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    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming

    Clip Description

    HOME COMING starring YUKI MORI & SLADE Time: 23:20 Size: 344 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Small Set-Up, Limited Dialogue, Voyeur Views, Undressing, Nudity, Suspense, Surprise, Gloved Killer, Masked Killer, Terrorizing, Knife Play, ****** Blow Job, Near Escape, Suspension ********, Body Drop, Drool, Red Face, Special Effects Death Stare, Body Pans, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Tossing, Necrophilia Urination, Necrophilia ****, Breast Views, Foot Views, Bare Feet, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Arm Carry, Limited Rag Dolling

    Editor’s Notes: This production represents some break-through effects for PT. We hope you like them as well as the movie. Feedback highly encouraged with emphasis on the special effects. Description: Yuki is a woman who lives alone, a woman who never thought she’d ever be the target of a deranged masked killer. Everyday was the same; go to work, go to the gym, come home, shower, read a nice book and go to ***** ready for the next day or work but this time would be different. Yuki undressed and prepared the shower, not knowing that a masked sex killer had just passed by, watching her.

    When she finishes showering, she thinks she hears a noise coming from the garage. She opens the door and looks around but neither sees nor hears anything. Unknowing to her the masked killer has laid a trap! As she surveys her surroundings he sneaks up on her and covers her mouth to muffle her screams then slams the door shut. Now it is just her and him. Terrorized she fears for her knife as she feels the blade travel down her soft, freshly cleaned skin. She does whatever he says, including falling to her knees and stuffing his cock into her mouth. He ****** her to try and throat it and she manages to take most of it.

    After sucking his cock, he prepares to fuck her when she suddenly tries to escape. He is quick and grabs her in his arm and tries to control her. She doesn’t listen as he tries to get her to stop. Angered by her attempt, he pulls the bathrobe belt he found in her bathroom from his pocket and quickly tightens it around her throat before she could react. They stumble around for a few moments before he suddenly lifts her off her feet and into the air.

    She goes crazy trying to escape, he feet kicking, flailing and running in mid air. Her arms are helplessly trying to claw at the towel belt as her tongue darts in and out of her mouth. He is merciless and continues pulling, causing Yuki and long and slow agonizing death. Once finished he drops her to the floor like a lifeless shell and admires her body for a few moments, watching her face turn red and her eyes glaze over. She urinates yellow urine before he arm carries her into her bedroom and throws her onto the bed. Where he rapes her. The necrophilia **** continues on the dresser draw as he pumps violently into her shaven, young bush then throws her back onto the bed and leaves to look for his next ******.

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
    Format Size
    mpg344.3 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming

    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming

    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming

    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming

    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming

    Psycho-Thrillers - Home Coming
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Description: A young **** is attacked as she opens the door to leave and drive to a popular night club...she never males it.

    Home Alone - HOME ALONE starring MAYA HILLS and John Esposito Cost: $17.00 
Time: 24:00 Size: Description: Young **** leaves the backdoor unlocked and is attacked by an intruder.

    Gold Digger - GOLD DIGGER starring ALEXA NICOLE & RIO
Time: 14:05 Size: 258 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Bad ****, Boots, Suspension ********, Death by Suspension Hand *************, Drool, Death Stare, Undressing, Nudity, Breast View, Ass View, Vaginal View, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Body Pans, Necrophilia Urination, Rag Doll, Eye Closure, Hand ************* Ligature Marks

Editor’s Notes: If you like suspension ******** of bad *****, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: The young trophy wife of a millionaire has hired a hit man to kill him so she can take all his money. Poised and confident, she gives the hit man a photograph of the man and tells him he'll get half the money up front. The hit man says it's not enough, but she insists that it's all he'll get. The hit man gets a killer gleam in his eye and starts advancing on the ****. All her confidence shatters, and she's begging him to just take the money and go. He wraps his hands around the ****'s neck and throttles her, leaving her limp and lifeless. He plays with her helpless body, then departs.

