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    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5

    Clip Description

    Club **** sex strangler 5 – starring amanda tate & tyler nixon cost: $25.00 time: 27:08 minutes size: 658 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: young ****, blonde ****, club **** theme, sex, violence, consensual sex, consensual blow job, sex turned violent, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, vaginal fingering, bare feet, foot views, ********/**** position, live ****, death by belt *************, death stare, drool, ligature mark, death twitching, multi position necrophilia ****, necrophilia blow job, limp body, body positioning, body handling, taunting, body pose, body pans description: a man with exceptional social skills picks up and brings ***** from nightclubs back to his place for consensual sex that leads to a fatal ************* during sex and necrophilia sex afterwards.

    Clip Duration:      27 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv627.94 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Club  Sex Strangler 5
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    The Pick Up Artist - Pick-up artist 2 – starring esmi lee & richie calhoun cost: $24.00 time: 24:25 minutes size: 599 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: set-up, dialogue, tall ******, young ******, consensual sex turn fatal, consensual blow job, escape attempt, violence, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, ass worship, belly punch, death by hand ******** during live ****, live ****, death twitching, death stare, drool, face slapping, ass slapping, multi position necrophilia ****, limp body, body handling, body positioning, body posing, body cuddling, necrophilia body play, description: a man uses the ruse of a doctor to attract a cheap prostitute-like ****** out of a cheap bar. Once he gets her alone, they have consensual sex until he gets too rough for her to handle. When she ants out he ****** her to fight for her life then watches her die slowly as he hand ********* her and pumps her pussy full of hard cock. Once he’s exhausted her life, he bends her into multiple positions to feed his necrophilia side.

    Bates Motel - Bates motel  – starring tara holiday & dane cross cost: $25.00 time: 41:55 minutes size: 995 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: extended set up, extended dialogue, kidnapping, entrapment, young **** college ******, blonde ******, jeans fashion, knee high socks, ****** theme, ****** undressing, nudity, fondling, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, spanking, ***********, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, gun play, terrorizing, begging & pleading, escape attempt, ****** blow job, multi position live ****, death by hand *************, death stare, drool, neck bruising, death twitching, ******-son ******, ****** blow job, ****** sex, body pans  description: a ******’s love for her demented son runs deep as she makes every attempt to keep him happy and normal to include giving herself to him sexually as well as entrapping other pretty ***** for his pleasure.  Christina was the third such **** lured into this trap.  A college student at arizona state, christina was looking for low cost room and boarding and she found it.  In exchange she would tend and care for her son whom she thought was an adolescent but turned out to be a young man.  When she attempted to leave she was held at gunpoint, ****** into the room she would live in and told to play with norman and do her chores until she returns from removing the flyer ads and erasing any trace that christina was ever there.  In an attempt to escape she is captured by norman, led back into her room and ***** under the promise of releasing her if she does everything he asks.  She complies then asks for her release but is denied…norman stating she is just too good to let go.  Angry, she attacks norman to her demise; he regains the upper hand, straddles her and hand ********* her until she is dead.  Guilty, norman cuddles with her until his ****** discovers them together.  He tries to explain that he didn’t mean to but he was trying to stop her from escaping and his ****** believes him and, in order to relieve his stress, she undresses, sucks his cock then straddle fucks him until both orgasm and climax together.

    Secret Life Of Pt - Secret life of pt – starring liv aguilar & brandon fox cost: $25.00 time: 29:46 minutes size: 732 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s note: none. Contains: set-up, dialogue, office death scene, business woman, young ******, spanish ******, up skirt, consensual blow job, consensual ************* turn fatal, death by garrote *************, ligature mark, drool, death twitching, orgasmic twitching, death stare, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, body handling, body positioning, limp body, body pans, body pose, multi position necrophilia ****, vaginal ************* masturbation, penis ************* masturbation, body disposal description: a man who produces erotic horror material is so immersed within his own world that it has become his private reality. How many more are out there who enjoy and relish erotic horror? Here are their stories.

