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    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5

    Clip Description

    Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, **********, Surprise, Young ****, ***** Sex Assault, Undressing, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Worship, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Live **** & ********, Death by Nylon *************, Two Position *************, Drool, Death Stare, Death Twitching, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Necrophilia ****, Arm Carrying, OTS Carrying, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Neck Snap, Necrophilia Urination, Ass Views, Body Pans

    Editor’s Notes: If you like the luring of young ***** into a trap then raping and ********** them and playing with their dead bodies, then you’ll love this one.

    Description: Kodi Jane plays a curious young **** who attends a casting call for erotic horror but turns out to be a homemade snuff film. They ask her questions that start to probe into her sexual life. Wanting to be nice, she answers their questions unaware that they are getting turned on with their lewd questions. They make her relax about the audition, explaining that the toxin on the rag isn’t real.

    One of them slaps it on her face while his partner pretends to give directions for her. Of course Kodi is too busy fighting to really breathe and she **********, feeling strong hands exposing her tits and groping them. They fondle and explore her soft body and her ample treasures before one of them slips her panties to the side and begins to fuck her. He takes out a nylon stocking from his pocket and wraps it around her neck as he plows through her, waking her up when she can’t breathe. Kodi begins to put up a fight, clawing at the cord then trying to push him away. Angry, he takes her down to the floor, still on top of her.

    Kodi continues to fight, losing her sneakers in the process, her bare feet clenching and twisting in agony. Kodi’s eyes begin to roll up and her tongue protrudes slightly as a trail of saliva slides down her mouth. The killer pumps on her as the cameras record their every move. Kodi’s fighting is reduced to involuntary twitching as her body begins its reluctant surrender. Soon Kodi is gone, unable to fight him off, her arms fall in defeat. Still he continues to pump and pull hard on the nylon until he is sure then releases her. He finishes what he started by continuing his vaginal assault, fucking her until he climaxes inside her.

    He pulls out then sits her up and snaps her neck for good measure. He arm carries her for the cameras, parading his trophy and is followed by his partner who throws her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and poses for the cameras. They drop her to the couch then bring out the disposal bag and place her on it. Kodi urinates after they position her, preparing to dump her body 100 miles from the kill site.

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    mpg312.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5

    Psycho-Thrillers - Casting Call 5
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    TOWEL BOY - A young cheerleader is practicing  her routine in the hot sun, which is making her irritable and bitchy. She calls the towel boy to get herself some water and ordered him to bring her a clean towel to the showers.  

She takes off her uniform and gets into the shower to clean her sweaty young body. When she is done towel boy handed her clean towel,
he is insecure and shy. The cheerleader is picks up on his insecurities and starts making jokes about him. She finds out he is virgin and starts teasing him about that as well. To step up her insults a notch she lets him look it her naked body and teases him by touching her tits. When he reaches to touch her she slaps his hand before he can touch her. The cheerleader grabs her towel and starts smacking him with it. She threatening she will tell her boyfriend. The towel boy can no longer take her ridicule and sexual teasing, its remaining him how the high school bullies would smack him and insult him. 

Suddenly he explodes, grabs the towel from her, twisted it to make it stronger ***ps it around her neck and pin her against the shower wall. While s******* her, she tries to scream for help, but the towel is too tight, it's digging into her neck not allowing her to make a sound. She struggled and fought, but the towel boy is too strong for her tiny body. After several minutes of kicking and fighting her energy weaken and her body begins to go limp. With her legs weak from struggling she slides down to the floor. The towel boy is not done yet, the twitching her body makes as her **** breath were taken turns him on. The towel boy places her **** body on bench & start fucking her until he cums inside her. He leave her body on bench and walks away feeling he has gotten redemption from all the years of bullying.

