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    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed

    Clip Description

    3 ***** killed – starring marie mccray, nora novah, jessie young & eric masterson cost: $30.00 time: 23:37 minutes size: 798 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: 3-**** kill, set up, dialogue, young *****, petite *****, teasing, models, clothing fashion, panties, up skirt, cheating situation, first female ****** neck snap death, second female ****** wooden garrote ************* death, third female ****** back break & throat crush death, escape attempt, fight attempt, 3-**** necrophilia ****, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, bare feet, foot views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, death stares, necrophilia pale face, arm carry, multi position necrophilia ****, ligature marks, body positioning, body handling, body posing, body pans description: three beautiful young models on the set of a photo shoot experience moments of partner cheating and rivalry but nothing compares to being hunted down one by one by a masked serial killer who is turned on by the thrill of the hunt and the kill then by penetrating each of the three cunts with his cock until the mounds of soft, curvaceous flesh overwhelms the cock head and ****** him to explode in torrential burst of semen all over the bedded bodies.

    Clip Duration:      24 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv760.7 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed

    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed

    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed

    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed

    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed

    Psycho-Thrillers - 3  Killed
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    Hostile Rental 2 - Hostile rental 2  – starring tara holiday & dane cross cost: $9.00 time: 7:30 minutes size: 191 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: set up, home rental theme, jeans fashion, mature ******, innocent ******, young killer, surprise, multi position *************, death by garrote *************, death stare, death twitching, drool, ligature mark, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, breast worship, vaginal worship, bare feet, foot views, body positioning, limp body, body dragging, necrophilia **** description: a young man uses home rental advertisements to lure attractive men to the site where, if they travelled alone, he attacks, kills, rapes and drags away.

    Abortion Doctor 7 - Abortion doctor 7  – starring dava foxx & jp knight cost: $17.00 time: 16:18 minutes size: 386 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: set-up, dialogue, abortion doctor theme, office setting,  big breast fetish, surprise, shoe fetish, up skirt, bare feet, multi position *************, violence, death twitching, death stare, ligature mark, drool, taunting, fondling, partial undressing, breast view, vaginal view, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, necrophilia ****, necrophilia urination, body pans, body pose  description: the series continues with a man seeking out doctors who perform late term abortions on innocent fetuses and violently ********** them to death and raping their dead bodies then posing them as an example to their fellow co-workers and potential patients.  Having suffered the loss of his ******** when his ex-wife secretly got a late term abortion, he now carries that rage deep within him, masked by a polite demeanor that opens the door to a cold-hearted murderer.

    Natural Born Killers 8 - NATURAL BORN KILLERS 8 – starring JENNIFER WHITE, NICK JACOBS & ASHLYN LEIGH  Cost: $22:00 Time: 32:07 Size: 663 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Team Killers, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Vaginal Fingering, Anal Fingering, ****** Face Sitting, ****** Orgasm, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Gun Play, Terrorizing, Taunting, Defiant ******, Begging & Pleading, Live ****, Bondage, Athletic Fashion, Death by Nylon Garrote, Death Twitching, Bladder Release, Ligature Mark, Death Stare, Body Pans, Gagging
Editor’s Notes: IMPORTANT! We’ve switched to 1280X720 WMV file format. We are updating our movie database to reflect these changes. If you like bondage, a couple working as a team to **** and ******** a woman, then you’ll love this one Description: Jennifer White plays the ********* ****** of a sadistic couple. She was out jogging when a young woman pretending to need directions befriended her. Clever at striking up a conversation, she invited her inside her home for a *****. Moments later, the jogger was *********** from a **** that was sprinkled into her *****. She ***** up, her hands tied, her mouth gagged and a man and the woman she trusted hovering over her. They fondle and undress her, sticking fingers inside her pussy. She is helpless, held at gunpoint as they express their love for one another as though she was never there. She was a gift, an object, not a person; a sacrificial animal at best. She is fucked and he climaxes deep inside her pussy. They both take turns forcing the jogger to have an orgasm then his girlfriend sits on the ******’s face and fucks it until she orgasms. Now, with nothing left, they ***** her into a sitting position then ******** her to death. Her twisting, thrashing body becomes more erotic when she feels her female attack jam her fingers inside her pussy, triggering her pussy to wetness. She dies fucking Ashlyn’s hand and, when she removes her fingers from Jennifer’s pussy, it releases a geyser of mixed urine with squirt juice.

