She struggles out of chair
Tries to use phone to get help
He returns, catches her
He puts her back in the chair and str*angles her with a belt
Kicking legs, squirming, struggling
She di*es, goes limp in chair
Wide-eyed de*ath stare
He takes belt from around her neck, showing red strangulation mark
She is slumped de*ad in the chair
Killer gets on phone again, talks to rich boyfriend
He has paid off, not realizing she is de*ad
Hitman assures boyfriend he will see her soon
Kisses de*ad woman, leaves her corpse in chair.
    23 minutes

      BLUE BALLS - Starring: Britney Amber  Reno   Time: 22:36 Minutes    Size:1.39 GB

Rated X, nudity, oral sex

A woman teases her drunk lover, she refuses sex, they fight, she hits him with a bottle, strang*les him and give him a de*ad blowjob.
1 Girl, 1 Guy
Busty babe in knit dress and heels
Man and woman enter bedroom, man is drunk
He finishes bottle
Begins to undress her, zipping down her dress
Exposes her black lace lingerie
Caresses her breasts and pussy while standing behind her
They get on the bed, but she decides she wants to stop
He persists, she argues 
Finally she gives in and allows him to start making love to her
He removes her dress, shoes and underthings
He opens his pants, showing his erect cock
After licking and caressing her pussy, he gets ready to fuck her
She balks again, says she wants to stop
They argue, she reaches for her clothes to get dressed
Frustrated and angry, he hits her
Now she is angry, and hits back
They struggle on the bed
He is much stronger, he starts to force her while she thrashes
He tries to straddle her
She punches and pushes at him
Finally she grabs empty liquor bottle and hits him with it
He is knocked semi-conscious
She pounces on him and manually stran*gles him
Drunk and groggy, he only resists weakly
She straddles him and chokes him to de*ath
Male de*ath stare
At first she is distraught, then becomes turned on by his corpse
She sucks his still-erect cock
She taunts him, then gathers her clothes and gets dressed
She exits, leaving him de*ad on the bed.  INCOMPREHENSIBLE PASSION
    20 minutes

      INCOMPREHENSIBLE PASSION - INCOMPREHENSIBLE PASSION  – starring MAIA DAVIS & JOHNNY NITRO  Cost:$19.99 Time: 20:28 Size: 403 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Set Up, Dialogue, Bar D**th Scene, Blonde Victim, Surprise, Fighting, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Multi Position Necr**hilia R**e Positions, D**th Twitching, D**th Stare, Drool, Multi Position Str**gle Positions, D**th Stare, Drool, Limp Body, D**th by Steel Cable Stra**ulation, Ligature Marks

 Description: This movie starts with a young woman walking into a bar, ordering a drink and confessing a sin during the course of her conversation with a bartender whom she is unaware is her judge and jury. She was caught having an affair with a female college student and is now going through a divorce where she stands to lose everything financially. She doesn’t care about her marriage, the money matters more and that point irks the bartender. He excuses himself, locks the door and wraps a steel cable around her throat as she drinks her last. She gurgles her drink back up as he pulls the cord tight. She struggles, sees the knife and tries to force her way over the bar to grab it. Her fingers tickle the blade but accidentally kick it down the sink. She continues to struggle until he forces her off the bar and to the floor where he finishes her off. He slumps her limp body over a bar stool and fucks her from behind then sticks her hot ass high in the air and rams his cock into her from behind until he blows all over her long sexy things and the top of her ass. He gathers himself, grabs a drink and decides what his next move is going to be.
    22 minutes

      AU REVOIR JULIA X - Au Revoir Julia X  -Starring:  INDIA SUMMER, ANTHONY  Cost: $18.99  Time:  21:51 Minutes   Size: 1.41 GB

A man checks his phone, and receives orders to k**l a French HARPIE agent, Julia X.  

Julia does not suspect she has been set up to be murdered. When the enemy agent attacks her she is surprised, and though she fights, she is overpowered. She is knocked down and when she is on her knees her bra is removed to strangle her. She struggles hard, but cannot break free. She assassin strangles her to d**th, then snaps her neck as well to make sure she is finished. He pushes her corpse to the floor.  