    The Abduction Of Tara Lynn - THE ABDUCTION OF TARA LYNN starring TARA LYNN & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $18.00   Time: 21:00 Size: 385 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Bad ****, Dialogue, Set-up, Stalking, Hiding, Voyeur, Surprise Public Attack, **********, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Worship, Breast Worship, Knife Play, Terrorizing, Begging & Pleading, OTS Carry, Boots, Nudity, Live 2-Position ****, ****** Undressing, Up-Skirt Views, Death by Slow Neck Snap, ***** Drool, Neck Bruises, Limp Arm Play, Death Stare, ***********, Extended Body Posing, Public Body Disposal, Body Pans, Necrophilia Urination, Taunting

Editor’s Notes: If you like bad ***** and getting straight to an intense kill, then you‘ll love this one. Plenty of POV and bare feet intermixed for your viewing pleasure! Description: Tara plays a disgruntled, pissed off waitress who at times takes her frustrations out on the customers. This time she picked the wrong customers. Two months ago she treated a customer rudely and spat in his food as she was rounding the corner, still thinking she was shielded by a wall but that customer saw her do it. He left quietly that day but had been tracking her movements ever since to determine the right time to strike.

One afternoon, Tara meets her fate behind the restaurant. As she was dumping trash a man appears from behind the corner and *********** her. Tara puts up a fight but cannot get any air and succumbs to the toxin which renders her ***********. The man lowers her to the floor and exposes her pussy for a moment and caresses her thighs before carrying her away on his shoulders.

Tara ***** up nude and on his bed somewhere far away from where she works. She tries to scream and escape but he catches her , throws her back on the bed and threatens her with his sharp knife. He threatens to cut off one of her tits and she can feel the sharp pointy edge of the knife trailing her soft skin. She agrees to let him fuck her if she can escape. She endure his painful thrusts, thrusts of hatred and revenge. H punishes her thick body, flipping her into a doggie position and fucking her harder until he creams her insides. Tara can’t wait to leave and he allows her to get dressed.

Just as she reaches the door the killer goes back on his promise and pulls her back to the bed. Tara and him struggle and he tells her he wants to break her neck. Tara becomes terrified and fights fr her life but her strength is no match for his. He gets her into a deadly position and slowly starts to pull until her throat becomes dislodged. You can hear the strained gurgling until her neck bone snaps and her body goes limp. He lays her to rest and watches over her, checking her pulse then stripping her again and watching her urinate yellow piss on the bed. He places Tara into a series of body poses to get him off for his amusement before discarding her body in the back of the restaurant to be found the next morning.

Cost: $20.00 Time: 31:40 Size: 421 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Nurse, Voyeur, Smoking, Pantyhose, Bare Feet, Hand ************* to Unconsciousness, Fighting, Dragging, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Worship, Extended Foot Worship, Vaginal Worship, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Struggling, Hitting, Death by IV Tube *************, Death Stare, Ligature Marks, Drool, Death Twitches, Necrophilia Urination, Slow Neck Snap, , Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Necrophilia ****

Editor’s Notes: If you love women in uniform and lots and lots of extended play and ************* then you’ll love this one. Everything is extended out for those who love to savor their special fetish moments. Description: : Anthony plays a man with a terminal cancer condition who has only a few months to live. At the advice of his doctor, who he ********* to death, he decides to fulfill all the wild and crazy desires. After killing his doctor he tries to flee the hospital without being detected and ends up in a remote medical storage room at the south end of the hospital. If he can escape here no one would see him and itn would afford him more time to kill.

To his luck he spots a nurse using the remote area as her own getaway to have a smoke and talk on the phone. Anthony decides her life has been given to him as a gift. He attacks her as soon as she finishes chatting by hand ********** her into unconsciousness. He drags her into the storage room he was hiding within then fondles her and has fun. He leaves her pantyhose on but tears them away from her feet and her sexual areas. He worships her bare feet then licks and sucks on her pussy for long periods of time. He worships her breasts and the nurse begins to groan. Never in her real life has a man taken so much time to give her so much oral attention. Her body felt special until she ***** up and realizes the nightmare she’s trapped in.

