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    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8

    Clip Description

    BUNDY 8 - by EG - starring ZOEY HOLLOWAY, CASEY CUMZ & TJ CUMMING Cost: $23.99 Time: 21:15 Size: 425 HQ MB 720X480 – Contains: Montage Set-Up Limited Dialogue, Double Girl ****, Mature Victim, Young Victim, Voyeur Views, Stalker Views, Home Invasion, Surprise, Near Escape,*****by Nylon *************, Second ***** by Neck ****, Kitchen**** Scene, Voyeur**** Scene,***** Stare, Drool,***** Twitching, Ligature Mark, Body Dragging, Fondling, Undressing, Nylon Pantyhose, Pantyhose Tearing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Vaginal Worship, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Positioning, ***********, Double*********** ****, *********** Urination, Body Posing, Body Pans
    Editor’s Notes: If you enjoy mother/daughter double ***** followed by *********** ****, then you’ll love this one.
    Description: Casey and Zoey are mom and daughter living in a large home. One night they are attacked. Casey is the first to enter her home and confront a ****** standing in her living room. She tries to escape but he catches her at the door and ****** her into the kitchen. She reaches for a knife but he manages to wrap a nylon stocking around her****** and take her down hard to the floor. Casey kicks and puts up a fight but is brutally *********to***** with a long, slow ***** *******. He drags her body into the living room where he partially strips it and fucks her on the couch until he climaxes. He has little time to enjoy her body afterwards as he hears keys in the door. Mom arrives and sees the body lying on the couch. At first she thinks she’s sleeping or playing a cruel joke until she notices her daughter no longer*******…too late! Zoey is attacked from behind and tries to fight her way out of it but her****** is too strong and manages to break her**** instantly. Her body twitches on the floor as the****** positions her daughter’s ***** body to make room. Zoey is carried over to the couch where she is fucked from behind as her face is******near her daughter’s ****cunt. He leaves them there for the police to find.

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
    Format Size
    mpg425.81 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8

    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8

    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8

    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8

    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8

    Psycho-Thrillers - BUNDY 8
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    Bundy - BUNDY starring DARCY TYLER, JENNIFER WHITE & RIO Cost: $27.00 
Time: 27:52 Size: 451 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Voyeur, Surprise, Home Invasion, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Death by Upright Hand *************, Double **** Kill, Death Stares, Drool, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Vaginal Worship, Breast Worship, Nylon Stockings, Belly Punching, Body Dragging, Arm Carrying, Double Body Handling, Double Body Posing, Double Body Positioning, Death by Suspension Hand *************, Double Necrophilia ****, Double Necrophilia Blowjob, Ligature Marks, Body Pans, Body Pile, Necrophilia Urination

Editor’s Notes: If you enjoy double **** kills and lots of necrophilia, then you’ll love this one. Description: Darcy and Jennifer play women living together who find themselves the target of a double homicide serial killer. He attacks swiftly, grabbing Darcy and jamming her against the wall while hand ********** her. He is so strong he lifts the strong **** off her feet, forcing her to come out of one of her shoes. She tries to fight back but is overwhelmingly overmatched. He has such a tight grip around her throat that Darcy goes down after a 5 minute struggle for her life. He enjoys her corpse at the door then decides to drag her away to the solitude of her bedroom where he can enjoy her more freely. Hours later, Jennifer returns calling for Darcy. 

Jennifer thinks Darcy may have gone to bed early and decides to grab water from the kitchen after a long workout. As she recovers the killer sneaks up from behind. Surprised, Jennifer tries to ask what he’s doing there but the killer delivers a back bending blow to the belly. Jennifer takes it and delivers a strong shot to his balls, knocking him back. As he recovers, Jennifer reaches back for a kitchen knife and threatens him. The mistake Jennifer makes is trying to stab him in the belly. She misses, leaving her unbalanced and the killer takes full advantage. 