The assassin strips her and has necr*sex with her body in multiple positions, including grabbing her ponytail so she can give him a d**d blowjob. After he cums, he takes her thong and pushes it into her mouth. He arranges her in a sitting position, takes a marker pen, and writes "French Slut" on her chest. Leaving her humiliated, he finishes by taking a photo of her body and posting it on the internet, with the text "Happy Birthdead, Mademoiselle Julia".  SPY GAMES BLACK WIDOW ELIMINATION 3
    27 minutes

      SPY GAMES BLACK WIDOW ELIMINATION 3 - SPY GAMES: BLACK WIDOW ELIMINATION 3 - starring MAYA HILLS & TYLER KNIGHT Cost: $20.99 Time: 27:05 Size: 503 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Bad Girl, Spy Theme, Betrayal, Shower K**l Scene, Smoking, Gun Play, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Consensual Blow Job, Consensual Sex, Fondling, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Surprise, Female Ra**ng Male, D**th by Self-Made Garrote, Ligature Mark, D**th Stare, D**th Twitches, Body Dragging, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Humiliation Marking, Multi-Position Necr**hilia R**e, Necr**hilia Blow Job, Body Pans
Editor’s Notes: If you like betrayal spy game stories, sex, a shower st**ngle and necr**hilia sex, then you’ll love this one. 
Description: Maya returns as a spy and assassin given a mission by one of her handlers, unaware that her agency is the one setting her up for a fall. Loading her gun with blanks, she believes she’s lured and ki**ed her target only to discover that he survived and is now st**ngling her from behind. She puts up a fight but is slowly st**ngled to d**th then dragged away to the bed to be fucked in multiple positions by her k*ller before he jams his cock into her mouth and climaxes.
    27 minutes

      SPY GAMES BLACK WIDOW ELIMINATION 2 - SPY GAMES BLACK WIDOW ELIMINATION 2 - by Othello - starring VICTORIA LAWSON & ALEX GONZ Cost: $20.99 Time: 26:59 Size: 495 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Gun Play, Consensual Sex, Consensual Blow Job, Gun Sh*t, Gun Masturbation, Suspense, Brief Upright St**ngulation, D**th by Panty St**ngulation, Kneeling St**ngulation, D**th Stare, Arm Carry, Bed Tossing, Extended Necr**hilia R**e, Necr**hilia Blow Job, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Body Pans, Spy Games, Betrayal, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Surprise, Ligature Mark
Editor’s Notes: If you love a good spy series with bad girl assassins thinking they’ve won only to have the tables turned on them in a sexually brutal way, then you’ll love this one.   Description: Victoria plays a Black Widow assassin who unknowingly becomes the target of her own organization. The days of high level assassins is fading as the secret echelons of government seek to cut back on such programs. As successful as the BW organization has been, it is time to shut it down in support of a newer and more efficient organization. To do this, the government uses the boss of the BW net to lure his assassins to their fake missions so he can eliminate them with his own hands.  Setting up phony targets, he plays the mark, ensuring their guns are using blanks. He goes through the BW seduction to the point where they sh**t him and turn their backs thinking he’s d**d. As they call in to their boss, they are attacked from behind. He uses her panties to st**ngle her from behind then drop her to her knees. The st**ngulation is slow and painful but he drains her to the point where he can safely force his cock down her throat. Once she’s d**d he r**es her d**d body for a long period of time in three different positions until he can no longer hold his load  and blows his seed all over her belly. Later, he fucks her d**d mouth and blows another load into her mouth and watches it drip down to the carpet. Now its onto assassin #3.  FANTASY IS REALITY
    34 minutes

Time: 34:02 Size: 551 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Exercise Fantasy Dream Set-up, Home Invasion, Voyeur, Hiding, Surprise, Fondling, Forced Undressing, Sleepy, Sexual Sleep Assault, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Live R**e, Hand St**ngulation to Unconsciousness, D**th by Hand St**ngulation, D**th Stare, Drool, Ne**ophilia R**e, Terrorizing, Forced Blow Job, Rough Tossing, Foot Views, Bare Feet, Bra St**ngulation,  Body Posing, Body Pans
 Description: Sara enters a bedroom and begins taking off her clothes.  Out of eyesight is a naked rapist stroking his hard-on as he watches. Sara strips to her bra and panties and rapist comes up behind and puts a hand over her mouth as the other explores her body.  He forces Sara onto the bed (on her back) and manually st**ngles her into submission.  Slowly, he takes off her underwear and begins fondling and sucking her breasts.  She starts to fight so he grabs her bra and st**ngles her with it, saying he will k*ll her if she struggles.  Sara submits.
The rapist lays back and forces her to stroke and suck his cock. He pushes Sara onto her back once more and climbs on top and tit fucks her.  He can no longer contain himself so he enters into her, stroking slow and deep while squeezing and kissing her breasts, then buries his hands in her hair and forces her to kiss him.  Slowly, the rapist's hands find their way to her throat.  Sara struggles, knowing he's going to k**l her.  After she's d**d, the rapist comes between her breasts.

