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    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version

    Clip Description

    Starring: Angelina, Luiza, Juliana, Kit
    If you like slashers and horrors in WRONG TURN style but need more erotic, more nude content and erotic death this one is for you!
    Fetish elements:
    Rich girl smoking cigarette, Strangulation from behind, body carrying, stripping dead body to full nude, preparing to eat, sacrifice, arrow shot, arrow throw to the body, agony, death stare, trying to escape, calling for help before death, bad girl, arrow throw the chest, girl in agony touching dead girl before death, putting out an arrow from dead body, stripping, bodypile of nude bloody dead girls in different poses, prey.

    Two young car tourists are lost. They do the WRONG TURN to the deep forest instead their way to the camp.
    The redneck maniac is hunting in this forest. He founds a rich cottage in the eco-zone. He attacks the house-owner (Angelina) from behind when she’s smoking for cigarette and brutally strangled her to the death. He carries her corpse to the greenhouse, strips it to full nude and starts to sniff his fresh prey.
    This time lost girls find the cottager. They’re glad to meet civilization in these ends of the earth and ask for the map and phone. They are searching for house-owners when suddenly an arrow pierces through the brunette. She is in agony, but her friend doesn’t even try to help her and runs away. «Help me!» - begs dying bleeding girl pierced by an arrow, but her cowardly friend answers: «Fuck you! I will save my own life!». Juliana runs to the greenhouse and gets an arrow to her chest near the neck. She feels great pain, slowly goes to the table and sees dead nude strangled girl. She leans on a soft corpse and slowly dies.
    Redneck goes to the lawn and forcefully removes an arrow from the stomach of dead Louise. He sniffs the bloody arrow and carries Luiza’s body to the greenhouse. He stand bodies and puts off their panties. He strips corpses and puts them to the bodypile on the table like prey to eat. Sexy fresh bodies look great, how we dream to see them in mainstream horrors.
    This one is done in mainstream high-budget quality but with long and sexy death fetish elements.
    Good for arrow fans, but not only: strangulation scene is great, contains suspense, postmortem and limp fetishes, blood and shooting fetishes, agonies, death stares, bodyplaying and interesting horror plot!
    If you purchase DarkRooms production we advise to full up your archive with this bright sexy clips which is good to replay many times. If you would like to open our studio for your leisure, it’s great clip to introduce us!
    Thank you for your support!
    CH Note. If you like arrow deaths but prefere alegant death-0sets witount blood please check out «Arrow to the spy» and «Arrows to her pussy» in «arrowing category» to see about 50 deaths scenes if Luiza and Oksana

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4630.2 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version

    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version

    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version

    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version

    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version

    Crime House - WRONG TURN Fetish version
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Fountains of blood  madness  and ultra-violence are  waiting for you!
Bloody Horror
Starring: Victoria (Tora), Masha (Mary). Luiza, Angelina, Marina, Kit
3 cut throats!
Man and girls strangle girl
Man chokes girl
Bloody 5 girls body piles 
Marina is  the hairdresser. That day a strange visitor came her salon. He had long hairs and crazy eyes. He took her scissors and cut her throat. He undressed her bloody body, placed to the chair and started to cut her hair. Now his is the BARBER. 
Two sexy girls were waiting at reception for hairdressing. Luiza, businesswoman came in and started to tell about her hairstyle wishing, but the Barber just cut her throat, undressed body and carried to storeroom. 
Another client of this salon was daughter of rich parents, club-girl Vika. She was in  sexy white shorts and had expensive purse. She saw pools of blood and crazy barber and tried to run away, but she fell on the floor, The barber cut her T-shirt and stabbed her neck. Blood was flowing to her tits, she made expressive dying face, tried to creep away, showing her great ass-view and slowly died. 
The two girls was in  the queue. Lazy wife of businessman Angelina was reading a magazine, but young student Mary felt something wrong and looked through the keyhole. She saw how the barber was stripping Vika’s body in blood.  And she was exiting! She was fan of Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, her favorite movie was « A Clockwork Orange»  and «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre». Her darkside burst forth when she saw the dead body and felt the smell of blood. When Angelina entered the salon she followed her. Angelina slipped in a pool of blood, fell on the floor, and Mary started to strangled her. It was her message for Barber: «We are the same people who love kill!». Barber hold Angelina’s kicking legs and Masha strangled her stronger and stronger, just laughing. Can you just imagine how was Angelina – usual wife living boding and richly, being strangled in luxury  salon? We can only guess, but we will never know because she will never tell. She is dead. 
Love and passion between the Barber and Mary was very short. She thought she would be serial killer’s lover, they would drive across America in Cadillac, kill people, eat burgers and hit the pipe. Yes, they could be great killers-couple, but the Barber works only alone. And he choked Mary… 
She was looking at him with her eyes full of terror and fear, twitching her body and trying to wheeze pleas for mercy. She wanted to kill but she didn’t want to die. But she did. Her leggy choked body with terrific death stare was just a one of bloody girl’s bodies in the storeroom. 
Neighbor IF YOU LIKE VICTORIA (TORA) (she is seldom guest of our project) please check 
Shooting in the Office
 Crazy Casting
 Hotel Strangler