    Money - BLOOD MONEY starring LEA LEXIS, JUSTIN SYDER, ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $17.00 Time: 21:04 Size: 341 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Set-Up, EXTREME HORROR, ***** Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Views, Dialogue, Punching *******, Gloved Killers, Knife Play, Blouse Cutting, ****** Nudity, Bondage, Gag, Hand *************, Live ****, Crying & Pleading, Terrorizing, Death By Nylon *************, *****, Necrophilia Urination, Body Pans, Fondling, POV, Ligature Marks, Body Handling, Death Stare

Editor’s Notes: If you like to see the ****** getting beaten before being ***** and ********* then you’ll like this one. This is one of our initial attempts to dive deeper into EXTREME HORROR elements. Also Lea has some good tongue action and a great death stare look into the killer’s eyes. Took my breath away! Description: Lea plays a fun-loving alcoholic who happens to win the 100 million dollar lottery. The first people she tells are her drinking buddies Justin and Anthony which turns out to be a fatal mistake. While she is in the bathroom taking a dump, they plot to not only take some of her winnings, but all of it before she signs the back of her winning lottery card.

The scene cuts into the kitchen where she is already in bondage and gagged. Justin yells at her, threatening and demanding the know where she hid the ticket. He removes her taped gag but she does not respond so he gags her and beats her. Lea fights back, kneeing Justin in the groin twice before he knees her in the jaw and takes her down. He catches his breath then punches her several more times in the mouth then removes the gag to reveal *****-soaked lips. Still refusing to talk, he grabs his knife and terrorizes her with it before tearing her top apart, exposing her large breasts.

Justin pulls down his pants and rapes her, fucking her in hopes of forcing a confession out of her but she still doesn’t break. She leaves him little choice. While Anthony is tearing apart Lea’s home in search of the ticket, Justin decides to end it all. He wraps a nylon stocking of hers around her neck and ********* her. Lea bucks and fights and twitches until she is gone, drool and ***** streaming out the side of her mouth. Minutes later Anthony finds the lottery ticket and the two take off. Justin returns moments later to watch Lea urinate. Soon he will take her to the hills and bury her then cash her ticket to become a rich man.

    They Roam The Countryside 9 - They roam the countryside 9 – starring chloe amour & talon cost: $9.00 time: 8:17 minutes size: 199 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: set-up, dialogue, jogging **** theme, athletic **** fashion, public attack, public death scene, violence, terrorizing, escape attempt, death by upright neck snap, drool, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, body positioning, body handling, multi position necrophilia ****, death stare, limp body, arm carry  description: a young **** ignores a warning from her ****** about killers on the loose in her state and decides to go for her daily jog in a large national park.  Unknown to her is that a killer is tracking her and waits for her to complete several laps so she is tired when he attacks.  She tries to prolong her life by struggling but he gets the best of her and snaps her neck, killing her instantly.  He then strips and fucks her tight little body in several positions before carrying her away to a pack of wild animals where her cunt, tits and soft little ass will satisfy their nourishment over the next 2 days.

    INTRODUCING RAY - Introducing Ray-  starring: INDIA SUMMER , JACK VEGAS  Cost: $25.99  Time: 29:39 Minutes  Size: 1.37 GB 

A guy was driving in car when he receive phone call. He was referred by senator Collins. He approves the call and allows the person on the other end to give him the job details.
He goes to the targets address and knocks on door, a woman opens. He introduces himself, as "Ray Donovan". He is there to pick up the disc she was trying to blackmail his client with. The woman is not intimidated by Ray and slams door in his face.
Ray laughs at her weak attempt, with smirk on his face he kicks the door open, grabs the woman by her jaw and pins her up against the wall, demanding his client disc. The woman tries to defend herself. Ray grabs her by her hair starts shaking her back and fourth. 
The woman is getting scared and she is hurting from his aggressive behavior. She points to the stairs, "it's upstairs". Ray leads her around by holding her hair. She still doesn’t want to give up the disk, but Ray’s power and aggression makes her give up the disc.
The woman pull out the disc from her nightstand and gives it to Ray. Pissed that she had to give up the disk, she starts calling him names and trying to humiliate him. Ray gets angry hearing her loud mouth. He grabs her again this time by her throat and pulls her closer to him. He will show her how small his dick really is! He starts ripping her clothes off and forces her to suck his dick. He then throws her on bed and begins ****** her. Ray jumps on top of her and violently forces his dick inside her, he pulls her hair when his fucks her from behind. Ray cums in her, tosses her on the bed and starts getting dressed. 
The woman lying on the bed crying, but then she starts laughing. She tells Ray she is HIV positive!  and that's why she was blackmailing his client.
Ray is pissed! He grabs his belt, puts it around her neck and pulls it tight. She falls limp face down on the bed. ******* her was not enough to tame his anger. Ray is still angry, he pulls his dick out again and turns her around and fucks her missionary until he cums.  When his done, he gets dressed takes the disc and leaves.