    Terrorist Clean Up - Terrorist cleanup – on dead play – starring miley mae & eric masterson cost: $25.00 time: 27:25 minutes size: 661 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s note: none. Contains: set-up, dialogue, bad ****, terrorist theme, boots fashion, young ******, petite ******, bikini fashion, safe house invasion, government assassin theme, masturbation, undressing, teasing, surprise, violence, death by violent neck snap, body fall, death stare, neck bruising, body rolling, body handling, body positioning, body posing, photo taking, fondling, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, ass slapping, ass worship, vaginal finger penetration, limp body, body dragging, multi position necrophilia ****, extended facial & body cum shots, panty stuffing, *********** description: what happens to the bodies after a government agent has killed and sexually ********** the terrorists?  What happens when a government agent forgets to humiliate a body? These questions are answered as we gain insight into the world of a government assassin and how they interact with protocol officers known as “cleaners.” In this case the cleaner is the twin ******* of a government assassin and will likely joke about his *******’s failure while gloating about what he did to her.

    Size Doesn39t Matter - Size doesn’t matter  – starring dava foxx & jp knight cost: $22.00 time: 27:24 minutes size: 662 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: set-up, brief dialogue, young woman, office fashion, big breasted ******, pantyhose, office invasion, disgruntled handyman theme, surprise, verbal confrontation, taunting, insulting remarks, violence, brief hand *************, multi-position hand *************, man ********** female, female cord ********** male, male death by cord *************, death stare, death twitching, drool, fondling, undressing, self pantyhose tearing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, foot views, breast worship, vaginal worship, necrophilia ****, body pans description: a handyman who works in a strip mall office building becomes disgruntled when one of the employers he works for becomes increasingly disrespectful, taunting him and *********** him on a daily basis until one day she fires him when he injures his finger and must return to his equipment room to dress the wound.  Minutes later he is summoned to the office and ****** to sign papers ending his employment with the company to his surprise. He begs for them to at least provide him with 30 days notice because he is a single parent raising 2 daughters but she refuses.  During the day his anger builds until he is compelled to confront hiss employer in her office late in the afternoon when everyone has gone home for the day.  When she stands firm on her decision  he snaps and lunges for her throat, slamming her down into her chair. She fights back but he throws her to the floor and straddles her.  There is no longer room for negotiations nor a chance to retain his job…this is a struggle for life or death and only one will stand victorious.  He clamps down on her throat but cannot get the death grip he searches for because she is thrashing and squirming.  Finally she reaches up and catches his eyes with her long fingernails, momentarily blinding him and forcing him to release his grip on her throat as he crashes on his side on the floor in pain.  She uses the moment to gather herself then deliver several kicks to his groin, his abdomen and his face before he reaches out for her to resume his attack.  She desperately grabs a computer cable as he pulls her back towards him and manages to quickly wrap it around his throat pipe.  The cable quickly retracts and creates an unforgiving seal around his trachea which ****** him to turn his attention to his next breath as she fortifies her leverage to lock him out.  As he fights for a breath, she straddles him, using her strength gathered from hours of weigh lifting to drain the life out of him, her feet digging into his balls to arouse his loins, stroking the length of his cock…he can feel it.  She wins!  She takes down a grown man and it brings her joy beyond comprehension.  She celebrates by parading through his sexual goods, exposing them and orally and vaginally enjoying the spoils of an animal conflict. The two orgasms she experiences are the best she ever had and milking the juice trapped in his swollen balls robs him of the last decency and privacy he ever had.  Her hope is that some semen of him crashed through her eggs and that she would eventually have a baby **** whom, when she turns 18, she can confess what she did to his *** then ******** her out and enjoy the goods she struggled so hard to raise over the years.