    A Strangler Is In My House 3 - A strangler’s in my house 3  – starring tara holiday & dane cross cost: $20.00 time: 22:34 minutes size: 578 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: short set up, limited dialogue, home invasion theme, undressing, mature ******, white panty fetish, ******* *****, ******, sexual ***** assault, fondling, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, ass worship, bare feet, foot views, multi position live ****, death by garrote *************, death stare, death twitching, ligature mark, drool, body pans, innocent ****** description: a mature woman returns home from work, unaware that there is a strangler already in her home. When she places her alcoholic ***** on the end table then goes into the bathroom, he quietly drops a pill into the bottom of her glass and disappears.  She returns, finishes her ***** and begins to feel drowsy and eventually falls ******.  The killer emerges and begins to fondle and sexually arouse her before  fucking her.  She orgasms as does he then must fight for her life when he wraps a garrote around her neck and begins to ******** the life out of her.  She puts up an energetic fight but he wins, slowly draining the life from her sexy body the  leaving her sexy shell for her neighbors to find days later.

    ROOMMATE SLEEP CREEP - Roommate Sleep Creep -  Starring: DOLLY LEIGH, AARON WILCOX, JACK VEGAS  Cost: $20.99  Time: 22:47 Minutes  Size: 1.28 GB

Everybody is drunk passed and out on couch. Tracy, Bills girlfriend passed out revealing some of her private parts. The only person who is awake is Jeff who is still buzzed. 

Jeff sees his roommates, Tracy private parts and wants to make sure everyone is out and won't see him. He tries to shake Bill if he is asleep, he was passed out cold. Then he tries the same with Tracy. After her not responding he starts fondling her, removing her clothes  and sleep ra**ng her. 
When he is finish with her he cums on her ass and wipes it off with her panties. 
The next day morning she is  standing in kitchen having coffee, Jeff comes in and starts talking to her, she was bitch to him. She tells he she knows what his done. She has his DNA on her panties and she will turn it in to cops if he don't pay her. 
Tracy's boyfriend left for work.
Things get heated, Jeff grabs Tracy by her neck and pins her by the wall. Lifting her up and str****ed her until she is d**s. 
After she is d**d. He put her in closet for later. He packed her clothes and throws the bag out to trash. Then he call his buddy, Bill letting him know Tracy left with her stuff.

    Ties - ***** ties – starring chloe amour, eric masterson & eric john cost: $45.00 time: 43:54 minutes size: 999 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: one of chloe’s most intense and finest production if not her very best.  Another side of chloe not seen before.  Contains: short set up, dialogue, taunting, ***********, surprise, home invasion, 2 guys & 1 woman, dressing, lingerie fashion, young ******, petite ******, escape attempt, multiple taser attacks, multiple taser spasms, multiple taser drools, bondage, leg & ankle bondage, body carry, ******, crying, body tossing, terrorizing, begging & pleading, clothing cutting, clothing tearing, ****** undressing, nudity, stocking fashion, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, ass spanking, vaginal worship, vaginal fingering, vaginal bottle ****, extensive live ******* ****, ****** gagging blow jobs, hand in mouth gagging,  death by rope *************, vaginal **** during ********, death stare, death twitching, drool, ligature marks, body roll, limp body  description: the elder head of a major **** carter in mexico committed a series of acts that costs several key people in the shipment chain their lives.  Growing tired of these attacks, the rival cartel decides to use their american resources to strike indirectly at the cartel leader by kidnapping, ******* raping then murdering his grand ******** who lives in the states.  Her head will later be shipped to him as a sign with hopes that he will deter future acts of aggression towards them.

    Bad  Collector - Bad **** collector – starring judas & talon cost: $22.00 time: 33:04 minutes size: 822 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: set-up, dialogue, bad **** theme, ******* *****, ******, arm carry, black boots fashion, sexual ***** assault, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, ****** blow job, live ****, ***********, death by hand *************, death stare, neck bruising, death twitching, drool, multi position necrophilia ****, body floor dump, body positioning, body handling, body pose, body pans  description: a young **** who lived most of her life as a bad ****, is changing her ways when she meets the director at her reform ******. He is the only man…the only human being she has ever trusted but what did he do to her?  He drives her back to his place, ***** her ***** then rapes her. She ***** up and confronts him…she would have had sex with him anyway but he took it just like any other man. When she threatens him he attacks her, ********** her to death while insulting her. He calls the police and reports her meeting…common among reform ****** students. She has no family, no friends…no one will miss her.