Starring: Angelina, Juliana and Victoria


*******, two ***** ******* one ****, *************, legs in stockings kicking, sexy maid uniform, high heels, shooting, fear, panic, emotions, slow shooting scene, long deaths, *****,  agony, neck-breaking, 3 ***** death.

    5 Deaths Of Angelina - Starring: Angelina

5 erotic ************* murders with Angelina in one 28 minutes clip!

She is brutally ********* in different situations. Clip consists ,any ************* faith elements for Angelina’s fans and ************* lovers!

3,4$ per scene!

Fetish elements: sexy clothes, sexy death situations, strangulations, *******, foot fetish.  Leg kicking, death stares, fighting for life, home invasions.

If you like shooting more please check SHOOTING MEDLEY with 8 independent shooting scenes with 8 different actresses

Spies and close are meanly killed by silent bow-sniper!
29 minutes of arrowing pleasure
7 plot stories
Shot by two cameramen with 2 angles to make you see this story with different points of views!
Part 2
8th scene: An arrow hits Luiza's back, through her bra strap. She arches and twirls around, and her hair hangs down all around the arrow. She tries to reach behind her to touch it. She sinks to the ground and tries to crawl. She gets weaker and weaker. Her hair is hanging down over her face to the floor. Finally she is still. Pans from several angles. The killer walks into the room and grabs her hair and lifts her head up to look at her face. He puts her head back down and puts his foot on her back and pulls the arrow out. He searches the back of her body, then rolls her over and searches her front, feeling her breasts and legs and pushing her skirt up. He finds a flash drive inside her skirt and takes it. Long pans from several angles.
9th scene. Luiza is standing behind a couch. She is shot in her back and falls over the back of the couch, so that her hands and hair are hanging down. Pans from several angles, especially of her hair and hands hanging down, and her ass and legs. The killer comes in and lifts her head up by her hair and looks at her face. She is still alive. He puts her head back down and takes a rope out of his pocket and strangles her. She clutches his shirt tightly while she struggles, then she goes limp and her hands fall down. He pulls the arrow out turns her over and picks her up. He turns so that the camera can see her hair and arms and legs hanging down. He carries her to a table and lays her on it with her hair hanging down off the edge. Pans from several angles. He searches her body, pushing her skirt up and then feeling her breasts. He unbuttons her blouse and takes a flash drive out of her bra.
10th scene: Luiza is brushing her hair in front of a mirror. An arrow hits her back. She arches and tries to reach it. She doesn’t know what has happened. She turns to look at her back in the mirror and sees the arrow. She screams and faints. Pans of her body. She moans and wakes up and tries to crawl, but gets weaker and weaker. Body pans from several angles.
11th scene: Luiza staggers into the room. There is already an arrow in her back. She is holding her breast because the point of the arrow has gone through her back and through her heart and into her breast. She finds her telephone and calls for help. She sinks to the ground. Body pans. More clones stagger into the room. Some have arrows in their chests, and some have arrows in the front of their skirts. Pans from several angles of the body pile.  
12th scene: Luiza walks into a room and is shot in the front of her skirt, below her belt. She clutches herself and doubles over and falls. She is in great pain. She tries to crawl away. The killer walks in and turns her over onto her back. He strangles her. She tries to fight, but she is very weak. Her legs kick and her hands clutch his shirt very tightly. She dies, and the killer drags her away. More clones walk into the room and are shot and strangled. They are dragged away to a body pile. Pans from several angles. 
13th scene: Luiza is standing against a wall with her hands above her head. She is very frightened and looking at the camera and pleading. She sees the killer aiming at her chest, so she covers her breasts with her hands. The arrow hits the front of her skirt. She screams and doubles over, clutching herself, in terrible pain. Her hair falls in front of her face. She looks up at the camera through her hair. She sinks to her knees, then to the floor, still looking at the camera through her hair. She closes her eyes. Pans from several angles. The killer walks into the frame, and strangles her. He searches her body and feels a flash-drive in her bra. He unbuttons her blouse and takes it. He drags her away. 
14th scene: An arrow hits Luiza’s back. She screams and arches and tries to reach it. Her hair is hanging down all around the arrow and her hands. Another arrow hits her left breast. She screams again and clutches her breast with both hands and her hair falls all around it again. Another arrow hits the front of her skirt. She doubles over. The arrow in the front of her skirt is so painful that she doesn’t care about the other arrows any longer. She holds it with both hands. She tries to stay on her feet, but she gets weak and sinks to her knees. She is crying. She lays down very carefully on the floor so the arrows don’t cause her more pain. She cries some more, then is still. Long pans from several angles.