She tries to escape but the door is locked. She fights with him to try and free herself but one manly punch knocks her silly. He positions himself behind her and ********* her with a IV tube he saw ******* out of one of the boxes. His ****** put up an intense fight for her life and nearly escaped his grasp but he reapplies the tubing until it is too tight for her to breathe. Her fighting becomes more intense as she realizes his actions will prove fatal. He hears snoring and gurgling sounds coming out of her nostrils and throat and knows her time is at an end. He pulls the tubing tighter. This **** is strong and it takes over 9 minutes to silence her and put her down.

His cock was hard from her soft hands finding it and stroking it as she died and he sticks it right into he pussy and fucks her deep as she twitches her cunt on his cock. He comes inside her then sits her up and slowly snaps her neck to make sure she’s dead. He drags her off into a corner where he poses her and watches her body release a stream of its urine as he stands over her.

Time: 22:22 Size: 412 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Outdoors Views, Set-Up, Dialogue, Stalking, Up-skirt, Surprise, *********** by Stick Strike Across Head, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Facial Bruising, Red ************* Face, Body Dragging, Drool, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Live ****, ************* ****, Death by Cord *************, Ligature Marks, Death Stare, Necrophilia ****, Necrophilia Urination, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans

Editor’s Notes: If you love body worship and ********-fuck murder, then you‘ll love this one. Description: Tara’s car breaks down and she is ****** to walk about a half mile in search of a phone she can use. Her plan is to find a home where she can use the telephone and hopefully call for a tow truck after discovering she has no cell phone reception. Tara finally finds a home and quickly approaches the door and begins to knock. After a few minutes a man answers and she explains her situation. He lets her inside and secretly scoops up a night stick as they pass by.

As she searches for a telephone book he stands behind her, stroking his cock through his jeans and admiring her sexy full figure. Finally he cannot contain himself and he strikes her over the back of the head with the stick. Tara goes down hard then says something strange as she is disoriented and is treated to another hit that knocks her out. He drags her body into the living room where he enjoys her, undressing and tasting every inch of her. Finger fucking her pussy and worshiping her ass and breasts until he cannot help himself.

He places her back on the table and fucks her. Plowing deep into her. She groans and starts to **** up when he wraps the cord around her throat. He pulls, greeting Tara with a severely pinched throat pipe. Tara struggles to breathe and escape but cannot do both. After nearly 7 minutes of fighting, Tara’s body gives in and her face turns a sickening purplish color as she goes into shock and dies.

He continues to have sex with her until he climaxes inside of her. Once he pulls out she urinates. He stands and admires her body then sits and fondles her as he prepares for another round of sex.

    Eviction Premise 2 - EVICTION PREMISE 2 starring YUKI MORI & SLADE Cost: $16.00 Time: 28:21 Size: 459 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Surprise, ******* Hold Until ***********, Body Pans, Pantyhose, ***** Assault, Body Dragging, Body Positioning, Foot Worship, Foot Views, Breast Views, Bondage, Death by Isolated Garrote *************, Drool, Death Stare, Terrorizing, Knife Play, Taunting, Body Handling, Body Posing, Urination, Body Disposal, Nudity, Undressing, Limited Limp Play, Arm Carry

Editor’s Notes: We haven’t done one of these since Karli Montana did it so we were happy to find some rails to do it. Description: Yuki plays a real estate co-worker looking for her boss (Kasey Grant) from Eviction Premise 1. The killer opens the door and invites her inside and convinces her that Kasey is inside doing an inspection. H guides her through the house until they arrive at his bedroom. When she sees Kasey’s nude, dead body, she screams.

The killer attacks, wrapping his arm around her throat to ***** her out. They hit the floor hard and she fights for her life, knowing that if she loses consciousness she will be dead. She loses consciousness and he drags her into an adjoining room and places her on the couch. He pans her body then admires her with his hands, exploring her breasts, her face and her pussy as he slowly undresses her.

When Yuuki ***** up, she is tied to a railing, her neck tied tightly to the iron rods and held by a twisted stick behind her. He taunts and terrorizes her with a knife before losing it and twisting the stick tight then tying it to hold the pressure in place. He watches Yuki squirm and fight for her life as the rope slowly takes her away. Her bladder releases as her head slumps lifelessly to the side. He checks her pulse then squeezes her stiff little tits once more before cutting her free. He walks away, leaving Yuki’s body in an alley on an early Saturday morning for anyone to find.

