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    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride

    Clip Description

    BRIDE starring BREE OLSON & ALAN STAFFORD Cost: $15.00
    Time: 35:00 Size: 357 HQ MPEG 720X480 –
    Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Undressing, Bridal Costume, Home Invasion, Surprise, ****** Undressing, Live ****, Death by Cord *************, Drool, Ligature Marks, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Limp Body Play, Necrophilia ****, Death Stare, OTS Carry, Bare Feet,

    Editor’s Notes: This film is a re-release of a 2007 production.

    Description: Marilyn Evans, a country and western singer at a local bar was found dead on the day she was due to web Joseph Cooper, an up and coming country song writer. According to local authorities, it appears Marilyn was sexually assaulted and ********* to death. "This is a horrible tragedy that will haunt this town for a long time." Detective Chase Gleason stated. Authorities are searching for ex-boyfriend Alan Bradford who witnesses testified they saw near Marilyn's home. "he was there," declared a resident who chose to remain anonymous. "He was her boyfriend a long time ago. Very abusive. He always threatened to kill her when they would break up." Alan Bradford remains at large.

    Clip Duration:      34 minutes
    Format Size
    mpg349.14 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride

    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride

    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride

    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride

    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride

    Psycho-Thrillers - Bride
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    The Abduction Of Tara Lynn - THE ABDUCTION OF TARA LYNN starring TARA LYNN & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $18.00   Time: 21:00 Size: 385 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Bad ****, Dialogue, Set-up, Stalking, Hiding, Voyeur, Surprise Public Attack, **********, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Worship, Breast Worship, Knife Play, Terrorizing, Begging & Pleading, OTS Carry, Boots, Nudity, Live 2-Position ****, ****** Undressing, Up-Skirt Views, Death by Slow Neck Snap, ***** Drool, Neck Bruises, Limp Arm Play, Death Stare, ***********, Extended Body Posing, Public Body Disposal, Body Pans, Necrophilia Urination, Taunting

Editor’s Notes: If you like bad ***** and getting straight to an intense kill, then you‘ll love this one. Plenty of POV and bare feet intermixed for your viewing pleasure! Description: Tara plays a disgruntled, pissed off waitress who at times takes her frustrations out on the customers. This time she picked the wrong customers. Two months ago she treated a customer rudely and spat in his food as she was rounding the corner, still thinking she was shielded by a wall but that customer saw her do it. He left quietly that day but had been tracking her movements ever since to determine the right time to strike.

One afternoon, Tara meets her fate behind the restaurant. As she was dumping trash a man appears from behind the corner and *********** her. Tara puts up a fight but cannot get any air and succumbs to the toxin which renders her ***********. The man lowers her to the floor and exposes her pussy for a moment and caresses her thighs before carrying her away on his shoulders.

Tara ***** up nude and on his bed somewhere far away from where she works. She tries to scream and escape but he catches her , throws her back on the bed and threatens her with his sharp knife. He threatens to cut off one of her tits and she can feel the sharp pointy edge of the knife trailing her soft skin. She agrees to let him fuck her if she can escape. She endure his painful thrusts, thrusts of hatred and revenge. H punishes her thick body, flipping her into a doggie position and fucking her harder until he creams her insides. Tara can’t wait to leave and he allows her to get dressed.

Just as she reaches the door the killer goes back on his promise and pulls her back to the bed. Tara and him struggle and he tells her he wants to break her neck. Tara becomes terrified and fights fr her life but her strength is no match for his. He gets her into a deadly position and slowly starts to pull until her throat becomes dislodged. You can hear the strained gurgling until her neck bone snaps and her body goes limp. He lays her to rest and watches over her, checking her pulse then stripping her again and watching her urinate yellow piss on the bed. He places Tara into a series of body poses to get him off for his amusement before discarding her body in the back of the restaurant to be found the next morning.

    Double  Kill 10 - DOUBLE GIRL KILL 10 – starring KASEY WARNER, DAVA FOXX & ERIC MASTERSON Cost: $9.00 Time: 5:45 Minutes Size: 179 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: WE HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED OUR RESOLUTION QUALITY! None. Contains: Dialogue, Double **** Kill, Young **** ******, Tall ******, Large Breasted ******, ******, Home Invasion, Masked Killer, Gloved Killer, Surprise, Death by Garrote *************, Second ****** Death by ****** Neck Break, Death Twitching, Death Stares, Panty Fetish, Bare Feet, Fondling, Undressing, Partial Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views,  Double Necrophilia ****, Body Pans  Description: A masked man decides tonight is the night when he finds his way inside a townhome where 2 young women live and are preparing to ***** for the evening. He takes out the one in the living room first, surprising her with a tight, merciless ******** that brings her down before she can bring her strength to bear on him. Then he hunts for the second and brings her down the stairs, throws her onto the couch next to her friend and brutally ends her life with a sudden twist and breaking of her neck bone.  His cock can’t hold the load he saved for them and he blows in each of their pussies until he is empty of any temptation.