    Random Psycho-Thrillers Clips more
     Home Front 2
    14 minutes
      Home Front 2 - HOMEFRONT 2: MEETING MR. HOFFERMAN – starring KASEY WARNER, AXEL ACES & RTYLER NIXON Cost: $15.00 Time: 14:17 Minutes Size: 446 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: WE HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED OUR RESOLUTION QUALITY! Contains: Set Up, Dialogue, Tall Female ******, Young Female ******, Leggings Fashion, **** Deal Scene, Female Detective, Bad ****, Double Kill, Female Killing Male via Garrote *************, Male Killing Female via Gloved Hand *************, Violence, Boots Fashion, Necrophilia Male ****, Male Death Stare, Limp Body, Fondling, Surprise, Couch *************, Death by Hand ******** & Throat Crush, Death Stare, Limp Body, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Pose, Body Pans, Arm Carry, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Vaginal Fingering, *********** Description: As in HOMEFRONT Parts 1 and 2, we have a female detective who oversteps her authority and believes she can take down a strong branch of a **** operation on her own. Maybe she believes a man wouldn’t give her full credit, maybe she feels it’s important for a woman only to prove her worth in going solo; whatever her reasoning, it cost her a career and a life that could have been promising. The **** deal goes bad and she ends up in a fight with one of Mr. Hofferman’s henchmen, killing him. As she catches her breath, she never thought someone could be hiding in the closet. Suddenly someone launches themselves out the closet and places a powerful grip on her throat. Now she is ****** into a couch and straddled by a male she cannot throw off. He is pressing deep into her throat, seeking her life and she is overcome with rage and fear. She is ****** to take in his wrath as her long legs thrash in desperation, seeking help from anywhere. The pressure he places on her throat dampens her pussy, she feels erotic but don’t want to give in to him. He is determined and in the process of ********** her, her throat is crushed, killing her instantly. He dumps her body onto a bed and fucks this young ****, fucks her tight, wet snatch and burrows himself deep.. Her ass is soft and sexy, her body firm and he bends her to open her pussy more then dumps his load inside her and sprays the rest all over her pussy and all over her ass. He wins, taking the briefcase and the money and leaving her and his dead henchman in the small motel room.  Bundy 11
    29 minutes
      Bundy 11 - BUNDY 11– starring MAILANI, LAYLA & BRANDON FOX 1: Go to http://nicheclips****/shop.php?store_id=22 Cost: $29:00 Time: 28:55 Size: 585 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Double **** Kill, Young *****, Home Invasion, Gloved Killer, Masked Killer, Suspense, Voyeur View, Books Fashion, Leggin Fashion, Black ******, Surprise, Death by Upright Nylon *************, Death by Car Nylon *************, Double Arm Carry, Body Dropping, Death Stares, Drool, Death Twitching, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Double Necrophilia ****, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Pans, Body Posing, Double Necrophilia Blow Job, Ligature Marks  Editor’s Notes: None  Description: This movie starts with a man receiving a telephone call confirming that a once close friend screwed him over enough to make him want to kill her and her friend. We don’t know what transpired but it was enough for him to premeditate her death. He grabs a pair of gloves and a ski mask and leaves him apartment. Next we see Stephanie (played by Layla) entering her home in the afternoon. She sits and watches TV when she feels someone behind her but when she suddenly turns no one is there. She stands, thinking her girlfriend is playing a trick on her but after a few seconds someone who snuck up behind her savagely attacks her. A nylon is quickly wrapped around her neck and she is ********* violently while standing. Nowhere to twist and turn, she tries to reach back for his face but cannot. He is wringing her neck while holding her body erect. She is the one he wanted first. Weak knees ***** her to drop to them and he jerks and wrings her neck even more. It is personal for him and he follows her down to the floor until she is still. Once he knows that cunt is dead, he scoops her into his arms, carries her a few steps to the couch then drops her lifeless body there, admiring it for a moment until he hears a car door close in the garage area. Her friend has just returned. They were always just a step ahead or behind one another. When she enters she thinks her friend is playing a prank on her just like she’d done on Halloween but this time she wasn’t falling for it. She goes over to shake her but to her surprise the body slumps to the couch. The killer announces that she is next and she takes off in fear. She manages to get the her car and sits before the killer reaches out from the back seat and wraps the nylon around her throat. How did he get there so fast or was there another killer she thought. She struggled for her life, her fighting tightening the leggings so much so that it plastered tightly around her naked pussy and her plump little dark ass. He pulled and pulled until drool rolled heavily from the corner of her mouth, no mercy, no reasoning, just death. He released his hold on her then carried her back to join her friend on the opposite couch. There he stripped them and plunged his hard cock into some tight, warm places, finally finishing off in their mouths since they could never keep them shut while they were alive.
     A Stranglers In My House
    21 minutes
      A Stranglers In My House - A STRANGLER’S IN MY HOUSE starring DIAMOND FOX & TJ CUMMING Cost: $18.00 Time: 21:26 Size: 409 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Montage Set-up, Dialogue, Killer POV Stalking, POV Voyeur, Moving Camera Angles, Surprise, Knife Play, Terrorizing, Undressing, ****** Undressing, Bra and Panties, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, ****** Masturbation, ***********, Begging and Pleading, MILF, Death by Upright Hand *************, Head Banging, Fractured Skull ***** Trail, Drool, Necrophilia Blow Job, Body Carry, Necrophilia ****, Death Stare, Nudity, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Hand ******** Neck Mark