    Corporate Hack Fall Guy - Corporate hack fall guy  – starring jennifer white & eric masterson cost: $25.00 time: 31:29 minutes size: 755 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: set-up, dialogue, office invasion, workplace violence, young ******, brunette ******, corporate executive, office fashion, shoe fetish, betrayal, bad ****, teasing, drugging, fondling, undressing, nudity, ass view, vaginal view, breast views, ass worship, vaginal worship, breast worship, vaginal finger penetration, ****** blow job, multi position live ****, reverse cowgirl position, ********/**** position, multi ******** position, office death scene, death via wooden garrote during ****, desperate reaching, ligature mark, death stare, drool, death twitching, body handling, necrophilia ****, body pans  description: a ceo of a major motion picture is under fire for allowing his company's computer system to get hacked. Private emails, executive salaries, scripts for unreleased movies and 10 finished movies were leaked out. The fallout from the leak was severe, forcing the ceo to resign. The ceo knew it had to be an inside job because their security was too tight. He discovered it was his chief financial officer who was responsible. She was bitter because he rejected her advances. The ceo played dumb, pretending he did not figured it out it was her. He lured the woman to his place, he had a plan to fuck her, kill her, and flee to europe where he had a nest egg just in case of emergencies, he ******* her ***** and then he fucked her until she lost consciousness. He then wrapped a garrote around her neck and ********* her, fucking his dick as he ********* the life out of her. After she died he finished fucking the woman and abandoned her body and then boarded his private jet.

    Death Becomes Her - DEATH BECOMES HER starring BRANDI LYONS & RIC MASTERS Cost: $18.00 
Time: 22:00 Size: 177 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Candid Scene, Surprise, **********, OTS Carry, Arm Carry, Hand *************, ******* ****, ****** Undressing, Terrorizing, Kidnapping, Escape Attempt, White Panties, ****** Blow Job, Live ****, Death Stare, Death Twitching, Necrophilia ****, Body Disposal, Breast View, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Up-Skirt, Ligature Marks, Vaginal Stroking, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Death Stare 

Editor’s Notes: This film is a re-release of a 2007 production. Description: A young business executive is chloroformed in the parking lot of a small office building by a man who was a former janitorial employee. The unknown man carries her into his SUV and quickly speeds off to an isolated location where he carries her into the middle of the room and begins to fondle her. The woman awakes and struggles against him but he ****** her to subdue her then begins to removes articles of clothing. The man sexually assaults his ****** before calming her down long enough to retrieve a steel cord and wrap it around her neck. The young **** puts up a very brief struggle then the steel cord bites into her jugular and begins to paralyze her. Her death is slow and agonizing yet erotic as she seductively squirms. One last dash for air occurs then it's only a matter of time before she succumbs to the pressure surrounding her neck. Once she expires, the killer drags her body over to a small couch and has his way with her once more before making plans to discard her body. A cold and cruel tale of a woman who is abducted off the streets in broad daylight and ****** into the dark world of a twisted, merciless killer!

    After  Menace 3 - AFTER SCHOOL MENACE 3 - starring ABBIE ANDERSON & JACK VEGAS Cost: $16.00 Time: 24:04 Size: 459 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, ****** ****, Young ****, Up-Skirt, White Panties, Living Room Kill Scene, *******, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Multi-Position Live ****, Death by Hand *************, Drool, Death Stare, Neck Bruise Marks, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Pans, OTS Carry, Natural Breasts, Car Disposal

Editor’s Notes: If you love ****** **** themes and if you liked the After ****** Menace series which starred Jessica Shaw and Sasha Grey, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! 

Description: Abbie is a student who is tricked into attended after ****** classes at her teacher’s home in order to make up for failing grades. When she gets there she is ******* then ***** as she ******. She ***** up and cries as she gets dressed, threatening to expose him as she tries to leave his hime. He attacks her, dragging her back to a couch then straddling her and hand ********** her to death as she struggled beneath him. Once he quiets the ****, he carries her away to dispose of her young body.