    The Big Tease - The big tease starring bree olson cost: $19.00 
time: 32:00 size: 339 hq mpeg 640x480 – 
contain: set-up, erotic dancing, **********, arm carrying, ******, bondage, neck-snapping, necrophilia play, body positioning, body handling, terrorizing, live ****, fondling, ****** undressing, nudity, body pans, ************* by cable  editor’s notes: this is a re-release of a 2007 production & the one that started us down the road to hard-core destruction! Description: stars 19-year-old bree as a stripper named toy who dances to the beat of her own drum and plays on the hearts of losers like her dj. Toy’s bitchy behavior catches up to her when two men decide to extract a level of deadly revenge, attacking her and forcing her back into the low-business club and closing its doors. She is then ravaged before a steel ligature is applied tightly to her young neck. Toy struggles valiantly but succumbs in the end.

    Call  Sex Strangler - Contains: Small Set-Up, Dialogue, Undressing, Fondling, Consensual Explicit Blow Job, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Death by Cow **** Hand *************, Necrophilia ****, Drool, ************* Marks, Death Stare, Drool, Explicit Necrophilia Climax Shot, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Body Pans

Editor’s Notes: We filmed a slightly different ************* thinking what if the **** were still mounting the guy as he ********* her? Only a woman of Nika’s talents cold pull it off.  

Description: Nika plays a call **** who is called to a hotel room. She invites herself in then excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She removes her dress to reveal sexy lingerie underneath then takes a snort of coke to keep herself alive. She comes out ready for action and her John immediately makes her suck his cock. She sits on the bed and services him before he grabs a handful of her hair and ****** her into a doggie position to continue sucking him. She gets him nice and hard then rides his cock.

Nika is sitting cow **** on him as his hand travels up her neck, enjoying it’s long length. Slowing he tightens his grip around her throat. At first, it heightens her pleasure and makes her wet but when she has difficulty breathing she asks him to loosen up. The man continues to tighten his hold on her untol Nika has to try and break away. When she finds she cannot, she goes crazy twisting and thrashing and punching to no avail. He is stronger than her and he holds on as she fights for dear life.

Nika goes down fighting hard, her body spasming violently. Empowered by his strength over her, he pumps his cock in and out of her and he holds onto Nika’s throat in her final moments. Her death is certain as is his moment of climax. Once dead, he checks her pulse to make sure then stands over her body and jacks out a huge load all over Nika’s dead face. He positions her body so she is ******* halfway off the bed as his sticky goo continues to run down her dead face. He excuses himself to take a shower, leaving Nika there as his trophy.

    Cougar Town - Contains: Brief Set-Up, Suspense, Surprise, Death by Nylon *************, Ligature Marks, Drool, Fondling, Undressing, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Necrophilia ****, Full Body Necrophilia Urination, Foot Views, Body Pans, Death Stare, Foot Views, Body Posing, Editor’s Note: If you like large-breasted or MILF victims, this is the one for you!
Description: Nicole is the ****** of a home invasion. After hearing noises within her home she calls 911 and tries to hide until police arrive. When she sticks her head out from under the table, she is suddenly attacked. Nicole struggles to a table where she lies face down and struggles, her feet thrashing everywhere until she dies. Once the killer makes sure she’s gone, he turns her over, fondles and undresses her body then has sex with her, thrusting in and out of her then leaving her there to urinate over the comfort table.

    A Stranglers In My House - A STRANGLER’S IN MY HOUSE starring DIAMOND FOX & TJ CUMMING Cost: $18.00 Time: 21:26 Size: 409 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Montage Set-up, Dialogue, Killer POV Stalking, POV Voyeur, Moving Camera Angles, Surprise, Knife Play, Terrorizing, Undressing, ****** Undressing, Bra and Panties, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, ****** Masturbation, ***********, Begging and Pleading, MILF, Death by Upright Hand *************, Head Banging, Fractured Skull ***** Trail, Drool, Necrophilia Blow Job, Body Carry, Necrophilia ****, Death Stare, Nudity, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Hand ******** Neck Mark

Editor’s Notes: Diamond Fox makes her debut! If you like hard-fighting MILFs who go down hard then gets her mouth necro fucked with her body to follow, then you’ll love this one. Our first head fracture. Also ************* is upright during all of the kill. Marie McCray is back! Our TV effects were grainy so we excluded it from the movie. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: It was not enough to follow her anymore. He wanted to fuck her. Then knowing she would not remain silent, he would have to kill her. In his mind she was the instrument of her own death; with exception to the sexual advancement, none of it was his responsibility.