    Night Home Invasion 4 - Night home invasion 4 – starring jaye austin & talon cost: $14.00 time: 12:27 minutes size: 286 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: short set-up, home invasion, masked killer, gloved killer, young ******, dialogue, voyeur young ****, surprise, upright strange, ******** lift, death by hand ******** throat crush, death stare, necrophilia urination, dead body toss, body pans, neck bruising, body positioning, multi position necrophilia ****, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, bare feet, foot views, body pose  description: another saga in the chapter of the home invasion series.  This time a young food caterer is attacked after returning a phone call and opening her bedroom closet and being attacked by a asked and gloved killer.  He lists her high and crushes her throat, forcing her to urinate before he tosses her dead body to the bed.  There he strips and fucks her soft body repeatedly until he climaxes.

    Checking Out 2 - Contains: Adult Scene Set-Up, Undressing, Nudity, Extended Consensual Sex, Live BJ, Pantyhose, Mature, Huge Breasts, ******, Arm Carry, Double Nylon ************* Deaths, Death Cock Stroking, Double Drool, Double Urination, Terrorizing, ****** ****-**** Oral Sex, Live ****, Double Body Pans, Body Pile, Death Stares, Necrophilia Neck Snap, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing  

Editor’s Notes: This production is preceded by a classic porn scene involving 2 women and their killer. There is a slight lighting issue toward the end of the production but it does not impact the overall film. If you like adult sex followed by double strangulations of a busty MILF and a cute 20 year old ****, then this combination is perfect for you.  

Description: Persia and Colby play business executives attending a convention in their hotel as part of a get-away from the routine grind. After the convention they visit a bar and meet a guy who they believe is also attending the convention. They get ***** and end up back at the women’s hotel. Both women strip for their new found lover then ravage him, fucking him, getting fucked by him until they double blow the cum out of him and fall ******.

Johnny manages to **** up before them and arm carries Persia to a rug on the other side of the hotel room. He whispers something into her ear then ********* her with a nylon stocking from their luggage. Persia thrashes for her life, spasms and dies after 5-6 minutes, thick gobs of saliva spilling from her mouth as her eyes are set in the distance. Johnny stands over his fresh kill then awakes Colby. He grabs her by the hair and ****** her to look at her now dead friend and former boss. Terrified, her knees weaken and she falls to the floor. Johnny ****** her head between Persia’s thighs and she finds herself eating Persia’s pussy juices. She grunts when she feels Johnny’s rod pounding into her pussy from behind.

Once finished, he pulls her back to her feet and marches her to the bed. Just as Colby gets there she breaks away and tries to run to the door but is quickly caught and wrestled to the bed. Johnny manages to get the nylon around her throat then pulls it tight. Colby thrashes like a trapped animal, gurgling and struggling for her young life. She becomes disoriented and her hand inadvertently ends up on his hard cock, involuntarily stroking its hardness as her body spasms. After 5-6 minutes, Colby too has joined her friend in darkness.

Johnny makes sure she’s dead then sits her up and snaps her neck quickly. Moments later, Colby joins her friend on the floor, staring intently into the darkness as their bodies release a yellow urine that floods the floor.

    Guys And Dolls - GUYS AND DOLLS starring ABBEY BROOKS, DIANA DOLL, ANTHONY HARDWOOD, SLADE Time: 23:30 Minutes Size: 240 HQ MPEG 640X480 – 

Contains: *******, Sex, Full Nudity. Two young *****, Sarah and Naomi take a trip to Los Angeles from Arizona for an Executive Secretary’s Convention being held at a major hotel. Sarah, married and the winner, is secretly accompanied by her lover Naomi. Both ***** plan a wild night out while away from home to include partying at the convention and in the hotel bar where they meet two guys. Ray is a handsome foreigner who charms many women with his body and his accent and he is always accompanied by Barry, his camera man and long time friend. Ray takes along a camera man because he likes to document his “work,” which is killing young, innocent *****. “I like to ***** them out with my bare hands,” he tells Barry. “I love to watch life drain from their young eyes.” Ray picks up the two ***** for a wild night of partying and sex and more drinking until both women are **********. That is when Ray strikes. With the help of his assistant, Ray ****** both ***** to death, using the muscles in his massive arms to hold them in place until they can no longer breathe.

