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    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag

    Clip Description


    starring: maria and vlad.


    in a small provincial town is an interesting event, there is a rumor that in the city arrived a strange man posing as the notorious sorcerer and black magician - husnag.

    a journalist of the city newspaper can't disregard this event and agrees about interview with the sorcerer.

    during the interview the person who calls himself the sorcerer husnag behaves quite strange - he walks exclusively barefoot, says strange things. The journalist is disappointed. It seems to her that the person sitting in front of her is ordinary charlatan and a fraud. She doesn't believe him.

    husnag feels her sarcasm and mistrust. He invites the journalist to have sex with him, she just laughs. Then he does everything about what he told during the interview. After a moment the journalist feels that more than anything, she wants to have sex with the strange man who sits in front of her. Hardly resisting the passion she tries to leave, she feels that her body doesn't obey her will. The influence of the strange man on her is becoming stronger. She understands too late that becomes a doll in the hands of the terrible sorcerer. She faints on click of his fingers before she could leave the sorcerer's room.

    she ***** up sitting in the chair in front of husnag and tries to leave again. But a click of fingers ****** her to faint again.

    this time she ***** up on the bed and the sorcerer begins to ***** her vital energy. The strange feeling covers the journalist, she feels that life begins to leave her body, but instead of fear and pain she starts to shake from feelings comparable with multiple orgasms.

    having devastated her, the sorcerer mentally orders her to kill herself. Poor **** can't resist his will. She stabs herself into the stomach several times and after that, hardly keeping on her feet directs the blade to the heart.

    husnag helps her and plunges the knife under her left breast. For a while he holds the **** in hands then puts her body on the floor and leaves the room.

    husnag is looking for the new victims...

    fetish elements: stabbing, self stabbing, ************, knockout at a distance, very long sexual agony with numerous orgasms, death stare, heels, stockings.

    time: 15:55 min

    size: 428 mb

    format: .Mp4

    resolution: 1280x1024

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4428.13 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag

    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag

    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag

    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag

    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag

    Mandragora Video Production - Husnag
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