Victoria Lawson Interview!
Cost: $19.00 Time: 20:56 Size: 384 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Dialogue, ***** Assault, Fondling, Undressing, Partial Nudity, Breast Views, White Panties, Up=Skirt, Bondage, ****** Gagging Blow Job, Bad **** Defiance, Limited Beating, **** Resistance, Death By Nylon Stocking *************, Cock Squeezing During ******** Struggle, Facial Discoloration, Death Stare, Twitching, Triumph Stand, Necrophilia Kick Body, Slow Neck Snap, Camel Toe, Full Body Urination, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Roll, Body Pose 

Editor’s Notes: For those who like a young **** who is an innocent ****** but also a bag **** in the most intense fight for her life, then you’ll love this one. Has some new details added so looking for your honest constructive feedback. Description: : Victoria has been ********* in her own home by a bookie’s henchman because her husband skipped town without paying the money he owes them. After repeated attempts to call and collect, they decide to take what he’s left behind, his wife! A fighter herself, Victoria does not go down easily as her attacker tries to humiliate her by forcing her to give him a blow job with the false promise of leaving her alone and allowing her to live. Not having much choice, Victoria complies but threatens him with death when her husband returns.

After he ****** her to finish blowing him, she tries to fight him and ends up being ****** to her feet to face a tough *************. She fights her way down to the floor where she tries to say she’s sorry as the nylon tightens around her throat. What happens over the next long minutes is one of the most intense strangulations. Her attacker realizes he has his hands full trying to control Victoria and keep her in a position he can leverage to ******** her into darkness. He starts to win as Victoria slows down, her soft hands drifting to his sensitive balls and stroking him, making his cock harder as she spasms and urinates all over the cold hard floor. Soon the loud defiant voice that filled her garage is no more. Her attacker has taken her down for good and slowly snaps her neck to make sure. He stands over her before leaving her wet pale form there to rot.

    Death Poser 2 - DEATH POSER 2 starring MAHINA ZALTANA & RIO Cost: $14.00 
Time: 17:00 Size: 312 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Montage Set-up, Panties, Socks, Masturbation, Home Invasion, Surprise, Death by Toxic ********** Rag, Multiple Death Poses, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Body Positioning, Arm Carrying, Necrophilia Urination, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Undressing, Necrophilia Masturbation, Closed Eyes, Vaginal Worship

Editor’s Notes: If you like body posing and necrophilia, then you‘ll like this one. Filmed in HD! Description: Malhana plays a young woman enjoy herself with the quiet time she has alone. An intruder who had been inside the home, attacks her with a deadly ********** that snuffs out her life. The man fondles her body and poses her in many positions, stripping her and enjoy her cold form as he watches her body urinate across the room.

    Mission Accomplished 8 - Mission Accomplished 8-  Starring: LILLY RADER,  ANTHONY  Price: $13.99  Time: 17:00 Minutes  Size: 1.31GB 

A police officer that is part of special hostage crisis unit walks in to the house where a hostage has been captured. He eliminates all the terrorist members and by doing so, shows the hostage she is safe and searches the rest of the premises. 

The police officer finds what his looking for, the briefcase, the hostage was just of secondary, importance; she is disposable.

He calls on radio telling his boss he secured package, but there were no survivors.

When the young female heard what he just said, she tried to escape but she stood no chance against police officer.   He pins her on bed, motioning her to be quiet.

Aroused by her young sexy look he starts mo*****ng her breasts and her pussy.  He tears her panties off, like a hungry animal, pulls out his dick and starts ra**** her young innocent pussy. While he is fucking her, he is chewing on her feet. After a couple different positions he grabbed her by the neck, cho*** her a little and tossed her on bed, while he continued to ram her pussy.

Before the young girl even registered what’s going on, he picks her up and s**p her neck.  She collapses in his arms; he throws her back on bed and finishes fucking her pussy until he cums all over her thighs, stomach and pussy.  He takes her feet and rubs them on his dick to get the last drop of his semen out.  Satisfied, he takes the briefcase and one of her shoes as souvenir, and leaves.