    Clown - Don’t speak with clowns 
starring: angelina, luiza, pola 
three young women were walking on the road when they met a strange clown. It was the morning after halloween, so they weren’t afraid of him – may be he is just a guy from neighborhood who didn’t take off his party clothes yet. He said that his little puppy was lost and asked innocent stupid women to find his pet. Women said yes. But the clown bred them into the barn, took a machine gun and ordered to take their clothes. Victims are in panic! Then they understood then it was very bad trouble and he was going to shoot them. They begged for life but he did it. 
it is great shooting down machine gun scene with much *****, many wounds and bodypile. 
fetish elements: 3 *****, machine gun shooting, *****, much wounds, terror, begging for life, agony, black stockings, bodypile, deaths  stares.


4 Girls are kidnapped at home party by terrorists
Panic, begging for life
Walking to the noose
Forced stripping
Hanging 4 Girls  together: panic before execution, last begging for life  
Hanging: dying faces with eyes wide opened  and tongues out close-ups, front twitching  body views, back twitching body-views, agony
Putting dead bodies from nooses
Making dead nude girls’ bodypile
Much foot fetish postmortem views

    Hotel Strangler - 30 minites long
3 killing scenes
introducing new model – vika!
this is very erotic long story (30 minutes) about maniac-strangler and his three pretty victims. Young man caught three ***** one by one when they were going at the hall to his number and ****** them. 
his first ****** was young vika. The **** from russian town went to moscow to find the job in the big compony. She stayed at this hotel during her visit but unfortunately her mum would never see her alive. She was in short black elegant dress and black nylons. Maniac grabbed her to his numbered, ******, carried her body to the bed and took off her clothes leaving her dead only in black stockings. She was 21 only…
his second ****** was 28 y/o julia. She was a wedding guest and she was going to his friends numbers. Married, with children, young mum, she was attacked by maniac. He ********* her very brutally. Her reaction is great, she does super sexy kicking legs show and funny face agony with her tongue out. Dead! He took off her sexy red dress and put her body nearvika’s corpse. 
his third ****** was young 21 y/o student angy (angelina). She was in jeans miniskirt and white crosses. As you know, angelina is best actresses for ******* roles. All strangluations classic and fresh fetish elements are included in this video. 
after he killed angelina he played with bodies and put all dead ***** in super sexy bodypile. 
fetish elements:
*************,  *******, body carrying, legs kicking, death stares, 3 ***** dead, long strangulations scenes, sexy clothes, black stockings, black nylons, high heels, sport style, legs, sudden attacks, playing with bodies.

