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    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero

    Clip Description

    Starring: ekaterina.

    short clip with the backstage and the super price!


    ekaterina is in the role of "red hero". She has got the katana and tries to track down the villain. But he's waiting for her. He wants to punish "red hero". The villain has got the gun. He shoots at ekaterina. She reflects the bullets by the katana some time, but one of the bullets hits her in the chest. She kneels, she is still ready to continue the battle, but the second bullet in the chest ****** her to fall down on the floor. After that the villain doesn't leave her alone, we see her sitting in a chair and her enemy sticks the katana into her body.

    fetish elements: shooting, katana, hits in the chest, defeat by the katana, soviet pioneer uniform, white knee-length socks, heels.

    format: .Mp4

    time: 04:53 min

    size: 271 mb

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4271.38 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero

    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero

    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero

    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero

    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero

    Mandragora Video Production - Red Hero
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    Agnetas Fantasies - Starring: agneta korolevskaya.


agneta has interesting fantasies. She imagines that she participates herself in various scenes where she is attacked by the villain. In some of fantasies he shoots at her many times from the laser gun, and she reacts very hotly to the hits. In the other fantasy he ********* her. Also in the other scene she is poisoned by the villain to sideline her. Then she imagines a scene where the villain unexpectedly breaks her neck, and in the other scene she imagines that she is shot suddenly from the laser gun when she was opening the door to the bathroom. 

fetish elements:  set of various erotic fantasies scenes: shooting, poisoning, **********, neck breaking; also you will see: laser gun, white blouse, short skirt, heels, white pantyhose.

    Wars 3 - ***** wars. Episode 3


starring: dasha, nastya, agneta korolevskaya, bella belaya, kristina malina, maria and madame kira.


\"***** wars 3\" is the next episode from the “***** wars” series. You will see:

- 24 minutes of the different shooting scenes;

- more beautiful *****;

- more sexy clothes;

- different weapons;

- more different sexy poses and sensual reactions;

do you like shooting scenes? – This clip is for you! (Highly recommended for viewing!)


fetish elements: a lot of shooting scenes, super sexy clothes, catsuits, white blouse, black skirts, dresses, gun, gun with silencer, laser gun, very sexy poses and *****’ reactions, shots in the breast, back and belly, death stare, digital ***** effects, heels, pantyhoses, stockings.   

resolution: 1280x720

time:  24:33 min

format: .Mp4

size: 434 mb

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