    HOSTAGE MISTAKE - Hostage Mistake -  Starring: LILLY RADER , AARON WILCOX , JACK VEGAS  Cost: $18.99  Time: 23:10 Minutes  Size: 1.38GB

3 masked men are holding a young girl in  hostage. The young girl is gaged and handcuffed, dragged to the living room where the leader of this group hands her to the other two guys and tells them to show her good time while he negotiate deal for her return. The leader thinks they deserve it because he doesn’t know if anybody will actually make it alive. 
After he leaves the other two guys starts ********* the young girl.
Reviled her breasts and plays rough with them. They pull her skirt up and rub her pussy. One of the guys pulled her gag down and sticks the barrel of his gun in her mouth and warns her if she bites or dose anything stupid he will blow her h**d off. Then he replaced the gun with a dick and for** her to BJ. Gagging her with the dick and making her throw up.
When one guy was enjoying sloppy BJ, the other guy went behind her and fucks her young pussy. They switched and her tor***ing continues. The man for*** her down on the floor continue fucking her pussy missionary when the other guy still fucking, gagging her mouth. Then he starts cho**** her with his hands, the other guy hands him garrote to **** her. When she is ****, her bo** continues to twitch which makes one of the guys climaxes on her pussy.
The leader returns and fines her **** body lying on the floor. 
Now he needs to find other way to get past the cops. He orders the other two guys to disp***her body.

    CHEATERS RAGE - A guy is watching through a window and sees his wife get out of some guy's ride. It happens a couple of times. The guy kisses her through the window. Another time he hugs her and kisses her. When she comes in to the house, all the wants to do is go take a shower.

One day she comes home, her husband gets in an argument with her and becomes viol**t. He grabs her by her neck, tosses her around, tells her he knows what she was doing. Shower or not, she smells like sex. He tells her he's seen her through the window kissing another guy. Then he just bends her over and rap** her.

When he is done with her, he falls asleep. While he's sleeping, she uses the situation to her advantage, packs her stuff and leaves the house with her suitcase. Her husband doesn't wake up.

Elsewhere, the guy she had been cheating with is on the phone with his buddy planning go out tonight and gets some ass. There's a knock at the door.

He opens the door and his mistress is standing there with a suitcase. He hangs up and lets her in. She tells him what happened – she has left her husband and come to him and they will have a happy life together. 

The guy is not happy, he is a player. He doesn’t want to be stuck with some chick. Then he tells her she needs to leave, he wants to fuck other girls. She gets upset, start crying. He doesn’t need this drama in his life. He takes off his belt and wraps it around her neck and stra**les her to de**h. 

He takes off her dress and fucks her de** body before she gets cold. Then he carries her body to the shower to save her for later in case he doesn't get lucky with some other girl in club

    Ex Wife   And  - EX-WIFE TORTURE **** & STRANGULATION starring LEA LEXIS & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $25.00  Time: 32:06 Size: 473 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, EXTREME HORROR, Candid Shots, Bikini, Surprise, Home Invasion, Hit ***********, OTS Carry, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Sexual ***** Assault, Live ****, Necrophilia ****, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Bare Feet, Terrorizing, Gun Play, Dialogue, Gloved Killer, Hand ************* to ***********, Death By Cord *************, Necrophilia Urination, Body Pans, Bruised Ligature Marks, Slow Neck Snap, Death Stare, Rag Doll Toss, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing

Editor’s Notes: This film contains nearly everything you’d want to see in an erotic horror movie. Description: Lea plays a bad **** ex-wife who refuses to sell the house as part of their divorce settlement, thus leaving her husband with little money to use. Instead of using his money to survive the streets for a few months, he uses it to hire a hit man to take out his ex-wife. After she trashes his lawyer on the phone she walks back inside to find a man with gun sitting in her living room. Instead of fearing for her life she challenges the man, asking why he is there and telling him she doesn’t keep ***** or money in her home. When the man approaches her she removes a shoe and throws it at him. She removes her second shoe and gets ready to throw it when he pounces on her and hits her over the head his the handle of his gun, knocking her ***********. He then carries her over his shoulder into one of her bedrooms. 