He grabs her arms and twists it until the knife falls free then grabs her by the throat. She is going to suffer the same fate as her friend. The strong killer jams her up against the refrigerator then lifts her body weight up. Jennifer’s feet wiggle desperately in her sneakers as she fights to free herself but she suffers the same fate as Darcy. He lets her drop, admires his handiwork then decides to take Jennifer right there in the late hours of the night. He strips down her tight shorts, exposing her hot pale ass then eats it, kisses it and sucks her warm pussy into his mouth. Eating from Jennifer’s corpse arouses him and he ***** her upright and fucks her really hard until he blows. He watches as her body pisses out his semen before arm carrying her into the bedroom to join her friend. 

He lays her over Darcy in a cross position then helps himself to more of Jennifer’s pussy before fucking her mouth just as he had done Darcy’s hot mouth earlier, fucking it until his semen oozes out in thick globs. He leaves them there as a testament to his strength and sexual stamina.

    Desperate Housewives - DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES starring DARLA CRANE & RIO Cost: $18.00 
Time: 23:39 Size: 400 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Extended Set-up, Dialogue, Boots, Consensual Sex Turned Violent, Nudity, Fondling, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Consensual Sex Turned Live ****, Necrophilia ****, Death by Hand *************, Cowgirl *************, Throat Crush via Hand *************, Body Handling, Body Pose, Body Pans, Death Stare, Drool, Throat ************* Marks

Editor’s Notes: If you like body posing and necrophilia, then you‘ll like this one. Filmed in HD! Description: Darla plays a lonely housewife who becomes desperate for attention. Her husband rarely spends time with her as he’s either too busy making money or fucking his secretary. Darla usually spends many nights alone and has found erotic horror fascinating. She was given a big surprise when one of the erotic horror stars shows up at her doorstep to deliver water.

They strike up a conversation where she learns he is a new star so working his way into the industry and delivers water to make ends meet. Aroused by the prospect of trying him for herself, she invites him inside to install the water then quickly dresses into a cat suit meant to expose her big tits to his naked eyes. She comes onto him until he can no longer exist. She wants to fuck him and be ********* at the same time the way he had fucked a young **** on film. Little did she know she was watching an actual snuff film and that Anthony was prepared to take her life once he became aroused.

Like his other victims, he has to taste her pussy first while its alive and fresh. He gets her going until her pussy is nice and wet then she slides down on his hard cock and buries it deep. She fucks him then urges him to hand ******** her. He does but as he nears a climax his hands tighten and he can n longer control himself. Darla thrashes, her pussy the hottest its ever been but her lungs are deprived of air. She tries to shake her huge juggs free but cannot. She claws at his massive arms but what he wants he gets and he ****** her to bend backwards, draining the ***** from her brain and positioning himself for the final assault.

He plows in and out of her as she gives him the death stare, His grip tightens more and soon he hears and feel her throat bones snapping within his grip. Darla’s tongue pops out and her eyes glaze over; she is dead. He continues to pump her slick pussy until he creams her insides and splashes he inner thighs as he pulls out. He thanks her for the experience, allowing him to live again before he walks away, leaving her for her husband to find.

    Natural Born Killers 8 - NATURAL BORN KILLERS 8 – starring JENNIFER WHITE, NICK JACOBS & ASHLYN LEIGH  Cost: $22:00 Time: 32:07 Size: 663 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Team Killers, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Vaginal Fingering, Anal Fingering, ****** Face Sitting, ****** Orgasm, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Gun Play, Terrorizing, Taunting, Defiant ******, Begging & Pleading, Live ****, Bondage, Athletic Fashion, Death by Nylon Garrote, Death Twitching, Bladder Release, Ligature Mark, Death Stare, Body Pans, Gagging
Editor’s Notes: IMPORTANT! We’ve switched to 1280X720 WMV file format. We are updating our movie database to reflect these changes. If you like bondage, a couple working as a team to **** and ******** a woman, then you’ll love this one Description: Jennifer White plays the ********* ****** of a sadistic couple. She was out jogging when a young woman pretending to need directions befriended her. Clever at striking up a conversation, she invited her inside her home for a *****. Moments later, the jogger was *********** from a **** that was sprinkled into her *****. She ***** up, her hands tied, her mouth gagged and a man and the woman she trusted hovering over her. They fondle and undress her, sticking fingers inside her pussy. She is helpless, held at gunpoint as they express their love for one another as though she was never there. She was a gift, an object, not a person; a sacrificial animal at best. She is fucked and he climaxes deep inside her pussy. They both take turns forcing the jogger to have an orgasm then his girlfriend sits on the ******’s face and fucks it until she orgasms. Now, with nothing left, they ***** her into a sitting position then ******** her to death. Her twisting, thrashing body becomes more erotic when she feels her female attack jam her fingers inside her pussy, triggering her pussy to wetness. She dies fucking Ashlyn’s hand and, when she removes her fingers from Jennifer’s pussy, it releases a geyser of mixed urine with squirt juice.