Editor’s Notes: Diamond Fox makes her debut! If you like hard-fighting MILFs who go down hard then gets her mouth necro fucked with her body to follow, then you’ll love this one. Our first head fracture. Also ************* is upright during all of the kill. Marie McCray is back! Our TV effects were grainy so we excluded it from the movie. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: It was not enough to follow her anymore. He wanted to fuck her. Then knowing she would not remain silent, he would have to kill her. In his mind she was the instrument of her own death; with exception to the sexual advancement, none of it was his responsibility.

She wore a short sun dress that day. He could almost see the bottom of her plump little as when she stepped out one of her many cars. How sexy and free this MILF was; today was his lucky day. She unlocked her door and stepped in and he soon followed, picking the same lock minutes later and letting himself in. He looked around, she was nowhere to be found but suddenly zipped across his eyes from the kitchen. Had she looked left she would have spotted him ****** against the door in shock, unprepared for her suddenly appearance but as things were, she merely disappeared down the hall.

He went the opposite direction, making sure the rest of the house was clear, no children, no husband to surprise him. Once he felt comfortable her pussy would belong to him alone, he started to walk her way but had to hide behind a couch when she suddenly appeared calling her husband's name. She had heard something, a footstep perhaps but she felt someone in the house with her. He waded low to get a better look as she disappeared into a room. He followed and caught her at the perfect time. She was undressing! She exposed those big fake tits, enticingly embedded together in a hot bra. When she turned her plump little ass tightly plastered in large panties was a sight to behind. It was all for him. He had to have her!

He waited in the living room, hiding as she zoomed past him and into the kitchen. That was the perfect place! He felt it! There was no explanation. He approached her, kitchen knife in hand. When she turned and spotted him there were no words at first, only disbelief then terror as reality set in. She had betrayed her own instinct by ignoring them and not it was going to cost her. She tried to talk him out of it but he batted her attempts away and got to the heart of the matter. He made her expose those big hard tits of hers to him, made her remove her panties and flash her round ass to him. He could see her cunt; it was embarrassing to her. He made her masturbate her pussy, wanted her to orgasm for him, for real. She tried, tried to fake it to please him, hoping her would go away but he didn't buy it. Her husband was a retired Sherriff. She was hoping he would catch him in the act. He always carried a gun and this intruder would be dead soon. She would shoot him herself if she had the chance but her revolver was in the bedroom and she had no chance of making it.