    The Ultimate Price - THE ULTIMATE PRICE - starring KASEY WARNER, TYLER NIXON & AXEL ACES Cost: $45.00 Time: 44:27 Minutes Size: 999 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: WE HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED OUR RESOLUTION QUALITY! None. Contains: Set Up, Dialogue, 2 Men vs. Woman, Young ******, Tall ******, Hairy Vagina, Shoe Fetish, Kidnapping, ******* **** Theme, **********, ******, Arm Carry, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Up Skirt, Handcuff Bondage, Spread Eagle Bondage, Begging & Pleading, Terrorizing, Threatening, ***********, Face Slapping, Ass Slapping, Ass Spanking, Mouth Gagging, Rough Vaginal Fingering, Hair Pulling, Brief Hand *************, Double ****** Gagging Blow Job, Drooling, ****** Cock Licking, Cock Facial Rub, Clothing Ripping Undressing, Bare Feet, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, ****** Dog Crawl, Multi Live **** & ****** Blow Job Positions, Escape Attempt, Double Bottle ****, Nipple Twisting, Breast Slapping, Facial & Mouth Cum Shots, Surprise, Partial Up Right ************* via Rope, Body Toss, Multi Position *************, Foot Thrashing, Death Stare, Ligature Mark, Death Twitching, Drool, 8+ Minute *************, Body Disposal Carry  Description: A man is driven by a thirst for revenge when his little ******* is critically injured in a car accident he believes was caused by his ex-girlfriend Iris.  Iris and Jason dated through high ****** and got engaged after they graduated. Iris cheated on Jason for over a year before eventually breaking off the engagement when she met and started dating a middle-aged man after she started college.  Besides dating an older man, she further added insult to injury by driving around in a brand new car her date bought for her.  Jason couldn’t take the stress and *********** and began drinking which led to Jason getting into a serious car accident which landed him in the hospital fighting for his life.  When Iris heard of Jason’s accident, she didn’t bother to visit him and this enraged Jason’s older ******* Alex, who now feels Iris should pay the ultimate price. He enlisted the help of a childhood friend to help him after he revealed the truth and, after careful consideration, he decided the help him. The next week, Alex broke into Iris’ car and hid in the backseat. When Iris sat inside her vehicle, she was chloroformed and rendered *********** before being carried away and tucked inside an SUV and driven away.  Iris is then fondled and repeatedly ***** by both men who ripped open her clothing, roughly finger fucked her, jammed their cocks down her throat repeatedly, bottle ***** her twice and fucked her in many positions. The sexual attack lasted all day with iris trying to escape, trying to fight back before she was reduced to a quivering, weakened mess. Moments later, iris was lifted off her knees and brutally ********* to death on the very bed she was ***** on and sexually fingered as she died, helping her to a final orgasm before she expired and was carried away.

    Assassin39s Creed 2 - Assassin’s creed 2  – starring tyler nixon & amanda tate cost: $15.00 time: 11:12 minutes size: 268 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: young ****, petite ****, assassin theme, set up, dialogue, sexy fashion, female vs. Female, taunting, ****** by needle tranquilizer, suspense, home invasion, ******, fondling, undressing, nudity, bare feet, sexual ***** assault, breast views, vaginal views, foot views, breast worship, vaginal worship, vaginal fingering, death by garrote *************, throat crush during face fuck, face sitting during *************, death stare, death twitching, death vaginal fingering, ligature mark  description: the story picks up from assassin’s creed 1 where the frightened young female witness is attacked, ******** and ********* to death by the assassin who killed her boss at the club.  The young man in rendered *********** when the assassin plunges a needle into the side of his neck after he sees his girlfriend lying on the bed naked and dead.  He ***** up tied to the ****’s bed naked.  He knows its not a bad dream when he sees his girlfriend propped up in a chair lifeless and staring back at him…the assassin lying by his side.  She tells him the reason he has to die is because he tried to help her, essentially making himself a target.  She decides before she ends his life she would grant him a final moment of pleasure that his girlfriend could no longer provide, a hand job followed by a passionate cowgirl fucking that is nearly the best he ever had.  He never felt a pussy clench his hard cock so tightly and she clearly knew how to fuck him better than his young girlfriend…then the moment of truth came where he started feeling her fingers tighten around his throat gradually until she was riding her full weight on his throat.  He tried to wiggle out of it but his throat could not support all of her weight and he grew disoriented then ran out of air and felt his cock throbbing as she snuffed him out from his young life.  She took advantage while his cock was still rock hard and fucked him like she never fucked a man before, the fury of taking life emboldening her, compelling her to bust his balls with her hard, pounding ass until she came in a sweaty rage that always aided in centering her, helping her to retain control, discipline and focus…the creed of an expert assassin.

