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    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7

    Clip Description

    DOUBLE GIRL KILL 7 – on Dead Play – starring SADIE SANTANA, EVI FOX & ALAN STAFFORD 1: Go to http://nicheclips****/shop.php?store_id=29 Cost: $19.00 Time: 14:53 Size: 347 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Montage Set-Up, Dialogue, Stripping Theme, Double **** Kill, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Teasing, Sex Play, Drinking, ******, Death by ***** Poison ing, Lingerie Fashion, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Multi Position Necrophilia ****, Chair Necrophilia ****, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Feet Worship, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Boot Fashion, Death Stare, Drool, Death Twitching Editor’s Notes: None. Description: Two young strippers and long time employees of a wealthy man fall prey when he poisons their alcohol then fucks them both in his mansion.

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv347.87 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double  Kill 7
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    Bundy 10 - BUNDY 10 - starring MAHINA ZALTANA, DESTINY JAMES, CHAD WHITE & JACK VEGAS 1: Go to http://nicheclips****/shop.php?store_id=22 Cost: $19:00 Time: 15:50 Size: 301 HQ MB MPEG-4 640X360 –  Contains: 
Set-Up, Dialogue, Lingerie Fashion, Double **** Kill, Voyeur, Home Invasion, Stalking, Surprise Attack, ******, Death by Hand *************, Death by Upright Nylon *************, Bedroom Death Scene, Shower Death Scene, Death Stare, Drool, Ligature mark, Neck Bruising, Suspense, Body Dragging, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Pans, Necrophilia Urination, Double Necrophilia ****, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Bare Feet, Foot Views  Editor’s Notes: If you like double **** kills and necrophilia sex afterwards, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: Two ***** become the object of desire for a merciless killer who waits until the boyfriend leaves them unprotected before invading their home and killing them one by one as they either slept or took a shower.

    You Were Warned 2 - You were warned 2 – starring judas & anthony cost: $15.00 time: 13:51 minutes size: 338 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: small set-up, dialogue, fondling, ****** undressing, nudity, terrorizing, begging & pleading, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, ass worship, vaginal worship, ********/**** position, death by hand *************, live ****, multi position necrophilia ****, body handling, body positioning, body pose, body pans description: in you were warned, a young **** ***** a man, and has sex with him then ********* him to death with her own panties but, prior to killing him, the man shouts to her that the russians are coming. She thinks the ***** are making him believe she is russian and she ignores him but when she steals his money and walks towards the door, she is met by a masked russian assassin sent to collect money from the man she killed.  She is ****** to hand him the money and he grans her when she tries to leave. He rips off her dress and has sex with her while squeezing her throat in his powerful hand.  He ignores her feeble struggles and continues to plow deep into her warm cunt until her body weakens and gives away her life. Now under his complete control, he flips her around and fucks her until he cannot hold back and splashes her with his semen.  He leaves her next to the dead man and leaves with the cash.

    Double Naked Fury - DOUBLE NAKED FURY by Bundy starring LILY CARTER, ASIA LEVY & JACK VEGAS Cost: $17.00 Time: 15:50 Size: 302 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Small Set-Up, Dialogue, Lesbian Lovers, Nudity, Confrontation, Punch, ******, Female Attack & Fight, Double Hand *************, Two Death by Hand *************, Drool, Hand ******** Neck Marks, Urination During *************, Extended Necrophilia Blow Job, Necrophilia ****, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Death Stares, ***** Trail, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Body Pans
Editor’s Notes: If you like a ******, double ************* of 2 young lesbian ***** then you’ll love this one. didn’t put much of a storyline in this one as it speaks for itself. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: A macho **** dealer strips off his clothes to surprise his girlfriend in the bedroom. She surprises him when he finds her nude in bed with another woman . She tells him she's leaving him. He can't stand it and he knocks her out. The girlfriend attacks him in and he hand ********* her to death. He does the same to his girlfriend then necro fucks them both to show whose boss.

    Too Many Selfies - Too many selfies  – starring jennifer white & eric masterson cost: $15.00 time: 18:00 minutes size: 435 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: this movie does not contain ****. Contains: montage set-up, dialogue, home invasion, co-ed ******, selfie posing theme, bikini fashion, bathrobe fashion, teasing, flashing, nudity, undressing, bare feet, home invasion, masked killer, gloved killer, crazed fan theme, breast views, vaginal views, ass views, feet views, partial upright hand *************, death by hand *************, death twitching, death stare, neck bruising, body handling, body positioning, limp body, arm carry, body pans, body pose description: the sexy young woman loved posting selfies, on the internet.  She allowed any who asked to have access to her photographs.  One of her many followers became obsessed with her because of all the provocative images she had posted…posting photos of herself dressing and undressing, turning his obsession into lust.  Because she had post everything she did and everywhere she went it was easy for him to find her. When he approached she screamed and told him she didn't want anything to do with him. To stop her from screaming and to keep her quiet he had to ******** her.
she kicked and punched him as he slowly ********* her to death.  Her cell phone was still clutched in her hand when she slumped to the ground, and he decided to post the last selfie of for all of her internet followers.  He carried her dead body away, and planned to do what ever he wanted with her.

    You Were Warned - You were warned – starring judas & talon cost: $16.00 time: 16:13 minutes size: 387 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: set-up, dialogue, female killing male theme, bad ****, ******* ******, consensual sex, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, robbery, ******, sexual ***** assault, face slapping, death by panty *************, death stare, death twitching description: a young **** takes advantage of a guy she meets and spikes his ***** before driving him back to his place, raping him then robbing him after killing him when he cannot sexually perform due to the ***** in his body.  She steals a large wad of money from his pants pocket and walks towards the door but does she make it? Stay tuned.

    Club  Sex Strangler 3 - Club **** sex strangler 3 – starring paisley parker & aaron wilcox cost: $20.00 time: 22:49 minutes size: 586 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none.  Contains: limited dialogue, fondling, consensual sex turn sex ********, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, ass worship, shoe fashion, death by hand *************, neck bruise marks,  death twitching, drool, death stare, body handling, body positioning, body pose, limp body, multi position necrophilia ****, body pans  description: a man with exception word skills picks up and brings ***** from nightclubs back to his place for consensual sex that leads to a fatal ************* during sex.

    Necro Dresser - Necro dresser – starring leya falcon & derrick pierce cost: $18.00 time: 17:45 minutes size: 433 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none.  Contains: home invasion, surprise, young ******, blonde ******, big breasted ******, death by double violent neck snap, death twitching, death stare, necrophilia undressing, multi position body handling, multi position body positioning, multi position body posing, necrophilia dressing, picture taking, body slumping, limp body, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, thigh high socks fashion, lingerie fashion, sexy skirt fashion, body pans  description: a killer with a strong necrophilia fetish for posing bodies then taking photos of his victims, invades the home of a young, married woman whose husband is away on business and violently breaks her neck in two places before wheeling out his suitcase of clothing goodies to try on her body.  With time on his side, he patiently undresses and dresses the corpse in clothing he finds suitable for her appearance then takes the photos and leaves her clad in clothing he stole from a previous ******.

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