    Club  Sex Strangler 4 - Club **** sex strangler 4  – starring rebel & tyler nixon cost: $25.00 time: 29:35 minutes size: 724 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: young ****, petite ****, club **** theme, *****, sex, violence, consensual sex, consensual blow job, sex turned violent, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, bare feet, foot views, ********/**** position, live ****, death by hand *************, death stare, drool, neck bruising, throat crushing, death twitching, multi position necrophilia ****, multi position necrophilia blow job, blow job drool, limp body, body positioning, body handling, taunting, body pose, body pans  description: a man with exceptional social skills picks up and brings ***** from nightclubs back to his place for consensual sex that leads to a fatal ************* during sex and necrophilia sex afterwards.

    Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7 - SPY GAMES BLACK WIDOW ELIMINATION 7 – by Grace X & Othello – starring INDIA SUMMER, SHEENA SHAW & TJ CUMMING Cost: $28:00 Time: 39:54 Size: 786 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Spy Theme, Double Woman Kill, Dressing, Entrapment, Gun Play, Betrayal, Bad *****, Nylon Stockings, ****** Undressing, Male Bondage, Male ******, ****** Blow Job, ****** Cow **** Sex Position, Surprise, First **** Death by Gun Shot, Death Stare, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Second ****** Death by Upright Nylon *************, Bare Feet, Foot Worship, Foot Views, Drool, Ligature Mark, Body Falling, Arm Carry, Limp Body, Fondling, Extended Multi-Position Necrophilia ****, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Rolling, Body Pans, ***********, Taunting, Body Posing
Editor’s Notes: IMPORTANT! We’ve switched to 1280X720 WMV file format. THE KILLS HERE ARE MIXED. ONE DEATH IS BY SHOOTING AND SECOND BY UPRIGHT NYLON STRANGULATION Description: This movie starts with two government assassins plotting to kill the famous Grace X, a world-class assassin. As with most young, upcoming assassins, the young **** makes one mistake by underestimating her opponent. They meet Grace X in a nightclub, befriend her and manage to lure her to their hotel room in the early morning hours after a full night of partying. With the sun now up, they kiss and fondle each other until the young assassin pulls out a gun and points it at Grace X. Instead of killing Grace X right there, she betrays her partner in order to frame him to her superiors as having an affair with Grace X in order to promote herself and take all the credit. She ****** Grace to strip her partner and have sex with him but as she moves to the bed to drop her camera phone, she is surprised to see Grace X holding a gun to her head. Seems that the gun the young assassin had given her partner her placed in his pocket, which Grace X discovered while stripping him. The last thing she sees is the cold stare of Grace X as the gun sound explodes in her earlobes. She is left stunned and dead on her feet as Grace turns away to enjoy the hardness of the man’s cock. Grace hears the ****’s body fall to its knees then flop flat on her face. After gyrating her hot pussy around on the man’s cock to keep it hard, she lifts herself off his stiff prick, grabs the young assassin’s head and ****** her to knee until his cock is inside her open mouth. Grace X ****** her head to bob up and down, forcing her to throat his cock again and again before throwing her body off to the side. Arrogant herself, she grabs the camera phone and admires the pictures taken of her sucking and fucking her fellow assassin. She enjoys them so much she doesn’t hear the male assassin waking up and grabbing hold of the nylon that bound him earlier. Seconds later, she is cut off from viewing her photos by a tight ligature around the throat and finds herself in the fight for her life. Her first reaction is to reach for the weapon on the bed but can’t. The struggle for her life fills the room and Grace X swears the young female dead assassin is smiling up at her in revenge. All of Grace X’s training and energy cannot free her from the inevitability of her own death. She realizes this is it as she stands on the tips of her toes, spasming then feeling her heavy arms drop powerlessly to her side. Her kill releases her then taps her so she falls flat on her face. Now its his time. While the bodies are still warm, he carries them and positions them on the bed where he spreads open and fucks each orifice with dominant power with the intent to maim and break their bodies over his hard cock. His cock is a rigid weapon of cruelty, no love within it, only painful grudges. He drives his cock into deep throats, gutting their lifeless voice boxes before pulling out and jacking his sword all over Grace X stiff little tits. It is finally over. He is tired but vindicated, fulfilled, leaving little to nothing for his female counterparts.

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