He does what his employer told him to do, to fondle and strip her and make it look like a home invasion murder. He fondles her through her bathing sit then removes it, exposing her large natural tits. He plays with them and stimulates her pussy. She groans then ***** up to find herself in the presence of her attacker. She is terrified and tries to escape but he holds her down and hand ********* her . Lea puts up a fierce struggle but is ********* ***********. He plays with her sexy body again and gets his cock hard. She is still ******** off the effects of the ************* as he works his cock in and out of her pussy. Her pussy is incredibly tight as he plows through her, waking her up again.

Lea cries and pleads with her attacker and tries to get away but cannot. Tired of her struggles, he places the gun in her mouth and warns her to be quiet. He fucks her for a long time, placing the gun at her tits, in her face as he fucks her doggie style. Once he has worked them both into a sweat he pulls a garrote out his pocket and suddenly ********* her with it, forcing her back on top of him. Lea is a fighter and struggles for her life but the more she struggles the tighter the garrote becomes until her breathing is completely cut off. Lea twitches and spasms, drool bubbling out her mouth as her tongue begins to protrude outward. The killer watches her body twitch and holds the cord tight until he is convinced she is gone.

He sits her up and slowly twists her neck until it snaps to make sure. He then moves her head around, hearing the neck bones crackle then throws her off to the side. He fucks her open mouth then fucks Lea’s dead body fiercely and passionately until he reaches the climax she deserves. He throws her body off to the side and dresses as she urinates. With Lea dead, the home will automatically default to her ex-husband, as detailed in her last will and testament that she never got the opportunity to change.

    Broken Trail 2 S Revenge - BROKEN TRAIL 2 SISTER’S REVENGE! starring AMBER RAYNE & JUSTIN SYDER Cost: $19.00 Time: 34:30 Size: 446 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Set-Up, Bondage, Battle of Wills Dialogue, Upright Suspension, ******, ******* *************, Death by *************, Live ****, Arm Carry, Neck Snap, Death Stare, Drool, Live Urination, Undressing, Nudity, Fondling, ***********, Body Handling, Body Posing, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Body Pans  

Editor’s Notes: If you like a battle of wills, ******* ************* and slow death then you’ll love this one.

Description: Amber plays the ****** of Alexis (BROKEN TRAIL 1) who spends the last three years tracking down her ******’s killer. Her hunt has grown into a deep-rooted obsession that strips her of all practical intellect. She finally finds the place where she believes her killer is hiding and she calls a friend to tell him. Her friend insists that she should back off and wait for police to arrive but she is so close she doesn’t want to lose him. She ***** up, her rage boldly drawing her inside the warehouse where Quincy lives. She has to confront him, she cannot wait.

A fight ensues and Amber ends up waking up in the clutches of a killer. She is in a standing position, her hands bound tightly overhead in some type of elaborate weave she cannt escape. What follows is an extensive battle of wills between the killer and Amber. Knowing her time is limited, she will not give her killer the pleasure of breaking her down. Quincy, on the other hand, wants Amber to beg for her life, to make him feel like god but she won’t give in to him.

Her resistance enrages him, making him either ***** or ******** her several times, sometimes into a state of unconsciousness but he won’t kill her until he has broken her down. Amber continues to buy time by resisting him, hoping the police will arrive to bust him. At least she knows he cannot go anywhere until he has killed her so in fact she has him in a type of bondage if she can endure. He tries to humiliate her by raping her, pounding into her from behind to hurt her but she only spits back at him. Finally with time drawing to a close, he is bored of her and ********* her. Amber thrashes tries to run and stay alive for over 7 minutes before her body gives in. A wild urination splashes and floods the floor as her bladder releases and her body begins the process of shutting down. She cannot hold on any longer, she is dead.

Quincy releases Amber and arm carries her to a square couch where he dumps her body. After getting some rest, he sits her up and makes sure she’s dead by snapping her neck. He leaves her there, winning the battle but maybe not the war. What do you think? Why didn’t the police arrive? Was the police called? Stay tuned!