    Secret Life Of Pt 2 - Secret life of pt #2 – starring jennifer white & eroc masterson cost: $20.00 time: 22:35 minutes size: 544 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none.  Contains: set-up, dialogue, married couple, young ******, innocent ******, fantasy role play theme, boot fetish fashion, pantyhose fashion, changing clothing, voyeur view, surprise, short upright ********, multi position *************, death via wooden garrote *************, leg thrashing, inadvertent cock stroking during *************, pantyhose ripping, partial undressing, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vagina fingering during *************, vaginal worship, vaginal spitting, death twitching, death stare, ligature mark, body handling, body positioning, body pose, body pans, taunting, multi position necrophilia ****  description: a married woman accidentally ventures through her husbands items in his private room he accidentally left unlocked, and found his collection of **** and ************* films which at first grossed her out but later began to arouse her.  She brought it up to him to reassure him she was on his side and wanted to explore that part of his dark world with him, to be a part of it which he firmly declined only to be charmed into re-enacting a surprise ************* scene.  Little did she know that while she was dressing, this was a scene from one of his earliest murders when he broke into that woman’s home, watched her change clothing before ********** her from behind and fucking her warm but lifeless body savagely and raggedly, battering her vulnerable pussy until he achieved his hearts desire.  Consumed by sexual lust and the craving to dominate and over power a woman, his dark side takes command, shoving his masked innocence to the sidelines to watch helplessly as his demons took control of him…and her.   By the time it was over, his dark side had ********* her with maximum, relentless strength, had torn her pantyhose violently apart to get at her warm but wet pussy then rudely banged her submissive body to mush before dumping a steamy load of jizz down her vaginal throat, filling up her lifeless womb, overwhelming her dead egg with millions of maggot-like sperm before pulling out and blaming her for the wrath he brought down upon her.

    Home Invasion Sex Strangler 2 - HOME IN VASION SEX STRANGLER 2 starring DANI JENSEN & ANTHONY HARDWOOD 
Time: 17:46 Size: 314 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Montage Set-Up, Exercise Stretching, Knee-High Socks, Young ****, Home Invasion, Surprise, Death by Belt *************, ****** Undressing During *************, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Vaginal Oral Sex, Necrophilia ****, Vaginal Finger Penetration, Fondling, Undressing, Drool, Death Stare, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Body Pans

Editor’s Notes: If you like your killer to get the killing over with and get down to business then you‘ll love this one. To access our new forum. Here is the address. http://darkfetishnet****/group/57/&v=discussions Description: Dani plays a **** home alone and exercising in her garage after a long day when she is interrupted by a deranged sex killer who invades her home and attacks her from behind. He lops a belt around her throat and pulls it tight before she can protest. By the time Dani fights she is on her back and losing air quickly. Dani throws a volley of punches that seem to have little to know effect on her strong killer who continues to pull for her life. As Dani slows down he has more control over her, digging his fingers into her pussy through her shorts and slipping fingers under her shorts and inside her pussy. He can feel her pussy getting wet as the belt drains the life from her body and her hips begin to fuck him. Soon the air is silent and Dani is dead. The killer pulls her close and undresses his prize before he enjoys fucking her in different positions, concluding with a powerful doggie-style climax that creams her sexy little ass. He opens the garage and walks away, leaving his trophy behind for the world to see.

