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    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2

    Clip Description

    Spy wars. Episode 2

    starring: yasnara and vlad.


    we present to your attention the second movie of the spy wars series.

    the ****-agent (the role is acted by beautiful yasnara) is overtaken unawares by the villain. She’s just unzipping the cat suit to undress when a stranger appears.

    this saves her life when the stranger starts shooting at her, the suit holds the bullets, though it causes real pain to the ****. Torn by bullets she falls to the floor, she tries to crawl to her gun.

    seems like the stranger plays with her, allowing her some time to crawl to the gun. When yasnara is ready to grab the gun the stranger starts shooting again. Under a hail of bullets yasnara bends and groans some time, but loses consciousness soon. Then the villain picks her up and carries to the bed. He almost takes away her cat suit, but yasnara awakes and punches him in the throat. Taking advantage of the confusion the villain she tries to grab the gun again, but finds herself in the strong arms of the stranger. Yasnara tries to free herself from these deadly arms, but they are closed on her with a death grip as if the jaws of the bull terrier. With the last bit of strength she tries to strike the villain, now she breathes hardly, finally the stranger even stronger clasps his hands, we hear a crunch and yasnara limply ***** in the deadly embrace. Very erotic scene!

    fetish elements: shooting, backbone breaking, sound and video effects, undressing, erotic poses, very erotic reactions on shots, crawling, lift and carry, cat suit, gun with silencer, heels.

    resolution: 1920x 1080 - full hd

    format: .Mp4

    time: 12:55 min

    size: 421 mb

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4421.74 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2

    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2

    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2

    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2

    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2

    Mandragora Video Production - Spy Wars 2
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    Spy Wars Episode 1 - Starring: yasnara.


yasnara is a super agent. She gets a task to find and copy information. But things are going too well to be a successful job. She realizes that she was ambushed. Now she must rely on the super suit and the gun. But things are moving in the worst case scenario...

will she get out of this situation?            

get the answer to this question by watching our first video from the series "spy wars".

fetish elements: catsuit, a lot of shots, shooting, heels.

format: .Mp4

time: 06:57 min

size: 385 mb

    Four Missions - Four missions

Starring: Irina, Foxy and Agneta Korolevskaya.


In this clip we present to your attention 4 different stories with the *****-spies. They perform different tasks, but in all these stories the missions were failed and the spies were killed.Fetish elements: Two shooting scenes - with quick death and with long agony, one injection scene and one ********** scene; sniper's rifle, gun, gun with silencer, nurse’s uniform, dress, black mini skirt, topless, stockings, heels. 

Resolution: 1920X 1080 - Full HD

Format: .mp4

Time: 14:36 min

Size: 419 Mb
 Price: 12.00
 Run Time: 14:36 minutes
 File Size: 419 MB     Format: .MP4
 Category: Default
 Updated: November 30 2015 4:01 am

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