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    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal

    Clip Description



    Starring: Tais and Vlad.


    Katya and Boris are lovers and spies working for the confidential organization under cover. At some point, all agents of the organization begin to fail the job. Someone gave the competitors the list of secret agents. Boris miraculously survives in one of the failed operations and he guesses who is leaking information. And he comes to the secret apartment…

    Katya is ****** in her bed. There is loud, angry pounding at the door. Katya awakens and slowly realizes that it is Boris. She gets out of bed, a slight smile comes to her face. She says softly to herself: “He never can resist me”. Seduction will give her time to figure out what to do. There’s a gun in the table drawer near her bed. If need be….

    She goes to the door and opens it to let Boris in, then she turns and slowly heads back to the bedroom, telling him to shut the door behind him. Once they are both in the bedroom, she turns toward Boris and slips the blouse off her shoulders as she steps toward him.

    Boris is angry, but slowly the look softens, almost approaches a smile. She is so beautiful… She puts her arms around his neck. He holds her for a few moments but then pushes her away. His anger returns. Seduction had never been needed before. Why now? “You bitch! You made the call, didn’t you?“ Katya tenses a bit… she’s thinking of what to do next. Her silence is all the final proof Boris needs.

    He reaches for his knife and drives the knife deep into her belly. She fights the growing pain within and after a few moments thick ***** begins dripping from her mouth. She goes limp, her head and upper body **** almost straight down from Boris’ arm. Finally she slumps to the floor. Boris touches her hair. He really had loved her. Then, he gets up and walks toward to the door. He just cannot bear to see her last breath.

    She is in the very final moments of her life as her back arches. She holds the arch for a few seconds before her body goes limp for the last time. Her eyes are wide open.

    Fetish elements: Stabbing, ***** effects, topless, very erotic reaction and poses, ****’s body ******* down from men’s arm, flexible ****, good acting.

    Resolution: 1920X 1080 - Full HD

    Price: 12.00
    Run Time: 11:32 minutes
    File Size: 418 MB Format: .MP4
    Category: Default

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4418.92 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal

    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal

    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal

    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal

    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal

    Mandragora Video Production - Betrayal
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Fight Scenes Mix. Episode 3.

Starring: Yasnara, Natalie, Tais and Vlad.


The third final part of big custom video – “Fight Scenes Mix” is for all fans of shooting and stabbing video. Three beautiful actresses act in different scenes. In this video Tais joins to Yasnara and Natalie. She's beautiful ****, good actress and also she's tall, slender and flexible dancer. She won't leave indifferent all fans of the genre.

Fetish elements: a lot of different SHOOTING and STABBING  scenes, erotic poses, very erotic *****’ reactions and voices, very different ****’s reactions to shots (from quick death to long agony), back arching, digital ***** effects, gun with silencer (not laser gun), death stare, topless, beautiful actresses, nurse uniform, black miniskirts and white blouse, black stockings, black panties, heels.

Resolution: 1280X1024

 Price: 14.00
 Run Time: 14:20 minutes
 File Size: 420 MB     Format: .MP4
 Category: Default
 Updated: December 5 2015 8:46 am

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