She wore a short sun dress that day. He could almost see the bottom of her plump little as when she stepped out one of her many cars. How sexy and free this MILF was; today was his lucky day. She unlocked her door and stepped in and he soon followed, picking the same lock minutes later and letting himself in. He looked around, she was nowhere to be found but suddenly zipped across his eyes from the kitchen. Had she looked left she would have spotted him ****** against the door in shock, unprepared for her suddenly appearance but as things were, she merely disappeared down the hall.

He went the opposite direction, making sure the rest of the house was clear, no children, no husband to surprise him. Once he felt comfortable her pussy would belong to him alone, he started to walk her way but had to hide behind a couch when she suddenly appeared calling her husband's name. She had heard something, a footstep perhaps but she felt someone in the house with her. He waded low to get a better look as she disappeared into a room. He followed and caught her at the perfect time. She was undressing! She exposed those big fake tits, enticingly embedded together in a hot bra. When she turned her plump little ass tightly plastered in large panties was a sight to behind. It was all for him. He had to have her!

He waited in the living room, hiding as she zoomed past him and into the kitchen. That was the perfect place! He felt it! There was no explanation. He approached her, kitchen knife in hand. When she turned and spotted him there were no words at first, only disbelief then terror as reality set in. She had betrayed her own instinct by ignoring them and not it was going to cost her. She tried to talk him out of it but he batted her attempts away and got to the heart of the matter. He made her expose those big hard tits of hers to him, made her remove her panties and flash her round ass to him. He could see her cunt; it was embarrassing to her. He made her masturbate her pussy, wanted her to orgasm for him, for real. She tried, tried to fake it to please him, hoping her would go away but he didn't buy it. Her husband was a retired Sherriff. She was hoping he would catch him in the act. He always carried a gun and this intruder would be dead soon. She would shoot him herself if she had the chance but her revolver was in the bedroom and she had no chance of making it.

When he grabbed her by the throat and told her she was faking it, she grew angry. How dare he try to snuff her life, to decide whether she lives or dies. She grabbed his throat too. She had to try, she felt she could hold him off. Unfortunately for her his resolve was just as strong. He didn't travel all this way to lose and he applied great pressure, could see the fear in her eyes as she weakened then gave way, hoping now he would do the same, to show some sort of mercy; there was none. He applied more of his strength and repeatedly banged the back of her head against the refrigerator. Soon there was ***** and she grew weak and dizzy. He bounced her off her ass on the floor, her hands dropped, she was dead but he didn't trust her. He held on, pumping away then released her and snapped her neck for good measure. Now the same mouth she used to try and talk her way out of it was used to suckle his cock. He fucked her big mouth and groped and ravaged her big tits until he was hard then carried her over to the couch, bent her over it and fucked her hard until he climaxed. There was nothing left of her or him so he dressed and left her, knowing he's fucked what he wanted.

    Aaliyah Last Night Out As A Lesbian - AALIYAH’S LAST NIGHT OUT AS A LESBIAN – starring AALIYAH LOVE & AARON WILCOX Cost: $9.00 Time: 9:20 Minutes Size: 211 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: WE HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED OUR RESOLUTION QUALITY! Contains: Short Montage Setup, Limited Dialogue, Taunting, Young ******, Petite ******, Blonde ******, Bare Feet, Home Invasion, ******* ******, Lesbian ******, Violence, ******, Body Dragging, Torn Clothing, ****** Undressing, Partial Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, ********/**** Position, Death by Hand ************* & Throat Crushing, Death Stare, Death Twitching, Foot Views, Neck Bruise Marks, Necrophilia ****, Body Pans, Body Pose  Description: She went out partying and accidentally led a rapist/strangler back to her place when she got too ***** and thought she was walking into her home alone.  She closes the door but he steps up and kicks the door open, knocking it into her and knocking her down to the floor in a dazed, ******* state.  He quickly enters then closes the door, standing over her and places hands under her arms and roughly drags her to the couch and throws her on top on her back.  He brutally tears her dress to taters, cocks her legs back.  He starts to ******** her until her trachea breaks under the weight of his pressure.  He continues fucking her hard and deep until he fills her corpse with cum. “Wish I could see your lezbo girlfriend’s reaction to this,” he says as he laughs.  He leaves and leaves the outer door cracked for her girlfriend to view the body when she comes over for a visit.

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