When he grabbed her by the throat and told her she was faking it, she grew angry. How dare he try to snuff her life, to decide whether she lives or dies. She grabbed his throat too. She had to try, she felt she could hold him off. Unfortunately for her his resolve was just as strong. He didn't travel all this way to lose and he applied great pressure, could see the fear in her eyes as she weakened then gave way, hoping now he would do the same, to show some sort of mercy; there was none. He applied more of his strength and repeatedly banged the back of her head against the refrigerator. Soon there was ***** and she grew weak and dizzy. He bounced her off her ass on the floor, her hands dropped, she was dead but he didn't trust her. He held on, pumping away then released her and snapped her neck for good measure. Now the same mouth she used to try and talk her way out of it was used to suckle his cock. He fucked her big mouth and groped and ravaged her big tits until he was hard then carried her over to the couch, bent her over it and fucked her hard until he climaxed. There was nothing left of her or him so he dressed and left her, knowing he's fucked what he wanted.  No Love For The Wicked
    27 minutes
      No Love For The Wicked - No love for the wicked – starring chloe amour & talon cost: $25.00 time: 27:04 minutes size: 666 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: set-up, dialogue, young ****, athletic fashion, public death scene, leggins fashion, surprise, death by cable cord, death stare, impression ligature marks, drool, death twitching, limp body, arm carrying, dead play, body positioning, body handling, body posing, fondling, undressing, taunting, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, multi position necrophilia ****, bare feet, foot views, foot play, corpse dancing, body pans.  Description: a young woman constantly questions her trainer about if he is still seeing his girlfriend, whom he is deeply in love with.  She and her trainer both had been seeing each other sexually on occasion and he had hoped to maintain this arrangement but she wanted more and began to subtlety threaten to expose his infidelity in order to end his relationship.  She never saw it coming, could never come to realize or understand that he was capable of murder, of harming her but he was serious.  He grabbed the exercise cable, wrapped it around her neck and ********* her to death.  After putting her down, he carries her to his place and uses her sexually charged body to get off in many different positions as he questions her, hoping for an answer.
     She Knows Too Much
    28 minutes
      She Knows Too Much - SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH – starring MAHINA ZALTANA & STEVEN LUCAS Cost: $17.00 Time: 27:46 Minutes Size: 676 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: None  Contains: Setup, Dialogue, Home Invasion, Hit Man Theme, Big Breasted ******, Stalking Views, Voyeur Views, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Shower Scene, Surprise, Brief Upright Garrote *************, ******, Facial Slapping, Terrorizing, Begging & Pleading, Death by Zip Tie *************, Death Stare, Death Twitching, Drool, Ligature Mark, Brief Arm carry, Necrophilia Body Bathing Scene, Breast Worship, Leg Worship, Necrophilia Body Drying Scene, Body Pans Description: Mahina is a high-class escort who provides services to powerful men.  Some of these men are less than savory.  One night while working at a party being thrown for a mob enforcer, Mahina may or may not have overheard a ******* conversation concerning a future hit on a city councilman.  
The next day, the mob enforcer and his hit man meet about the slip up.  They reason that it is best that Mahina is “taken care of” just in case sensitive information was overheard by the pricey call ****.  
That night, Mahina comes home dressed in a stunning and sexy outfit.  She takes off her shoes at the door and walks barefoot to the shower where she turns the water on.  Going to her room, she undresses completely and walks naked back into the bathroom and into the shower.  Mahina turns the water off and walks out of the shower.  After briefly drying herself off, she wraps the towel around her body and leaves the bathroom.  She arrives in her bedroom and steps into her closet to get at her night clothes when the hit man sneaks up from behind and wraps a cord around her neck. 
Mahina coughs and gags as she struggles violently against her assailant.  The towel comes off, revealing her semi-wet nude body, as she fights for her life.  Mahina drops to her knees and then to her stomach as she begins to succumb to unconsciousness.  The cord remains wrapped tightly around Mahina’s neck until she **********.
Despite still being alive and breathing, muscle twitches and spasms course throughout Mahina’s body for a brief moment before going still.  The hit man loosens the rope and bends down to pick up Mahina.  
Mahina is tied, spread-eagled, to the bed and is still fully nude.  She is ***********, however, and has to be slapped back into the world of the living by her assailant.  He smacks her on the cheek a couple of times.  Groaning, Mahina begins to **** up and immediately recognizes the predicament she is in.  
Panicked, she inquires as to why she has been tied up.  The hit man responds that she may know too much.  When Mahina protests and says she doesn’t know anything, the hit man acknowledges that that may indeed be the case, but his employers can’t afford to risk the chance.  Mahina realizes instantly what this means and begins to beg for her life.  The hit man sadly refuses her pleas and openly acknowledges that killing her is the last thing he wants to do to her as she looks like she’d be a good piece of ass.
Pulling out a zip tie, he wraps it around Mahina’s neck, pulls it as tight as he can, and stands back to watch the fireworks that ensue.
As soon as the zip tie goes tight around her neck, Mahina’s eyes bulge and she begins to struggle violently against her bindings.  Her struggles shake and move the bed but she is unable to get free of the restraints that are tied around her wrists and ankles.  During the struggle we get views of Mahina’s soles and feet as they struggle to get free of their bindings.  
After a few minutes of fighting for life her struggles begin to weaken.  As she realizes the end is near, her eyes go wide in terror.  Her body starts to shut down and as her brain sends panicked electrical signals throughout her body, causing spasms and twitching to occur.  Mahina finally succumbs to the inevitable and breathes her last, eyes and mouth wide open in fear.
The spasms and twitching continues to coarse throughout Mahina’s body post-mortem.  They are still violent and steady right after death, but as the minutes go by during a sexy body shot montage the spasms and twitching become more intermittent. 
When the twitching has stopped completely the hit man unties Mahina, cuts the zip tie off of her neck, and picks her up off the bed.
He takes her corpse into the bathroom where the bathtub has been filled up with water.  He places her body into the bathtub and starts to wash her body clean of his hand prints and DNA.  He rubs soap across her body, feeling every inch of her soft and sexy skin while he does so.  He rubs soap across her large breasts and caresses them.  He rubs soap down her calves, caressing and massaging them as he goes.  
It ends with the hit man drying her corpse off in preparation of dumping the body.  The Abduction Of Tara Lynn
    21 minutes
      The Abduction Of Tara Lynn - THE ABDUCTION OF TARA LYNN starring TARA LYNN & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $18.00   Time: 21:00 Size: 385 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Bad ****, Dialogue, Set-up, Stalking, Hiding, Voyeur, Surprise Public Attack, **********, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Worship, Breast Worship, Knife Play, Terrorizing, Begging & Pleading, OTS Carry, Boots, Nudity, Live 2-Position ****, ****** Undressing, Up-Skirt Views, Death by Slow Neck Snap, ***** Drool, Neck Bruises, Limp Arm Play, Death Stare, ***********, Extended Body Posing, Public Body Disposal, Body Pans, Necrophilia Urination, Taunting