    Home Front 2 - HOMEFRONT 2: MEETING MR. HOFFERMAN – starring KASEY WARNER, AXEL ACES & RTYLER NIXON Cost: $15.00 Time: 14:17 Minutes Size: 446 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: WE HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED OUR RESOLUTION QUALITY! Contains: Set Up, Dialogue, Tall Female ******, Young Female ******, Leggings Fashion, **** Deal Scene, Female Detective, Bad ****, Double Kill, Female Killing Male via Garrote *************, Male Killing Female via Gloved Hand *************, Violence, Boots Fashion, Necrophilia Male ****, Male Death Stare, Limp Body, Fondling, Surprise, Couch *************, Death by Hand ******** & Throat Crush, Death Stare, Limp Body, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Pose, Body Pans, Arm Carry, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Vaginal Fingering, *********** Description: As in HOMEFRONT Parts 1 and 2, we have a female detective who oversteps her authority and believes she can take down a strong branch of a **** operation on her own. Maybe she believes a man wouldn’t give her full credit, maybe she feels it’s important for a woman only to prove her worth in going solo; whatever her reasoning, it cost her a career and a life that could have been promising. The **** deal goes bad and she ends up in a fight with one of Mr. Hofferman’s henchmen, killing him. As she catches her breath, she never thought someone could be hiding in the closet. Suddenly someone launches themselves out the closet and places a powerful grip on her throat. Now she is ****** into a couch and straddled by a male she cannot throw off. He is pressing deep into her throat, seeking her life and she is overcome with rage and fear. She is ****** to take in his wrath as her long legs thrash in desperation, seeking help from anywhere. The pressure he places on her throat dampens her pussy, she feels erotic but don’t want to give in to him. He is determined and in the process of ********** her, her throat is crushed, killing her instantly. He dumps her body onto a bed and fucks this young ****, fucks her tight, wet snatch and burrows himself deep.. Her ass is soft and sexy, her body firm and he bends her to open her pussy more then dumps his load inside her and sprays the rest all over her pussy and all over her ass. He wins, taking the briefcase and the money and leaving her and his dead henchman in the small motel room.

    Evil Wife Elimination - EX-WIFE ELIMINATION starring NIKA NOIRE & DANTE BRYCE Cost: $13.00 Time: 12:10 Size: 223 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Small Set-Up, Dialogue, Home Invasion, Surprise, Up-Skirt, Pantyhose, Boots, Death by Arm *************, Drool, Death Stare, Live Full Body Urination, Fondling, Undressing, Brest Views, Breast Worship, Neck Snap, Death Eye Twitching, Vaginal Views, Necrophilia ****, Foot Views, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Body Pans

Editor’s Notes: I had always wanted to do an Art of War death kill and take it a bit further so it was a pleasure to extend this one. Great energy from Nika and lots of up-skirt, boot thrashing, etc. For those who like the bad **** getting paid back, you’ll love this one

Description: Nika plays an ex-wife who just won a bitter divorce settlement with her ex-husband after she lied about his infidelity and made false claims of domestic *****. Free and clear, she confesses the truth to one of her friends After hearing a noise upstairs, she ***** up, pulls out a gun she keeps handy and slowly ascends the stairs in search of a possible intruder. When she reaches the tip of the stairwell she is suddenly attacked by a professional assassin.

The man disarms Nika immediately then reaches back and hooks Nika throat with one of his python arms. The arm wraps around her throat, forcing her to leaning back sharply They struggle and both go down hard to the floor, Nika’s head pinned behind her attacker. Nika thrashes violently with her boots, trying to free herself and manages to throw her legs around the killer’s throat before he bashes them away.

The killer leans back, sitting all his weight into Nika’s fragile throat. Nika knows if he sits like this, the end will draw near quickly so we try to pry herself free but her eyes begin to redden from the assault. All he has to do is keep holding her down and it will be over Nika begins to slow down, her pussy spreading and releasing her yellow urine through her pantyhose Nika thrashes slow to twitches and her thighs spread as if to invite him inside.

The killer takes full advantage of the delicious spread before him, pawing hungrily at her pussy with his free hand. Nika can feel him finger fucking her and grinds her pussy into his fingers. Nika is still, dead from the continuous pressure around her throat. The killer releases her, strips her and enjoys worshipping her beautiful large breasts. He stands, looking over her then drops his pants, cocks her big soft legs and fucks her.

He rides deep inside Nia’s pussy, bouncing on her juicy legs until his floods her dead insides. He leaves her there as he calls her ex-husband to tell him the job is complete. He stands over Nika’s body, making sire she’s gone then grabs his clothes to leave.

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