    BUNDY 6 - BUNDY 6 starring JESSE PALMER, CARMEN JAY & JACK VEGAS  Cost: $29.99 Time: 30:25 Size: 536 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Consensual Lesbian Sex, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Double ****, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Showering, Home Invasion, Surprise, Double ****** by Nylon Stocking, Gloved ******, Upright ************* Through Half The Attack, Bare Feet, Foot Views,***********,****, Double *********** Blow Job, Double Slow Neck ****, Arm Carry, Body Drop, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans,, ***** Stares, Drool, Ligature Marks
Editor’s Notes: If you like double*****, then you’ll love this one.
Description:  Two bi-sexual women make money on the side by making *****-sex films with men in the adult industry. One of the women watches TV and touches herself until her friend arrives and strips nude.  Jesse tells her she's made a DVD of all their favorite ************* they filmed with their favorite guys and invites Carmen to join her. Once Carmen joins her Jesse is all over her, trying to get her hot. They fuck each other passionately and orgasm. A stalker watches them through a window They are the FAVORITES of this serial****** who decides to**** and ******* them for real! Carmen goes to take a shower after a marathon lesbian fuck session and he breaks in and ******** Jesse who thinks it is Carmen sneaking up behind her.  The shower girl comes out and gets ********* against the wall until she falls to the bed, spasms and ****. The ****** fucks Jesse dogie style, sticking her cute little ass high in the air then gets a ***** blow job from both Jesse and Carmen. After throat fucking both women, he*****their necks.

    BUNDY 7 - BUNDY 7 - Starring EMILY EVE, LIV AGUILER & JEREMY CONWAY Cost: $29.99 Time: 23:02 Size: 439 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Montage Set-Up, Dialogue, Voyeur, Stalking, Double Girl****, Bikini Victims, Home Invasion,. Surprise, Double ************, ***** by Self-Made Garrote *************, Near Escape, Ligature Marks, Drool, ***** Stares, Body Dragging, Body Dropping, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Double Multi-Position*********** ****, *********** Blow Job,  Urination, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Ass Slapping, Foot Views, Bare Feet
Editor’s Notes: If you like ******** brother/sister stories, then you’ll love this one. 

 Description: Emily and Liv become the victims of the BUNDY*****. After hanging out in their bikini’s at poolside, the girls are picked off one by one. Liv is the first victim. While looking for clothing items in her drawer, she is attacked from behind and*********. She tries to fight her way out of it but he slams her onto the bed and ******* her off. He strips her and is about ready to enjoy her tight little pussy when he hears her girlfriend enter the home. He manages to grab his garrote from around Liv’s neck then race into a closet before Emily passes by. Emily cautiously approaches the room seeing her friend lying still. Not knowing what to think she moves in for a closer look but is attacked and ******** from behind by Liv’s******. She breaks away for a moment and races down the hallway but is caught from behind. The****** rewraps the cord around her neck and pulls back until he******* her off, pulling tight until he forces her bladder to release. Once she’s ****, he drags her ***** back into the room to join her friend. He throws her down, undresses her and fucks her from behind. Next he places one over the other and either fucks their cunts or Liv’s wet mouth until he blows. He closes out his sexual frenzy by cuddling with the******* while they’re still warm.

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