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    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband

    Clip Description

    Jealous husband

    Starring: Yasnara and Vlad.


    Michael is jealous husband. He is jealous of his young beautiful wife Anastasia every day. In the next attack of jealousy Michael starts to accuse Anastasia again. She rejects suspicions, Michael is confused, the phone rings...

    Anastasia rushes to phone, but Mikhail is ahead of her. He sees a strange text message from the subscriber who is defined in Anastasia's phone as "Bunny".

    Michael is angry, she's lying! He loses control and threatens to kill Anastasia. He starts to ******** her... but stops in time - God, what's he doing!?

    Now Anastasia is angry, she says that Michael is a loser, he's weak that he isn't capable to be a man. She hits him in the face, she puts the gun in his hand and offers to shoot her, after all he's too weak to ******** her by the hands. Michael let her see his fury. Anastasia asks to kiss her...

    Shots are fired...

    Anastasia slowly falls on the floor, she holds on to Michael, but he just throw away her by his foot…

    Fetish elements: Shooting, a lot of shots, **********, erotic poses, dramatic plot and good acting, lift and carry, beautiful erotic lingerie, gun, death stare, black stockings, heels.

    Really high quality video! Recommended for viewing to all lovers of the genre!

    Resolution: 1920X 1080 - Full HD

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4421.11 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband

    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband

    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband

    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband

    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband

    Mandragora Video Production - Jealous Husband
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