Editor’s Notes: If you like bad ***** and getting straight to an intense kill, then you‘ll love this one. Plenty of POV and bare feet intermixed for your viewing pleasure! Description: Tara plays a disgruntled, pissed off waitress who at times takes her frustrations out on the customers. This time she picked the wrong customers. Two months ago she treated a customer rudely and spat in his food as she was rounding the corner, still thinking she was shielded by a wall but that customer saw her do it. He left quietly that day but had been tracking her movements ever since to determine the right time to strike.

One afternoon, Tara meets her fate behind the restaurant. As she was dumping trash a man appears from behind the corner and *********** her. Tara puts up a fight but cannot get any air and succumbs to the toxin which renders her ***********. The man lowers her to the floor and exposes her pussy for a moment and caresses her thighs before carrying her away on his shoulders.

Tara ***** up nude and on his bed somewhere far away from where she works. She tries to scream and escape but he catches her , throws her back on the bed and threatens her with his sharp knife. He threatens to cut off one of her tits and she can feel the sharp pointy edge of the knife trailing her soft skin. She agrees to let him fuck her if she can escape. She endure his painful thrusts, thrusts of hatred and revenge. H punishes her thick body, flipping her into a doggie position and fucking her harder until he creams her insides. Tara can’t wait to leave and he allows her to get dressed.

Just as she reaches the door the killer goes back on his promise and pulls her back to the bed. Tara and him struggle and he tells her he wants to break her neck. Tara becomes terrified and fights fr her life but her strength is no match for his. He gets her into a deadly position and slowly starts to pull until her throat becomes dislodged. You can hear the strained gurgling until her neck bone snaps and her body goes limp. He lays her to rest and watches over her, checking her pulse then stripping her again and watching her urinate yellow piss on the bed. He places Tara into a series of body poses to get him off for his amusement before discarding her body in the back of the restaurant to be found the next morning.

    Welcome to Psycho-Thrillers
    Psycho-Thrillers is Erotic Horror, sex and violence that is mixed within a film that depicts the sexual but brutal aspects of a movie. Many times this is done in a plausible format and sometimes it is done from a strict fantasy format whee it may be more comic book than realistic...or both. Psycho-Thrillers films sexualize horror and violence by creating an association with attractive characters and said violence. This is no accident. Hollywood learned a long time ago that sex and violence sell. And, the reasons for this are embedded deep within our psyche. It is normal to become aroused and enjoy this form of material so do not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Your friends andor relatives will publicly say it’s revolting, but they may be a member or enjoying it secretly as well. It is just fantasy, no one is being harmed in any way and our staff and talent work tirelessly to serve all of you

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