    Bagging - ****** **** bagging – on dead play – starring esmi lee & richie calhoun cost: $20.00 time: 23:14 minutes size: 596 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s note: none. Contains: set-up, dialogue, ****** **** theme, black pantyhose fashion, self-inflicted bagging, dildo play, masturbation, ******/******** ****** theme, death by accidental bagging ***********, body handling, body positioning, body posing, fondling, undressing, nudity, pantyhose tearing, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, multi position necrophilia ****, death stare, limp body, body pans.  Description: a young ****** **** plays a sexy but danger game of masturbation during ***********, gets trapped and dies when she cannot loosen the knot behind her head. Her ****** walks in on her dead twitching body but instead of immediately calling for medical assistance, he decides to get a taste what he’s been secretly lusting for.

    Assassin39s Creed  Part 1 - Assassin’s creed 1  – starring rebel, tyler nixon & amanda tate cost: $20.00 time: 26:37 minutes size: 650 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: young ****, petite ****, assassin theme, set up, dialogue, sexy fashion, female vs. Female, taunting, ****** by needle tranquilizer, suspense, home invasion, ******, fondling, undressing, nudity, bare feet, sexual ***** assault, breast views, vaginal views, foot views, breast worship, vaginal worship, vaginal fingering, death by garrote *************, throat crush during face fuck, face sitting during *************, death stare, death twitching, death vaginal fingering, ligature mark  description: a young waitress sees too much when she witnesses her boss being killed by a female assassin at the club.  She hides out and drives evasively, hoping to throw the killer off her tracks in case she was followed then she races home, calls her boyfriend and tells him the story.  He gives her the gun out of his car and shows her how to use it.  He races home to pack a bag so they can leave the state for a week or so until things die down and she carefully watches over the room but falls ******.  Sje awakens to a sound on the other side of the door; still groggy, she forgets her gun as she opens the door and is surprised by the assassin who jams a needle filled with tranquilizer into her neck, rendering her ***********.  She places her ****** on the bed and finds her too appealing to pass up so she fondles her, exposes her goods and hungrily licks and sucks on her ******’s juicy little pussy until the little **** is about to come in her mouth.  To make it more enjoyable, she denies her ****** her right to orgasm and instead wraps a tight cord around her throat and ********* her to death, sitting atop her face and fucking it while the ******’s twitching fingers inadvertently get her off moments before the weight on her throat crushes it.

    Open House 5 - Open house 5  – starring jennifer white & anthony cost: $20.00 time: 18:31 minutes size: 449 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: 
set-up, dialogue, home invasion, athletic fashion, house for sale theme, young ******, married ******, surprise, violence, ******, head trauma, sexual ***** assault, fondling, undressing, partial nudity, ass view, vaginal view, ass worship, vaginal worship, vaginal finger penetration, ********/**** position, dining room death scene, anal ****, death via cable during ****, desperate reaching, live ****, ligature mark, death stare, death twitching, body drop after death, body pans  description: as told by the killer…i asked to see house since there was sign in yard that it was for sale.  She didn’t mind and showed my living room then the dining room which was private and I reared back and punched her sharply in the back of her skull.  She lurched forward and cracked her forehead on the edge of the wood table.  She crumpled to the floor, arms bent oddly and convulsing, a big bruise on her forehead.  I pulled her away from the table then pulled down her leggins to expose her bubble butt.  I tilted her hips so I can be receptive to her open cunt passionately bit in deep enough to make her groan but not deep enough to draw *****. I then lapped my way up into the crack of her plump ass.  I enjoyed licking it deep, penetrating her asshole with my tongue deeply then licking her ass crack and biting her buns before giving each a big slap at the same time as I rose up to finish her.  I lifted her onto the table so her curvy ass was sticking in the air as she lay across the table. I found some oil and drenched my hard cock with it then poured a bunch into her ass hole then delved my large hand inside.  She groaned louder as I galvanized her butt hole, expanding her ass buns as she began to like it.  I pulled out then replaced my hand with my cock and burrowed deep while withdrawing the cable from my trench coat. I wrapped it doubly around her throat and began to pull it as tight as I could while butt fucking my princess. She struggled but could not reach forward, only back onto my cock. Her hubby wasn’t there to save her I told her. “I’m going to come in your ass!” I stayed in her ear and grinded her. I concentrated on her struggles and the bubble butt she gave me. She slowed down feeling closer to death as I grunted and ripped at her. I came seconds before she took her last breath and slumped forward, my goo dripping from her ass hole down to the floor below. I stepped back and let her fall from the table and crash to the floor below. Her face was stunned shock as she looked at the ceiling surface, arms flailed in different directions, legs bent and off to the side, tongue remarkably long. I stepped over her and left as I tucked the cable back into my pocket.