    Death Poser - DEATH POSER starring LANA VIOLET & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $15.00 
Time: 15:00 Size: 275 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Home Invasion, Surprise, **********, ***** Assault, Undressing, Nudity, Death by Neck Snap, Death Stare, 10 Death Poses, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Foot Views, Ass Worship, Double Arm Carrying, Body Dragging, Body Falling, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Pans, Body Posing, Masturbation, Necrophilia Urination, Limp Arm Play, Rough Rolling

Editor’s Notes: If you love extended limp body and rag doll play, then you‘ll love this one. Filmed in HD! Description: Lana plays a ******** returning home after running away from home. Her ****** thinks she’s a slut because she discovered Lana and her ***** in bed together, even though it wasn’t her fault. Her ****** thinks she’s a slut to be used and ******. Lana’s parents aren’t home so she leaves a message that she’ll return if certain conditions apply. After ******* up she decides to wait around. She becomes bored and masturbates in different sections of the bedroom. As she nears an orgasm, an intruder who had been inside the home, attacks her with **********, rendering her ***********. The man fondles her body the sits her up and snaps her neck as she tries to fight back. She has now become the ****** of the DEATH POSER! He poses her in many positions, stripping her and taking pictures of her as he goes along until there is nothing left but for her to urinate.

    A S Cult Sacrifice - A DAUGHTER’S CULT SACRIFICE starring KELLY KLASS, JUSTIN SYDER & SLADE Cost: $13.00 Time: 18:53 Size: 177 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, ******/******** ****** Drugging, Undressing, Nudity, ******* Blow Job, Death By Nylon *************, Death Stare, 2 on 1 *************, Boots, Double Arm Carry, Necrophilia Urination, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Body Pans

Editor’s Notes: This movie is slightly different as it was only Kelly‘s second movie. The ********** intensity is not on par with our standards so we lowered the price to reflect the value. Still an overall entertaining movie and a good ******** just not great but Kelly shows off a hot body and some amazing ****** action.

Description: Kelly plays a young ******** who shares secret demons with her ******; they are attracted to each other and have had sexual fantasies involving each other. Through the counseling of a cult fanatic, they learn that she either spied on her ****** to see his cock or he snuck into her bedroom and secretly touched her. Bent on spiritual enlightenment and the embracing of sexual demons, the leader gets them to loosen up by drinking a ******* soda created to erase all inhibitions. With the ****** now passive, the leader requests Kelly to his side then stands her up. He helps her undress, to expose herself to her ******, allowing him to gawk at her nude figure without shame or remorse.

The leader urges Kelly to go to her ******, to lay him down and take his cock into her hand, to stroke it then to accept his member into her mouth. Her ****** relaxes as his ******** sucks on him, a feeling her never felt before. Kelly sucks him down her throat with incredible ease as she hungers to prove to her ****** that sucking his dick will give him the greatest feeling of euphoria. She 69s him so he can taste her clean, fresh pussy and this is enough to make him cream the inside of her mouth. Kelly allows it to flow down his cock them licks up every drop.

Now that the first stage is over, the leader asks them both how they feel. While Kelly feels good about her actions, the ****** feels apprehensive. As it turns out the spirits have spoken and stated that while the ******’s soul is now clean, the foul demons within him now reside inside Kelly with the only option being to rid the earth of her before the demons find another host.

******* and eager to move past his agony, the ****** agrees and they both pin Kelly to the floor and ******** her. Kelly at first is shocked then tries to fight back the best way she can but finds she is no match for two powerful men. Just as she had sat with a smile, she now lays in death. The two men carry her off and leave her in the hallway until they can dispose of her. Meanwhile her body releases a trail of urine that nearly crosses the hallway corridor.

    BUDDIES FOREVER - Buddies Forever - Starring: LILY RADER, ANTHONY HARDWOOD, TOMMY PISTOL  Cost: $21.99  Time: 24:01 Minutes  Size: 1.43 GB

Lily is kissing her boyfriend Anthony in doorway saying goodbye. 

When Anthony walks in hallway his roommate Tommy come out. 

He told him that sound like he and his girlfriend got good time last night and maybe him and his girlfriend should go out on double date. Not knowing both guys dating same girl. 

Next day 

Anthony was sitting in bar drinking, waiting for his girlfriend and waiting for Tommy and his date. 

Tommy walk in with Lilly. 

As soon as Lily seen Anthony she freak out because she is there with Tommy.  

Anthony and Tommy get into verbal fight over Lily. 