    CLEANING SERVICE - Two crazy bastards attack a cottage, kill 6 girls and make huge full  naked bodypile in the hall. 

Dynamic shooting murders with realistic well-played falls 
6 deaths with blood and blood to the camera 
Shooting throw the window, window was broken 
Shooting from below 
Loud shot crying before deaths 
Excellent decorations  and FX effects 
Starring: (in order of appearance) Alex, Kit, Juliana, Mary, Luiza, Pola, Angelina, Hass

Two crazy bastards attack the rich cottage and its territory. Juliana sees them near gates, shouts, tries to scape but they shoot her in her chest. She falls to the ground, agonies and dies. They shoo to the balcony where poor Mary was relaxing. They shoot her to her heart.  They go to the yard and see Luiza in the dinning-room from the street. They shoot throw the window, break it, Luiza gets the bullet to her head. She slowly dies from headshot. They shoot from below Pola standing at the balcony killing her to the neck, then they enter  the building, catch Angelina to her head (sexy view). They carry all bodies to the second floor, strip them and seat at the table waiting for house owner – Hass. She see the horror picture of  5 naked dead friends, cries and gets the bullet to her head, falls to the ground. They strip her too and leave 6 naked dead dolls lie together at this horror summer night. 

If you like this one please also check RED PARTY 
HURRY UP to purchase this very fetish interesting movie just for 20$ before Monday. The regular price is 25$ after Monday and forever.

3 amazing strangulation scenes in brilliant summer location! This film looks like classic slasher like Wrong Turn – evil maniac attacks 3 sexy girls while they are resting in the park.
-	Car strangulation 
-	Garrotte strangulation 
-	Strangulation on the bridge
This clip contains very sexy fetish elements for classic choking horrors. Kicking, agonies, death stares, legs, wheezing, resistance, surprise, the struggle for life, the young victim, beautiful scenery.

	Three friends met to have a picnic. They went by car to the quite place in the forest.
Film contains: 
The first girls was caught when she was going to piss in the bushes. She  undid her sexy jeans microshorts when maniac attacked her from behind and brutally strangled. Nobody heard her desperate wheezing. He left her corpse in the grass for insects. Not her best picnic indeed! Her head body in the grass with blust neck and very realistic death stare look like photo from crime news. 
Her friend stayed in the car and enjoyed pop-music on radio. Maniac quickly set the backseat. He started to strangle girl at the wheel. Her friend tried to run away but the door  was locked. When driver-girl couldn’t help herself was h twitching in choking helplessly, her best friend was just trying to escape. And she did it, she opened the door and ran away. Nata stayed alone with her murder. After long suffocation she died with blue lane on her neck, with eyes wide opened and her swollen tongue out from her sticky mouth full of salvia. 
Maniac ran for the third girl. She was running out like in classic horror film. She ean to the dead end near swamp. Maniac attacked her on the bridge. She tried to fight but she couldn’t. He was garroting her long and terrible and she died with very emotional death stare. He took her on his arms and carried to the car. 
He carried all three corpses to the car. We see dead girls’ close-ups, their death stares, car-sitting death poses, blue strangled necks with different angles. Maniac is behind the wheel. He drove the  car to dark places to have fun with dead poses. The car was full of dead girls…

One more movie with best Dark Rooms HD cinematic fetish traditions!
Our best models who do strangulation scenes very realistic and expressive!
Nature, imosquitoes and sounds of forest do this movie very realistic. It’s all we like in slashers with young girls, but with fetish-oriented choking scenes and long postmortem views. We did strangled make up, exiting views from car and car moving full of dead girls. Some POV elements. 
If you like this video please check out our last strangulation epic clips:
CAPTURE FACTORY, TRUE ART (YellowPress Store), Black Crane -3 or our classic bestsellers – Unhappy Birthday, Double sensation.

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