    Mission Accomplished 8 - Mission Accomplished 8-  Starring: LILLY RADER,  ANTHONY  Price: $13.99  Time: 17:00 Minutes  Size: 1.31GB 

A police officer that is part of special hostage crisis unit walks in to the house where a hostage has been captured. He eliminates all the terrorist members and by doing so, shows the hostage she is safe and searches the rest of the premises. 

The police officer finds what his looking for, the briefcase, the hostage was just of secondary, importance; she is disposable.

He calls on radio telling his boss he secured package, but there were no survivors.

When the young female heard what he just said, she tried to escape but she stood no chance against police officer.   He pins her on bed, motioning her to be quiet.

Aroused by her young sexy look he starts mo*****ng her breasts and her pussy.  He tears her panties off, like a hungry animal, pulls out his dick and starts ra**** her young innocent pussy. While he is fucking her, he is chewing on her feet. After a couple different positions he grabbed her by the neck, cho*** her a little and tossed her on bed, while he continued to ram her pussy.

Before the young girl even registered what’s going on, he picks her up and s**p her neck.  She collapses in his arms; he throws her back on bed and finishes fucking her pussy until he cums all over her thighs, stomach and pussy.  He takes her feet and rubs them on his dick to get the last drop of his semen out.  Satisfied, he takes the briefcase and one of her shoes as souvenir, and leaves.

    THE RUSSIAN WAY - The Russian Way - Starring: DIXIE COMET, ANTHONY, JACK VEGAS  Cost: $17.99  Time: 20:27 Minutes  Size: 1.29 GB

A girl is handcuffed, bound to the headboard of the bed and gagged. 

A Russian guy with a camera is mo****ng her tits and her pussy, filming it as he fondles her.   He then calls over his partner – another Russian, this one masked. He starts cho***g the girl, rips her fishnets, then cho**s her with his hands. Finally she till passes out.

He frees her hands, gets a sleepy BJ, a foot job, and he ra**s her in several positions.

After a while the girl starts to wake up and try to defend herself. But not for long. One of the men picks her up by her neck and jaw and slams her head on the bed multiple times. Semi-conscious, she starts to slowly fade out. The Russian continues rap**g her while his partner films it.

After some hard ra** the girl wakes up again. This time the Russian picks her up by her neck, slowly twisting her head until he sn**s her neck. 

Then he gets a hand job and fucks her de** body till he climaxes. He gives himself a finale foot job, cuffs her again, positions her on bed and leaves.

    Machine - Machine – starring chloe amour & talon cost: $25.00 time: 31:49 minutes size: 781 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: this movie was filmed in pov format with many rough cuts and uncensored footage. Contains: set-up, dialogue, taunting, pov camera, uncut theme, snuff theme, bondage, terrorizing, begging & pleading, fondling, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, multi position live ****, bare feet, foot views, death by garrote *************, death stare, drool, death twitching, body pans.  Description: a young **** is filmed while in bondage, naked and afraid. She is the product of a snuff film in which customers will watch a man fulfill his sadistic pleasure by ******* fucking this young **** in several positions before ending her life on film to the enjoyment of others who watch.

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