Lily let them talk and went to restroom call her girlfriend tell her the situation she is in. 

When Lily comes back, both guys sitting in the bar and drinking together. She couldn't believe her eyes.

One guy invited her to come over and have a drink with them.

Telling her that this be her last drink. 

Lily didn’t like those words and got scared, tried to leave. Tommy just grabs her, and then he holds her and told her what is going to happen. He told her he would not give up his bro for some stupid fucking whore. Since she is a good fuck, they will have fun with her for the last time. 

Bartender leave. “Just don't make a mess.”

Tommy grubbed one end of her scarf and Anthony grubbed the other end. They both bend her back over the bar and stra***e her till d**th.

After she is d**d both guys fuck her d**th body for the last time and leave her body on bar as a gift to the bartender.

    Cougar Town - Contains: Brief Set-Up, Suspense, Surprise, Death by Nylon *************, Ligature Marks, Drool, Fondling, Undressing, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Necrophilia ****, Full Body Necrophilia Urination, Foot Views, Body Pans, Death Stare, Foot Views, Body Posing, Editor’s Note: If you like large-breasted or MILF victims, this is the one for you!
Description: Nicole is the ****** of a home invasion. After hearing noises within her home she calls 911 and tries to hide until police arrive. When she sticks her head out from under the table, she is suddenly attacked. Nicole struggles to a table where she lies face down and struggles, her feet thrashing everywhere until she dies. Once the killer makes sure she’s gone, he turns her over, fondles and undresses her body then has sex with her, thrusting in and out of her then leaving her there to urinate over the comfort table.

    Of Mary - BLOOD OF MARY: Contains: ********** attacks, OTS carrying, double live ****, *************, nudity, terrorizing Description: Mary was a prostitute. That was a long time ago. Since then, Mary has cleaned up her act and joined the nunnery, claiming salvation and spearheading charity drives. Sometimes no matter how much a person cleans up their life, evil always manages to find them. A stranger with a dark heart toward any form of religion finds in Mary a vulnerable prey and *********** her when she's alone before carrying her away to a nearby remote location. There, Mary is subjected to several ********** attacks and multiple rapes before the killer is thoroughly satisfied and ********* her to her death.

    First Timers - First timers – on $9 cold kills – starring alex tanner, eric masterson & tyler nixon cost: $9.00 time: 9:46 minutes size: 237 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: set-up, dialogue, redhead ******, petite ******, young ******, entrapment, 2 men & 1 woman, death by violent neck snap, death twitching, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, vaginal finger penetration, vaginal worship, ass slapping, ass worship, breast worship, limp body, body handling, body positioning, body posing, body cuddling, necrophilia body play, death stare description: two me plot to murder a young who is the friend the youngest guy looking to experience death upfront. His new friend and neighbor is an ex-con and recently was released from prison on aggravated assault and **** charges vows to show him what death and worshipping a sexy body looks like. Law enforcement is unaware that he has murdered at least 6 women.

    AMERICAN BEAUTY - American Beauty - Starring: LILLY RADER, ANTHONY HARDWOOD  Cost: $18.99  Time: 21:27 Minutes  Size: 1.42 GB

 “Good morning Mr Smith.” She gives a cup of coffee to Mr Smith. “I'm Lily. Jessica's girlfriend.” Mr Smith spits out his coffee. “Oooo how precious you did not know Jessica was a lesbian. Yes Jessica is 100% lesbo but I'm not. I like dick.” She touches his dick as she walks by.  

Next morning Lily, wearing sexy panties, is making coffee again. She goes to Mr Smith and starts touching him. He can't restrain himself. He grabs her by her hair, cho**s her and forces her down on her knees to suck his dick.Then he roughly removes Lily's panties and forces his dick inside of her. Takes her in several positions, until finally he puts her down on her knees again and let her to blow him till he cum inside her mouth.  Makes her to swallow it all.  

Lily asks him if that was it and tells him she will need to go out to get some more dick to satisfy her needs. Mr Smith grabs her neck and starts cho***g her for being such a slut. She likes it at first thinking she will have more rough sex but his hands get tighter so she starts fighting for her life. After some kicking and fighting she ends up on the counter top where she d**s. When she is d**d Mr Smith carries her body to the freezer so he can use her later.

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